Culture-Enriching Nightmare in Skellefteå

Last summer a 12-year-old girl named Luna was tied to a tree, raped, and almost strangled to death with her own shoelace by a 15-year-old Ethiopian culture-enricher in the Swedish town of Skellefteå. When the “youth” entered the country, his parents had registered his age as 13, which is why he was enrolled in school with girls of Luna’s age.

The near-strangulation deprived Luna’s brain of oxygen for a critical period before emergency personnel could reach her and begin treatment. Her ordeal has left her a near-vegetable, unable to move her limbs or speak. She is clearly aware of what has happened to her, however, and has endured unimaginable ongoing trauma. Her condition requires round-the-clock medical care.

See this article from Remix News (hat tip Reader from Chicago) for details on the incident that left Luna in such a gravely disabled condition.

The attack on Luna received relatively little attention last summer, but the girl’s aunt Emma recently went public with her case, and has garnered widespread public support, including donations that will help finance the necessary medical treatment and equipment to help mitigate her debilitated condition.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Expressen:

Luna’s family on the big support: “Feel our thanks”

December 22, 2022

Just under a week has passed since Luna’s family chose to tell about the serious crime that has turned their lives upside down.

The support has been enormous — and with that comes the feeling of being less alone in their grief.

“You know who you are — feel our thanks,” says Luna’s aunt, Emma.

by Katrin Krantz

Staggering. Beyond all expectations.

That is how Luna’s aunt, Emma, describes the just under a week that has passed since they went out and told Luna’s story to Expressen.

Reactions have been strong. Many have reached out to the family.

“It has been hard to take in how big this has become. It feels like all of Sweden stood up and hugged us,” says Emma.

She could not have foreseen the wave of warmth and sympathy that came in the wake of the reporting.

“We in the family had an ambition that Luna would be given a voice. That she would not be hidden and forgotten in the statistics, and that we would pursue her case.”

They have now made contact with people who have cutting-edge competence and can give advice about, for example, Luna’s rehabilitation. In the text, Emma tells how Luna is happy to greet dogs, and many dog owners have reached out and offered canine companionship.

“You become so speechless. It is so wonderful to feel that we are not alone in this darkness,” says Emma.

In addition to all the greetings, many have also chosen to donate money to a collection that is going to Luna.

When the collection is finished, Emma will report the total — and all the greetings that came in at the same time will be saved.

“We are going to make a folder with all the messages so that Luna can look at them,” says Emma.

Hope for the future

The family is now going into the Christmas holidays with a wave of warmth behind them and strong feelings of support and less worry about Luna’s future in practical terms.

“Imagine, for example, if Luna can have access to a handicapped-equipped car and can go and visit Grandma and Grandpa when she wants. And later, when the car is worn out, maybe she won’t need a new one,” says Emma, hopeful for the future.

Emma’s and Luna’s story has been noted in several media. This week, Expressen was present on TV4’s “After Five”, where Justice Minister Gunnar Strömmer was also present and said that he wanted to see a “Luna’s Law” passed. That means a change in the Privacy Law that would ensure that important information is shared among authorities such as police, schools, and social services.

Emma is taking the family’s case public even if it requires energy, she continues.

“I do it so I can live with myself. I see it as my duty as a human being.”

Luna’s mood goes up and down, and for her parents, life centers around her daily condition. There is no room for spending energy or planning for other things.

Now they will celebrate Christmas together. A restaurant in Skellefteå has offered to deliver Christmas food so that they can focus on socializing and being with Luna. But Emma wants to send a greeting to all who reached out in any way.

“We don’t have time to thank every person, but you know who you are; feel our thanks.”

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  1. In a sane world, the reaction would be to sentence the orc to death and hold a lottery for the lucky individual who gets to administer it.

    In a slightly less sane one, all the males of the village where this occurred and the surrounding ones would descend upon the jail where the orc was being held, push aside or beat any jailors who refused to yield way, and string the creature up from the nearest object that would support the weight of a pig.

    Being that this occurred in Sweden, and the females are probably more masculine than the males, nothing even approaching justice will be served, and this will just be one more in a long line of similar stories, more gruesome than many, less gruesome than some. And the Morlocks will continue to take and eat an Eloi whenever the mood strikes them.

    What a pathetic end for a people who once ruled vast swathes of Russia, and struck fear into countries far and wide with their viking warriors arriving from the sea at will.

    • You mentioned characters of the “Time Machine”. The Eloi as presented in the 50 ies movie looked exactly like scandinavians, swedish. And we know that H.G.Wells was a man that knew about future things to come.

    • You are right.
      But in a really good world the male population of all of Sweden would rise up, remove the politicians who are responsible for this situation and then tell these orcs that from tommorrow morning they will be sent back. And to avoid the orcs to harm any more they would be put in camps and to teach them that one of them did something evil they would employ the good ole roman punishment of decimation.
      First the plane , ship to sent them home and then decimation. Every day.
      Until no orc is left in Sweden.

      • Alex, why deport when bullets and rope are cheap, let them flee of their own accord, for we can no longer afford to cater to these unter mensch. The time for the Great Purge is here. Besides, you have idle coal fired electricity plants that could use the fuel.

  2. I like the way no word is spoken about the perpetrator of the crime, but all about “support for the victim”. It makes me feel warmhearted, and if I had facebook or instagram, I would put a big purple heart on my status icon, to feel a little bit better!

  3. Starting to look a bit like South African farm murders. Barbaric and gruesome. We haven’t seen many of them reported lately due to lack of interest? or only Black Lives Matter?

    • Well at least the farmers in SA have had enough and refuse to get the authorities involved or notify of a farm attack, those same authorities who do nothing and often side with the bleck attackers, have restarted the commando system and deal with the blecks on their own terms, I hear the wildlife are being well fed these days. Those Boers are no longer taking it and are taking the fight to the blecks.

      • I like that ” we don ‘ t call 911″ approach. OK, in South Africa, you might dial an other number, or rather not.

        • More and more the whites in SA know they are on their own, in a way it is like the wild west. They no longer tolerate letting the bleck system abuse them and deny them, they are starting to handle the problems themselves without authorities no permission. The whites now know they will be persecuted if they defend themselves so they increasingly handle the problem themselves and let the wild life feast like no tomorrow.

          We will be doing the same in our own western countries soon.

  4. .

    The Skellefteå Ethiopian

    Sobb – Isn’t this rather old cabinet food?
    – And almost routine in today’s rotten Sweden Inc.
    At least this didn’t happen in the old DDR.

    The girl’s mother uploaded this picture of her daughter to social media.

    Youngster “under 15″ tried to slaughter little girl in Skellefteå – escapes arrest

    Published 11 July 2022 at 14.23 in Fria Tider

    A nine-year-old girl was last week the victim of a brutal murder attempt at a playground in Skellefteå. A boy under the age of 15 is suspected of the crime, but cannot be detained due to his young age.

    The attempted murder in Skellefteå.

    1. Skellefteå-Abushi admits playground rape
    2. Skellefteå-Abushi charged with attempted murder and aggravated rape
    3. Skellefteå Ethiopian had false age – is of legal age and will be prosecuted
    4. The girl in Skellefteå has woken up
    5. Suspected teenager has been moved to an undisclosed location

    – If we had been talking about adults, the suspect might have been arrested or detained at the moment. But the conditions are a bit different, and other authorities may be involved given their age,” Lars Persson, acting local police area chief, told Samnytt.

    However, even young suspects can be detained in practice, but the police do not want to say whether this has happened or not.

    According to Samnytt, everything indicates that the girl has been assaulted by a young immigrant who is a complete stranger.

    Persson does not want to comment on the identity of the perpetrator, but states that the people involved are “definitely not” related and that there is no indication that they have known each other before either.

    The girl’s injuries are not known, but according to Samnytt she has been sedated all weekend.
    The girl’s mother has uploaded a picture of her daughter to social media – an act that Sweden’s parliament criminalised in 2018 after several high-profile pictures of crime victims prompted criticism of the parliament’s immigration policy. However, Fria Tider, like Samnytt, is publishing the picture anyway.

    The prosecution states in a press release on Monday that the injured girl has not yet been able to be questioned.

    – The boy has made certain admissions in questioning and now the investigation continues with further questioning and analysis of technical findings made at the crime scene, says prosecutor Andreas Nyberg at the Prosecution Chamber in Umeå.

    • The townspeople(Swedes) should rush the jail and get bloody Medieval on his 3rd world backside and leave his corpse, or what’s left of it, in the middle of towns square Like Moon has stated above.

      I can say without any hesitation or remorse, if that had happened to one of mine, there is nothing the devil himself could do to stop my wrath, it would be Biblical old Testament that would be profound and absolute, and God would be absent to those who try to stop it.

  5. Send hand-written letters to the politicians with the text, “YOU are responsible for this crime by letting these barbaric aliens into our once peaceful country.”

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