The Crushing of Irish Culture — It Has Been Decided

The Crushing of Irish Culture — It Has Been Decided

by Michael Copeland

What’s up, Ireland? Feeling left behind?

Not enough brutal rapes?

Not enough mass gropings?

Not enough throat-slitting of priests?

Not enough knifepoint robberies?

Not enough car-burnings?

The “Big Vision” will soon fix all that.

What is the Big Vision? Translated, it is the Big Invasion. Announced with glowing spin as a plan to boost the population of Ireland, “to re-shape Ireland”, it involves inflicting a MILLION extra inhabitants from abroad on the luckless Irish. Ponder well: this will be followed by “family re-unification” — some two and a half million more — as well as all the new children born to these new arrivals. The Irish, population 4.7 million, will be swamped. How can their sense of specialness, their identity, survive? It cannot, and it is not intended to. Irish culture is to be overrun, crushed, and destroyed. That has been decided. Irishness will be just a quaint curio to be found in museums and scratchy old recordings.

The Irish government has issued a propaganda video to explain their policy, grandly titled “Ireland 2040 — Our Plan”. Spot the sly ambiguity straight away? “OUR” plan. Dear Irish people, is it really? No. The hapless Irish were, of course, never asked if they wanted the population to be “boosted” from abroad, if they wanted Ireland to be “re-shaped”. It is THEIR plan, the politicians’ plan. They can say it is “Our Plan” as politicians, but the listeners will conveniently imagine that the people have somehow been party to it. What a mistake!

Dear Irish people, in case you feel like it, your government will not want you to disagree. The authoritative voice-over dictates, almost menacingly, how to think.

We are a country that is diverse, growing, and changing.

“Diverse”? In fact, Ireland is still nearly all Irish. “Growing”: this is a dishonest mis-description. Ireland will be deliberately flooded with a million outsiders: that is not ordinary domestic growth. “Changing” sounds all nice and natural, but it misrepresents what is really happening — having change inflicted from above.

By 2040 our population is expected to increase by one million….

Oh, “is expected to”: how very abstract of it. No. Again, this is not honest. It has been DECIDED. That is why it is expected. It was decided, furthermore, without any consultation with the luckless taxpayers upon whom it is being imposed. Note well that nowhere in this exciting plan is there any mention of encouraging native Irish young adults to have more children, and the plan will be spending 116 billion Euros. No, the Irish are unimportant.

Imagine ELEVEN cities the size of Limerick. That much housing is what is needed to accommodate the ushered-in newcomers. As the publicity material explains:

There will be a need for an absolute minimum of half a million new homes, which is at least 25,000 homes every year.

Ireland is bankrupt, in debt for the next fifty years for having bailed out the failed Irish banks. It seems that Irish leaders are doing what their EU and UN banking masters tell them. These “banksters” have a plan for Europe. They worked it out at those Bilderberg meetings — you know, the ones where world leaders gather to stitch up policy without any tiresome Parliaments in the way, and whose conclusions are never made public. Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, has rumbled this conspiracy:

Europe is already under an invasion. …. Brussels will not protect Europe. They do not want to stop the migration, but rather to support it and organize it. They want to dilute and replace the people of Europe!

Dear Irish people, are you looking forward to being diluted and replaced? This is no slander. The UN plan specifically speaks of “Replacement Migration”. There you have it: you are not being helped, or strengthened: you are being replaced. Charming, isn’t it? See how well that is working out in the UK, in Sweden, in France, where whole urban populations are now replaced with non-indigenous inhabitants, and with foreign rules being applied. “London’s not an English city any more”, observed John Cleese some years ago. Are you waiting to hear a verdict on Dublin from an actor, or can you see it for yourselves?

The propaganda voice-over explains:

At the heart of Project Ireland 2040 is the objective to build a better society.

You see, dear Irish people, you are simply not good enough. After you have been diluted and replaced Ireland will have “a better society”. How’s that for loyalty, protection, and compliment? Dear Irish people, you are being sidelined. “Our Plan” is not about you. “Our Plan” is about others:

Migration will shape how the population grows and changes…

There will be more people who will be more diverse…

…so that together we can create a better society…

“Our” plan is about migration. It is being treated rather as if it is as ordinary and predictable as bird migration — you know, something that happens every year. Notice also that there is that dishonest “we” again. Without so much as a by-your-leave “we”, the Irish people, have been roped in without being asked. “We” cannot object, because that would mean “we” would be opposed to a “better society”. That would be racist and bigoted and xenophobic, and “we” cannot have that. As arrogant Frans Timmermans of the EU barks,

Europe WILL be diverse! …diversity is humanity’s DESTINY!

Irish politicians are obligingly doing what they are told.

A recurrent thread runs through all this material — dishonesty. Huge devastating artificial changes are being spoken of as if they were natural and desirable occurrences. The “Our” in “Our Plan” is dishonest. The “better society” is dishonest. The UN set the pattern some years ago. Here are three dishonest assertions from the UN in one of their propaganda videos:

Migration is Inevitable

Migration is Necessary

Migration is Desirable

All three of those assertions, presented as accomplished facts, are false. They are pernicious propaganda.

The Prime Minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, appears in the Irish government video with his upbeat announcement:

Project Ireland 2040 is a plan for a social, economic, and cultural development,

[…] a ten-year plan to invest in our infrastructure as a country,

There is that word again, “development”. Well, yes, in a way: dilution and replacement are a kind of “development”, but not what most people would understand by the term. Mr. Varadkar uses the word “invest”: this is a euphemism for public expenditure, designed to gain the listeners’ favourable agreement. He mentions the rolling out of new faster broadband around the country, a very expensive procedure, but who could complain? These distractions, however, draw attention away from the main feature of “Our Plan” — the bringing in of a million non-Irish from abroad, presumably from Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and wherever else, as dictated by the UN.

Of course the announcement has to come complete with platitudinous waffle:

…a plan to make Ireland a country that reflects the best of who we are and what we aspire to.

But, but, but “who we are” is being changed to “more people who will be more diverse”. The picture becomes difficult to visualise. Varadkar asks

Why do we need a plan? We need a plan because in 20 years’ time there’ll be an extra million people living in Ireland.

There is that “extra million”: it has been decided, you see, and they are not Irish babies.

To launch “Our Plan” on the unsuspecting Irish public Mr. Varadkar’s government paid the press to publish puff pieces extolling it, with instructions that they could not include anything negative or critical. This brings to mind the bossy and commanding dictum of another influential Irishman, the late bullying and tainted Peter Sutherland:

“Governments have to lead by giving the positive news that migrants are good for a community, economically and every other way ….”

Discredited, bloated, and corrupt, Sutherland’s employers, the UN, have been pressing this propaganda for some time. The UN’s Ban Ki Moon, Peter Sutherland and Federica Mogherini all called for what they euphemised as “Search and Rescue” of boatloads of illegal invaders, mostly Africans, setting off from Libya. This amounts to complicity with the people-traffickers. They effectively provided a ferry service, utilising so-called Non-Governmental Organisations (which critics claim are fake charities conducting government business), whose capacious ships defy Maritime Law by failing to take the people they “rescue” to the nearest port, in Libya, but instead transporting them far away to Italy. The ferry service is still running.

Sutherland’s taint comes from his being the UN’s Special Representative for Migration: he was a Paid Migration Promoter. It was he who promoted the establishment of, and then headed, the UN’s Global Forum on Migration and Development. Note the give-away word “Global”: this is code for brushing aside national borders and sovereignties. Notice also the deceptive word “Development”: this has already, above, been exposed as a cover term for population dilution and replacement.

The UN, dominated by the 56 Islamic state “Organisation of Islamic Co-operation”, is no longer pursuing its remit of promoting peace. It has become captive to a sinister objective to dissolve national sovereignties in favour of a One World Order. William F. Jasper exposes this in his article, “Insider: EU-U.S. Must Take More Refugees, Get Rid of Sovereignty”:

With the UN we are contending against not only the natural tendency toward the accumulation of power in government, but also a longstanding, organized conspiracy of powerful forces to build, piece by piece, step by step, an omnipotent global government.

Sutherland has been a bossy exponent of this. His technique was, in a commanding and authoritative way, to be scornful and disparaging. This method, useful for a Chairman of the Board in accomplishing the agenda, makes it difficult for any objection to be made.

The days of hiding behind borders and fences are long gone. We have to work together and cooperate together to make a better world.

There is that “better world” again. At the same time Sutherland would confidently promote falsehoods that happen to coincide with the One World Government agenda.

…migrants are good for a community, economically and every other way…

states have to become more open states, in terms of the people who inhabit them… sovereignty is an illusion… sovereignty is an absolute illusion that has to be put behind us.

He lets the EU cat out of the bag with another disparaging dictum:

We… ourselves, who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others… And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.

Beware, dear Irish people, Mr. Varadkar seems to be doing what Sutherland was calling for. You will be diluted and replaced, and your sense of difference from others undermined, and all to make a “better society”. It has been decided.

Irish politicians are, many of them, on board with this self-destruction. One states, quite authoritatively and without explanation, in the propaganda video,

The population of Ireland is going to grow by over a million people…

Remember, it has been decided.

Of course, this huge change is being dressed with upbeat spin. Trotted out are all the compulsory jolly adjectives — vibrant, exciting, diverse, kaleidoscopic, bla bla bla….

David Stanton, Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration, obliges us with:

Our country has changed and changed so much for the better. … All over Ireland today …. we have diverse communities and that bring colour and vitality….

Yes. “The better”. Really? And what do the newspapers say?

African Youth Gangs Terrorizing Dublin 15 Communities

700 Protesting Against Violent African Gangs Get Accused of Racism

Gangs of African teenagers have been terrorising locals across Dublin …assaulting and robbing people ….often with… large knives. …running rampant all over the capital …wreaking havoc wherever they go.

Residents in Tyrrelstown have for years been plagued by similar issues, with reports of harassment and assaults ranging from beatings, assaults and even stabbings meted out to both adults and children alike, not excluding pensioners and delivery drivers who seem to be a focal point of their intimidation and violence.

That must be what “vibrant” means.

Take heed, dear Irish people, “Our Plan” spells destruction. The thin end of this huge and terrifying wedge is already inserted into the Irish polity. Just under 12 per cent of the population previously had a nationality other than Irish. That is a dangerously menacing proportion. It is in the younger age groups that the threat is truly stark:

When we compare the White Irish age groups to the rest they are top-heavy, as they make up the majority of the over 40s, while the other ethnic groups are massively overrepresented in the 25-34-year-old bracket.

The government is on a mission to force through these changes with or without the public’s blessing.

[Iconoclast: Irish Government Embraces Mass Immigration | Ireland 2040 | Leo Varadkar]

David Vance assesses the dire outlook:

Now when this tsunami of government-approved and government-forced immigration hits it will be fast and hard and utterly transformative. Ireland will be changed forever, and it will make the country unsafe for the indigenous Irish.

This forced diversity will not be its strength, as they pretend. It will be its epitaph.

Dear Irish people, do not let this happen.

We outside Ireland want Ireland to be for the Irish.

Defend your home identity.

Defend your music, your dance, your language, your unique cultural heritage.

Long may they be sustained by your effort and love.

For previous essays by Michael Copeland, see the Michael Copeland Archives.

78 thoughts on “The Crushing of Irish Culture — It Has Been Decided

  1. They destroy the real diversity of European cultures in the name of diversity as ungovernable mishmash of migrants from all over the world. Does anyone still believes this garbage? Would be nice to hear from folks in Ireland.

    • This article is a bit misleading. It’s true that in the Ireland 2040 plan the population is forecast to grow by 1 million but Ireland still has a decent birthrate so about 600,000 of that will be natural increase. Our largest immigrant groups are Poles, British and, I think, Italians – so mostly white.

      Having said that the country is becoming increasingly progressive so the future is not looking great but it is not as bleak as this piece makes out. Hopefully, things kick off in Europe and we learn our lesson before we end up like the UK.

      • You are mislead. They will talk and change and change nothing and implement it. Like in Germany where merkel is against mass invasion after she was for after she has been preparing for it since 2011. Under the carpet every little helps. They deport nobody and support everybody.

      • Irelands future is bleak. Don’t kid yourself. And don’t depend on the IRA, they are still fighting something that is over.

        • IRA has many non-Irish MPs and senior leaders. They brag about embracing Irish genocide. I mean, why do they want Northern Ireland anyway? To leave it to the Calif of United Ireland?

      • I’m not quite as sanguine as you Luca.

        My grandmother was Irish and for the last 3 years my niece and her husband have been working in Kazakhstan to save up money to buy a house in Kerry.

        My niece is teaching English and her husband teaches Physics.

        There is no free house waiting near family in Kerry, courtesy of the government, for any young freeborn hardworking talented Irishman such as my niece’s husband.
        Then why should housing be wasted on the incoming Islamic fanatics who hate everything Irish?

        And I’d rather see my grandmother’s ancient and beautiful culture preserved than overrun by hostile foreign child rape gangs who hate everything and everyone non-Muslim, thanks all the same.

        When every small village of native Gaelic speakers is overrun by voices shouting “Kill the infidel ” “Rape the white slut”and roused by harsh cries every dawn calling the hordes of Islam to prayer ,only then will Ireland realize her mistake.

        Too late to save her native language , too late to save her culture.

        • I visited my grandparent’s village in West Cork in the 1970’s. At the time, horses were still being traded on the village square. I still have many relatives in the area, and some of my immediate family members travel to visit them. But I have no desire to go back, because of the reports I have heard. There was still a softness in the people then, and the modern world had not completely caught up to them yet. I’m afraid I’d lose those memories if I returned and saw what it has become.

      • Although the fertility rate in Ireland is high among EU states, it is still below the replacement level. It currently stands at 1.9. Net migration has only recently gone positive.

        The only way to make of for this, to gain 1 million new souls, is to bring them in. By doing so, Ireland will be more than 20 percent of these new migrants. Any guess as to the make up of these migrants?

        • It has only recently dropped to 1.9 so its not yet a problem. The number of births is far greater than the death rate and that is where the roughly 600,000 natural increase comes from. At worst Ireland could get 400,000 Africans and Muslims which would be a disaster but more likely it would be around half under the plan which is still a disaster. We still attract lots of Eastern Europeans Spanish and Italians which would make up the rest.

          The problem is the current pm who btw was not elected. He fancies himself as a bit of a trudeau and will do anything to lick the EUs boots to try and get some scraps from the brexit negotiations. I think there will be some big changes in Europe in the next 10 years, I am hop[ful] so i think Ireland will escape relatively unscathed.

        • Nonsense.The reason young people in Ireland are not having children is that they get no support from the state.

          My niece and her husband want lots of children.If instead of giving free housing to migrants the government subsidized housing for young Irish people starting out, she and her husband wouldn’t be working in Kazakhstan to save up to buy a house in Kerry.No they would be living and working in Ireland .

          Furthermore instead of giving welfare to migrants to support multiple wives and dozens children ,why not give tax credits generous enough and child allowances generous enough to allow native Irish who want children to have them?

          Make the conditions right for native Irish to get into their own houses and have the children they so desperately desire ,before letting half the world come to Ireland to live and breed on the Irish taxpayers’ largesse.

          This is a problem worldwide.

          Here in Australia we import refugees to live and breed on welfare.They get free housing ,free education ,free health care.They also get an overly generous living allowance.Each adult refugee gets a living allowance of twice the old age pension .there is a further child allowance per child of the same amount as the old age pension.
          So 24 ooo dollars per year per child ,48 0000 dollars per year per adult.So they are breeding like mad.

          Meanwhile my daughter and her husband can’t afford to buy a house here although they both work full time .My daughter and her husband have been working in Singapore.They have gone on the list for government subsidized apartments in Singapore and theirs will be ready in 3 years time.

          Meanwhile my daughter and her husband live with his parents.

          Singapore takes no refugees.Government subsidized apartments are available only to married couples.At least one party must be a Singapore citizen(born in Singapore) and the other must be a permanent resident.

          The median house price in Australia has just reached 1 million dollars.
          And while refugees get free housing and breed like rabbits ,young Australians starting out get nothing.

          • Here is a thing: how many brain cells does it take to figure out that the solution to a low birthrate is to encourage folk to have children, as you neatly note? So what do the authorities throughout Europe do? Import millions of useless, welfare-sponging moslem savages.

            There is a disconnect here. Not even politicians are so stupid as to believe that Method 2 is more effective than Method 1. So the unpalatable, inescapable fact is that they are not importing foreign, brainwashed, violent, unemployable savages in order to increase the birth-rate, they are doing it for an entirely different reason – namely, to destroy the diverse, strong, community-binding cultures of Europe so that they can more easily enforce a totalitarian World Government. They seek to eradicate the people’s Sense of Self.

            Not many months ago I would have laughed at that notion as a wild Conspiracy Theory. Not any more. It has become quite plain to me now that it is an established Conspiracy Fact, and if the peoples of those lands do not very soon rise up and tear down their oppressors, we will soon be watching the lights go out over the final remnants of human civilisation.

          • China, Singapore, Russia, Arabia need to take in refugees. Dubai??? Why not?? Get your UN reps to get vocal. The wealth needs to be shared. Not just white western countries.

      • If as you say, ” We end up like the UK ” isn’t that enough proof for you. Your words, not mine!

  2. Just recently Ireland became very progressive: they had some arousing speech in parliament on why it is good to scale up Irish genocide through abortion, as it has been done throughout our countries. Pairs well with this new measure of Irish genocide. And the Irish won’t have a saying in such a matter of life and death.

    And the newcomers won’t be Ukrainians or Poles. Ukraine is at war, Ukrainians would like to migrate, nothing like that. Muslims and Africans first. Let’s dumb down Whites, the more the better.

    • Why were the Irish fighting for hundreds of years for a free Ireland?
      Waste of time and effort.

      • Not a waste of time! It’s history and Irish History will give the Irish the STRENGTH to prevent the Islamisation of Ireland! Fight! Fight with words and votes and PRAY!

  3. The current Irish campaign to introduce abortion on demand makes no sense? Maybe it does. There is a certain loss of sanity that comes with loss of identity. For one suicides increase. Nature can be pushed just so far.

  4. South Africa is undergoing White genocide. Why not take them in first? Or that would not go along with White genocide? Or White South Africans are where globalists want them and us all?

    • White South Africans are the canary in the coalmine , to see how long it takes to die . Europe , USA , Canada and Australia New Zealand are following suit . Yes , it is for white destruction .
      Why have the citizens not investigated the source of this demonic system and the warlocks running it? Why have they not assassinated any of them yet ? How can the public accept national decisions made without their consent ? Decisions that will obliterate all that they as a nation endured and built .

  5. I found this post particularly alarming. I know it is not a lot different from what has been going on in Sweden, Germany, UK, etc., but perhaps it is the romantic attachment that one has for Irish culture that makes this “project” seem particularly sinister. The author does a very good job of communicating the level of manipulation and propaganda going on.

    The piece left me depressed. At this point I do not know if anything can be done to stop this madness. I live in Canada and much the same is happening here, but it is very much under the radar, and because different cultures have been accommodated over the years, people are somewhat blasé about the latest influx of immigrants, assuming they will integrate as immigrants have done in the past. I think there is a level of naivete in this.

    The newest immigrants are from very different cultures (Syrian, African) and they lack skills to adapt to Canadian society. That makes some of them vulnerable to gangs and ISIS recruitment. Moreover, some do not choose to do so. The Liberal government in Canada is moving in lock-step with the UN, and undermining traditional sources of identity. We also now have a process in place to block criticism of Islam (M103). Unfortunately, when I suggest that there is a globalist agenda underway, I invariably get comments about my “tin foil hat”. Anyway, it does distress me to see how things are taking shape in Europe and how so many are willing to ignore what is going on.

    • I used to live in cabana long ago when people think of It like “great country”
      That was a ton a b____t.
      Canadians are secretive, they smile falsely in face and stab you in the back,There never truly was of freedom of speech because even if at that time one was not silenced officially, all people where silenced by the group they where in… more or less if you speak different they where eliminated from the group/ society, etc.
      Canada has great outdoors but that is about it.
      Used to have a great healthcare … I am not sure it still holds.
      Political correctness was a disease and I bet now surfaced at all levels.
      Recently I met a lot of Muslims coming from Canada to different lectures and conferences.Too many of them.Interestigly I have not seen a white face at this conferences coming from Canada for some time.
      That tells me about where the country is going.

      • The touted myth of “free” social(-ist) healthcare is getting too expensive to keep with every passing year. The Ontario economy is pretty much destroyed, and adding the healthcare system costs has a potential to bankrupt the whole Province. In practical terms, it is already bankrupt, BTW. I believe the debt is at $315Bil. It’s our California, minus the nice climate and Silly-Con Valley economy.

        As for the spirit, Canadians clearly demonstrated their herd mentality during 1770-80 American Revolution, by siding with and fighting for the British tyrant and oppressor. Now, just as then, they are against the true Freedom in its spiritual sense, and proud of that horrible lapse of judgement on their part.
        Oh, and the jealousy and hatred for the Southern neighbor has always been strong too, due to zero Canadian contributions lately to innovation, ground-breaking ideas, research and technology.

        • Look at the bright side: you have a very cute prime minister. I admit he is as dumb as a bag of rocks, but he makes up for it by having a very cute wife. All of this was known to your electorate but you voted for him anyway. As someone said: people deserve the government they elect.

          • The entire World seems to be getting the NWO……. all except Russia who is economically attacked by the Western oligarchs.

            Chinese Communists are loved and still protected.

            the Marxist Democrats of the USSA seem especially virulent anti-Russian for some reason.

            President Trump is opposed by almost the entirety of the political class in the USSA.

            ProgreSSives still rule despite elections to the contrary, like Brexit and Trump. Look don’t Listen to the MSM lies.

          • I wouldn’t be so smug, Mr Matsch. I refuse to accept the ‘It’ as my PM, as also do many-many others here in Canada. Not all here are asleep.
            The votes account for nothing, given that there is absolutely no way to guarantee there is no voters’ fraud and rigging during the actual vote-count. At the most, officially, only 33% voted for the clown. Whether this was the actual number will forever remain UNKNOWN. The ‘It’ was supposed to be Hillary’s little sidekick/Mini-me puppet, or maybe #2??? Anyway, put in place in preparation of her “crowning”. But, something, miraculously, didn’t cook right in the US election. Thank God for that.

            Oh and, Please, understand that we are all in the same boat here.

      • Yes Pa, I’ve been archiving everything about islam, since 9/11. I read online all day, and enjoy many subjects of interest, but Islam got me early. I have Islam all organized into many different categories, and one of my folders pertains to “countries”. As many as there are, falling to Islam, Canada is one in particular, that is in the top 10, if not 5, that is very bad, and growing worse. I’m so sorry for you and your country. I know you’ll get those “well look what you voted for”, comments, but there’s not many countries left that hasn’t succumbed to the spread of this “ideology”, as they like to term it. And I’d sure like to question all those voters sanity, who voted in these same *#%@ leaders of THEIR country, who immigrated thousands. Anyway, if you wanna see the articles, videos, documents, websites, that I have collected on your country, just let me show you how bad it’s getting. When you a put evil in one bunch, and look over it, it really gives you the shivers.

    • Hello, and Greetings to you from a fellow Canadian. Your comment is absolutely spot on: most Canadians are either very ignorant or very passive or both, in regards to the ongoing population replacement in our country.
      Canadians lack the revolutionary spirit that some Americans always seem to possess: we have been domesticated…

      The pace of this replacement has been accelerated greatly by the Liberals, as they feel this is their lucky chance to get away with, literally, murder. Trudeau is very weak, both as an individual and a PM, and those who pull on his strings (and who brought him there to begin with) know that his days in power are numbered.

    • “…and much the same is happening here, but it is very much under the radar…”

      This is crucial. We hear much blather about democracy, but the truth is, as declared by Tocqueville, that a moribund democracy inevitably leads to tyranny, as Russia, N. Korea, Red China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. clearly demonstrate. Liberty requires – REQUIRES – vigorous defense of Freedom of Speech, Association, and Self-Defense. Nothing can be allowed “under the radar” of public scrutiny/discussion. The relinquishment of one so weakens the defensive posture of Liberty that it is impossible to maintain the other two. Any public official that attempts to so much as hedge on any one of these three propositions must be hounded out of office instantly and pursued relentlessly, least they find a way back to power; anything less and we become a society of slaves and, human nature being what it is, the Masters will seek make their chattel more docile and controllable still. Slavery, like all other conditions can always be more efficient.

      Speak up. Do not let them silence you. Fear of public humiliation, again I defer to Tocqueville, is their primary weapon, but it is only as powerful as we make it by amplifying the silence. When someone is pilloried for an opinion/association, when someone is denied an opportunity to speak because their message is offensive, divisive, or “triggering” then demand that they be heard, especially if you disagree, because if idea can be forbidden eventually every idea will require permission.

  6. I looked into this Big Vision plan a few weeks ago seeking out Irish media sites of various sorts to see what the Irish themselves were saying about it. I came away feeling the alarm being peddled was over the top. Firstly Ireland is still a democracy and this is the political agenda of the current government. There is criticism of the Vision and the government in the Irish media and it is in no way certain the present government will remain in power to see it come to pass. There are already stories in Irish media of communities protesting migrants being settled in their town, (like we see in eastern Germany). Time will tell whether the Big vision will happen or die at the ballot box.

    • That this is the agenda of any government is alarming. I have also noticed that when these plans are afoot, there is a tendency to downplay what is happening. Proposals such as these are couched in propaganda so as not to alarm the mainstream. As Copeland makes clear, the whole thing is couched in pleasant sounding euphemisms. As a rule, media does not provide insightful analysis of anything that smacks of NWO/UN/EU immigration agendas. In Canada we get a lot of “happy newcomer” stories in the news . . . while any of the problems immigrants are encountering are kept under the radar. Free speech on the issue is not allowed — most recently seen in the hostility towards a talk that Faith Goldy was to have given at an Ontario University, but was shut down. She has concerns about the demographic imbalance that is gradually replacing European culture. The issue cannot even be discussed in Canada: Moreover, that this particular agenda is playing out in many different countries makes me think it is not just a passing government whim. I am not anti-immigrant, but like many I want to see immigration done in a way that strengthens the country. Currently, in many places it is chaotic and appears to be being done intentionally to replace Judeo/Christian/European populations and undermine national sovereignty.

      • Thank you for your kind words. Thank you, too, for your perceptive observations on the downplaying of what is happening, the lack of media analysis, the “happy newcomer” propaganda stories, the concealing of problems, and the stifling of free speech. The Iconoclast in his video notes that the comment facilities on press videos on “Our Plan” are swiftly disabled.

        The video, “Ireland 2040 – Our Plan”, offers no reason for importing ever more non-Irish. This “project” is not being touted as humanitarian help for “refugees”, nor as bringing in more workers (to an economy that already has 6.7% unemployment). The voice-over cites “climate change”, and “energy needs”. This seems to confirm your observations.

      • “The issue cannot even be discussed in Canada: Moreover, that this particular agenda is playing out in many different countries makes me think it is not just a passing government whim. I am not anti-immigrant, but like many I want to see immigration done in a way that strengthens the country. Currently, in many places it is chaotic and appears to be being done intentionally to replace Judeo/Christian/European populations and undermine national sovereignty.”…

        This issue is of utmost importance to speak up about, and discuss. Well put, what you stated above, and I agree. Immigration is to enhance our countries, not endanger it by allowing individuals of questionable character into the country because it makes us ‘feel good’. Speak what you wrote, and write it over and over to papers if you can. It’s going to keep happening…This chaotic immigration if you don’t confront it in a very logical and strong way to those that want ‘diversity’ at any cost, and will cry ‘racist’, or ‘bigot’ at anyone who doesn’t agree with them. This is going to be a long, hard fight. People have to stand up for a common sense plan of immigration, and right to sovereignty. The liberties we have in ‘the west’ were very hard won, and we will have to fight for them. I hope people fight for them with good sensible words, and letters, and not wait until things get even worse.

  7. No one is safe, are they, Ireland even boasts a near-replacement birthrate. In this case, it is really just for the heck of it, and for blessed diversity.

  8. “Time will tell whether the Big vision will happen or die at the ballot box.”

    Ballot boxes!! No chance. All this mess and invasion is the result of 60 years of ballot boxes. Under ballot boxes you cannot blame those traitors whom we elect and the invaders.

    Invaders have that ingrained tendency to colonize with an iron fist. Until 1950s invaders were kept at bay. For the west it changed: IT BECAME ONE OF THEIR VALUES that replaced all other values, if there were any.

    • You’re talking about England. The Irish republic today is less “diverse” than England. You obviously have no faith in Irish people or in their recognition of what has been happening in Europe. I rather suspect the Celtic spirit and temperament may derail the grand Vision. As I said, time will tell.

      • Except, “… Time is not the luxury we still have.”
        From the Enemy at the Gates, i believe.

  9. It follows a pattern. First make it costly for the indigenous population to breed with taxes and property costs, then encourage abortion as a means of contraception. At the same time bemoan the falling birth rate as the cause of a future economic crisis and offer inward migration as the answer. It happened in England. The hardest rock to crack among the white population was ‘teenage mother’s. God they worked hard on this, and eventually stopped them breeding. There is an extremely evil force at work amongst us. What hold it has on our political class can only be wondered at.

      • Right! Satan needs his “followers”, to immigrate to all these many countries. He (satan), won’t be able to be in more than one place at time (during the Trib), to give his punishment, for not taking his mark, so he’ll need others to do this for him (around the world). You know the ones who will help him? The same ones that hate christians and jews with a passion today. What’s these christians and jews, and others… punishment, for not taking his mark? It’s in the koran and and in our bibles. Rev 20:4
        And does anyone now wonder, what the reason/purpose is, for the huge immigration to so many countries, they hate so much? His time is short..

  10. Perhaps the Irish need not worry excessively, those invaders won’t hang around too long, they will soon be up north and then over the sea to England where the pickings are richer. There will be nothing to stop them.
    As regards boosting the population, about 95%of these incomers will be males, so unless they take Irish girls it’s difficult to see how they will increase the birth rate. What they will increase is the rate of rapes and sexual assaults.

    • Good point, but horrifying. Already happening too…
      I still see that picture in my mind, that was shown online, of the loooong line of immigrants, and, of course, mostly male. And the many that were coming off the ship…mostly males. Apparently, this was the plan all along, by these many countries leaders…sick!

  11. “The Irish government has issued a propaganda video to explain their policy, grandly titled “Ireland 2040 — Our Plan”.”

    How long is this video? And where is this video? Why no link to it?

    “To launch “Our Plan” on the unsuspecting Irish public Mr. Varadkar’s government paid the press to publish puff pieces extolling it, with instructions that they could not include anything negative or critical.”

    Citations, please, with payment amounts and recipients. (Or is this supposed to be secret?)

  12. Migration is Inevitable…

    The Hungarians, Japanese and Israelis don’t seem to have got the memo.

    • Nor have the South Koreans. Very sadly, hostile forces are working on that. Koreans love their country (in Westspeak they are therefore “racist”). At the same time they want to an extent “to be welcoming to all” but understand extremely little about Islam. Perhaps the biggest problem is that they’re nowhere near a replacement birthrate. HOWEVER-a bright spot-is that although “fifteen million immigrants 20 years from now” has been talked about (popn. now, 51 million), by that time automation might reduce the need for labour. Still, what about social care budgets?

      • It probably won’t happen in South Korea or Japan… outside of Singapore which was established as a migration country, no Asian country has yet become a party to this insanity, at least by their own choice (the colony that now is Malaysia was forced by the Brits to accept Indian migrants). Their leaders appear to actually care about their nations which is a completely insane, utterly Hitlerian and racist idea in the West.

  13. Why do people vote for these politicians? For example Merkel and Macron. The White Race is pathetic and masochistic.

    • Because politics has become a clownery. And the right movement is marginalized.

  14. “Just under 12 per cent of the population previously had a nationality other than Irish. That is a dangerously menacing proportion.”

    That means nothing. It all depends on their nationality.

    • “According to the last national Census in 2011, five years after the previous one was conducted, the population growth in the non-Irish ethnic groups in the country was huge, with “Other Whites” consisting mainly of Eastern European immigrants, rising by 43%, and, of course, the “Other Asian” ethnic group soaring in growth by 87%.

      “As you can see, “White Irish” had the lowest growth rates in these five years, while the previously mentioned “Other Whites”, “Other Asians”, and two separate Black demographic groups all rose significantly.”

      [The Black groups are “Black Irish or Black African” and “Other Blacks”]

      “So the pattern seems to be the Irish will keep getting older, and the young people in the opposite ethnic categories will have more opportunities to have more children, leading to further population growth.”

      The Iconoclast (as above) at 19.0 mins

  15. I guess that soldier didn’t get the memo about the Nazi high command having respect for Islam….although I’m sure in the end Hitler and his boys would have worked out a “final solution” for them also.

    • The article states that the Pro-Life volunteers “are up against a biased media and huge, illegal donations from American businessmen who are intent on pushing Ireland to adopt abortion on demand.”

    • That is plain nuts…I don’t get it…I thought people have a right to vote as they wish…What the heck is going on?

  16. Self hate is remarkable. J. Peterson has book which describes the phenomenon quite well.
    For God sake treat yourself at least as well as would a wounded bird. Whites who hate themselves I hold in utter contempt. Big problem in USA as well.

  17. If you must import a million people, how about taking in the white south Africans who are on the verge of being slaughtered. Hell take all 5 million, your country will be different, but actually maybe better in some ways.

  18. The death sentence for the Irish culture was pronounced when the Irish voted to allow gay marriage. It will be confirmed when the Irish legalise abortion.

    The Irish culture is based on Christianity. Gay ‘marriage’ is an ugly travesty of Christian marriage, it gives respectability to a mortal sin. By accepting it, the Irish implicitly rejected their Christian faith. Thus, they dealt a huge blow to their identity, to their civilisation, to the values on which Ireland was built. After that, spiritual death of Ireland has become inevitable. Spiritually dead post-Christian Irish people have nothing to oppose Islam.

    ‘Human rights’, ‘tolerance’, ‘democracy’ and the rest of post-Christian ‘values’ have not only proved totally ineffective against Islamisation of post-Christian nations, they have been very cleverly used to promote Islamisation.

    I am very sorry for Ireland, for it was a wonderful country, populated by excellent people and its cultural and spiritual significance was surprisingly great for such a small nation. But it is all in the past.

    Tastes differ, but I personally find the idea of a secular post-Christian Ireland so horrible, that an Islamic Ireland seems a better choice.

    Well, we do not know the future, we cannot say whether what remains of Ireland will become Muslim, Buddhist or satanist – or why not Marxist-Leninist or Maoist? But the Ireland of St Patrick and St Brigit is dead. May she rest in peace.

    • There isn’t much difference between Islam and the other totalitarian ideologies you name, i.e., Marxist-Leninist/Maoist. Ireland has been moving to the Left for years, proving that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

      • I have met quite a few practising Muslims and a lot of Communists. I have also met enough proponents of the dominant ideology of the West (I wonder, what should I call it: liberalism? progressivism? political correctness-ism? militant secularism? ).

        I should say that of the three categories, Muslims tend to be most normal and most human. Communists are usually worse (crazier). The craziest and the most intolerant one are the last category – the progressives (who, ironically, keep talking of ‘tolerance’).

        What I find especially significant, is that progressives are the most incapable of normal relationships. They often remain unmarried and if they do marry, they soon have a divorce. They tend to have no children. Those who do have kids usually do not know what to do with them. Many are stuck in pathological relationships. This is to be expected, as this progressive liberal ideology attracts people with serious psychological problems and when such people adopt this ideology, they get progressively worse. Quite a few end up in mental institutions.

        Muslims, on the contrary, are, for the most part, much more psychologically stable and companionable. They are very friendly with each other, they are family-oriented, love their children and respect their elders. And this is what makes them strong – much more than terror and violence. They look at the cold, self-absorbed, materialistic and neurotic post-Christian Europeans and despise them.

  19. UK nationals must not think they are unaffected by Ireland’s “Big Vision”. All the million new Irish citizens will have free access to UK facilities. The Eire/UK Common Travel Agreement grants citizens of both states the reciprocal rights, protected after Brexit, to:

    enter, reside, work, access education, healthcare, welfare and social housing, and vote.

  20. Turn off CBC, CTV, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC and start thinking for yourself. NO MORE PROPAGANDA. Hopefully in 2019 the majority of the 184 Liberal seats in the Canadian parliament will be wiped out. God help us all.

    • It’s hard to avoid propaganda. If one is to think for oneself, it means a slog through original sources and people are seldom willing to do that. For instance, has anyone read Baby Doc Trudeau’s CV? I haven’t and would have trouble finding it.

    • As a person of Irish heritage, I’ve been expecting it for a long time. Once the Catholic Church stopped oppressively sitting on the lid of Irish culture this reaction was bound to happen.

      A friend of mine whose husband had been in the Foreign Service related her experience of Ireland: they’d served in the Middle East and went directly to Dublin from there. After being charmed for a few weeks by the friendly Dubliners, she began to see through the shuck and jive, realizing that Ireland was every bit as clannish and shame-based as those Arabs in her last posting with a level of alcoholism to challenge Russia’s. Women had a place and they’d better learn it – though Ireland was full of uppity females. Angry uppity females.

      We both agreed that in many ways, Ireland is untameable and congenitally unable to make alliances with one another. That makes them unable to rise past the whiskey fumes to attain any sense of discernment. You’re as likely to find a libertarian or conservative over there as you are to find a shamrock. Here’s one, though:

      He’s anti-Trump. Must be the case he never looked closely at Hillary.

  21. Astonishing information. Do you Irish relatives have ANY idea how many Americans would JOYOUSLY immigrate to Ireland? I’m too old now, but 20 years ago I would have JUMPED at the chance to live in Ireland. And Americans will gladly and easily assimilate into Irish culture. Buechas le Dia!

    • I’m a first-generation American whose parents were born in Limerick and Dublin. It’s become such a p.c. cesspit that I’ve always resisted relatives’ urgings to get my Irish citizenship. Besides, citizens should only hold passports to their own country. “Dual” citizenship is an oxymoron.

      You couldn’t drag me to Ireland for anything. No, you *wouldn’t* easily assimilate into Irish culture. Assimilation has to be acceptable to both sides. Unless you’ve money to spend, you’d be looked down on…many Irish are real haters, very clannish. And they got their ideas about social class from the English.

      If you’re Jewish, forget it.

      There are few cultures like America, long used to assimilation. I can’t think of any others off-hand, but if you want to see descendants of Irish immigrants in America, visit South Boston. It’s the worst of both worlds.

      As me mither used to say, “blood will tell”. Boy, does it ever.

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