Courage: What Would WE Do?

Prompted by last week’s deadly Islamic terror attack on London Bridge, Michael Copeland sends the following essay.

Ignacio Echeverria

Courage: What Would We Do?

by Michael Copeland

The scene was a conference in London involving educators and ex-prisoners. One of the participants was known to some of the others as a Muslim convicted of terrorism. Suddenly the convicted terrorist produced a long knife and slashed at and stabbed others near him, wounding two fatally and others seriously.

What would WE do if a crisis like that were to occur in front of our eyes?

Two men acted fast and courageously. Sizing up the situation swiftly, one grabbed a five-foot long narwhal tusk from the wall, another picked up a fire extinguisher. The jihadi knifeman left the building and ran out along London Bridge. The two men followed him, caught up with him and challenged him. He brandished his lethal knives menacingly at them, murder in his eyes. The tusk-wielder kept him at bay, while the extinguisher man set it off in his face, the stream of pressurised water disorienting him completely, and enabling them to close in and pin him to the ground. Passers-by came to help. Between them they held the struggling killer to the ground, managing to wrest the knife from his hand. Within a short time armed police arrived and hauled the heroes away. The mujahid opened his jacket to reveal a suicide vest. “A bomb!”, someone shouted, and people began to run from the scene. Two shots killed the killer. It was all over quite quickly.

How many more would have been stabbed without that swift reaction? We can never know. That quick-witted improvising of weapons, and the courageous selfless pursuit of such a dangerous armed individual are highly commendable. Those two men selflessly safeguarded the public from a lethal killer.

Back in June 2017, not far from that same location, a Spanish man, resident in London, was bicycling back from skateboarding one night when, in London’s Borough Market, he saw a woman being stabbed by a Muslim mujahid. Unhesitating and unarmed, he went to her rescue wielding only his skateboard.

What would WE do in a split second decision?

Ignacio Echeverria put his life on the line to save a female stranger. He struck at the knifeman with his skateboard, but was stabbed from behind by the mujahid’s two accomplices, ceramic knives strapped to their wrists. He died from his wounds.

That is courage, fine manly unselfish courage, a shining example. Quite rightly he has been posthumously awarded the Police’s medal for bravery.

The first policeman at the incident was likewise greatly courageous. He tackled the knifeman with only his baton. He was badly wounded in the face, head, and leg, but survived, crippled for life. He said:

“I feel like I did what any other person would have done. I’m so sorry I couldn’t do more…”

A passer-by, Gerard Vowles, 47, told local media that he saw the three attackers stabbing a woman at the south end of London Bridge. He said he threw chairs, glasses and bottles at the attackers in a bid to stop them.

“They went ‘this is for Allah’ and then they just started stabbing her multiple times.

“They kept coming to try to stab me. They were stabbing everyone. Evil, evil people.”

“You either run away or fight.”

Remember the three Americans and an Englishman on the Belgian train who overpowered the machine-gun-armed Muslim terrorist? They made the split-second decision. One, who was a college student, explained:

“We just did what we had to do. You either run away or fight. We chose to fight and got lucky and didn’t die.”

The Englishman Chris Norman, 62, joined in against the mujahid. In interviews, Norman has been very humble about his role in subduing the suspect. He said that he was acting purely on survival instincts and had thought that since he was going to die anyway, he’d rather die doing something instead of hiding in a corner and being shot.

All four were awarded the French Légion d’Honneur medal for bravery.

We do not CHOOSE these situations. They happen suddenly, in front of our eyes.

This war has been brought to us

Cambridge University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Toope, said of the recent London attack,

“Our university condemns this abhorrent and senseless act of terror.”

Abhorrent, yes: senseless, no. This attack is part of a war. This war has been brought to us. It is an old war, a very old war. This is just the current phase. The war was declared by Islam nearly 1,400 years ago. It is commanded to be ongoing until all the world has submitted to Islam.

“…a state of permanent hostility between the Mussulman and the unbeliever” —Karl Marx

“Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are, unless they convert to Islam” —Dr. Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Egypt

“Kill them wherever you find them” —Koran 2:191, part of Islamic law.

“Fight and kill the non-Muslims until Islam is the only governance” —Koran 8:39

“We are at war and I am a soldier” —7/7 killer.

“Britain has always been Dar al Harb [the Realm of War]” —Anjem Choudary.

“The mosques are our barracks … the faithful our soldiers” —Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“We pledge to wage jihad for the rest of our lives until either we implant Islam all over the world or meet our Lord as bearers of Islam” —Samir Khan, “proud to be a traitor”.

“Jihad means to war against non-Muslims” —Manual of Islamic Law o.9

“Our land is one … Our war is one” —placard

The war has been waged in slow-motion in Britain for years now — bombings, stabbings, van-rammings, systematic rapes, abuses, and humiliation of British girls and women, assaults in “Muslim areas”, Sharia patrols, imposition of halal foods, job-loss for criticising Islam, removal of Christmas decorations, and so on. Our politicians are failing us. They are in denial, and shamefully tell us to “Keep Calm and Carry On”. Our police issue spineless instructions to “Run Away and Hide”.


We have to prepare ourselves mentally. There are going to be many more attacks by Muslim mujahideen — on a train, on a bridge, with a van, with a car, on a pedestrian way, at a shopping mall, at a concert, even in a church or a school. It is what Islam instructs, right there in Islamic law. We are the targets, and we need to be observant. It could happen to anyone. “Be Prepared” is the excellent motto of the Boy Scouts. Wherever we go we need to look intelligently at where an attack might come from, what could be used in self-defence, where cover exists, where the exits lie. If we see suspect people we can photograph them.

Alissa, a commenter at Pamela Geller’s website,, gives excellent advice:

“We’re at war. We all must do what we can to help. We’re all going to die one day so make sure you go knowing you did your very best to fight terrorism and protect your turf especially for your children and grandchildren.”

We need, each of us, to have an answer to the question,

“What would WE do?”

For previous essays by Michael Copeland, see the Michael Copeland Archives.

58 thoughts on “Courage: What Would WE Do?

  1. Throughout life I found that visualizing extreme situations helps a great deal. For example imagine you come across a person getting hit by a car. Most likely you’re going to feel stressed in the moment, but should you ever find yourself in that situation, you’re going to be much calmer, because you prepared yourself for it beforehand and know what needs to be done. And once you’ve been involved in stuff like that, your boundaries are gonna be much wider and it will take more to derail you even if you’re not prepared for a specific scenario. Of course, military, police or at least self-defense training helps a great deal to keep calm during stressfull situations.

    Now I know a terror attack is different from an accident where there’s no risk for your own health involved. But you can still visualize how you would tackle the problem in different locations. What can be used as self defense in a bar, on the street, inside a school or office or on a bus? Chairs and fire extinguishers are probably a good choice and avaiable almost anywhere.
    Consider your own limitations too, if you’re recovering from, say, a broken leg, it’s probably not good to get involved if your movements are limited. You can still help by know where good hiding spaces are.

    Just think about these things and I’m sure you’ll find you can be prepared for a lot of them.

    • As a decorated vet I can easily imagine how this particular enemy thinks. A very well known quantity now. Like London Bridge last week. For a man, ATTACK IS THE BEST DEFENCE. These Muslim cowards.

    • In short, war game all the time.
      What if this guy has a gun? What if that car jumps the curb at me? What if a attacker comes into the office? Hell of a way to live life, but here we are.

  2. Here in Sderot we have few illusions about Islam, the world thinks that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are ‘freedom fighters’, they are not, they are religious fanatics obey the call of Allah to kill unbelievers and take the land for Allah.

    It is not about human rights; unbelievers have no rights, it is not about ‘land’ or ‘occupation’ this is the taquiya of Islam with which they seek to exploit the natural anti-semitism of the western world.

    Hamas headquarters is under a hospital, I think this tells us an awful lot about how Islam views humanity; it is there to be exploited and subjugated by any means possible, Hamas is a terrorist arm of the Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR organisation.

    The same CAIR organisation that has dumbed down the security forces all over the world with lies about ‘moderate’ Islam.

    When the missiles fly, land and explode in our little town, liberals and progressives suddenly become 3 monkeys; trying desperately to deny responsibility for their actions; Islamophilia supporting Palestinian murder, and anti-Semitism in the form of anti-Zionism to try and create yet another Holocaust. Is there a difference between socialism, cultural Marxism and Nazism? Not much!

    • “Natural antisemitism of the Western world”? Check out Solzhenitsyn’s “200 Years Together” or the fate of Israeli professor Ariel Toaff,

      Hamas? it was fostered and nourished by the Israeli government as a counterweight to the PLO, “How Israell helped to spawn Hamas” It is called blowback: what goes around, comes around. Deal with it.

      This tactic is common in history: the British built up Nasser in Egypt in the 1930s as opposition to communist influence and he then blew up in their faces, as it were.

      Lastly, it is cute how the Israeli Right such as MC either ignore or suppress mention of the deep cooperation of their own government with Riyadh, which exports and finances jihadis

      • So you justify war crimes against Jooz/Israelis because?

        Hamas is Muslim Brotherhood, as such, it pre-exists Israel. so, according to you, jooz have super powers and can obviously travel in time.

        The rest is just ‘noise’, but the missiles are real and frequent.

  3. I don’t think any of us knows until it happens, Michael. I live in London, and have certainly thought about it, but even people with military training have been known to freeze or panic in threatening situations.

    • I recall reading somewhere that in battle, less that 20% of combatants actually aim their weapons at the enemy.

    • Point taken, thanks: yes, we do not really know until it happens.
      Nevertheless we must give it some forethought, and be sure to remain alert and observant when in public.

  4. (It is not necessary to be an Identity Politics Regressive Woke Leftist to point out that, contrary to Copeland’s 1,400 year meme, Islam was not a thing in the West in the 20th century until the Iran Revolution of 1978, now why is that, how and why did that occur? )

    But I digress:

    for those who have not had the experience, mental cojones are required in aiding a Western female in the situations Copeland mentions. Do not expect gratitude.

    That is because the woman can be an Immi-vader Lover herself, anxious to deny what has happened as being a “one-off instance” (German: Einzelfall) and concerned both to prevent the “Right” from “instrumentalising” the attack and to avoid her own cognitive dissonance.

    She prefers to deny rather than think about the clash between her deepest multiculti beliefs and what has just happened to her, because that thinking might cause her to have to leave the Church of Wokeness.

    Secondly, it can also be that the woman, otherwise normal and possibly used to such Burka salesmen, just wants to avoid getting upset, which could happen if she focussed on having been attacked. After all, it is she who is the fresh infidel uncovered meat for a long time yet, and not you as male helper.

    So by pretending nothing happened ie refusing to acknowledge or thank a male co-ethnic helper, she retains her own peace of mind.

    Conclusion: by all means give assistance but view it quite grimly and soberly as strategic, as war-winning.

    Because you may lose tactically, ie you will lose the battle you did not even know you were in, the unspoken battle of gaining any gratitude or recognition for the risk you took.

  5. Along with 19 million or so other Americans including myself, my wife and most of my family here in Montana, we would have drawn our weapons and shot him. Just preparation. Not courage.

    Then again you have to live in a country that cares enough about its people to let them arm themselves against evil people.

    When seconds count and police are minutes or hours away, you make sure as a caring, and sentient human being to protect yourself. Not that hard.

  6. Sorry, I should have said the 19 million or so Americans at last count with concealed carry permits.

  7. Yes, we have to prepare ourselves mentally.

    Yes, there are going to be many more attacks by Muslim mujahideen.

    We must prepare ourselves mentally to kill them.

    To adapt the words of Ilya Ehrenburg:

    “”The Mujahideen are not human beings. Henceforth the word Mujahideen means to us the most terrible curse. From now on the word Mujahideen will trigger your rifle. We shall not speak any moe. We shall not get excited. We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one Mujahideen a day, you have wasted that day… If you cannot kill your Mujahideen with a bullet, kill him with your bayonet. If there is calm on your part of the front, if you are waiting for the fighting, kill a Mujahideen before combat. If you leave a Mujahideen alive, the Mujahideen will hang a Christian and rape a Christian woman. If you kill one Mujahideen, kill another – there is nothing more amusing for us than a heap of Mujahideen corpses. Do not count days; do not count miles. Count only the number of Mujahideen you have killed. Kill the Mujahideen – this is your old mother’s prayer. Kill ther Mujahideen – this is what your children beseech you to do. Kill the Mujahideen – this is the cry of your Christian earth. Do not waver. Do not let up. Kill.”

  8. I find it interesting that the male ‘victim’ of this terrorist was a globalist liberal-lefty and that just the other week his father was texting/gushing about how much his son loved diversity – wow, what a coincidence. I note that the son was a Cambridge graduate, just like that other sacrificial ‘victim’ Jo Cox. Security asset anyone?

  9. If you would help the Police will prosecute you for an attack.
    As it happened when Ermyas Mulugeta attacked 2 Germans while all were drunk. He claimed racism and the two Germans got a free flight as terrorists to Karlsruhe to be charged accordingly. Yes, they were released later but then their lifes were already totally destroyed.

    Or think of the retiree of Sittensen. He was tortured by five gypsies and was able to kill one. No, he did not shoot to kill, but this was the outcome. He was at first not charged but then the Family (and antiracists) demanded “Justice for poor Labinot” and he was convicted. But do you think that the four surviving would be charged with torture aka crimes against humanity? – DREAM ON!

    Or think of Sven G. He was Walking with his friends when 5 foreigners came along. All seven were a Little bit drunk. The leader of the foreigner hit Sven G.`s friend with one hit and he was sent down. Frightened Sven G hit the leader with his fist forgetting that he had a small knive (2 cm blade length) in his hand. A few cm to the side and the leader would have been dead, but he survived.
    When Sven G claimed to be terrified the judge Götzl (yes THE Götzl from the NSU National Socialist Undergrund trial) told him that he was at least paranoid, a liar etc. He sentenced him to nearly 4 years in prison.
    Then Sven G paid about 13.000 EUR to the leader and in the retrial he said that he was a Fascist evil b.stard, a nazi and so on (you remember how in Stalinist mock Trials a condemned had to implicate and condemn himself to even have a fraction of a Chance for not being sent to the gallows?). Then judge Götzl generously (I puke while writing it) removed a few month of prison time and so Sven G could leave prison on parole.
    And do you think that the leader would have to pay something to the friend of Sven G who had been attacked first? ROFL ROFL

    So I would advise anybody: Save your life, run and make sure nothing is left behind to identify you. Because if the attacker still lives or regains consciousness you will be in hell – not just from the state but also Antifa.

    And one bit of advice: If the state charges the attackers (if ist multiples) then they will do only under assault or murder. Just look at Johnny K the asian guy from Berlin or Daniel Seifert.
    Then the defense of These muslims can Play Journey to Jerusalem. Accused A and his lawyer say that he did nothing, it was all done by Accused B,C,D,…
    And the Accused B,C,D,E… will do the same.
    And in the end as no-one can be named specifically they all go free or are charged with something minor.
    In one case (I think Daniel Seifert) the judge even said that he couldnt be sure that the injury that killed him could not have come from a medical condition. To be sure they would had had to make a X-Ray /CT of the brain before the first attack and after every attack so that they could place the blame correctly. But as no X-Ray / CT was done before the attack the accused could not be blamed.

    Yes, there is a way around but no lawyer has used it. To be precise, there are three ways:
    1) Verschwörung Conspiracy: if three or more attackers you can go with this
    2) Gemeinschaftlich Communal thats how the terrorists of the Red Army Fraction or the NSU National Socialist Underground were nailed down
    3) You were there, therefore you are guilty: Used by the state during the last Trials against old Nazis who served in a concentration camp. Yes, there was one guy who was washing and ironing uniforms day in day out, he never fired a shot at a jew, he never struck a jew but he got jailtime under this method.
    So, if you survive an attack and you can go to court, demand that your lawyer uses These methods in attacking. If he does not want to, then remember that the Trial is only to be the Epitome of Shakespeare: “Full of fury, signifying nothing”

    • Just arm up and if confronted with multiple jihadists, shoot, police your brass and walk away like you were never there, and make damnn sure none of them are left breathing. Damn what is legal or not for self defense. You are at war.

      • You can’t do that in England.

        Yes, it’s possible to acquire firearms. But, if you use one, or are discovered with one … you are either going to prison for a long time, or you are gonna be shot to death in the street, by Policemen.

        In the London Bridge scenario, you would have ruined your own life … to preserve the life of a man who was devoted to everything which you abhor. If you met that victim in a bar, you wouldn’t want to spend a bare minute in his company.

        It sounds Nihilistic, but the bulk of the populace just ain’t worth fighting for.

    • I thank Alex Lund for his insights and detailed knowledge of German incidents going back some years and also his suggested legal defences.

      Two comments may be useful: “free flight to Karlsruhe” likely means that the German Federal Public Prosecutor, whose office is in that city, had taken charge of the case, “Journey to Jerusalem” (Reise nach Jerusalem) is “game of musical chairs” in English

  10. Great article. Thanks. Coming from Slovenia where jihadi terrorist tried to kill policeman and taxi driver. Got six years shameful penalty.

  11. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that encourages passivity and submission in the face of aggression. We are supposed to leave everything to the police, and do nothing ourselves (except record in on our phones).

    Wrestling an assailant to the ground may be acceptable (for now). But for those of us who are not strong and agile, anything else is likely to get us charged with “excessive force”.

    So, what can we do? If we are unable to act directly ourselves, we should loudly sing the praises of these citizen protectors, and promote the right to use protective force.

    • I strongly discourage entering hand-to-hand combat if at all possible. That goes double for voluntarily going to ground. You want to avoid that at all costs.

      This incident is a perfect demonstration how even improvised weapons and devices can even the odds or provide an advantage. The use of the fire extinguisher to blind and disorient the terrorist is a terrific example of creative thinking.

  12. I’m English.

    I live in a Society which is comprised of people, the great majority of whom actively infringe upon my rights … via the Political process. If I’m honest, I have very little in common with most other English people. I’ll wager that there’s a lot of you, reading this, who think much the same about your own communities.

    Now, I’m absolutely prepared to fight, so as to preserve my own life.

    Buuuut, am I going to fight, to preserve the lives of people who, in political terms at least, are my active enemies?

    So, faced with a ‘London Bridge’ situation, and given a moment to ponder, I might well walk the other way.

    Policemen, you are the [epithets] who’ll gladly kill me, if I should dare to arm myself in defense of my own life or property. Give me one good reason why I should come to your aid? In what Universe could I ever consider you to be an ally of mine?

    The real fight is between two huge groups of Authoritarians … Islamists and the Electorate. Whichever wins, they mean to impose their preferences upon me, using all the violence of the State. Is it even in my interests to get involved?

  13. I am surprised WRSA is even posting this article. But then, maybe it’s to illustrate how pathetic the passive, white, syphilitic-thinking culture of Great(?) Britain has become. Situations like this in the USA are a no-brainer. You shoot the dirty dog(s), saving and protecting innocent life.
    I have dealt with the aftermath of situations like this as a Peace Officer. And unfortunately, I have been faced with situations like this myself. I doubt you Brits will ever wake up. You have, especially you whites, been cowed into victimhood and feminized for too many years. You’re a lost cause. The abomination of the Rotherham(sp?) scandal confirms it. Maybe our Mango Emperor will take you in as refugees after the Muzzies take over completely. I hope not. Stand or die.

    • Put yourself in my position, as an English person.

      You are in London, and this stuff goes down. You do not have a gun, a knife, a baton, a taser.

      Just about every person you know, would gladly see you killed by the Police, if you DID dare to have a gun, or a knife. It’s almost certain that those involved in the altercation, are of that breed; not your allies in any sense. There really isn’t much in the way of perceptible Social Cohesion.

      Why would you intervene to stop your enemies from killing each other?

      Or, perhaps you think that YOU would defy the Law, and carry such firearms as you see fit. Well … would you? Please understand that nearly everyone you know will gladly turn you in, if they discover what you are about. If that happens to you, the very least you can expect is that your future is ruined.

      You see, a Police State doesn’t develop in a vacuum. It requires the active collaboration of a large proportion of the populace. That’s exactly how things are, here. I think you call ’em ‘snitches’, and they are Legion.

      “A lost cause…”, yes, I agree with you. I can’t see any way out.

      OTOH, is the domination of Islam any worse than the domination of Marxism? They seem to be the only two choices which are presented.

      For me, at least, it’s not enough to ‘fight against something’, when the void will be filled by an evil which is equally vile.

      • Please, sir. Have you ever thought of carrying a cane? Here in Amerika I can even carry one on an aircraft, if I have my foot in a brace. Have not you and yours ever read the cliché: Necessity is the mother of invention? How much do you value your liberty?

      • This is quite depressing…To read how utterly ridiculous this wimpy state of affairs is in England. What the hell happened? Where is that fighting English spirit? Sounds like they certainly need a kick in the butt – some serious kicking from Winston’s ghost. Surely, there are self defense laws that could be legalized?

        Personally, I have intervened to defend strangers, in some more mild situations, since something just kicks in, and there is no question to try and help if I can. No one had any weapons, so I don’t know what I would do in such a terrible situation. Looking for something to throw is what I always imagined I would do. I am a petite woman, but feisty as hell when needed.

        With freakin’ Jihadi’s, and various rotten criminals inhabiting the isle, it’s beyond me why the police (at least) don’t have guns.

  14. I’m at a certain difficulty in entirely blaming Muslims for these acts. After all, it would not be possible without the forced immigration of the elites. Our “betters” have decided to propagate a war upon the West, and the collective peoples, the US included, have decided to simply accept it. Europe is lost, the US at the brink. We think that voting and the courts will make a difference…it will and does not. The courts are completely corrupt and voting is completely useless. You want to save anything of this country (and no, I don’t really think you do)? It’s time to stand up and retake ground. Irrespective of the laws that have been created to simply keep us all in check but reality have been declared to condition us to complacence under the guise of “safety” (see The Patriot Act). I’m reminded of the first rule in the Graham Combat Killhouse, it’s a tactical training facility, “No one is coming to save you.” We had better get that in our heads and damn quick because the next 2 rules build on the first, “Kill who needs to be killed”, “save who needs to be saved”. Finally acc perhaps most importantly, “Everything is your responsibility.” Wake up. Kit up. Draw the line. Push forward. We are losing. Our kids are counting on us to win.

    • Delta Lima, I agree with everything you have said, for I was trained in that same kill house a while back, except the Europe is lost part. Europe isn’t lost, it is just the beginning, for underneath the veneer of western civilization lies the man will conquer and kill all in his way in his DNA, and all it takes to unleash that bloody vengeance is to push that man too far, once that happens, the 2 per centers will act, another 10-15% will join the fun and games, there rest will either stand aside or join the opposition. Democracy as we know in Europe is dead, what comes next is the most ruthless will rule and these 3rd worlders and their leftist Quislings, traitors and hangerons will pay the price in horror and blood as things get sorted out.
      As for the US, we are on the brink ourselves, Trump was the last stopgap before the fall, the commie left are doing everything they can to overthrow the President and if they succeed, there will be civil war, without question, for the first thing the left will do is try to take our weapons and that just will not do, then the backlash against them will start on steroids. As history guides us, this will come to pass.

    • I don’t agree at all….Voting does matter….Look at what happened when Trump got elected. A certain demographics basically thought it impossible he would be elected. Well, he did get elected, and for better, or worse a lot of people are kickin’ up a [ordure] storm, because they don’t like it.

      Apathy is the enemy, and that is the problem. Too many people are apathetic, and stating ‘voting doesn’t matter’, is the poison that spreads the apathy.

      Our Representative Republic was meant to be fought for at least in mind, and spirit with every generation. Human nature is full of corruption, and weakness. Our founding fathers knew this. They never, ever expected any part of it to be easy, or that it wouldn’t always be a great challenge to be kept alive.

  15. Ignacio died for a gurl who wouldn’t have given him the time of day- FOOL.

    White night dies for nothing should be the story line.

    • Ignacio died putting others lives before himself whether or not he got a date out of it. There is no higher calling than giving ones life for others.

      • “There is no higher calling than giving ones life for others.”


        Let us not be quoting Jesus out of context, and in great error.

        In terms of this discussion and our present dire circumstances, the highest calling is to kill our enemies and live to do it again.

        Jesus said, “Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his brother.”

        Do I really need to parse out the distinction/difference?

        • Ougtsix, Thanks, as a Catholic in poor standing, I am well versed in the theology. As a Marine, I always followed the 11th Commandment myself, Know thy enemy as thy know thyself. For I always believe it is better to send the enemy to his god with my compliments and a smile. When this fight kicks off, and I absolutely truly believe it will, there will be no mercy, nor quarter, no prisoners and no exceptions as a matter of policy. Your race, religion and politics will be your uniform and we will get tribal to the extreme.

  16. Since there have been so many attacks on London Bridge and around Borough Market, the public should kick up a stink until the police have a permanent presence right there. Take them off the computers and put them on the streets.

    • That is the bloody problem right there! You are depending on other people to save you! Well I got cold, cruel, harsh, brutal news for you, nobody is going to save you! Period! It is your duty and responsibility to save yourself as Delta Lima has stated above. If you are not prepared to kill to defend you and yours, you are nothing but sheep for the slaughter. Thus are no use to anyone.

      • As an elder friend use to tell me. The police are there to uphold the law, not to protect you.

        But, it seems it would at least be better to provide more police presence in that area than not.

  17. News reports also note that the defender crowned the jihadi with the fire extinguisher. Kudos for trying to bash the bastard’s head to mush!

  18. I often wonder if We The People really get it. What steps have each of us taken, to prepare for such warefare ?. How many of you have even a basic understanding of how to fight with a knife?. Perhaps the most important is how to defend against a knife attack?

    When the rubber hits the road, their ideology is moot. The three conditions, Fight, Flight, the third is rarely mentioned, that being Freeze!. Simply put, you Freeze, you die, it’s just that simple.

    Flight, is the natural instinct. The man, or woman who stands and fights is the rare species. Fighting can have many different looks, knife fighting is down and dirty, your going to get cut, your going to bleed.

    Once one understands this, the critical component of defeating a knife attach is simply control the weapon, the appendage the weapons gripped with. The three joints are the target, shoulder, elbow, wrist. The fingers gripping the weapon.

    Lastly an attacker on his back, is still dangerous. This’s will sound [effluvial], but my recommendation is this. Once you control the knife [gory details redacted].

    Lastly physical combat such as that mentioned is taxing, it’s critical to end the fight quick!.

    Your defense is a standard, I had to stop him, I was afraid for my life, the lives of these people.


    • Lol, I’m truly amused, my mistake, you all think your intellectuals, gonna talk your way out of a bad gig.

      That you edited my offering is a dis service to those whom simply don’t know, the chronological order of a knife fight. Most importantly what to do with the knife when you capture it.

      Look this guy was released by the communists, only to strike again.

      That I mention parking the weapons blade in his skull, is messy, it’s a viable option.

      OR I guess you could just sit on him, and turn him back over to the police, so he can be released early in a year or two. I was a ” police” I promise you I won’t be turning him over to the system.

      Your blog, your rules.

      Merry Christmas to you and everybody here.


      • You can describe the same thing without the full gory details, just like you did here. That’s what I prefer. It provides the same useful information as the previous version.

        I don’t know if it’s still true, but parents used to send their home-schooled children to this site to further their education. I try to keep that in mind when I redact comments.

  19. It’s always best to avoid going anywhere you can’t carry concealed, but eventually we all have to do so.

    For those situations I still have my 5.11 Trainers Belt on. And my key chain resides on a large lockable stainless steel carabiner. With all the keys on there it is a substantial mass of steel. Lots of which is pointy.

    Both are legal to carry anywhere.

    God forbid, a self defense situation arises, the belt comes off and the biner goes on the buckle, and voila, they make a formidable mace. Nice reach, and ability to wrap things up. It would be making the best in a bad situation.

    Because really….how often do you have access to a narwahl tusk?

    • “Because really….how often do you have access to a narwahl tusk?”

      I bet you could have a lot of fun just asking a lot of people if they knew what a narwahl tusk was.

  20. There is only one reason to do anything: Because it’s the right thing to do!

    I am an old man with a beautiful 13 year old granddaughter. Already she has been approached by older boys who (as I know from my own experience) just want to get her into bed . . . or worse. I tell her that in the end she is the only person who’ll know whether or not she did the right thing and that she won’t be able to fool herself as she might her mother.

    Now, go back to that possible attack which you might be able to thwart. What would you proudly tell your mother?

    Sometimes you just have to do the right thing knowing full well it’s going to cost you more than you can afford to pay. I would consider myself a coward if I were to turn away and run. YMMV.

    • Oldfart, you’re absolutely right.

      Some other commenters here: you may believe that the young man (and woman) who were murdered were naive, idealistic, misguided etc, but they absolutely did NOT deserve what happened to them. The responsibility for the crime rests entirely with the perpetrator.

      • Of course he’s right.

        It’s hardly wise to assume one knows what lurks inside a total strangers head.

        When considering oneself could be under attack by a violent criminal, or an evil, virgin-seeking Jihadi – wouldn’t it be nice to know if a stranger came along they would at least have the courage to try and help, rather than consider you aren’t worth it, and continue on their merry way?

        Nothing has ever been accomplished, by cowardice, and in fact as we know, is sometimes, or even often a pox in our own lives, and on the world.

    • And if you run away, you die tired. (Norse proverb, if I am right)
      Because sooner or later the enemy corners you / you are exhausted (the enemy is not because they spend all day in the gym) and then you must fight.

  21. Not being a subject of a nefarious crown I would not be caught in that blighted land. Rather as a free citizen in my home land I would have unlimbered my smoke wagon and shot him DRT but that’s just me.

  22. Two days on some of the facts are clearer than before.

    The first responder to the bloodcurdling scream of a victim was Lukasz, a Polish kitchen worker, who rushed upstairs to help. He grabbed a ceremonial pole that was in the room and used it like a billiard cue against the muslim jihadi. The blows came up against something hard under jacket of the killer, who slashed back at Lukasz, giving him several wounds to his left arm. Lukasz kept up the battle. This brave confrontation gave valuable time for conference participants to move away, and for another member of staff to call the police. The knifeman made to get away, but was delayed at the door, which was shut against him until he slashed the doorman. Lukasz, joined by the quick-thinking tusk man and extinguisher man, pursued him up the street, shouting warnings to passers-by. His wounds had weakened Lukasz, and he slowed down as the other two closed in on the killer and overpowered him.

    Poland has announced that Lukasz will receive a high Polish medal for bravery.

    I hope this sets the record straighter.

    • “When the attack happened, I acted instinctively”, said Lukasz. He said several others helped fight the terrorist, such as with the narwhal tusk. Apparently some also used a chair.
      Let us hope that many of us can act instinctively with such bravery.

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