Martin Hess: “Germany Has Mutated Into a Security Policy Madhouse”

Martin Hess is a former chief superintendent in the German police and a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

In the following video, Mr. Hess speaks in the Bundestag about the increasing insecurity in Germany as a result of mass migration into the country.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:09   Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Interior Minister.
00:13   After listening to your statements on the domestic security situation,
00:17   an objective outside observer could come to only one conclusion:
00:21   Either you suffer from a massive dysfunction
00:24   in your perception of reality, or you are varnishing the situation.
00:29   What you have presented here as our current security situation
00:32   has nothing to do with the reality of living in our country.
00:35   Germany is becoming increasingly insecure, and our government
00:38   is losing more and more ground to its enemies.
00:41   That’s the irrefutable truth. Every normal thinking person in this country recognises that too.
00:47   Why else do you have to pay more and more money for domestic security? Why else would you increase
00:52   the number of posts and employ more security authorities,
00:56   if Germany is supposedly the safest it has been for thirty years?
01:00   Mr. Interior Minister, our Citizens won’t be taken for fools. They recognise these contradictions.
01:05   You constantly recite the “Germany is oh-so-safe” fairy tale
01:09   to the citizens of our country for one reason only.
01:12   You want to cover up your borderline dilettante political failures
01:16   in domestic security. But let me tell you something:
01:20   more and more citizens are starting to see through this farce.
01:23   It won’t help to try and persuade our citizens that their subjective sense
01:26   of insecurity doesn’t correspond to the actual situation.
01:29   It’s as if you’re trying to say
01:32   our citizens are only imagining that Germany is becoming more and more insecure. Especially now,
01:36   in the days before Christmas, in the Christmas markets across the country, it’s pretty obvious
01:41   to everyone who it is that is actually suffering from a massive perception disorder.
01:45   Our children will no longer be able to remember a Christmas
01:49   without terror and heavily armed police officers,
01:52   and that’s exactly the central evidence of your failure. It confirms that the citizens are right.
01:59   With this budget you are trying eliminate security problems that wouldn’t
02:03   exist without your unacceptable failure
02:06   in the area of domestic security. If the Federal Government
02:10   had made the right decisions, Germany would be much safer today.
02:14   You’ve had and still have the opportunity to implement a security policy
02:17   that leads to maximum protection for our citizens,
02:20   but it is precisely here, in this central function,
02:23   undoubtedly the most central task of our government,
02:26   that you have failed miserably, and it has resulted in fatal consequences
02:30   for the health, freedom and property of our citizens.
02:33   We cannot and will never accept this security disaster.
02:37   The greatest possible security for our citizens must finally be
02:42   Established, and there must be no compromises. You always promote
02:46   the defence of our constitution and our values here,
02:50   but do the exact opposite when you allow €7 million in taxpayers’ money
02:54   to be distributed to all mosques to promote integration.
02:58   This includes Ditib [Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs] mosques.
03:01   Our own security authorities say that Ditib is involved in massive anti-governmental activities,
03:05   and therefore should actually be monitored by the intelligence service.
03:09   So you even finance Islamists and Salafists.
03:12   The fact is, Mr. Interior Minister, you’re giving the fox permission to watch the hen house.
03:15   We won’t participate in financing enemies of the state.
03:18   Anyone who walks through our republic every day
03:21   with their eyes wide open can see plainly how bad our security situation is.
03:25   The Islamic terrorist threat is higher than ever.
03:28   The rates of migrant and knife crime are rising steadily.
03:31   Serious sexual offences, such as gang rape, are on the rise.
03:34   Women and children are being pushed on tracks in front of arriving trains. In addition to that,
03:37   hospitals, swimming pools, schools and unemployment centers
03:40   can no longer function without security personnel. The attacks against police,
03:43   the fire brigade and rescue workers are becoming more and more brutal.
03:46   Petty criminals run entire city districts tyrannically, storming police stations
03:49   and hospitals. The security authorities confirm
03:52   and warn about the massive influx of new dangerous clans
03:57   with war-experienced immigrants. These are war machines, which you have allowed
04:02   to enter our country, unhindered, with your fatal
04:06   migration policy, and this is a scandal! In the nation’s capital,
04:09   drug dealers with residence permits and permission from
04:12   every state institution sell drugs unhindered.
04:17   Germany is the safest it’s ever been? On the contrary, Germany has obviously
04:22   mutated into a security policy madhouse.
04:25   In view of this devastating balance, I have only one urgent appeal:
04:29   It is your task to protect the citizens in the best possible way.
04:33   For God’s sake, you should finally start doing that.
04:37   Sebastian Hartmann of the SPD is the next speaker.

10 thoughts on “Martin Hess: “Germany Has Mutated Into a Security Policy Madhouse”

  1. You know one reads these types of pieces ( I don’t mean to say this isn’t great reporting it most certainly is) and wonders how this type of information from almost every country in Europe doesn’t ever make the news. Of course I know the reason. I just wish one day Chuck Todd gets kidnapped by a jihadist gang (not his family), miraculously escapes with his life after about a week during which time he learns this is going on all over Europe and then comes clean.

    I like to fantasize once in a while.

    Mike from Brooklyn

    • It barely makes news in Europe, even in the conservative countries, even on conservative media. The censorship is strong and sadly most people don’t seem to realize it.

  2. It will likely require another dictator to set things right.

    A fundamental weakness of elected governments is their inability to act decisively to threats early when the cost in lives and resources would have been cheap. By the time a threat has metastisized to the point where a majority of morons can be mobilized to vote for a government that will do something about it, the cost in lives and resources required to deal with the problem becomes far more dear.

    • That’s disturbingly true. Of course Europeans can go from zero to full-on Jackbooted tyranny in less time than a newborn takes to enter school.

      • Assuming that this comment originates in CONUS, it is as unhelpful and naive as per usual.

        As jackboots are generally seen as German, the innuendo is directed solely against Germany as somehow being identical to “Europe”.

        I propose Windy Wilson look up the history of the USA in the early 1930s and specifically the envisaged role to be played by Gen Smedley Butler in

        And unlike in Germany, US unemployment was not over 30%.

        By the way, Smedley would have doubtless worn boots on occasion, being a WW1 US war hero.

        And as Edward Bernays singlehandedly, and knowing of the health risk,s persuaded CONUS women to take up previously “unfeminine” smoking by means of skilful PR USA-wide at just this time, there is seemingly more than one way to skin a gullible cat.

        • Reconquista, I’m sorry to tell you but, democracy is almost dead in western Europe, and the Generals at some point will be forced to take over in order to save the natives from the savages of the 3rd world, that day is coming sooner than you can imagine. The US is one election away from chaos and dead democracy itself, so we are not really in better shape as well. But one bloody thing is for absolute certain, there will be blood and lots of it soon.

          • Absolutely correct. Though I noticed a recruitment campaign by the Royal Navy featuring multiple pictures of potential Muslim recruits. Clearly the RN want a ship or two to be sunk in the next few years. Perhaps then the military will step in and deport the Dark Ages back to the desert. There is no other way. Blood now, more blood next year or Bloody massacres and turmoil in the coming decades.

  3. The Chancellor Merkel started the rot by allowing several hundred thousand immigrants into Germany without so it appears, any checks on those people as to their worthiness of being accepted, no realisation of the fact that most of those immigrants followed the ideology of Islam, completely alien to the indigenous German peoples, and then wonder why crimes of the most disgusting were being committed by those same people invited into Germany-incomprehensible.

    • ” no realisation of the fact that most of those immigrants followed the ideology of Islam, completely alien to the indigenous German peoples”

      Are you telling me that the Chancellor of Germany had absolutely no idea? There is something more going on – I don’t know what it is.

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