The Mindset Need

Michael Copeland writes for Liberty GB and is a frequent commenter here at Gates of Vienna. The essay below has been published before, but is no longer available online.

The Mindset Need

11 April 2014

By Michael Copeland

What is Government doing? How do they allow themselves to be so misled about Islam, and expose the people to so much risk? There has been a failure to grasp the mindset of this very different and alien social system.

The mindset need

The Western mind is hopelessly handicapped for comprehending Islamic ideology. To make any headway there is a need to part company with many basic assumptions and replace them with unfamiliar foreign ones, involving a large effort of imagination. In the mindset of Western Europe, livelihoods are tied to cities, towns or villages, in a climate with, generally, no shortage of rain. Everyone is accustomed to considerable freedoms and rights under a centrally administered modern democracy. Wilful mental energy is needed to transport the mind’s eye to a seventh century desert nomad tribe, a close-bonded group of travellers with no base, with restricted rights under a ruthless leader whose word is law, and where water is very precious.

The seventh-century mindset

Life under a harsh and unremitting sun is a harsh and unremitting regime with cruel punishments. Women, mutilated as girls, and with about half the rights of men, are kept as closely-guarded chattels, fully covered from view, to be sold as child-brides, then used and beaten as wives. Offences are punished with retaliation or blood money. Captives taken in raids are kept as slaves, ransomed or sold. The tribe moves on from grazing to grazing, every action governed by strict all-controlling warrior codes which permit no disobedience, no dissent, no freedom of conscience. It is a life of raids and booty, feuds and self-defence, ruthlessly enacted without a central national administration. The tribe with its elders is the unit. There is no Geneva Convention, no Declaration of Human Rights, no Women’s Liberation.

That is the picture. Think Lawrence of Arabia.

Islam is unchanged from the seventh century. Europe’s Christian year 622 is year 1 of Islam’s calendar. There has never been any Reformation or modernisation. Islamic law — Sharia law — proclaimed as both unchanged and unchangeable, gives an authentic historical insight into that era, with its hostility to outsiders. Islam is a Brotherhood, male-dominated, armed, and kept ready for fighting. Its stated objective, also unchanged, is imperial domination, imposing Sharia law on all mankind — “by persuasion or by force” — in the dreamed-of Global Caliphate. The ideology is fixed, but it does not exclude Western inventions. Think Lawrence of Arabia with mobiles and AK47s.

The command for continuous war

The Koran, part of Sharia law, held to be “true from eternity to eternity”, and unchangeable — “None may change his words” (18:27) — contains the ongoing order to wage war on outsiders. Modern listeners in Western Europe receive the concept “wage war” with a modern European mindset, namely, as a state waging war on another state, after the due formal declaration. Here immediately there is a communication problem: the Western mindset is fixed in the twenty-first century. Commands in the Koran need to be understood in their illiterate seventh century desert tribal context. There is nothing national about them, nothing formal or diplomatic.

Desert tribes of the seventh century were unlettered, relying on oral transmission, and had a culture of robbery — survival of the warlike. They did not subscribe to any international convention for defining a state of war: they just went ahead and attacked, preferably in a surprise raid, and likewise they had to be capable of defending themselves if they in turn were attacked.

The Koran’s commands for “war” should be understood in its tribal context, frequently as “attack”, though also as defence. Likewise with all the many commands to “fight” non-members which permeate the Koran: “Nothing else is mentioned more than the topic of fighting in the Koran”, explained Anjem Choudary to the BBC. The word “fight”, explains Arabic speaker Ashraf Ramelah of Voice of the Copts, is one of those artfully deceptive translations that disguise the homicidal original, which is “kill”, or “fight to the death”. Abu Hamza helpfully confirms this: “When you fight, you fight to kill: you kill”.

The Koran, interestingly, is more than 62% devoted to the subject of non-members, how they are unclean and have to be despised and hated, and how there is the duty to “fight” them, subjugate them, and dominate them. It makes the attacking easier, and the booty more justified. The spoils are the tribesmen’s pay, and a means of acquiring women in a regime where the rich buy multiple wives.

In illiterate desert tribal usage there would not have been any expectation of a prior challenge or invitation to war. This is not European chivalry. This is following “the path”, in Arabic, “sharia”. These are roaming camel-borne herdsmen of no fixed abode, taking grazing where they find it and moving on, attacking people who are not of their tribe, and taking booty. They are not cultivators: they are not builders: they have no home village, and move around, taking and discarding as they go. The tribe is their home, their pride, their honour. No-one else is of any consequence.


These are the basic harsh politics of the desert tribe:

  • The tribe are the best of people.
  • Be loyal to the tribe, hostile to non-members.
  • Obey the leader without question, without dissent.
  • Be prepared with weapons to make raids.
  • The rules do not change.
  • Kill anyone who denies any rule.
  • Kill anyone who leaves.
  • Mistrust all non-members.
  • Do not take orders from them.
  • Do not take them as allies.
  • A treaty with them does not have to be kept.
  • Deceiving them is permitted.
  • Regard them with hatred.
  • They are dirt, lower than animals, unclean.
  • They must join up, or pay up in submission, or be killed.
  • Non-payers can be attacked, their women and property taken.
  • God does not love them.
  • They are God’s enemies, so also the tribe’s.

This is the mindset for the arid equivalent of the urban jungle. Add, specifically for Muslims, that Mohammed provides the beautiful pattern to follow, so his actions, terrorising, killing, robbing, torturing, should be copied. “I have been made victorious with terror”, he said.


At that period rules for governing, for holding people together, were all part of what was promoted as divine purpose. The English words ligature and ligament both use the same Latin root ligere, to bind, as the word “religion”, which expresses a common bond that “binds” people together. The word “religion” when it appears in the Koran needs to be understood today in this light as governance, law, control of behaviour: it is emphatically not restricted, as in the West today, to private conscience. No private conscience is permitted in Islam. There is no separation of mosque and state: mosque is part of state. Islam, with its thousands of detailed rules, remains today a total system of conduct: “no one can regard any field of his affairs as personal and private”, wrote the famous twentieth-century scholar Maulana Maududi, “the Islamic State bears a kind of resemblance to the Fascist and Communist states”.

Jihad to impose the Caliphate

Fighting “in the way of Allah” is how the Koran refers to Jihad. The Koran, and the traditions — Hadith — form part of Islamic law. A person who denies any verse has to be killed (Manual of Islamic Law o8.7(7), o8.1). The killing can be performed without penalty by anyone “since it is killing someone who deserves to die” (ditto o8.4). The Manual of Islamic Law says (references are at the end of this text): “Jihad means to war against non-Muslims …signifying warfare to establish the religion”, a “communal obligation” (o9.0, o9.1). The Koran is clear:

2:216   Fighting is prescribed for you.
4:89   Slay them wherever you find them.
9:36   Fight the idolaters utterly.
2:190   And fight in the way of Allah with those who fight with you…
2:191   And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, … but if they fight you, then slay them…
2:193   And fight with them until there is no persecution …
2:216   Fighting is enjoined on you, and it is an object of dislike to you, and it may be that you dislike a thing while it is good for you, and it may be that you love a thing while it is evil for you …
2:244   And fight in the way of Allah …
8:39   Fight them until there is no more persecution and Islam is the only governance.
9:5   Kill the idolaters wherever you find them…
9:29   Fight those who do not believe in [Islam] …until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.

The command to “fight”, meaning “kill”, is a personal instruction, not addressed to the state, but to each man, who needs to be a fighting man, a soldier and brother. It does not await a declaration: it is permanent. All communities that are not Dar al Islam, the Abode of Islam, are Dar al Harb, the Abode of War. Al Azhar University in Cairo teaches that Jihad is “a permanent war institution”.

The highest authority of Sunni Islam, Egypt’s Grand Mufti, Ali Gomaa, makes the obligation perfectly clear:

“Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are unless they convert to Islam.”

Each member has a personal duty to “wage war” on outsiders by Jihad. It is not always with a weapon: the cause can be supported by donations of money and time. However, again and again speakers enjoin war with weapons, and killing.

“Where is your weapon? Where is your weapon ? Come on to the Jihad.” — Omar Bakri.

“The greatest sacrifice made in the way of Allah is Jihad. In it man sacrifices not only his own life and belongings but destroys those of others also.” — Maulana Maududi, Towards Understanding Islam

“You shall not regain Al-Aqsa [Jerusalem] and Palestine without preparations, rockets, and guns… not… through negotiations, capitulations, kisses, or hugs. The one thing that will restore Palestine to you is Jihad, Jihad, and more Jihad.” — Sheik Muhammad Zaghmout, head, Palestinian Islamic Council in Lebanon, 2012.

The command to establish Islamic law exclusively entails the elimination of man-made law and the extinction of nation states:

“The abolition of man-made laws cannot be achieved only through preaching.… It must employ Jihad.” — Sayeed Qutb, Milestones.

“Prophet said: The Muslim nation is one nation, to the exclusion of all others.” (placard in Oxford Street march 25 March 2011 ThinkAfricaPress at 0.31)

The goal is political, the Global Caliphate, “Mastership of the World!”, as Safwat al Hegazy of Egypt said. The Caliphate is the dreamed-of single Islamic state for all worldwide, totally under Islamic law, to be imposed by Jihad. Hear revered medieval scholar, Ibn Khaldun, “Holy war is a religious duty …[to] convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force.” (The Muqaddimah: An Introduction to History).

Hear Maududi further:

“Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam. …non-Muslims have absolutely no right to seize the reins of power in any part of God’s earth.”

The dire condition of the West

This vigorous mindset of imperial expansion — by persuasion or by force — is what Westerners, particularly their leaders, need to realise, and quickly. Western politicians are seriously failing to defend their states and peoples, a dire condition that is becoming more and more self-evident in Europe and North America. What are we paying for? Government or criminal negligence?


Koran and Hadith (traditions), all part of Islamic law:

3:110   Muslims are “the best of peoples”
48:29   “Those who are with him [Mohammed] are forceful against the disbelievers [non-Muslims], merciful among themselves.”
33:36   “When a matter has been decided by Allah and his messenger the Muslim man or woman has no choice.”
8:60   “And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy…”
18:27   “None may change his words”.
33:21   “Certainly … in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern.”
5:51   “Do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are allies of one another.”
60:1   “Do not take My enemies [non-Muslims] and your enemies as allies, extending to them affection … And whoever does it among you has certainly strayed from the soundness of the way.” [path, “sharia”, that is, has left Islam, thus should be killed]
66:2   “Allah has already ordained for you, (O men), the dissolution of your oaths.”

Bukhari (v7. 67:427) Mohammed said, ‘If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath.’”

8:58   “If you [have reason to] fear from a people betrayal, throw [their treaty] back to them, [putting you] on equal terms.”
60:4   “an excellent pattern …between us [Muslims] and you animosity and hatred forever until you believe in Allah alone.”
2:98   “Allah is an enemy to the disbelievers [non-Muslims].”
30:45   “He [Allah] does not love the unbelievers [non-Muslims].”

Bukhari (52:260) “…The Prophet said, ‘If somebody [a Muslim] discards his religion, kill him.’”

Reliance of the Traveller, Manual of Islamic Law o8.1, o8.7(7) “a person deserves to be killed” if he “deny any verse of the Koran”.

Non-Muslims, the unbelievers, are:

9:28   “unclean”,
98:6   “the worst of creatures“,
8:22, 8:55   “the vilest of beasts”.
9:5   “Kill the idolaters [non-Muslims] wherever you find them…”
2:191   “And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out…”
9:29   “Fight [to the death] those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day [non-Muslims], nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth [Islam], (even if they are) of the People of the Book [Jews and Christians], until they pay the Jizya [extortion tax] with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued”.

Ibn Kathir on 9:29: Non-Muslims are not allowed to be elevated above Muslims.

The Koran can be consulted online:

The Manual of Islamic Law is available as a free download:

General reference:

16 thoughts on “The Mindset Need

  1. Michael, This is excellent. It sets out comprehensively the islamic mindset. I get so angry that people will not accept what is happening and instead delude themselves into believing the leftists lies fed to them.

    People with an islamic mindset must be purged from western society before they become a majority. For this reason, in the next UK general election in May 2014, do NOT vote Conservative, do NOT vote Labour and if you must vote Libdem, please remember that you are wasting your vote and everybody else’s time.

    Then we must repatriate the islamic criminals in our prisons, the serial benefit claimants and the militants. After that, I predict that the muslims that will remain will be manageable – provided we do not let any more in.

    • The tediousness of the koran should be read, also including moslems

      What will eventually happen is when many people have read it and are aware of the verses and much more context through understanding the “ABROGATION” switch .

      That is what activated the reformation period to protestant religions and also reformed the RC church as well. Reform for Islam unfortunately means it goes back to the base, of Mohammad himself. Moslems then will have a real choice, whether to fight it or ‘commonsensely’ see the problem (their choice).

      The more that is known then it will be spoke about, and increasing numbers will understand some of the issues. So we must keep at it, so like a police man begins to get it, over time it feeds further up to chief; a few soldiers get it, then a sergeant, to an officers; perhaps some lawyers then onwards one goes to be a judge, perhaps if we are lucky maybe a few journalists, and then an editor or 2.
      As it spreads and in some parts goes up the chain, it will be harder to shut down the truth, even if at first they do not speak out.

      The other effect is that when one has read just the koran, or the trilogy, and as Michael has, “The Reliance of the Traveller” you really feel a visceral sickness of what the tv, celebrities, politicians, apologists, etc. even more than just the bad news of what is coming out.

      Still it would be good to encourage many others to obtain a copy, find (google) the chronological order, and in a sense meet like a book club, with people you can trust.

      Once you understand it, as you do, we need many more to know what is in the koran, hadith and sira.

      We demand good government, but they will be only be as good as us, so we also should not be negligent; by not reading the koran well, then doing what we can, using the very truth of their own words.

      Thank you very much as I appreciate that you have pretty much well read on what I mentioned, so your article is very incisive and useful.


      • Thank you for your kind words.
        Bill Warner’s “An Abridged Koran” should help. It arranges the suras in the right order, eliminates repetition, and includes notes.

  2. Excellent article! UKIP will probably ban the author from membership, as they did myself.

    • The ban couldn’t have been because of the intemperate way in which you express your beliefs, Bishop? Far be it from me as an atheist to lecture you on Christianity, but don’t you represent the God of Love?

      I’m not a great fan of the misogynistic St Paul, but I believe he said something about hating the sin, but loving the sinner.

  3. 21st Century media could have been the most significant and efficient means of informing a country’s population with up to date factual data on world events, home events and local events, but has become a form of censored, sanitized and deodorized dis-information and outright lies designed to keep the populace controlled as to what is really going on around them.

    Thank God for the internet, only it too must soon come under attack by the Totalitarians for the free and factual information it still gives out to the wary and learned citizen.

    And if it wasn’t for the internet, the Fourth Great Jihad would already be close to having its World Wide Caliphate.

  4. Maududi was a profound influence on Ayatollah Khomeini, and on Said Qutb (possibly even on Hassan al Banna).

    The British media did at least try to explain how it was that islamic fundamentalism had been resurgent from the last decades of the 20th century. They pointed the finger at Maududi.

    But in the past decade, the British media have indulged in a concerted effort to confuse and misinform the public. I’m sure more than 99% of non-muslims in the UK have no idea that nearly 20 of the largest muslim organisations in the UK were actively promoting the Caliphate, years before ISIS appeared. Moreover, probably the single greatest influence on British muslims is Maududi: yet I have not seen his name mentioned in the media in the last 5 years.

    I do not think that islam represents a 7th century mindset. It represents a Bronze Age mindset – a return to the punishments of the Old Testament, with none of the millennia of moderation of these values introduced by christianity and rabbincal tradition.

  5. This is what UK and Europe want- An Islamic Europe. This was always the plan! Don’t fool yourselves. The Left deliberately set out to hand over Europe and the West to Islam.
    They are not “ignorant of Islam” but fully want to be part of it. They know exactly what Islam is!

  6. Nice thinking son – for 1970. Unfortunately today the math is much simpler. With only the made-safe muslims behind bars there are now millions and not thousands (weren’t those the days) plotting and scheming. Nothing stops the advance of the moongod followers without fierce in earnest resistance. Starts with the schools. Even that is going to require more conviction than I fear can be mustered?

    • Nothing stops the advance of the moongod followers without fierce in earnest resistance. Starts with the schools. Even that is going to require more conviction than I fear can be mustered?

      You’ve nailed it, if somewhat obliquely.

      • The moongod followers advance in their invincible chariots of faith.
      • they are starting, not “with the schools” but with the womb.
      • Western schools are government-contaminated and can’t wait to continue the process that began with conception
      • the mustard seed of Western faiths – Judaism, and more particularly its own DNA-sharing offspring, Christianity – are in jeopardy everywhere. The long slow Middle East genocide of any and all Jews outside of Israel has been accomplished. The genocides of the oldest branches of Christianity still extant in MENA is very nearly accomplished while the West averts its eyes, just as they did with the Jews and the Armenian horrors.
      • The amoral Islamic mass murderers are reachable by no human means. As Paul said, “love drives out fear”. He should have added a corollary, that “perfect fear, overwhelming and ceaselessly re-ignited, drives everything before it, including the will to live”.

      Jihad, supported by immense oil wealth, is ascendant; the world is once more cringing as the exigencies of death on the march necessitate stealing the technology of those it will capture in order to further its mission. Once accomplished, the technical skills necessary for conquering, are abandoned as useless appendages and they return to the tented life of their ancestors.

      History? Haram. Progress? Evil.

      Even when it was quiescent, the heavy hand of Islam flattened whatever it touched. It was so powerful it could and did un-invent things. Which is why, when the West began to pay attention to the hinterlands of MENA again, it found no wheels, no carts, and neither love nor hope.Only that blank bleakness seen in the eyes of every captive believer.


  7. I would never read the Koran, for a very simple reason. Seems like every day some idiot reads it and converts. I’ve never known anyone who became a Christian after reading the Bible. The conversion comes first. But for some reason, a normal person reads the Koran, converts, and immediately becomes interested in jihad. I think I know why, but no reason to bring that up now.
    You know, all this nonsense could be over in a day if Muslim women got tired of being treated like crap. Even the most dedicated jihad loser needs to sleep.

    • Hi tedh,
      Yes, it is a concern that some one reads the koran and then converts, which does worry me too.
      Still I think that it is also done in conjunction with other moslems and connections through mosques and with older people (specialists) and imans.
      So you are correct that we do have to be on guard against that.
      Bottom line it is a cult, and so we really need to keep people away from the centre and activities of a mosque.
      So you do have a point, and we may have to be thoughtful just who we should talk to about reading the koran.
      It is a book that I wish we did not have to read, as parts of it is disgusting.

      My concept was in reading the koran, and to be guided by our own people, to understand and lay bare the actual truth of how which verses trump other verses. The actual way how imans use it, to control their people. It is a risk that some one may convert, but I want people to see past the smoke and mirrors, to understand how the magician does those sleight of hands tricks that become mind /thought control.

      I fear their could be a risk with English and European hate speech laws, so discretion may be required. Even the actual truth does not protect you. As for the cost Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff paid, even though she was able to get that verse to be able to be said in public in Austria.

      Yes, the establishment is being taking over and trying to shut down free speech.
      My thinking is, now that countries, Australia, UK, Europe, and I fear in it’s own way, after all, with Hillary Clinton wants every to sign up to UN blasphemy laws, yet then islam is said to be most oppressed, and you can go to jail plus fined if you say anything about it.

      Certainly makes one wonder if many others in the more policed countries would quote and chant from the Koran?, as if in total agreement with moslems, while seeming to read the koran. They can not deny the truth, particularly as you can then use the “abrogation ” verses and many other verses that point out that you can not change the meaning of what Allah gave to Mohammad.
      Like one good verse, then a vile blackmailing verse that abrogates it.
      Muslims will say it is out of context, but you can chant back those abrogation verses.
      Technically to complete this list you need to show a tafsir for each verse that usually comes from a hadith.
      Knowing this, we will not be taken in by those rat bag advisors and apologists to our politicians and media, and it is impossible for them to dispute.

      However I want to do is to keep it simple, and try and develop a formula that is full proof, and easy enough for us to understand and absorb.
      With a koran on hand, with the chronological order paper clipped in (or pasted or stapled, be careful as it may damage said koran 🙂 ) to show the policeman, and /or down at the police station, that they would wish to use as evidence against you in a court of law.

      Just when to do this I do not know, though I would like many more others to know much more by reading up on the koran in the style as I first commented. If we can get this quietly underway in small groups, looking after each other, to guard against conversion, and in discussion to pursue the truth and expose the chicanery of apologists and muslims.
      People unknown to us, after a few years and groups spread and develop more contacts “further up the chain” perhaps we will become better to front on tv and media may take a lead if they have been through this. Then also the general public will know where you are coming from in using the koran in this manner. That is so they are not just cast off as a nutter ( ok always a risk of a nutters) and more support will be available, like letters to papers, talk back radio, and hopefully all sane people talking of the koran, and no blaspheming 😉 . Just the bare vile unvarnished truth. After all that is how it works in Saudi, and now the ISIS, which is showing true islam.

      Just look at the comment zone on some newspaper sites that happens now, as the general public do recognize the stench that arises from islam and how media, apologists and politicians keep covering the badness, that is essentially in the koran.

      We need to get it past not only the personal level, but also directly to the ideological level, of just what is in the koran, the recognized undeniable basis of islam. It will drive those apologists nuts, as that is what there religion is based on. The pressure will come on to totally rip out the detestable parts.

      Later also evaluate the keys the hadith and sira and then read so they that can also be used. They display all the disgusting practices that muslims are supposed to do, to be good muslims

      With these new laws coming to a place near you, it would be good to expose the koran as it truthfully meant to be, by Mohammad, and I figure that it will not stand up to scrutiny. Nor will the rest of the trilogy.

      In a quiet hope I even want the muslims to read and understand this and so that some of them have the chance to turn their back on islam and in due time, will take some time to sink in, and then even more time on how to come out of it.
      I have not quite worked it out, but if muslims want to get out of it, there is no one for them to discuss or relate to. Just for them to have some one to talk to and confirm the truth of just how bad the koran is.

      Any way you are right, small steps to start with as I see some people are becoming hungry for the actual facts in these turbulent times. Nor do I want people to get into trouble or go beyond where they are at.

      Knowledge gives power, and at some stage I hope with some skill and thought, cohesively come together for gentle strong action, to open this “can of worms” and empty it out.

      Some woman may not like to be treated like crap, but for many they expect that live with that crap every day, and will push it on you too if they could. Captured by the Stockholm syndrome.
      So unfortunately I do not think there will be any change from them.

      tedh, thanks for your thoughts on reading the koran, as it best to weigh up your concerns, avoid pitfalls, and to glean any tips to make things easier. Also good to practice, and improve my thoughts, expression to writing skills.

      Again thanks to Baron and Dymphna, in composing and writing erudite posts and comments, and allowing many of us to practice, debate and hone our learning.

  8. Sometimes I despair when leaving my remote home in rural Wales. Visiting familiar places in England and Europe has become a nightmare for me. The cities and some towns have utterly changed, alien and threatening, with Muslims everywhere. My reading of the Islamic trilogy, my experience of living in Muslim countries, my understanding of recent events, gives me cause to fear for the future of our Western civilisation. Muslims are quite frank about their aims particularly in the many English language Muslim forums. Particularly disturbing is to see the deception used routinely by Muslims in positions of power. Nothing demonstrates the concept of Taqiyya better than the conduct of Muslim MPs when in the company of their ‘brothers’ as compared with their public face in Parliament or the media. Muslims have infiltrated into all the vital organisations of our country, the CPS for example where the Chief prosecutor for London and the NW is a Muslim lawyer. Part of his duties is to vet the qualifications of Pakistani lawyers who wish to work in UK. These lawyers are given jobs in the CPS and are also able to practice Sharia in the many Sharia courts that have appeared in British cities. The Chief prosecutor can recommend them for British citizenship and passports. When not doing this ‘service’ to our country the Chief lectures to schools and universities on ‘Islamaphobia’ and the Muslim religion.
    There are many like him in all sorts of places throughout Britain. My conclusion is that there is a clear Islamic agenda to eventually take over our country and destroy our democracy.
    The method is simple and so far very effective, it is:
    INFILTRATION of vital organisations. Like schools, politics, media, police, CPS, local government, civil service, etc.
    DEMOGRAPHICS or lots of babies, all brain washed from an early age to become future jihadis, and vote on mass for an Islamic state under Sharia law.
    VIOLENCE the body count of victims of Muslim violence is growing throughout the World, and there is blood on the streets in every major Western city.
    It seems to me that Muslims are using this agenda in all the host nations, so the same patterns are emerging in Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Holland, Ireland, Germany, and UK.
    Muslims will always try to take over, it’s the way they are programmed, but they could be stopped. However the real enemies are the lefty/liberal progressive elites who encouraged mass immigration, and still refuse to see the disastrous effects of ‘multiculturalism’ . Getting these people to see and acknowledge the truth is the main obstacle to effective action to safeguard our civilisation, our culture, our way of life, and ultimately our freedom.

    • So true. The method you perceive was set out in a book of c.1980 telling muslims how to manage their hijra-jihad, their migration jihad. The book is mentioned by Patrick Sookhdeo of Barnabas Fund. The Muslim Brotherhood “Project” (see internet) says “The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” ….destroying the Western Civilisation from within…”.

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