The Pause That Refreshes

Chateau Kafir White Infidel 1683 wine click to enlarge)

This product was Vlad’s brilliant idea, and I helped him realize it. That was a couple of years ago, and whatever we were planning to do with it, we lost track.

I just found the file in my archives, so have a refreshing sip. It’s not available yet on Amazon, but maybe next year…

19 thoughts on “The Pause That Refreshes

  1. Y’all lose track a lot. Vladish behavior, I call it.

    The oinker on the label is a nice touch…pork medallions in a red pepper glaze with infidel to wash it down. Nice for an October evening.

    • Dymphna, next time you get the urge to do pork medalions, grab some pork cutlets – upper loin of pork with the rib bone attached that should come with all the nice juicy meat attached to the bone – after cutting loose the medallion part of the cutlet rub a little olive oil over them followed by a light dusting of Cajun seasoning (master foods) before frying along with the ‘grits’ meat flaked off the rib bone. Mmmmmmmmm! A few string beans and carrots cooked together and fried potatoes on the side. Yuuuuumy!

  2. Looks like it must be pumpkin wine — perfect for the festivities at Half Moon Bay this weekend.

    • and don’t forget to mix in the Olalla Berries, Right?
      Oob la di, Olalla Berries grow wild, on the hills of Half Moon Bay!
      (no apologies to either Lennon or McCartney)

  3. Since I can’t point out my finds here to my friends on Facebook, I’ll just drop you from the reading list to save the nuisance of trying fruitlessly to link the goodies.

  4. It is important that we are able to culturally and commercially counter Islam, in doing this we attack Islam’s weakest points whilst hopefully enjoying an inebriated state. I will drink to that!

  5. Great one – I bet it would go over well in New York, Miami, and Israel, but I wouldn’t bother with DC and CA (too PC) – just some marketing ideas.

    • Yeah, but you’d have to charge so much for each bottle to cover the legal fees no one could buy it. Or rather, those that could afford it wouldn’t dare touch it.

  6. I think I can partner you with a boutique winery and then market the vintage at Trader Joes. It will be a good test to see whether we still have a sense of humor after all of the PC treatments we have been forced to endure.

  7. I prefer red (even with chicken; no couth at all), but would be willing to make an exception!

  8. Mark Htion: the only idea gives me a furry tongue!Now tell me that you have a Shiraz with your lobster!However, If they came in that bottle,I would make an exception,all right.

  9. This is wonderful! I’m laughing as hard at the comments as the original! Who thought counter-jihad could be this much fun?

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