The “Islam is Peace” Deception: Six Statements

George W. Bush with CAIR in the mosque for the “Islam is peace” message

The “Islam is Peace” Deception: Six Statements

Michael Copeland

Here are six statements which can easily be verified.

Islam authorises the deception of non-Muslims in the cause of Islam.

“Using deception to mask intended goals” is Muslim Brotherhood (MB) strategy.

The MB’s main front group is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

CAIR supplied George W. Bush with the “Islam is peace” message.

It was deception: Islam means “Submission”.

The deception of Bush has been a very successful propaganda coup.

Will any media relate these statements?

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7 thoughts on “The “Islam is Peace” Deception: Six Statements

  1. Egypt put this lot in jail and let them there to rot. Jorge Butch is bad. How does he sleep at night as well as all day? Still time for a wake up call. Meanwhile Islam progresses with its total focus on the absolute wipe out of the world. Knowing all that is to be known about this cult’s sick ideology leaves no excuses for big surprises dropping out of the sky.

  2. W. also kissed the Saudi Prince on the lips. George W. Bush sided with the Muslim terrorists after 911.

  3. Proving the Muslims present an external group threat is not difficult. What is necessary is to find an action path to remedy the situation.

    First, is to be able to speak freely, including making mistakes. It is necessary that people be able to discuss opinions and facts in terms of race, religion, or belief. Nothing can be off the table. This includes discussion of Jewry, even that which people think is anti-Semitic. Jews are as well protected in the US as any place in the world. A discussion distasteful to them is not going to kill them.

    Second, people have to make judgments in terms of the electorate. It is not a good situation that anyone born in the US, or who claims to have been born in the US, can vote. Not allowing someone to vote is not the same as taking away their property, taking away their legal rights with respect to criminal charges, or kicking them out of the country.

    Third, we have to pull the federal government out of local decision-making. Most states are more-or-less red as far as gun rights, policing, and property rights. It’s time to let states make their own mistakes and either sink or swim.

  4. The fifth columnists thinking out loud here. “This Kufar is truly a gift. Whoever issued the purchase order must be rewarded.” Did these enemies of humankind ever think for a second that that they would still be around and rotting away at the west’s foundations. Our populations trained for nothing defensive or what if. Truth for example.

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