Erdogan to Greece: “Let Them Go to Other Countries in Europe”

Here’s the latest from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the ongoing migrant invasion of Greece.

Many thanks to Luke Montgomery for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The oppression taking place there, that is always raised up against them. Hey Greece!
00:05   Look, these people are not going to come and stay with you. They are just going to pass through.
00:12   And go to some other country in Europe. Why does this bother you?
00:17   That’s right! We told you. Look, if it keeps going like this, we are going to open these gates.
00:23   You didn’t believe it.
00:28   [Applause]
00:33   Hey Greece, I am talking to you now.
00:37   Open your gates too, and they have. You open your gates and get rid of this burden.
00:43   Let them go to other countries in Europe.

13 thoughts on “Erdogan to Greece: “Let Them Go to Other Countries in Europe”

    • I’ve switched from thinking “he should die from C-19” to
      he may be the most brilliant politician (vomit) on earth.

      None of the equations add up, but, E always wins.

      We are missing information here…

      • Turkey in NATO bad idea..
        If US strategic interest is concern..OK to have just US-TURKEY Bilateral agreement..
        Turkey with theirs Osman Empire restoration Project should be ban from NATO at no time..!period..

  1. All would be very very very grateful to Erdo. Troops for his castles and remaining under his command – or worse.

  2. Loyal to Nato? Don’t make me laugh. Turkey is loyal to allah, nothing else. What Erdogan is pursuing is an invasion, an act of war. He needs a short sharp shock.

    • Nerdogan and his bottom-man vampires are on drugs. Surely the good people of western “Turkey” who revolted recently, Putin, the NATO remnants and the US can reach some accommodations to create a buffer zone? At least as a first step towards a post viral dimuslimised world. Players with real balls?

    • Like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt. If they ate looking for frre handouta as most of them are, send them to the Gulf.

  3. His aim is the Otoman empire and he uses,brave as he is,a bunch of ISIS in order to succed it,calling them ,refugges.He is a very dangerous man seeing himself as a Sultan and wishes to islamise all Europe and not stop outside Vienna this time.At the end he will destroy his country.

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