Jihadis Taking British and American Kafirs for Profit

There has recently been a lot of talk on both sides of the Atlantic about the payment of reparations for slavery. The following essay by Michael Copeland examines the history of slave-taking by Muslims of white Europeans and Americans.

Jihadis Taking British and American Kafirs for Profit

by Michael Copeland

“Muslims have a long shared history with Britain,” says an imam in a 2017 video produced by — yes, really — Lincolnshire Police. He shows Arabic coins and traded objects to prove it. The video is in-your-face propaganda for Islam, courtesy of the taxpayer. Michael Blackburn is critical:

BRITAIN’S POLICE FORCES seem to have agreed amongst themselves that their real purpose is not deterring crime and catching criminals but pulling increasingly embarrassing stunts in public to signal their political virtue…

Conflating the presence of a few traders and traded objects with the idea of a profound interconnectedness of cultures is ridiculous.

The criticism is valid. In a rather different way, though, Islam has had a long history with Britain, not so much “shared” as “inflicted”. This was in jihadi raids on the coast that took British kafirs for profit.

Islamic Raids for Kafir Captives

The story of Islamic raids on Britain’s coast is one of repeated trauma, pain, and suffering. Almost forgotten today, it is the shocking roll call of unprovoked attacks on Britain’s defenceless coastal villages and fishermen at sea. These forays were made by armed sea-borne jihadis to abduct British working men and women for profit. The raids continued for years.

The taking of captives in Islam is in direct fulfilment of the Koran’s instructions, all of which form part of Islamic law. Mohammedans are “the best of peoples raised up for mankind” (3:110). Kafirs are “the worst of creatures” (98:6): they are “ever to you a clear enemy” (4:101), who have to be fought against and subjugated (9:5, 8:39). Their territory is Dar al Harb, the Realm of War, where jihad, “warfare against non-Muslims”, is “a communal obligation” (Manual of Islamic Law, Reliance of the Traveller, o9.0, o9.1). Kafirs are legally available to be taken by force in jihad.

The coastal predators of Britain were mujahidin from the Barbary States of North Africa and from Turkey, doing what their ideology commands — abducting kafirs because they are kafirs:

“Seize them, confine them”,

orders Koran 9:5. As Robert Spencer points out, “The primary market for slaves among Muslims was for non-Muslims, as enslaving fellow Muslims was considered a violation of the Qur’an’s requirement to be “merciful to one another” (48:29). That same Koranic verse, however, also commands being “ruthless to the kafir”. Slave-taking is legitimised to this day by Islam’s hostile rules. The jihad doctrine is, as Al Azhar explains, “a permanent war institution” against all kafirs.

Captives make lucrative spoils. They can be sold for labour, the women as concubines, and can bring in ransom money, another action authorised by Islamic law, in Koran 47:4:

“then secure their bonds, and either [confer] favor afterwards or ransom [them]”

American ships were not spared: their crews, too, were taken by force as slaves and for ransom.

Jihadi Raids and Islam’s Slave Market

Jihadi raids are basic Islam, as also is slavery. Mohammed raided caravans and settlements, and owned black slaves. One time, when acquiring a man, he “bought him for two black slaves.” This transaction is recorded in Islam’s sources as “Selling animals for animals…” Mohammed provides the “beautiful pattern [of conduct]”, says Koran 33:21. His companions were not paid. Their motivation was booty gained from the “permanent war institution”. A whole chapter of the Koran is headed “Spoils of War”. Mohammedan sea-borne hunting expeditions blighted European shipping and coasts in the Mediterranean for centuries, taking men for galleys, women for sex, and attacking coastal towns such as Otranto, even sacking Rome, which is why the Vatican had to be fortified with a huge wall.

These depredations are what motivated European merchants to seek a Western route to India, which is what Christopher Columbus was engaged to do, though he was unsuccessful. Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, was abducted by Barbary jihadis. He spent five years in captivity, and was only released when his family and the Church raised ransom money. The Mohammedans ventured further north, repeatedly raiding Cornwall, Ireland, and even Iceland, motivated by the high value of white blonde girls for sex.

Historic Islamic Raids on Britain and on American Shipping

Below is a summary of the painful historic litany of Islamic raids for captives on coastal Britain; further information is at the link. Cornwall was particularly affected. The Isle of Lundy in the Bristol Channel was used as a slave base. In 1631 almost all of the inhabitants of Baltimore in south-west Ireland, at that time part of the Kingdom, were taken from the fishing settlement there. It was afterwards abandoned as a result. These raids were a considerable problem: Oliver Cromwell issued a decree that any captured corsairs should be taken to Bristol and slowly drowned.

The young United States is also part of the story, being afflicted by this same Islamic scourge. American ships and men were taken by the Barbary jihadis, and the nation was presented with huge annual demands for protection money — jizya — to prevent further depredations. The financial burden was occupying a large part of the nation’s budget. Thomas Jefferson in Paris enquired of the Ambassador of the Bey of Tunis why they were doing this. He reported back:

“It was written in their Koran, that all nationals who should not have acknowledged their authority, were sinners; that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners.”

Jefferson verified this from his own copy of “Al Coran”: the jizya is in chapter 9:29,

“Fight the [unbelievers] until they pay the jizya with willing submission.”

When he became President he was decisive. In the USA’s first war he sent in the Marines, with special leather neck-protectors, “to the shores of Tripoli”, as their anthem records. Landing at Alexandria they made a mighty fifty day trek westward along the desert for 512 miles. The force captured Derna, achieving a resounding victory. The American prisoners were released, and Tripoli’s raids were stopped, as were its demands for protection money.

Islamic Raids Taking British and American Captives

1625   ”The Turks… take the men to make slaves of them.”
1625   Mounts Bay was raided: 60 people taken as slaves.
1626   St Keverne was attacked more than once.
    Cornish boats attacked at sea: the men taken as slaves.
1631   ALL the women and children of Baltimore, SW Ireland (then part of UK) taken as slaves.
1640   Estimated 3,000 to 4,000 British existing as slaves in N. Africa.
    Commission set up to oversee ransom money to liberate slaves.
1645   240 people taken from Cornwall.
1646   Parliament set up a slave-purchase fund to liberate English slaves in Africa.
1650s   Muslim jihadis use Lundy Island as a slave base.
1661   Samuel Pepys meets two liberated slaves in London.
1675   Royal Navy threat defeats Tunis.
    Royal Navy bombards and defeats Tripoli.
    Algiers attacked by British, French, and Spanish to secure cessation of hostilities.
1801-05   First Barbary War of USA. American sailors taken prisoner.
1815-16   Second Barbary War: US Marines take Tripoli.
1816   British and Dutch attack N. Africa: more than 4,000 Christian slaves liberated.

This is why pirates in British pantomimes wear turbans. They express the “long shared history”.

Islamic Slave-Taking Today

Slave-taking has never been abolished by Islam. It is firmly stated in its seventh-century rules. These are not changeable: Allah said in Koran 5:3 that “This day I have perfected your religion for you”. Since the rules are perfect any change amounts to blasphemy, a capital offence. Consequently seventh-century slavery continues to be authorised today. The Senior Council of Clerics, Saudi Arabia’s highest religious body has declared:

”Slavery is part of Islam and whoever wants it abolished is an infidel.”
(Brigitte Gabriel, They Must Be Stopped, p. 187)

Recently Yazidi girls and women were auctioned as sex-slaves by Islamic State. In Libya illegal black African migrants from further south aspiring to gate-crash Europe found themselves being captured by Arabs and sold in impromptu slave auctions. An investigation by BBC Arabic found domestic workers in Saudi Arabia being sold online in a slave market that is booming. In a 2014 television broadcast a female professor, Suad Saleh of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, explains,

“the female prisoners of war are ‘those whom you own.’ In order to humiliate them they become the property of the army commander, or of a Muslim, and he can have sex with them…”

Islam’s rules classify women as chattels. In Nigeria in 2014 two hundred and seventy-six teenage Christian girls were abducted for slavery by Boko Haram in a night raid on their boarding school. Boko Haram’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, proclaimed,

“Slavery is allowed in my religion, and I shall capture people and make them slaves. I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah.”

Dabiq magazine (ISIS), confirmed in October 2014:

”Enslaving the families of the kuffar [non-Muslims] and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Sharia.

Seven years on from that mass abduction one hundred and twelve girls remained unaccounted for. In late January 2021 a small group managed to escape. A father received a call, “Is this my daddy?”, from the daughter he had thought he would never see again.

Britain and America: sex-slave networks

Islamic slave-taking is, regrettably, alive and active in Britain and America today. It is a very serious issue, not on the coast, but inland. Very damagingly, it is not being recognised for what it is. The media in Britain persistently and reprehensibly use the inadequate label “grooming gangs”. This fails to express what, in fact, they are — Islamic sex-slave networks. These are well-developed structures involving young Muslim Romeos, often in impressive cars, in league with kebab shops, taxi drivers, drug dealers, and even some local Muslim policemen. The so-called “gangs” include the assorted customers for the ensnared young kafir girls, Sikhs included. Kafir girls are inferior, available for Mohammedans to abuse and humiliate. No age of consent is recognised in Islam. Taking kafir girls is basic Islam, as Sheikh Saad al Buraik urges:

“Their women are yours to take, legitimately. Allah made them yours. Why don’t you enslave them?”

Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, professor, imam, and eminent Saudi scholar, confirms this:

“Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam”

The lured girl victims, once trapped, are kept compliant by force, threats such as being doused in gasoline, blackmail using revealing photographs, and drug dependency. Some, like Paige Chilvers, have disappeared, presumably murdered. Charlene Downes was made into kebabs. Lucy Lowe’s abuser in Telford set fire to her house at night, killing her, her mother and her sister. Exploited as money-spinners, the girls are marketed for cash against their will — that is, as slaves — to multiple users in the network. At the website of Peter McLoughlin, author of Easy Meat, is the long list of those prosecuted. All but a few have Muslim names.

In the USA there are examples. These include brutal gang-rapes, acts which deliberately humiliate the kafir girl and, by extension, her menfolk, treating her as a slave, expressing Islam’s masterly supremacy. “Islam will dominate”, say the placards. “Brutal Muslim Gang Rape in Colorado” is one headline. Networks of prostitution run by Muslims have been prosecuted in Nashville and Minneapolis, also in Montreal, Canada. They are characteristic features of Islam. As a Kuwaiti cleric says,

“Slavery should be celebrated as one of the virtues of Islam.”

Islamic Raids on Shipping Today: Ransom Demands

Today the coast of Somalia is notorious for sea-borne Mohammedan jihad raids. The predation that Islam authorises and commands has made it a very dangerous zone. “Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim”, states the Saudi-distributed The Noble Quran, in a footnote to 2:190. Islamic State explained, after the Brussels bombings of 2016,

“Allah also has made the blood of every kafir legal to spill, and …their wealth halal to take.”

Large ships have been invaded, and their crews taken hostage. Huge ransom demands have been made, which have helped finance Al Shabaab. Ships using that route need to be armed. The internet has footage of attacks being made, and being repulsed by armed defence. Four Californian Christians travelling by yacht there with Bibles were invaded and shot. Islam forbids proselytizing by other religions. Islamic law authorises any Muslim to exact the death sentence vigilante-style: the killing is penalty-free, “since it is killing someone who deserves to die.”

Taking kafirs captive for ransom is what Islamic groups have done in the Philippines, in West Africa, and elsewhere. It has the same Koranic justification. A Frenchwoman was recently released after four years’ captivity in Mali. A deal was done by the French government concerning a prisoner release and possibly a ransom. This does nothing to discourage the practice. On her return she was greeted by the President, no less. This sends all the wrong signals to the kidnappers. The British government, officially at any rate, does not pay ransoms.

On Dec. 11, 2020 Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria kidnapped students at the Government Secondary School, Kankara. The Katsina state government and the federal government paid a ransom for their release.

So it goes on.

“Our Islam is a political movement”

The slave-taking, the brutal gang-rapes, and the raids at sea are being met in the affected kafir states with criminal prosecutions. What is not being recognised, though, is that they are part of all Islam’s intrinsic “permanent war institution” against the West, the Realm of War. “Britain has always been Dar al Harb,” Anjem Choudary told the BBC. These matters are not just criminal: they are political. “Islam is not like Christianity,” explains Mullah Krekar, “Our Islam is a political movement.” As the Muslim Brotherhood’s captured secret “Internal Memorandum” reveals, the Islamic objective, political, not spiritual, is “destroying Western civilisation from within.” Western politicians have yet to understand that Islam’s agenda is not just worship: it is government, displacing all other systems. Majid Khadduri explains this is “to establish Islam as the dominant reigning ideology over the entire world… the establishment of an imperial world state.”
“Mastership of the world!”, proclaimed Mohammed Badie of the Muslim Brotherhood. The ideological basis for the depredations of Jefferson’s day remains exactly the same, and is being preached in mosques in America. Hear Yaser Qadhi in Tennessee,

“Jews and Christians are filthy. Their lives and property can be taken in jihad by the Muslims.”

Western political leaders need, belatedly, to start their Learning Curve.

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  1. This was an excellent article by Mr. Copeland.
    Thank you for taking the time to research and share this.
    The drawing at the top as an introduction to the article is striking.
    I only noticed after the fact when placing the cursor over it that it came from a document called Captain Croker’s Report (interesting).

    • Thank you. Captain Croker’s Report is available online:

      “The cruelties of the Algerine pirates, shewing the present dreadful state of the English slaves, and other Europeans, at Algiers and Tunis ..”


      An extract:
      “There, among several Sicilian females, he saw a poor woman, who burst into tears, and told him that she was the mother of eight children, and requested him to look at six of them, who had been slaves with her for thirteen years ! ” We left these scenes of horror,” writes Captain Croker, ” and in going into the country, / met the slaves returning from their labour. The clang of the chains of those who are heavily ironed, called my attention to their extreme fatigue and dejection, they being attended by infidels with large whips!” — ^The women are procured by descents on the Italian coasts;
      their fate is most horrible in every sense, as well as that of their children,
      whether girls or boys! “

      • Thank you for the link and reference. I brought up the report because I was intrigued, and wanted to learn more and you generously provided that without being asked.

        In looking at that archived text, the optical scanner misinterpreted so many characters it was not easy to determine what some words or sentences were. Therefore I did a search and found a crystal clear copy of text and images in PDF form, with the text searchable at:

        (Archive.org had PDF copies online as well such as at https://ia802700.us.archive.org/25/items/crueltiesofalger00crokuoft/crueltiesofalger00crokuoft.pdf )

        One interesting reference to me in this little book (or pamphlet) of just 17 pages of text and images, which was published to inform the British public and influence Parliament to act was:

        “The Danish Consul was once actually taken to the Bani, and irons put upon him until Denmark paid some tributary debt! The Swedes are obliged to furnish artists for making gun powder! The French government in 1815 sent them a builder for their navy! The Spanish Vice Consul was seen by Captain Croker working in irons with the other slaves! And all this is endured from a banditti, whom an American expedition of half a dozen ships of war, has reduced into complete humiliation.”

        So even in the early 1800s the European governments were so corrupt as to be complicit in this slave trade to the extent that when their diplomats to the Barbary states were brazenly enslaved their response if any was to be blackmailed and fund further exploits, while all it took was for a weak, new country to send half a dozen ships to end it.

        Admittedly the Barbary states didn’t learn their lesson the first time and their pirates eventually tried to enslave Americans a few years later, which resulted in the second Barbary war which put an end to it once and for all, but the Europeans are to this day still acquiescing and funding and supporting their enemies as they destroy their own people. It’s crazy.

        • Maybe it is time to republish that little booklet. The memorable and significant phrase in it is:

          “whom an American expedition of half a dozen ships of war, has reduced into complete humiliation.”

          There is a lesson there.

  2. Allah said in Koran 5:3 that “This day I have perfected your religion for you”.

    “This day”? What day was that? Wikipedia says in
    that for Sunnis this day is a holiday that repeats every year, and for Shia it is a certain date in A.D. 632. So what was Islam like before this date on which it was perfected? How did the unperfected Islam differ from the perfected Islam we have today? And why did it take Allah so long to perfect Islam?

  3. We in the west keep trying to fight islamic jihad like it is a criminal offense that can be solved with civilized means with a jail sentence of maybe 2 years if we are lucky. We should be treating these sub human savages like we are at war and use means that are absolute and profound. Until we start treating these bloody vermin with extreme harsh measures, they will continue doing what they do because they do not in any way respect us, once they fear us, they will respect us.

    • sorry mate, they will never respect you, only fear you until they can overcome you. take the palestinians for example….

  4. Brian Kilmeade wrote an interesting book on this subject: “Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War That Changed American History”.
    This history of conflict with islam brings to light a moral dilemma that I have wrestled with, specifically, the CCP’s treatment of the Islamic Uyghurs. While I am not comfortable with interning a population in concentration (“re-education”) camps and all that reportedly goes on there, I’m not sure if there is any other way for a nation to sustain its identity.
    In China, it is a battle between one supremacist ideology, the CCP, and an opposing supremacist ideology, islam. The CCP has the power and willingness to address this problem in a manner that we, in the West, can not.
    A nation that will not maintain its identity will not survive, and I am afraid that, in the words of a recent piece by Bill Maher, “we are a silly people.”

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