Instructing “Radicalisation”

Michael Copeland’s latest essay discusses the fact that all basic Koranic instruction violates existing laws in the UK against “radicalization.”

Instructing “Radicalisation”

by Michael Copeland

Here is the scene. An instructor gives orders to his civilian listeners. He tells them:

  • You are the best of people, by divine right.
  • All others are filthy, unclean, lower than animals.
  • They are enemies.
  • You must hate enemies.
  • You cannot be allies with enemies.
  • You must instil fear and terror in enemies.
  • You must kill enemies.
  • You are soldiers in a righteous army.

What do you call this process? Could it be a

process by which a person comes to support terrorism and forms of extremism leading to terrorism”?

It could. That is the UK Government’s definition of “radicalisation”.

Radicalisation can thus be encouraged and achieved by an instructor. The instructor could be in a room, on the internet, or even be a book.

Consider now these instructions:

  • You are the best of peoples raised up for mankind.
  • Non-members are unclean, the vilest of beasts, apes and pigs.
  • Non-members are the enemy.
  • Non-members must be hated.
  • Do not take non-members as allies.
  • Kill the enemy wherever you find them.
  • Capture them and besiege them, lie in wait for them in ambush.
  • Strike terror into their hearts.
  • Strike at their necks, and strike off their fingertips.
  • Fight them and kill them until our instructions prevail over all others.
  • No-one may change these instructions.
  • These instructions are valid for all time.
  • No choice is available: obedience is required.
  • One who denies any instruction has to be killed.
  • Anyone is entitled to perform the killing:
  • There is no penalty, because it is killing someone who deserves to die.

These instructions are, indeed, inescapable: there is no leeway. Where are they from?

These are the instructions given in mosques. All are from the Koran and the Manual of Islamic Law.

Teachers of Islam are not permitted to teach differently.

What is the conclusion?

  • The Koran instructs “radicalisation”.
  • The Koran is the root (Latin radix) of this process.
  • The Koran commands killing.
  • Islam — ordinary basic orthodox Islam — violates UK criminal law.

In English law, and Scottish law, incitement to violence is a criminal offence.

Instructing listeners to kill or attack others is a criminal offence.

Planning a place where such instructions are given is conspiring to abet crime.

Planning Committees who authorise such premises are being party to crime.


The Koran, which is part of Islamic law, is: “true, … universal and trans-time” (Ahmad Saad, North London Central Mosque), and “valid from eternity to eternity” (Sam Solomon, former professor of Sharia law).

The Koran

  • You are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind” 3:110.
  • Unbelievers are “unclean” 9:28, “the vilest of beasts” 8:22, as “apes and pigs” 5:60, “the most despicable” 98:6.
  • Allah is an enemy to the disbelievers” 2:98.
  • between us and you animosity and hatred forever” 60:4.
  • do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends” 5:51
  • Kill unbelievers wherever you find them” 9:5.
  • Capture them and besiege them, lie in wait for them at every place of ambush” 9:5.
  • Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers” 3:151. “Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” 8:12.
  • Fight the unbelievers and kill them until the governance, all of it, is Islam” 8:39.
  • None may change his words” 18:27.
  • It is not fitting for a believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and his Messenger, to have any option about their decision” 33:36.

The Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller”:

o8.0   Leaving Islam is the ugliest form of unbelief (kufr)…
o8.1   When a person …apostatizes from [leaves] Islam he deserves to be killed.
o8.7   Acts that entail leaving Islam ….
    (7) to deny any verse of the Koran.
o8.4   There is no indemnity [punishment] for killing an apostate [one who leaves Islam] (O: or any expiation [blood money], since it is killing someone who deserves to die).

Roots of Violent Radicalisation, 2012, UK Govt., a free download [pdf].

The Koran may be consulted online.

The Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller”, may be purchased online

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21 thoughts on “Instructing “Radicalisation”

  1. We already have criminal enterprise statutes. Islam is a (cult) criminal enterprise.

    American RICO statutes (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) were intended to go after the mafia. The acts of Islamic mullahs and jihadis clearly falls into the same pattern as the mafia. The only difference being, Islam’s claim of an oddball form of “religious legitimacy”.

    The US should use the RICO statutes to, declare Islam, a criminal enterprise. Then close Islam down as it presently exists in the US.

    RICO allows the government to follow crime and money. Then, arrest all, and confiscate anything in its path.

    You can be sure the movement of money for jihad is widespread. You can be sure the incitement and communication between mullahs and mosques is wide spread. You can also be sure there is foreign involvement. The RICO statutes were made just for this type of activity.

    Use a small army of CPAs and attorneys to investigate every jihad attack. Follow 100% of the money back to its source. Track anyone involved, in any way. Then use the RICO statutes to jail, confiscated, and shut down all involved. That includes:

    M1 – Shutting down mosques involved in any jihad attack.
    M2 – Arrest mullahs involved.
    M3 – Follow, and confiscate, all jihad money back to its source.

    Read it all at:

    • Long ago, Bob, I have advocated the use of RICO as you have characterized it perfectly, and plainly, in better detail than I had years ago. Great presentation, thanks for bringing up the truth, very well said.

    • Interesting idea. I hope you write an informed letter to your Congressional delegates.

  2. “Best of Peoples”? Best at what? killing, rape, beheading, paedophilia, mass murder? 400,000,000 dead in its benighted existence? the perfect antidote to Humanity. The Communists and Nazis loved it.

    • Well said Bishop. But some recent sources have detailed totals so far of in the range of 2/3 billion butchered peoples. One of which is on .

      From al Kadar, through Breslan, in the long war of India since 1000 AD, and in China also, by the tens of millions, and of course, Europe. Everywhere they touch, they destroy, always.

      Their fame is that of a stain on the history of the civilization of the globe, the stain of the central reservoir of evil.

  3. “The best of Peoples raised up for Mankind”. It never fails to astound me that people swallow this bile. What is Islam good at? Muder, rape, pillage, theft, cultural eradication, genocide, the death of 400,000,000 in 1400 years and we are not allowed to criticise its fake murderous pronunciations from their ‘god’ Allah. The whole rotten cult is sexual materialist and civilisational rejectionist, It seeks to return man to a time before the Stone Age. It preaches nothing but death and chaos.

  4. Long overdue, seeing this unabashed pure core of the gang-cult of islam-muslims on line, on a thoroughly reputable site, none-the-less. I spent 5 years studying part time plus 2 more, full time, my own research, from source materials, (never would I consider the trained lying muslims as adequate sources), all of islam, as a thorough, through and through, Christian, (and frankly studying more of the Bible as well).

    Much more is included with islam, but this is the central bottom line core, of what it is about. Plus you get to keep the booty, 80% at least, as a pirate gang thief, that means the breeder sex slaves, the monetary items, and of course you can get funds from selling the slaves and sex slaves, to boot, among so much more of the pure evil that is the pirates gang! Yes, it is the very opposite of Christianity, and Judaism, either or both, the opposite!

    Of course, the vast majority of instant imaginary “rocket scientist” style humankind never sees, or having seen, believes, these absolute truths, nor do most muslims actually see the real true details of their “faith”. (Often when they get around to reading the truth of the above, in an actual koran, as opposed to a deceiving imam or such, they realize they want no part and depart-apostatize from it. There is no good, not one element, none, in this gang, only a more thorough and perfected version of adolf’s nazism. Of course they were “pals” during WW2. Women, homosexuals, atheists, girls and boys, people of all stripes, including men of course, even the shias (merely another version of evil-but not sunni) have no clue how much they have to fear, beyond losing only their lives, in ideally, to them, the most excruciating way possible.

    When I cracked islam open, first I was in disbelief, than anger that anyone could believe in such evil s***, that anyone could be so literally degenerate of brain. I so remain.

    But now I am additionally of considerable concern with fellow Americans, the non-muslim ones, who are so insane, so degenerated or void of brain power, that they can’t realize, cannot understand, that under undeserved incredible duress, Trump is an incredible worker for the best optimum good of all honest Americans and America. With incredible results, which no one else could have achieved or brought about. Least of all any democrat, nor most other republicans! He is doing incredible work, under unimaginable conditions.

    Those Americans who have been gullible enough to learn from degenerate Frankfurt School teachers (sick socialists and communists) from kindergarten through post grad work, all being taught revisionist alternate reality (including the sick “common core”), just as wrong as the core above shown, and every detail of islam, meaning including the required verses from koran chapter 9, from the final (of two) books, the medina version, which abolishes the more peaceable meccan first version.

    Both books, not your choice, are what makes up the koran, together, but prioritized that the final medina version has prime precedence, over all. Remember, this so called god was all wise, but must have been drunk when he dreamed up the first mistaken version. Or maybe not even a god, since he was supposed to share his stage with one criminal male, who was supposed to be the example of a perfect male and copied.

    Unlike the Bible, THERE IS NO CHOICE, the final koran version abrogates any contrary first meccan version, on penalty of death, so that the worst possible second book version applies! No changes can ever apply, on penalty of death, see how that goes?

    Remember, he who dreamed up the koran, wasn’t smart enough to envision or know how to put together a koran, which had two opposing segments-the first relatively peaceable, the second CORRECTED version loaded with the purist hatred and violence, and much more sick stuff, every kind imaginable. All criminal, and uncivilized, ALL. The second version abrogates a full 62% of the first version, and adds more hatred, violence.

    This is an excellent post, Baron, and Dymphna, Thank you for putting the pure core truth simply stated online….

  5. Michael Copeland’s reasoning is logical, reasonable, founded on proven sources and obviously valid in any system of jurisprudence. Have these arguments been formally presented in any court of law, in Europe or North America, to anybody’s knowledge?
    If so, what was the outcome?

  6. “These instructions are valid for all time.”

    That’s a moot point isn’t it? Personally I think Islamic supremacism is for all time but the jihad verses you cite refer so specifically to Mohammed’s local military campaigns (when the sacred months have passed, references to the kaaba etc) that they enable Islamic apologists and others to claim that all that jihad stuff only referred to Arabia in 630 AD.

    How can we tell whether someone claiming that is genuine or just attempting to pull the wool over our eyes? Harry Richardson has come up with a practical test, asking Muslims to sign a statement to the effect that the verses calling for violence are no longer applicable. Here is an interview he had with a local Muslim community leader:

    I dare say most of us here would expect the interviewee to dissemble but the fascinating thing is that he didn’t, instead squirming this way and that to avoid agreeing to what should be an uncontroversial statement for someone receiving Australian tax dollars to de-radicalise jihadis in prison. We have to wonder what he’s telling them.

    Looking toward the future, perhaps this Declaration of Peaceful Intent could play a part in the discriminatory laws which I believe we will have to adopt in the West if we are to avoid civil war. For instance if someone is unwilling to sign it then off they go to somewhere far from our Christmas markets, pop concerts and nuclear power stations until such time as any one of the 57 OIC states accepts them. Only half the Falkland Islands are inhabited…but then they’d probably cook up something with the Argentinians!

    On the other hand if someone claims to agree with it, then any action clearly showing otherwise, for instance praying for “victory over the kuffar” at their local mosque, would qualify them to join the other group.

    • Thank you ECAW
      Many good points bought forward in that
      “Utube clip” of “Harry Richardson and the beginning of the end of Islam”
      Will the imam sign?
      Is he scared?
      Would it be taqiyya if he did?
      Is it step too far to deny verses in the koran?
      Relativity to Christianity points.
      The redeeming mercy of Mohammad.

      Supporting legal points by Harry Richardson, which could be very useful in our western courts.
      Explanation of “Peaceful Intent” and its legality and effect.
      “Harry Richardson explains The Declaration of Peaceful Intent as a Stat Dec.”

      Believed that muslims can not sign, being beyond the bounds of taqiya or taqiyya.

      Would be very interesting if others could evaluate if this can be legally valid? Does it need to be improved and would it be useful?

      “A Declaration of Peaceful Intent”.
      A simple declaration for muslims to sign

      “Harry Richardson asks a Christian [pastor] to sign the declaration”
      Only half the amount of time, and all signed 🙂

      “Harry Richardson at Reclaim Australia Rally Gold Coast 2015”
      Quick explanation of the violent jihad system and the antidote.
      Do not wrestle with a pig in mud, (in violence).
      Jihad fears knowledge of their system, and then know and spread the truth.
      But will people want to know the truth?.
      Many good points made how to expand the knowledge and to bring truth with no hatred and drama.

      Looks like the beginning of “Australia Wake Up”

      And thanks to Baron & Dymphna, in their part of “World Wake Up!” inspiring us in our endeavours to waken others to the truth.

      • Believed that muslims can not sign, being beyond the bounds of taqiya or taqiyya.

        There is nothing beyond the bounds of taqiyya when it comes to promoting the Ummah.

        • Dymphna, It seems to have been beyond the bounds of taqiyya for the Muslim community leader in the video. I think we should try it out when and where we can, then we’ll know for sure. Just recently I was having a very civil discussion with an apparently peaceful and sincere Muslim. I showed him the video and asked him whether he would agree with the declaration. I haven’t heard from him since.

      • simpleton1, thanks for those links. I hadn’t heard of a statutory declaration. Perhaps it’s an Australian thing. Sounds like it could be a useful legal tool (I know zip about law). I signed up to Australiawakeup today. Well, he’s a Pom too.

        Since you brought up the issue of whether it could be improved, the phrase “which compels Muslim to…” jarred to me when I read it because it sounds like it is definitely referring to the present whereas “instructing Muslims to…” could be taken as referring to the past or present. Too picky?

        Elsa is also promoting this declaration:

      • Yes…thanks to Baron & Dymphna, in their part of “World Wake Up!” inspiring us in our endeavours to waken others to the truth.

  7. You must hate enemies.
    Jesus said, “Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you. By this you will be shown to be the true sons of your Father Who is in heaven.”
    Talk about polar opposites! This antithesis of Christianity can only be Satan’s invention that is intended to destroy what Yah has established. A created being trying to be on par with its Creator? Really, it would be truly and ironically comical if it weren’t so sad and the horrific results weren’t visited upon humans who were simply endeavoring to live out a benighted existence under less than pleasant circumstances.

  8. Western elites would rather commit suicide than admit that they made a mistake by assuming Islam to be benign. The fact that millions of adherents of a predatory, supremacist ideology have been let into the heart of western democracies, based on nothing more than naivety and wishful thinking, is kept out by a six-foot thick wall of denial; and the more mayhem these people cause, the more our glorious leaders will retreat into their cozy dream worlds. This process, combined with the wanton destruction we are wreaking on the biosphere, means are looking at nothing less than the end of modern civilisation.

  9. It’s pretty obvious if ‘incitement to violence’ or even ‘hate-speech’ laws were implemented logically, large chunks of Islamic scripture would have to be banned.
    But they’re not logical and in reality, are biased and punitive towards Europeans, and used to suppress dissent to Islamisation and replacement migration, among much else.

    Meanwhile various initiatives are ongoing using ‘peaceful’ Islamic teachings to ‘de-radicalise’ jihadis, which seems a bit like using Mein Kampf to ‘de-radicalise’ Nazis.

    Instructor: “Yes the kufr has to be humiliated and subjugated, submit willingly, pay the jizya or else, but you can’t use suicide bombing”.

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