Refugees Commit a Disproportionate Share of Violent Crime in Germany Due To… WAYCISM

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Germany Sees 10% Rise in Violent Crime, Entirely Due to “Refugees” — National TV Blames it on Racism

A new representative study in Lower Saxony finds that violent crime has risen by 10%. A staggering 92% of this increase is caused by “refugees” alone. They make up just 1.9% of the population.

“Violent Crime in Lower Saxony. +10.4%, 92.1% refugees (orange).
Trend before 2015: -24% (blue). Source: Police Crime Statistics (PKS)”
Source: ZDF heute

The authors argue that Lower Saxony is representative and that their findings can be generalized and applied to Germany as a whole.

Before 2015, Germany saw a continuous downward trend in violent crime, with a decrease of -21.9% over the last decade.

You would think that this might be a wake-up call. Wrong. National television ARD tell us why this is:


“If Peter is attacked by Paul, he is 13 percent likely to report it. But if he is attacked by Mehmet or Igor, he is 27 percent likely to report it.” (Christian Pfeiffer, Criminologist)

To be on the safe side, national TV made a graph with the quote, so it can be shared on Facebook.

But the vice chairman of the Association of German Criminal Investigators, Ulf Küch, comments on this assertion in an interview with Die Welt:

“Pfeiffer is correct insofar that foreigners are more frequently reported. Not in the case of serious crimes though — violent crimes and murders are almost always reported — but in the case of minor offenses a foreigner is more likely to be suspected by the police.”

[Photo caption (not shown): Ulf Küch, Association of German Criminal Investigators “Violent crimes and murders are almost always reported.”]

But Mr. Pfeiffer identified other factors that make refugees appear more criminal than Germans:

Lack of perspective:

“Particularly refugees from Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco frequently commit crimes. They seldom have a chance of staying in Germany. Refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq do not become offenders that often. They are eager not to risk their stay in Germany”.

Now, that is reassuring when you look at the official crime stats from 2016 (table) and realize that Afghans, for example, despite their eagerness not to risk their stay in Germany, still commit nine times more murders, and more than ten times more sexual offenses, relative to Germans.

Sex and age:

“Many of the refugees are young men”.

We won’t argue that.

Age of refugees in Germany 2016
Source: German Federal Office For Statistics (Destatis) 2017

NDR info, another national broadcaster, ask Mr. Pfeiffer: “Is the behavior of these young men different in Germany than if they were in their homeland?”

Pfeiffer: “Without doubt. When they live in the context of their family, then there is the soothing influence of the grandmother, mother, the sisters, the girlfriend. The absence of women is exactly the problem with the refugees.”

Of course. The soothing influence of women on men in Northern African and Middle Eastern cultures is world-famous.

11 thoughts on “Refugees Commit a Disproportionate Share of Violent Crime in Germany Due To… WAYCISM

  1. No words to describe what that Merkel did to this country and people , it’s deliberty suicide …it used to be one of the safest country in the world, and greatest, hard to watch what is happening now , totally unnecessary distraction…

  2. We know that certain breeds of dog have a greater propensity for violence than others, is this because the peaceful breeds of dog are racist too?

    One of the troubles with social sciences is how easy it is for the ‘science’ part to become politicized.

    and just maybe it was Lycenko who defeated the Atheneans and ended the Peloponnesian war after all and blie blie blie….

  3. “Of course. The soothing influence of women on men in Northern African and Middle Eastern cultures is world-famous.”

    I would laugh my *zz off if I still could.

    As for Mr Pfeiffer’s “Without doubt. When they live in the context of their family, then there is the soothing influence of the grandmother, mother, the sisters, the girlfriend. The absence of women is exactly the problem with the refugees.””

    The German translation of that is “Wir brauchen am schnellsten Grossmutti, Mutti, die Schwestern, die Freundinnen usw. durch Familiennachzug”.

  4. To tell the absolute truth is now ‘racist’. The facts and numbers do not lie. Only fools,dupes and the left fail to comprehend this and continue in their state of denial.

  5. I’m sure you all realize that this is a not so subtle message to the German people: The migrants will not be so violent if they just have more [access to female sexual favors]. So, give them more of what they want German girls….and stand aside German boys….

    Wow….to think that a German “man” would say something like that in public. That he has no shame is bad enough, but the real insult is that he has no fear of retribution. What does that say about the present state of the German male…or most of the Western European males in general…

  6. A relevant article by Cheryl Benard, on ‘Afghans stand out among the refugees committing crimes in Austria and elsewhere. why?’
    An Afghan court translator has a theory:
    “……..To them, Europeans are the enemy, and their women are legitimate spoils, as are all the other things one can take from them: housing, money, passports. Their laws don’t matter, their culture is uninteresting and, ultimately, their civilization is going to fall anyway to the horde of which one is the spearhead. No need to assimilate, or work hard, or try to build a decent life here for yourself—these Europeans are too soft to seriously punish you for a transgression, and their days are numbered.”

    • I like that site; often visit there. For me, this paragraph held the key for the barbarous behavior of the Afghan men:

      But we are still left with a mystery. Welfare fraud is one thing: it makes a certain kind of sense, if you have no regard for rule of law or fairness and you are lazy. But why is this current cohort of Afghans making its mark as sexual predators . . . and inept, stupid ones at that? In search of an answer, perhaps we should take a closer look at the victims. We have eliminated improper attire and an unwittingly seductive manner, but might they have any other traits in common to shed light on why they became the targets of such madness? Reviewing them, one word comes to mind: fulfillment. A Turkish exchange student, happy to be advancing her education in industrial design at a good university in Vienna. A girl in a park, enjoying the sunshine. Two friends, taking their babies for a walk. A mother, enjoying a summer stroll with her two children. A contented old lady, out with her pet. Attractive, accomplished, happy, normal people . . . an unbearable sight, perhaps, to—and here I must agree with President Trump—losers. That is what he proposed we should call terrorists, and he is right. These young men, even minus a suicide vest, are losers, which has inspired them to become social terrorists.

      “Social terrorists”. We even have the home-grown variety in our large crime-ridden Democrat cities. Their behavior is assigned to the lack of any male authority in their lives (thanks to Uncle Sam’s money taking over that role). I wonder what the families of origin are for these Afghan animals?

      • ‘I wonder what the families of origin are for these Afghan animals?’

        Who knows? although I can imagine like elsewhere, male Muslim ‘privilege’ is key.

        Islamic culture creates sexually-repressed ‘testosterone-bombs’ for whom masturbation is forbidden and the vast majority of women are unobtainable (although abuse of Muslim women is widespread), add to that supremacist attitudes towards the kafir and the Islamic concept [that] males are not responsible for rape, plain old envy, and one gets malicious, hate-filled and emotionally-retarded individuals who seek not only to destroy what they do not or cannot have, such as happiness and fulfillment but use rape as a weapon, as many invading or oppressive forces have and still do (Turkish Army during invasion of Cyprus, Iranian regime to members of Green Revolution in prison or the Syrian Army being given permission to rape for example)- only Islam codifies rape as permissible.

        One female Al Azhar prof. said: “Allah allows Muslims to rape non-Muslims to humiliate them”, imams in the West have said women without hijabs, are “uncovered meat” asking to be attacked, after all if Mo did it what can be so bad about it?

        (the premise the Saudi-funded Georgetown professor Jonathan Brown disgracefully used recently, to defend slavery and ‘non-consensual sex’).

        One of the many appalling aspects of the rape&enslavement gangs in the UK, was the huge support for the perpetrators from their communities. Court galleries for trials have been packed with supporters of the accused – not the victims.
        The sense the perps felt not only were they doing nothing wrong but something ‘right’, and that the victims ‘deserved’ their depraved predations, was glaringly apparent.

        Shouts of “Alluh Akbar” from convicted child-rapists, while their friends and family supported them in the court, merely confirmed that notion.

        Whatever the perps’ motivations and backgrounds, the current epidemic of sexual assaults in Europe could reasonably be described as rape-jihad.

      • Looking at my reply on a mobile device I see it too is overlong, just fewer links 😉
        I’ll bear that in mind also.

  7. They might be “only” 1.9% of the population, but what percentage are they in each age range?
    The profile for 20-24 year old males is around 2.2 million. There are around 165,000 refugee males in this same profile. That means that refugee males now make up 7.5% of males in their early 20s in Germany. That is not 1.9% and it’s disingenuous to state otherwise.

    • Very good point. But soon, making such mathematically accurate observations will be illegal.

      You are spoiling this expensive change of populations when you notice such things.

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