Tariq Ramadan: The Artful Dodger of Oxford

The following post consists of two guest-essays about Tariq Ramadan by Michael Copeland. Both pieces were composed before the latest allegations of rape were made against Mr. Ramadan.

Tariq Ramadan: The Golden Rule

by Michael Copeland

The Golden Rule — to do unto others as you would have them do unto you — is familiar as a model for codes of conduct and for systems of governance.

Tariq Ramadan, holder of a Qatari-funded chair at Oxford, has recently been the subject of accusations against him of rape and brutal sexual assault, some from former pupils and students from earlier teaching positions abroad. The University was shamed into putting him on leave. Before the current allegations Ramadan acted as adviser on Islam to David Cameron, and used to be invited as a speaker to different venues. At one such talk in a church he was asked about the Golden Rule. He answered that in Islam the Golden Rule operates for “your brothers and your sisters, and some scholars say for all of humanity”. This sounds quite appealing, but deserves closer examination, and some explanation.

Your brothers and your sisters

Notice that “your brothers and your sisters” are cited separately from “all of humanity”, who only “some scholars say” are included. Why is this? It is because “your brothers and your sisters” means fellow muslims. The rest of humanity, the non-muslims, do not qualify. The unnamed “some scholars” are useful decoys. They were not identified, but their opinion, if they exist, can easily be shown to be unreliable by reference to the Koran. It is this book, available to be consulted online, that provides the instruction. The Koran is part of Islamic Law. Denying any verse is a capital offence (Manual of Islamic Law o8.7 (7)), which anyone is free to carry out vigilante-style: there is no penalty, “since it is killing someone who deserves to die” (Manual, o8.4).

Relentless hate-filled apartheid is commanded, and the instructions are not optional: “When a matter has been decided by Allah and his messenger the muslim man or woman has no choice” (33:36); “none may change his words (18:27). Muslims are “the best of peoples” (3:110): non-muslims, the unbelievers, are “the worst of creatures” (98:6), “the vilest of beasts” (8:22, 8:55). Muslims are instructed, “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other” (5:51). “Allah is the enemy of the unbelievers” (2:98): he “does not love the unbelievers” (30:45). They are “unclean” (9:28). “Between us and you enmity and hatred forever until you believe in Allah alone” is what is praised as “an excellent pattern” (60:4).

Them and us

As well as mandating this enmity, the Koran itself confirms that the Golden Rule only applies to muslims, not to “all of humanity”. Muslims “are merciful to one another but ruthless to the unbeliever” (48:29). Non-muslims have to convert, or accept subordinate status with restricted rights (only if they are Christians or Jews), or be killed, like Yazidis and Hindus. “Kill unbelievers wherever you find them”, instructs verse 5 of chapter 9, the chapter, “Sura At-Tawba”, cited by the Woolwich killer of Lee Rigby. Under Islam’s doctrine of “abrogation” it is that chapter, because it is the latest in time sequence, which overrides and “abrogates” all the peaceful verses elsewhere. “The verses of forgiveness”, revered scholar Mohammed As-Shawkani explained, “are abrogated by the obligation of fighting”.

Ali Sina, an Iranian ex-muslim, speaking from an inside knowledge of Islam, says:

“The reason I am against Islam is not because it is a religion, but because it is a political ideology of imperialism and domination in the guise of religion. Because Islam does not follow the Golden Rule, it attracts violent people.” (quoted by Geert Wilders, Berlin, Oct 2010, www.AtlasShrugs2000.com)


Islam has the sinister doctrine whereby deception in the cause of Islam is specifically authorised: it has a name — taqiyya. Tariq Ramadan is artfully deceptive. The Golden Rule is not part of Islam.

Tariq Ramadan: “Are You Swiss or a Muslim?”

by Michael Copeland

Tariq Ramadan, holder of a recently created Qatari-funded chair at Oxford, is at present the subject of several accusations of rape and brutal assault by different women, some of them former pupils and students from previous teaching positions. The University, at first inactive over these allegations, was shamed into putting him on leave. An Egyptian with Swiss nationality, he is a grandson of the co-founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organisation of Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other designated terrorist entities. Ramadan was David Cameron’s adviser on Islam.

Speaking a few years ago to a mainly Anglican audience in an English church, he touched on the subject of citizenship by asking and answering himself as follows:

“Are you Swiss or a muslim?”

“Silly question!”

The audience laughed obligingly, and that is as far as he took the topic. His humorous touch is an example of artfully closing, and thus dodging, a subject by bluff, a device to put the listener off the scent.

The uncomfortable reality is very different. The question is not silly, and bluff is not an answer. The loyalty that a muslim is instructed to have is to the Sharia, to Islam, overriding loyalty to any State. As Ramadan himself instructed, to an audience of muslims,

“The only law we must respect and apply is the Sharia.” (4freedoms.com/group/infiltration/forum/topics/tariq-ramadan-s-context-interpretation-gimmick)

Anjem Choudary is emphatic:

  • “As a Muslim you must have allegiance where the Sharia says that you have allegiance.
  • “As a Muslim ….I must have hatred towards everything which is non Islam.
  • “Queen and Country, Go to Hell! Man-made law Go to Hell!”

A placard carried in a pro-Sharia procession in Oxford Street confirms the point by citing an Islamic text ( ThinkAfricaPress www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq4el7gyPas at 0.31):

“Prophet said, ‘The muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all others’”.

Samir Khan, a US citizen and Al Qaeda member, formerly of North Carolina and New York City, made the obligation quite clear (www.jihadwatch.org/2010/10/us-jihadi-i-am-a-traitor-to-america-because-my-religion-requires-me-to-be):

“I am a traitor to America because my religion requires me to be. We pledge to wage jihad for the rest of our lives until either we implant Islam all over the world or meet our Lord as bearers of Islam.”

The Qatari-funded Ramadan is muslim: Islam does not permit its followers to choose. Hear what he said to a mainly muslim audience in Berkeley, California. They needed no bluff:

“At the end of the day, you might be a Muslim-American, Black, Latino, but not really. Us versus them…After four generations, you are Muslim with an American background.” (www.frontpagemag.com/2012/cinnamon-stillwell/uc-berkeley-and-the-%E2%80%98islamophobia%E2%80%99-lobby/)

Let the question be repeated:

“Are you Swiss or a muslim?”


“Muslim, loyal to Islam, nominally a citizen of Switzerland, but obliged by Islam to struggle in jihad, by force if needed, to make Switzerland, and Britain for that matter, Islamic, no longer a nation, but part of the One-Muslim-Nation-to-the-exclusion-of-all-others, the Global Caliphate, with Sharia law imposed on everyone.”

No bluff.

See also Tariq Ramadan: Respect

The Koran can be consulted online www.quran.com.

The Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller”, can be purchased online.

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    • It ran away with the dish to join ISIS or it is the day (you/anyone) wake up with him to your back encircled by his arms and you are in a “compromised” position.

  1. This charlatan, is the grandson of “hasan albana”, the founder of the muslim brotherhood,

    Read the book entitled: milestone by “said qutab”

    Islam is a NaZi ideology, nthe koran a instruction manual fir murder, and death of us all!

    Tarique ramadan is satan in sheeps clothing, a taquiya artist.

    How this scum has access to oxford university, and was a adviser to david cameron beggars belief.

    I prey british people will rise up, there is going be war.

  2. It’s Christmas. I am about to go out to do something enjoyable. So I thought I would do better than allow myself to be made despondent by this piece of …. muslim brotherhood, and have a bit of fun. Prompted by the Baron’s introductory sentence I looked up “Tariq Ramadan” “rape” (complete with the quote marks) on DuckDuckGo (other search engines are available). I was looking for UK reports of the allegations. On the first page of results I found two links to the Guardian (where it seems that every male is a rapist, just that some haven’t been found out yet) and a blog attached to the Economist (where it seems that 97.8% of males are rapists – economists are scientists in their own lunchtimes). The closest that the Telegraph got was a report of death threats received by Charlie Hebdo for their cover lampooning the poor little victimised Tariq. And no mention of ANY other UK mainstream media.

    So my response to Dimitrov above is: “How will the British people know to rise up?”

    Unless they make efforts to keep themselves informed, the British people will never know about the rape allegations. Lying by omission is probably the best strategy for lying, and the British press are complicit in this one up to their eyeballs. It could be that the press are frightened of sueballs being thrown, or it could be that they are weary of Oxford University being almost continuously in the silly news, or it could be that they consider the advance of Islam would best be served by keeping silent.

    Sorry, I made myself despondent after all. I’m going out to enjoy myself!

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