More on the “Youth” Who Stabbed a Girl to Death in a Kandel Drugstore

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

A late update from Egri (source: Bild): The parents had filed complaint against the perp, 15-year-old Abdul D., for “harassment, threat, insult.” A photo of young Abdul is below. If you ask me, he doesn’t look a day over 14.

Afghan Refugee Who Stabbed Teen Girl: Her Parents Had Already Reported Him To Police Two Weeks Ago

by Egri Nök

An original translation from Bild.

Afghan Stabs Former Girlfriend (15) In Drugstore

The Girl’s Parents Had Already Reported Him To The Police Two Weeks Ago

Perpetrator in Germany since spring 2016 as an unaccompanied underage refugee

[Photo caption (not shown) The victim’s uncle, Jürgen Stöffler: “The last time I saw her was at our family celebration on Christmas day. Now she is dead and I still can’t believe it.’”]

by Janine Wollbrett
December 28, 2017

Kandel — A 15-year-old girl was stabbed down on Wednesday afternoon in a drugstore in Rhineland-Palatinate by an Afghan boy of the same age. He was the girl’s ex-boyfriend. This is what the leading chief prosecutor Angelika Möhlig said on a press conference. An arrest warrant was issued.

The boy is in preliminary detention under strong suspicion of manslaughter. He has been refusing to make a statement so far. According to the information, the girl broke up with the accused at the beginning of December. On Wednesday they encountered each other accidentally. The Afghan followed his ex-girlfriend and stabbed her repeatedly in the drugstore.

After the relationship of several months had ended, the youth announced on social media that he wanted to “catch” his ex girlfriend, said Police Deputy Chief Eberhard Weber.

The Afghan entered Hesse in April 2016 as an unaccompanied underage refugee. He had been living in Neustadt an der Weinstraße (Rhineland-Palatinate) in a group accommodation with three other youths since September 2017. He already had a record with the police for an altercation at the school yard.

Perpetrator Stabbed Her With a Kitchen Knife

The parents of the victim pressed charges against the perpetrator for harassment two weeks ago. After the charge, the youth ignored the police citation several times. As a result, police delivered the citation personally to him before noon on the day of the crime.

The murder weapon is a 20-cm-long kitchen knife. The weapon was secured, according to Dieter Lippold, the leader of the investigation team. The Afghan did not resist arrest. There were no indications that he was under the influence of drugs. According to Lippold, he seemed quite indifferent. The two companions of the girl helped detain the stabber until the arrival of the police.

The store is open again on the day after the deed, but shock and mourning run deep.

People have put flowers in front of the door, and lit candles. The customer Diana Jäger (31) was in the drugstore to fetch her photos on the evening of the deed. She heard an argument, then the girl’s screams: “I did not hear what it was about.” Then, the girl was lying on the floor, teenagers standing beside her. Diana Jäger: “They said, ‘Mia, stay awake!’”

Everything happened very fast. Jäger also saw the alleged perpetrator, she says: “He had a dirty smile on his face.”

The girl’s uncle, Jürgen Stöffler (55), says to BILD: “The last time I saw her was at our family celebration on Christmas day. We were in a Greek restaurant in Kandel. Now she is dead and I still can’t believe it. My brother-in-law called me yesterday and cried on the phone: ‘Mia was killed.’”

The dm store manager, Roman Melcher (50), said to BILD: “I wish to express our deepest sympathy to the family. We are deeply saddened.”

63 thoughts on “More on the “Youth” Who Stabbed a Girl to Death in a Kandel Drugstore

  1. Get out of here. That guy 15???? Yea, and I am actually Sheena Queen of the Jungle. Smh. A child is dead.

    • Who will bell the cat?

      I doubt anyone coming into contact with this sociopath thought him under 23 or so (most 21-year olds don’t have those age lines), but no police or refugee worker was going to raise the question. The rest of the phony under-aged refugees would have rioted, the police officials would in no way have backed up anyone making the observation or acting on it, and the Muslim organizations would have caused publicity on it.

      Unfortunately, the German government is now in open warfare against its own people, and the saddest aspect of it is that the people don’t know and don’t care. If I had to take a guess, I’d say that most people realize that with their “free” medical care, pensions, housing benefits and the like, that throwing a wrench into the machine could disrupt their government-sponsored services. So, in the spirit of the Titanic passengers, they hope to find a place in the lifeboat of a sinking ship, and thus are not about to stir the nearby water.

      • Yes, I too think that the largese of the German welfare state is what keeps many Germans mum regarding the government’s intake of all the very foreign “refugees.”
        The giant welfare state in many Western countries, including of course the USA- is what causes people who actually have plenty of ” rightist” views- to either keep voting liberal or simply no longer go to the polls.

  2. Male supremacy has to prevail in Islam. The man’s supremacy (“honor”) had been slighted.

  3. He’ll be tried as a juvenile and given free pychological help. Does anyone here think he will be promptly kicked out of the country? I just hope her parents are AFDlers, so they can put forward a long-term public stink, but since they allowed her to go steady with this foreigner- we can deduce they are probably liberals.

    • Yes, the poor girl was not entirely blameless. At risk of appearing cruel, what was she doing involved with this invader trash in the first place? What were the parents doing and where were they, that they allowed such a relationship?

      Darwinian selection will remove many of these fools from the gene pool, but not before an even larger number of innocents are harmed or killed as well.

        • Yes. Normally, in a society that devotes resources into raising as well as having children, the parents would be monitoring a daughter at this age. So, any selection which is done works directly at the parents, rather than the girl. But, once the people begin losing their basic drive to reproduce, tragedies like this does not affect them so much.

          I think at one time in our history, the public officials allowing this sort of invader to run free in society would have to sneak out of town in the dark of night.

      • Agree. I have two daughters and have always made it clear that they must have nothing to do with non-Europeans.

      • I’m afraid I’ll have to agree. She should have been smarter than to involve herself with someone like him. I also blame the parents who allowed their daughter to date a grown-up man with zero information on his history and background. You reap what you sow. Still I am very sorry for the poor girl. RIP.

    • “since they allowed her to go steady with this foreigner”

      yes, because never in humanity’s history have a girl dated someone their parents didn’t approve.

      Don’t jump into conclusions.

    • There are methods of ascertaining actual age from physical examination of bones etc. They, of course will not do that.

  4. An altercation in the school yard …. ignored the police citation several times…. . He lied about his age, that much is obvious. Why the **** is he still in Germany? Are there no planes going in the direction of Kabul? (Surely must be easy enough with a change in Teheran.)

    So because of the state’s idiocy and neglect this girl is dead. I am so angry.

    • It’s not the idiocy of the state. It’s the apathy of the “responsible” officials and the unaccountability that’s purposely built in.

      • Sorry, ultimately it is the cowardice and stupidity of the people who go on voting for this, for more of the same. Germans are getting what they deserve. As a people, they are beneath contempt. A lot of them actually want to stop being Germans. Irish music is so ridiculously popular there because deep down young Germans want to be a small, victimised fringe people, not would-be heirs to the Reich.

        You cannot like or respect a people that does not like or respect itself.

        • Orwell – “A people that elects corrupt politicians, impostors, thieves and traitors are not victims but accomplices.”

        • @Anon:
          your statement is incorrect, because you might as well also dislike and disrespect French, Dutch, Swedes, Finns, Italians, Greeks and British and all the rest of the western EU not to mention Canadians and Australians and Minnesotans because of their Somali imports while you are at it.

          Because their ruling classes have promoted non-European migration and/or Muslim hijra these last 30 years or more.

          Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech is older than that.

          The French are approved by outsiders, notably left-liberal Germans bewailing German passivity, for their willingness to take to the streets and revolt but it has not managed to stop the hijra in France, has it?

          The stance taken by the Lutheran church on MENA and other invasion in the USA and Germany and Australia, for example, appears (profitably) identical across those three countries.

  5. I wonder what the parents will do now ?, write letter to Merkel??, she doesn’t care , she doesn’t have kids , so doesn’t matter, one or five dead , she is traitor to the own people, I’m just shocked she still in the office..

  6. I’ve always thought that manslaughter means accidental killing and that murder is when it’s deliberate. This “boy” was charged with manslaughter, so is German law different?

    • This is deliberate murder for God’s sake, by adult savage which Merkel imported into the country.

      These parents should do some action: hire a lawyer to sue this freaking government especially CDU, and these Islamic Greens which are against deportation [of] these criminals. Do something, action, maybe AFD can help, they in the parliament.

      • Yogi,
        Her parents are most likely the kind who would be ashamed to ask the AFD for help.

        What kind of parents let their 15 year old have a full fledged relationship knowingly anyway, let alone welcome the Arab lover in their house. These parents were lacking in love and lacking in wisdom. Now they are paying for it in the absolute worst way. Sad.

        • I’m afraid I’ll have to agree. She should have been smarter than to involve herself with someone like him. I also blame the parents who allowed their daughter to date a grown-up man with zero information on his history and background. You reap what you sow. Still I am very sorry for the poor girl. RIP.

    • In the UK, “manslaughter” is unpremeditated (I think it’s “second-degree murder” in the US?). Not sure why the German authorities didn’t believe he’d planned it.

      • I read somewhere that he’d posted on social media that he planned to do it. Unless the German lawyers can come up with a way of getting him off, he’ll be sentenced to five or six years at most. This appears to be though what used to be in Britain capital murder, a hanging offence.

  7. Ahh, idiot parents. Not only don’t they instil correct cultural values in their daughter, they do nothing to stop her being groomed by an adult male. The school should be held accountable for placing such men in the same classes as children too – so much idiocy, so little time to bemoan it!

  8. Hes around 25-26

    Her family should not allowed her to go with this sheep herder,

    German girls must NOT betray own men, these women are traitors also.

    The german officials who are turning blind eye to all this, these lies, about ages of these savages, putting them in schools amongst decent german kids,
    These whole chain of officials ought to be arrested.

    Germany and german people have been and are being betrayed by their own people, all the wsy up the chain to a. Merkel.

    Untill german men and women make a stand, go on streets and create mayhem, they are simply turkeys waiting for christmas, sitting ducks.

    • His age is anything between 26-30. Who in their own mind will even remotely believe he is 15 is a delusional idiot. Parents allowing a pedophile in their home and tolerating a pedophile and daughter in a sexual relationship. Oh my God! I can’t believe this [ordure].

  9. “the youth announced on social media that he wanted to “catch” his ex girlfriend”

    I wanted to check what German verb was used for “catch”, but when I clicked on the underlined word “Bild” to link to the original article, I could not find this passage. In fact, I could not find any article with the reporter’s name “Janine Wollbrett”. What am I doing wrong?

    • in this case, ” catch” was worded as ” abfangen, or abpassen”, which is : intercept, in military terms, that can mean destroy.

    • @Mark Spahn:

      if you were trying,view=conversionToLogin.bild.html

      it is mainly behind a paywall.

      NB. the father of the dead girl is being quoted as saying that the family looked after the Afghan, “because he had nobody else”.

      NB: on the morning of the murder the police had talked to the murderer on the strength of charges laid against him for harrassment etc. by the girl’s family.

      On the one hand, a senior SPD man is calling for the killer to be deported, which is likely due only to SPD voters having moved over to the AfD; on the other, the German media are pulling their usual SJW stunt of quoting the local SPD lord mayor of the dead girl’s town as saying: we don’ t want any xenophobia!

      The leading German State TV evening news program, Tagesschau, which had also suppressed all mention of the Afghan drowning-murder of Maria L. in Freiburg because it was “of only regional relevance” also failed to report on this murder initially.

      This time, the Tagesschau scribblers said that it was “only a crime de passion”(Beziehungstat).

      But then there was a social media outcry which German readers can read on the Tagesschau website, and Tagesschau did then mention the killing, after a fashion.

      • Hi – ‘abpassen’ literally means to intercept. Implies planned, strategic behavior. Hence a Murder1 charge could be made to stick – if there were a proper DA around. In Germany, there will be kid gloves for this creature.

        • And I remember last year a “Romanian” was given life sentence for “crime of passion”.

          Notice the double standard?

    • I can’t see “Bild” ’cause I have add-blocker etc. on — dont care much for such sites.

      In another article I have seen the word “abpassen” which means something like an ambush, though probably less violent.

  10. This sad event reminds me of a story. I was around 16-17 and I know the story because the girl was a classmate of my GF, it was not published anywhere. A young lover of this girl murdered the other lover with a knife. He was arrested and sentenced to death. But family (tribe) of the murdered boy didn’t find the verdict quite acceptable. The morning they were delivering the murderer to jail, to be hanged, police car was stopped by a myriad of armed men. They arrested police, put the bastard against the wall, shot him dead with hundreds of bullets, and then let the policemen go. They conveyed the message: tribe’s honour and members’ lives is much too important to be left to government, police or any other irresponsible entity.

    I can clearly see a clash of such tribal people with individual people who have handed all their jobs over to government, “organized human life” as father of left loves to say. But too much “organized” produces sissy human who may suffocate in open air. Your guests instinctively understand this, though they may not be able to comprehend it: “The host people are soft as silk, and their government is even more friendly. Why not take advantage?”.

    Of course I am not advocating to take guns and kill any offender, but you can find other ways to convey the message. Best would be to deport them for you are incompatible types of human (and also the Islamic conquest is an issue). But according to what I hear from you, deporting is not possible at the moment. So, for temporary purposes, convey a few hard tribal messages. Let them know you are also tribes who protect members. Otherwise the story will go on and on and on.

    • “incompatible types of human” … that’s right. We are not “all the same”: not all kinds of people fit together either under the same roof of a house or under the same “roof” of a society.

      • “same roof”, excellent point! another memory:

        A young German lady once explained to us that man and woman should divorce if their values and way of lives are irreconcilable. We noticed most Germans we met more or less share the same opinion and that’s their excuse to part on slightest annoyance. Now my question: if incompatible couples in that society feel free to part in cold blood, why they cannot not tell these irreconcilable aliens to leave? To my understanding, a Middle Eastern man is much more irreconcilable in values and way of life. This is a great success for Marxists who could brainwash these people to be so intolerant toward their own males and tolerant toward foreign parasites.

    • Agree totally, and I’ve often wondered why there were no tribal messages from the families of the many girls “groomed” in English towns like Rotherham.

      My family in Poland keeps very strongly together, and one reason I don’t want to see it “enriched” or forced to take quotas of Fake Refugees is because if anything happens to any female relative, we will take action ourselves and may even find ourselves in court as a result. This inaction, and even pretending that there’s no problem in Western Europe must surely be sending out the worst message possible – “You can do what you like here, we won’t do anything about it. The worst that you’ll face is a long stay in a free hotel [jail]”… The ideal invitation for all the troublemakers of the world?

      • Not, actually, a long stay. The least that the court can reasonably arrange. Germany has a dual justice system, with sentencing according to religion and national origin. If you’re “one of those who happen to be here now” (i.e. ethnic German) [Merkel] be prepared for a longer sentence.

        • It sounds like an exaggeration, a dual justice system, but it is actually true.
          German judges take into consideration the cultural background and legal system of the perp. So, for example, the husband who stabbed his wife, pushed her out of the window, and then proceded to cut her neck, and told arriving police that it was his right to kill his wife, was let off lightly. How was he to know this isn’t the custom in Germany?

    • “Tribal” societies are generally less successful than those whose citizens feel a greater loyalty to the nation; it’s largely a matter of trust. Transparency International publishes a “corruption index” (annually?), and the most corrupt are the Nigerias and Pakistans of this world.

      • “Tribal” societies are not only the Pakistans and Nigerias of this world – but also the likes of Italy, Eastern Europe, Russia, and up until recently many families in Western Europe. Especially Jewish families like Rothschilds, Rockefellers, all doing well thanks to their sticking together. Germany is also known for its large families often living in multi-generational households with a high proportion of stay-at-home mums. (More in West than East Germany)

        On the contrary, “atomised” families such as single mothers on welfare I’m not sure contribute so much, although granted, highly-educated men and women who are uncorrupt and well-meaning play a big role in western economies. Only how many children do they have? And it’s this factor which means tribal families, at the end of the day, will have the upper hand.

          • Rolf, this is the last time I will approve an unsourced comment by you, even in redacted form.

            As I have said on numerous occasions previously, when you make controversial assertions in the comments, you must source them. And by “source”, I don’t mean posts on Storm Front or some other “(((JQ)))” site.

            Your total unwillingness to comply with this minimal requirement is why I delete the vast majority of your comments without approval. Not once have you included a source, credible or otherwise, for any of your assertions.

            The most peculiar of those assertions was that former PM Tony Blair was related to Eric Blair, a.k.a. George Orwell. Since that particular assertion was easy to research, I looked into the background of both Blairs, just out of curiosity. The family tree of each was well-recorded back to great-grandparents, and there was absolutely no connection between the two. Moreover, Tony’s ancestors (adoptive and otherwise) were in Scotland, whereas Eric’s were in the South of England.

            As far as I was concerned, this put the final torpedo into all those Nazi-friendly “facts” you so blithely state. The Blair affair was enough to utterly destroy your all but non-existent credibility.

        • The Rockefeller who migrated from Germany in the early 18th century had been a landholder in the old country. Unless I am much mistaken, there were no Jews owning significant estates in Germany in those days.

  11. Rheinland – Palatinate is one of the nicest parts of Germany. I visited it when I was studying near there over a decade ago. Back then, outside the big towns was not an Enricher in sight, and everything was very orderly, families together etc. Like a richer, more orderly version of Poland…

    Could not imagine that stuff like this would be taking place there regularly, only a decade later. And how many other families must also be having this trauma of their daughters getting into relationships with “14 year-old Afghans” (getting on 30) and the like? For every story like this, there must be many others where violence, threats and fear are never far away (although yeah, it must have been all so nice when they met)… special thanks to Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the many others who hate their own culture, and fantasise about “mixing” with a barbaric culture that does not condone it, but only accepts “taking”, through violence if necessary.

  12. Iceland: Muslim migrant charged with brutal murder of woman who rejected his advances –

    Bridges TV: the wife wanted a divorce. Husband pretended to seek a reconciliation, and beheaded her with a sword -

    And so on and so on.

    Special plea to all those informing or educating Western girls:


    For a male being rejected is a terminal “dishonor”.
    Islam is 7th Century. Islam is male supremacism.


      Yep. Think that’s exactly it… they should keep clear of those psychos in the first place. Yet Germany in particular is filled with young, beautiful, women from good homes walking arm-in-arm with some Enricher. And many of those women wear crucifixes…

  13. To bad Germany has forgotten that to be a great and civilized nation it has to protect its citizens.

  14. Take a good look at him. He’s around 35. And German courts are beginning to accept the
    “I didn’t know rape is illegal in Germany. Rape is legal in my culture.”

    A judge acquitted an animal who raped a 10 year old because a 10 year old is too young to either consent to sex or refuse sex.

    Then there was some reasoning to justify that ruling but it was impossible to follow.

  15. Read Deutsche Welle about this crime , it’s just outrageous how this government propaganda can lie and twist facts, and This Girl father : “ We took and treat Him like the own son , and now our only daughter is dead , it’s no way He is 15 , We will find out His Age , and He will be charged like the adult “ , why spending tax money for this savage !!!, just deport Him for God sake..

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