The West Made Wild

The essay below was originally published the same day Fusilier Lee Rigby was beheaded on a London street back in May 2013. It appeared at LibertyGB, which is no longer extant.

The West Made Wild

by Michael Copeland
22 May 2013

The following article by Michael Copeland concerns the incalculable dangers to which governments have exposed British citizens by allowing into our midst huge numbers of strangers, neither knowing nor (apparently) caring which are violent criminals or dangerous terrorists. The article is especially pertinent in light of today’s atrocity in Woolwich.

Law and order, as we mostly assume, are achieved by legislation and law enforcement. It is not quite as simple as that, though. Observance of the law is not accomplished solely by those agencies: it is the product of consensus. We citizens are aware of the accepted norms and observe them by consensus for the sake of peaceful mutual coexistence. Most of our behaviour is governed by this understanding, by custom and practice, not by detailed knowledge of the law. It is this consensus, though, that has been destroyed — yes, not ‘lost’, but destroyed.

Governments in the West in recent years have encouraged and permitted the arrival of thousands and thousands and thousands of people from hugely different foreign cultures, including some cultures where carrying a weapon is normal. Some arrivals are of unknown criminal background, and most will, of course, be completely unfamiliar with our laws and customs. Quite a number speak no English. In addition, considerable though unascertainable numbers of entrants have arrived unlawfully and are living ‘under the radar’. By definition these are not law-abiding, nor are they citizens. As a result the consensus for observance of the law is eliminated. In effect governments in Europe have made the West into a sort of recreated Wild West. The level of law enforcement appropriate for the old consensus is not adequate for the new free-for-all.

We are less safe. Quality of life has been adversely affected. We know that. Perforce our response has been to adjust our behaviour to our own disadvantage, by reducing our expectations to a new lower standard. We do this and subconsciously adjust: the loss becomes normalised. Pensioners refrain from going out at night. Women are not safe on their own. Indigenous Britons refrain from setting foot in problem areas where they know they are likely to be assaulted. It is a loss of quality of life.

When Enoch Powell made the speeches for which the Left have ever since continually vilified him, the level of immigration giving him concern was 30,000. Later it grew. By 1978, when Mrs. Thatcher voiced her concern, it was half as much again and more. She said: “We must hold out the clear prospect of an end to immigration because at the moment it is about between 45,000 and 50,000 people coming in a year.”

The clear prospect never came. The end never came. Instead, after Labour came to power in 1997 they sent immigration into overdrive. Powered behind the scenes by the EU, and quite possibly helped by petrodollars, this was Labour’s social engineering for voter population replacement: the aim was to outnumber the Right and “rub their noses in diversity”. The immigration figure for 2011 was 593,000. This is unsustainable. It is a surreal Mickey Mouse and the broomsticks.

This state of affairs has been inflicted on us, largely by the EU. We did not request it. We were never consulted. Our objections have not been heeded. The hideous irony is that we are paying for it, and paying dearly in numerous ways. We pay the government to govern and this is what we get. We pay into the EU but have no control over the unelected decision-drivers. We pay for these arrivals’ welfare, housing, health, schooling, interpreters and social facilitators. We pay for bogus ‘single mothers’ who are, in fact, polygamous wives. We pay in the loss of whole neighbourhoods, whole towns even. We pay in crime. We pay police, expensive lawyers, judges, prisons, the whole apparatus. We are less safe, and, worse, we are bankrupt.

We need a halt to immigration. We need a referendum. There is more trouble ahead.

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13 thoughts on “The West Made Wild

    • That arrogance in the police mugshot is typical. And what you encounter on every street and place they presume to own. Which is everywhere they walk. “Schizophrenia”, “mental illness” etc is not the coverall.

      It is the duty of govt to ban the book that nurtures the “mental illness” and evil deeds.

      Q: Victoria’s mother:
      “Someone dared to raise his hand against her and take her away from me. Why?”

      A: The conditioned evil doers, their teachers, community, “mentally ill”, cannot / will not answer.
      The govt know and will not say.

      The govt does not protect us from harm – the first duty of our govt – and those representatives refuse to do their jobs. Oh, for shame.

      It is interesting to note that Judge Burnett on this case is the same judge who freed T Robinson from an incarcerated premature demise last August. It was he who threw out the contempt of court jailing on “flawed” grounds. Giving TR a lifeline to breathe another day.
      And upheld the spark of belief that British justice and duty to the public has not been completely crushed in the UK.

  1. Of course we needed a halt to immigration several decades ago. The time for peaceful measures to have been effective has long since passed.

    At this point, a civil war is needed in order to avoid enslavement at the hands of a technocratic elite, or worse, the loss of rights, property, and then lives in the same manner of South Africa.

      • How? By not demanding our “elected” officials be held accountable. Those officials sold our national security for cash, no different than Judas Iscariot except they feel no remorse.

    • No war is civil and must be avoided at all cost. What has been done will not be undone. Plan for a future that will ensure your personal safety and security. Control of these nations isn’t going to be relinquished without bloodshed. Leave the decayed societal issues to the ensuing mobs and focus on affecting change within your control.

      • Of course no war is civil, but it is now inevitable because our feckless, weak, and Quislings flooded our western countries with the 3 rd world, making war all but a forgone conclusion.

  2. I can’t wait until the [sharia redacted] of muzzies start. There’d be no historical lesson by them so they won’t know what happened. They’re all about Allah and killing us, there’s no room for them to recount defeat. Even at the tail end of the offensive against ISIS, we have this muzzie rallying about conquering all of the free world.

    When [sharia redact] happens, I hope someone has the forethought to broadcast these types of videos from them. And they will provide fresh material for us to point to as reason for [sharia redact] muzzies. They never stop.

    • I believe sharia is enacted in Britain. You may not be aware since you’re not a muslim. So you get none of the benefits.

  3. Europe is on its last leg, we won’t survive. I am from Sweden and I know for sure that Europeans won’t have the honor and fortitude to use violence against those who would enslave us.

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