Is it Your Girl, Mr. BoJo?

Is it Your Girl, Mr. BoJo?

by Michael Copeland

Is it your girl, Mr. BoJo, they enslaved and raped and raped,
Coldly marketing her sex for ready cash?
Is it your wife they demean with their insulting cries of “Whore!”,
And assure her that her pretty face they’d smash?
Is it your boy who was picked on all the time when at his school,
Who was threatened he’d be given broken bones?
Is it your car that they vandalise and seek to set on fire,
And your house they keep targeting with stones?
Is it your road where they park and double-park outside the house,
Or urinate in driveways and in yards?
Oh no, sorry. I forgot. It isn’t like that. Silly me!
At your place there’s a gate with well-armed guards.

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4 thoughts on “Is it Your Girl, Mr. BoJo?

  1. Bozo the western oriental gentleman. Out of place and out of time. Not fit for purpose and traitorous to boot. Give him a top hat and walking stick. Meanwhile the Islamic army grows stronger everywhere every day and forms up – on the mainland. Not a time to stab your French partners and allies in the back.

  2. That could fit any of the ruling elite from Hollywood ,the talking heads on MSM ,or our brain dead dear leader Biden and his family of grifters feeding on the government tit. .The west is being lead by professional grifters, snake oil salesmen , and side show freaks keep them entertain , ladies boys, morbidly obese singers, porn artists reading bedtime stories to our kids .As we import terror fill jihadist give them welfare ,housing, health care as they threaten to rob us ,rape our women, beat our children, burn down our houses of worship, and make going about our daily lives a living hell. If we donot get the jab we will be fired from our jobs ,and not even able to get a drink at the local waterhole to cry in our beer about our current plight .

    • Bojo’s maternal great-grandfather was born to a Jewish family, and this great grandfather was not religious, but was partial to Roman Catholicism. Thus Bojo’s ethnicity is 1/8th Jewish, and as Jewish Law determines that Jewish status is matrilineal, Bojo isn’t Jewish at all.
      Your statement is not only wrong, but silly racist as well. Not even the 3rd Reich would have considered Bojo Jewish.

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