Islamic Sedition

Sedition seems such an archaic concept here in the Modern Multicultural 21st century. It isn’t even against the law anymore in the UK. But what would you call Islam in the West, if not sedition?

Islamic Sedition

by Michael Copeland

Sedition is not dead: it is being actively pursued by Islamic hard-liners. It is not harmless, nor is it some quaint relic of bygone times. It is dangerous. Alarmingly, in the UK in 2010 under David Cameron, sedition was made no longer a crime. It remains a crime in the USA.

What is sedition? It happens when public actions such as speeches and demonstrations espouse disobedience of the law, or opposition to authority. This makes them “insurrection against the established order”. Insurrection means active disobedience, such as revolution. Sedition is a direct challenge to government — to the order established by the legislature. It is opposition to our way of life, our laws, our values, our culture.

Sedition is being assisted by hard-line Islamic speakers and demonstrators. They do so by openly promoting Sharia law. Sharia law is “incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy” (European Court, 2003). Its exponents assure their listeners that it overrides “man-made laws”. Hear Mustafa Carroll of CAIR:

If we are practising Muslims we are above the law of the land

Islam has no interest in democracy. Hear Fouad Belkacem, alias Abu Imran, of Sharia4Belgium,

Democracy is the opposite of Sharia and Islam

To “Impose Sharia Law on All Mankind”, using force if necessary, is the agenda of Islam, but it is not normally revealed in such an open manner. Usually it is phrased in careful euphemisms, so as to appear neutral and anodyne.

Anjem Choudary speaks of “calling” for Sharia. Like calling a dog? No. Imam Rauf of the Ground Zero Mosque spoke of “introducing” Sharia to “help” muslims live their lives according to Islam. Samir Khan, of New York, North Carolina, and Al Qaeda, wished to “install” Islam all over the world. Choudary calls for Sharia to be “implemented”. Tariq Ramadan told his listeners to “spread” Islamic Sharia law. Let it be clear: these are disguises. Muslims are not seeking anything so tiresome as agreement or consent from the public, nor are they promoting any Bill before Congress or Parliament. These phrases all mean “inflict by force”.

The imposition of Sharia by force has already been happening in Tower Hamlets, London. A teacher, whose job included giving accounts of different religions, was ambushed by several Muslim men and bludgeoned almost to death with a brick. Under Sharia only Muslims may explain Islam. A non-Muslim woman was told to wear a headscarf or be killed. A lone American student who had been to a bar was ambushed and badly beaten by a gang of Muslim men for drinking alcohol.

Sharia law’s “Commanding the Right and Forbidding the Wrong” includes the right “to directly hit or kick” (Manual of Islamic Law q5.8). Anjem Choudary announced that Muslim patrols would uphold Sharia “in a swift Islamic manner”. That incident shows what it means. Choudary’s predecessor and master, Omar Bakri, instructed muslims not to co-operate with police, not to give them any help, not to recognise them. Unsurprisingly very little help came in answer to an appeal by police to identify those filmed doing the assault. Eventually they were identified and tried.

Also in Tower Hamlets passers-by have been accosted, insulted, and threatened for being in un-Islamic dress, or carrying beer, or allegedly “being gay”. This is Sharia violence in action. It undermines and countermands Western law. It subverts the constitution and incites resistance to lawful authority: that is the definition of sedition.

Sharia law bears no relation to English law, US law, or any European law. English law, as it happens, was actually set down in writing before Islam’s calendar even began in 622 CE: it exists transcribed in the Textus Roffensis. Sharia is seventh-century desert tribal practice imposed by thuggery and maintained by thuggery. “Sharia Rules Enforced” said the illegal posters put up in Tower Hamlets. Force is an integral part of Sharia. Osama bin Laden explained it years ago, but no-one listened:

Does Islam or does it not force people by the power of the sword to submit? Yes!

He was a Muslim. His word is more authoritative than any Western politician’s.

Consider these placards:

  • British Police Go To Hell
  • Freedom Go To Hell
  • Democracy Go To Hell!
  • Muslims Reject Democracy And Secularism!
  • Democracy and Freedom on Death Row
  • Emirates for Britain

Consider these cries:

  • Burn! Burn, USA!
  • Queen and Country Go To Hell!

All incite resistance and opposition to lawful authority. That is seditious. Abu Izzadeen (Trevor Brooks) announced it proudly:

We are definitely a danger to Western democracy!

The placard message “Muslims Rise” is a direct call to insurrection, revolution. The call is itself unarmed aggression.

Islam’s agenda overrides national boundaries. Samir Khan, US citizen, Al Qaeda member, formerly of North Carolina and New York City, made the obligation quite clear:

I am a traitor to America because my religion requires me to be. We pledge to wage jihad for the rest of our lives until either we implant Islam all over the world or meet our Lord as bearers of Islam.

Imagine for a moment smartly dressed men wearing swastika armbands, and with placards announcing “Nazi law for USA… Nazi law for Britain… Nazism will dominate… Rise to Defend the Nazis”. Nothing to look at here? Move along now? How would you react? That would be a direct act of opposition to authority. It seems that our leaders are paralysed or compromised: they will not see the same of Islamic sedition.

Islam is not in the West to co-exist. It is engaged in Migration Jihad. Its agenda is to “dominate”, in other words, take over, and, by force, to replace the constitution with Sharia law. This is to bring on the envisaged “Global Caliphate” under Islamic rule. Tariq Ramadan, addressing a Muslim audience in USA, told them:

We are not here to adopt American values, we are here to colonize the U.S. (and Canada) and spread Islamic sharia law

Mohammed Mahdi Akef in Egypt announced proudly:

Islam will invade Europe and America, smashing Western civilisation and replacing it with Islam

Sheik Huwayni confirms:

Muslims in the past conquered, invaded, and took over countries. This is agreed to by all scholars… The prisoners and spoils are distributed among the fighters… which includes men, women, children, wealth, and so on.

A placard carried in Oxford Street expresses the point by citing an Islamic text:

The Muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all others

That is about as anti-State as an unarmed act of aggression could be. When the message is “Shariah the Only Solution”, this denounces existing law.

Judge the words for yourself. Search “muslim placards” online. These slogans are not harmless calls to devotion. They are sedition.

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16 thoughts on “Islamic Sedition

  1. Jesus said, “Satan comes only to kill, steal, and destroy.” From this essay it would appear that what Jesus described is indeed the case and that his minions are hard at work. What is sad is that they have been completely deceived into being willing to spend eternity with their master who has already been condemned to perdition. I pray for them and their redemption with heartfelt pleas as one who escaped their lot only by the grace of God.

    • Well get off your bloody knees and start fighting back! Islam can only be defeated by force of arms and utter ruthless resolve. Deo Volente!

  2. These people are so honest. They don’t lie. They don’t need takkiyya.

    We can see them and their actions to fulfil their intentions. Traitors see that.

    BUT They condition us to:

    “See what we tell you to see. “

  3. Islamism “Death with a comic appearance”. They look weird but I do not underestimate their evil abilities.

  4. Mind-boggling. Absolutely mind-boggling. You do a good job of laying it all out clearly, or perhaps I should say, THEY do.

    We need to continue making the analogies between Islam’s imperialist nature and that of any other ideology that represents an existential threat to us in the West.

    We also need to rehabilitate nationalism from the aegis of Nazism. I usually respond with “Hitler didn’t simply want to make Germany great; he wanted to make the world German.”

    There’s quite a difference.

    • As far as their progress tells us and them they are making conquest level rape and conquest anywhere they choose in Western Europe. Lots due to the women’s demand for loving being violated and plundered and Muslim’s willingness to oblige. War is needed to even things up and along a fairly divided haul. Free welfare, housing and enemy plundered females sets s very bad precedent. No?

  5. War. They declared war on the West 1400 years ago. Now they live amongst us, guarded by our own police, sheltered by our own taxes, breeding 4x faster than us. Hope is not enough.

  6. Some Islamic beliefs and teachings mandate the commission of crimes against humanity.

    That suffices to exclude Islam from the protective scope of human rights laws and the law of genocide.

    It is eminently justified for civil authorities to impose capital punishment on Muslims for crimes of blasphemy and seducing to idolatry.

    • That is the bloody problem right there! You are depending on other people to defend you and yours instead doing it for yourself as it is your God given right to do so! History is full people who believe such as yourself, there are mass graves all over the damn place because of such wishful thinking.

      • The problem is that I live in the United Kingdom. It’s a criminal offence here even to possess a firearm, let alone to close with Muslims and kill them. The present task is to win the legal argument so as to exclude Islamic beliefs from the protection of human rights law, and then to win the political argument for the reinstatement of our ancient laws against heresy and blasphemy.

  7. Visiting London recently it looks like Islam and hordes of their bent impoverished allies in high places are closing in fast. Tops dogs B and S both attached at their hips. Where is all this bedridden IslamoEUro flowing?

  8. Michael, good article as usual but, the UK establishment is more likely to act against you for “Hate Speech” than against the islamosavages for being islamosavages.

  9. Muslims only reside in western countries as a guest of our antichristian political class. That class gained power in the 19th and 20th centuries through diverting banking money to remaking our countries’ governments to their liking. It’s far past time for us to start removing all that power.

  10. Excellent article, Michael. Yes, it is sedition – yet no one in authority in the U.K. seems to care. I always wondered how these Muslims protesters could carry around signs urging violence and insurrection, apparently with impunity, while the PC British police were otherwise engaged arresting those who would put bacon on a mosque door handle, train their pug dog to do a Nazi salute, or tell a “hateful” joke.

    Remember too that some of these Muslim placards were inciteful of murder: Slay … Behead … Butcher Those Who (fill in whatever perceived offence was felt by these Muslims to be particularly egregious that day) … and so on. These are urgings to lethal actions. How is this in any way allowed in a civilized Western society?

  11. Nobody has ever conquered the whole world and neither they shall. If you don`t believe me, try and you`ll see.

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