The Canuck Stasi Interrogate Ezra Levant

Actually, the word “Stasi” does not provide an adequate analogy for these two amiable fellows from the Canadian federal election authority. “Stasi” connotes an air of overt menace, but these guys are low-key. Their menace is more subtle and subdued. They’re nice, the way all Canadians are expected to be. Which makes them even more menacing, when you realize what their mission is: they’re tasked by unnamed authorities with investigating Ezra Levant for writing a book during an election campaign.

His best-selling book was about the election, so releasing it during the campaign was an unremarkable business decision. And the two agents concede that books and publicity for books are exempt from the law that restricts political campaign activities. Nevertheless, they think that his book may somehow violate laws promulgated by the Supreme Canadian Soviet, so they want to know why he wrote it, when he wrote it, how he wrote it, and who helped him research it.

Mr. Levant plans to hire the best lawyers to fight the Nice Stasi, and will spare no expense in doing so. As a result he is appealing to his audience for help in funding his cause:

This video is only part 1. Part 2 should prove interesting.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

13 thoughts on “The Canuck Stasi Interrogate Ezra Levant

  1. What is that movie…Other People’s Lives (?) about the STASI…that is the future that Eric Blair AKA George Orwell warned us about after he sat in on some meetings.
    There is always a silver lining and for Canada it is plenty of open space so one can escape from the moonbatty hordes of hivemind zombies.
    Canada is an odd case where they get some things right (ending anchor babies) and then go full cultural Marxism (political correctness) on other matters.
    Nice and optional is always how the snout gets under the tent besides the old “it’s for the children” standby.

  2. Ezra Levant is the most courageous men in Canada, if not the most courageous. Ever since I started following him, I have been impressed with his fearless support of Liberty and Free Speech, especially when it came to the Tommy Robinson affair.

    While many of Tommy’s so called supporters jumped ship, Ezra was there, using his own money and resources to make sure that the word got out about the latest injustice.

    As far as what they ‘re doing to him now, it is truly beyond belief that things have gotten this terrifyingly awful in Canada! How is it even possible to have 2 unelected government THUGS drag Ezra into an un-Constitutional investigation over a book??

    What the hell is going on in Canada these days? I knew the UK was completely screwed up beyond recognition but didn’t realize the sickness had spread to neighboring Canada.

    The sight of these 2 rational looking, soft spoken GOONS interrogating Ezra like it was the most normal thing in the world, made me want to puke. This is how liberty dies- not with a bang but a whimper.

  3. I think this is intimidation and Lawfare.

    The purpose is to scare and bankrupt you. Not any different than General Flynn in the US who is now bankrupt and his family was threatened by the same type of goons.

    Notice Ezra now needs to raise money to defend himself after he said they spent $17,000 to defend themselves in an earlier situation.

    Trudeau and his Gestapo need to be defeated and humiliated over and over again.

    • That is the problem right there, the r refusal to use warfare to counter act this stupidity and in intimidation. In the end, warfare always beats lawfare! Civilized means with uncivilized people, the very same people who move the goalposts is a lose lose situation that is only countered by extremely ruthless means.

  4. As per the usual the “process” is the explicit punishment. The process to create mental anguish and create duress in the subject is the intended punishment. Fines and jail time are only extra bonuses for these types. They make me physically ill just seeing them on video committing the evil deeds they’re paid to do without any moral conscience. Just “following orders” I think was the usual Nuremberg Defense of this type of person. Because someone wrote a book. Maybe they’ll either buy them all up or outright confiscate them for burning later on. We will see. We will wait and see.

  5. Do not go to be interviewed.
    Do not speak to a goon, other than to invite the goon to go [have carnal knowledge of] themselves, which is not an offence in canada.
    If they want to have ‘a chat’, make them get a warrant, kick the door in, and drag you off in chains.
    Force them to hew to the letter of the law, with warrants, and media circuses.
    In know Mr. Levant’s job is journalism. None the less, do not cooperate, particularly with drumheads and star chambers.
    Force the goons to get on the jackboots and do it the hard way.
    Just a note for my Ameribro’s. In canadastan, you have no right to face you accusers.
    Secret anonymous complaints are the rule of the day, and when the complaints are secret, they originate from a cop, or an offended civil servant under orders from an offended elected hack.
    In point of fact, canadian zeks have no unalienable human or civil rights at all.
    Any appointee, cop or dog-catcher can suspend your ‘rights’ on the spot and on a whim.
    That is explicitly what the ‘charter of rights and freedoms’ reads.
    Do not play along. Make them do it the hard way.
    They can only kill you once.

    • To that I say go hunting yourselves, for once they fear you, this will end. Nothing changes ones mind better when them and their loved ones have open season opened on them.

      • I would think it is an unspoken law that when the jack-booted state thugs appear on one’s doorstep, they should be met with the same means they come bearing.
        I would not expect a journalist or a civilian to apply military means to the problem. A journo has a different MOS, and should stick to what they know.
        Spatter the truth far, wide and loudly.
        For those of us trained in a ‘hands-on’ MOS…well. Loud has a rather different meaning.

  6. This looks like an exact real-life copy of Kafka’s “Der Prozess” (The Trial).
    Just as with Orwell’s “1984”, this book was a serious warning for what was awaiting us in the Western World, if we wouldn’t be sufficiently aware of the signs ahead.
    Alas, most of us weren’t, and that’s how we ended up in this totalitarian pc mess we are in today. Mediocre contemporary government officials even seem to mistake the great works of Kafka and Orwell for instructions rather than warnings.
    Let’s all support Ezra!
    And let’s make Kafka fiction again!

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