Quiz III: Fourteen Clues

Quiz III: Fourteen Clues

Compiled by Michael Copeland

We have actually allowed a Trojan horse to settle everywhere in our neighbourhoods, which wants to undermine our way of life.
Nadine Romano, French MEP.

[Its] pattern is this: intimidate, humiliate and expropriate until you can annihilate.
— mortimer, comment

a savage subhuman criminal warlord death cult of oppression, murder and mayhem.
— Dan S., comment

a corruptor of good morals, a superstitious paradigm that promotes violence and bigotry as divine truth
— Agostino Armo Pellegrini, comment Dec 15, 2019 at 9:38 am

….inherently hostile—a costly lesson that countless innocents have been paying for nearly 1,400 years.
Raymond Ibrahim

a primitive death cult used to control large populations, illegally accumulate wealth, excuse bad behavior and justify perversions.
— Cheechakos, comment

achieved nothing in 1,400 years, except murdering and enslavement
— Spartacus, comment

brutal, backward, hostile, murderous, and treacherous
— Robert Clive

this violent ideology that promotes terror, hate and mayhem….
incompatible with our Constitution, rule of law and our values.

Amil Imani

an utterly ruthless totalitarian political system which has violated the rights of half the people on the planet and will literally stop at nothing to achieve its goal of world domination.
Andrej Zyro from Poland [taken down by Facebook]

…the movement, the ideology, the totalitarian theocratic-political belief system that has been the scourge of the world since the seventh century.
— Lt.-Col. Allen West, Family Security Matters

…a contagious cult that incites its followers to commit violence
Bob Smith

…a criminal conspiracy against life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
— Myxlplik, comment May 25, 2014 at 6:46 pm

…like a fractured sewer flowing out of hell and disgorging every form of depravity into our world.
— sean, comment August 12, 2011 at 8:01 am

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16 thoughts on “Quiz III: Fourteen Clues

  1. Yes this the work of the globalists, soros Rothschilds and co, all part of their agenda 21 depopulation plot.

    The sooner we cut of head of these half dozen family’s, and wipe them out, then we can deal with the islam invasion, mass depopulation from western countries of Islamic welfare scrounges, bogus asylum losers.

    The globalists must be grinded into dust, the whole lot of them, we need to know the addresses of these globalists and the locations of there underground escape room bunkers, I heard in New Zealand there are some. Jacinda horse head ardern is covering from them, I hope NZ rise up and take horse head into shackles and orange jump suinasap ASAP!

    • Mate, most of the filth live in your quarter of the world.

      If you take care of them there then we will clean up whatever escapes.

      The royal families of every european country that still have them need removed as of course does every Rothschild, Soros, and so on. Every fraudulent leader – Macron, Johnson, Merkel etc.

      We need names and addresses published online so that people can take their grievances directly to the source.

      • Sorry Dawg, most of the aristocracy in mainland Europe don’t buy into the 1 world government insanity, most are ardent nationalist first and foremost including my Hapsburg side of the family. Sure there is a few woke useful idiots but they have no voice at the table.

  2. Yeah, the bloody learning curve is long over, now what needs to be done is direct action to deal with the problem instead of the crying caterwauling over it. Where are the direct action teams ?

  3. His funding came from Federal Reserve or IMF = international monetary fund
    His level of thinking is on that of a bacteria
    He serves his lord
    Eleven left
    Figure out more yourselves for instance He liked to torture animals

  4. I think the bigger problem is with the Arabs as an ethnic group than Islam as a religion. There are Islamic groups that could never do the things that these Arabs do. We should focus more on the ethnic side than the religious one. Arabs, first, don’t belong in Europe, not necessarily Islam.

    • The Iranians, Afghans, Somalis, Packis and Chechens who do most of the terrorism in Europe are not Arabs, but Islam is a common factor.

      Arabs, outside of Israel and the Palestinian Authority controlled areas are hospitable and friendly when in their own cultural environment, providing you follow their rules. There is no desire for multicultural in most Arab lands, you comply, leave or die.

      We have to understand that Islam, like Roman Caatholicism and many mainstream Christian sects, takes on the cultural nuances of the locale and the ‘tribe’.. For example, American Catholics would find rural Sicilian Catholicism strange.

      Even in the Arab world Palestinians are despised, and Hamas shooting missiles at civilians is not appreciated, this is why Hamas has to look to Iran for supplies and to Europe for handouts.

      • Ah Mark. Such a nice old man. Go with the flow. Yes. Read the bloody Koran for God’s sake. Surrender to win. The invader’s columns sharpen their knives whilst El Stupido dulls his Richard. Stop the madness.

    • All GD 3rd worlders don’t belong in our western nations, end of story, and sooner or later we will come to the Rubicon where it comes down to them or us.

  5. @ Mark

    Re: “I think the bigger problem is with the Arabs as an ethnic group than Islam as a religion. There are Islamic groups that could never do the things that these Arabs do. We should focus more on the ethnic side than the religious one. Arabs, first, don’t belong in Europe, not necessarily Islam.”

    It would be nice if things worked out that simply, but they don’t – not by a long shot.

    There is no denying that Saudi Arabia – being the birthplace of Islam – is its epicenter. Moreover, the Arab world is the epicenter of Sunni Islam, which is the largest and most-influential sect within the umma. And many of the most-fanatical strains of Islam, such as Wahhabism, originated in the Arab world. And it is well-known that much of the financing for Sunni jihadist/terror groups originates there.

    However, on the other side of the coin, Islam has over a billion adherents, most of whom reside outside of the Arab world in places like Indonesia, Pakistan, and Iran, to name a few of the fifty-seven Islamic nations on earth. And some of them are every bit as fanatical and devoted as any Sunni Arab Muslim. The Chechens are so fierce that even the hardcore Sunni Arab jihadists give them a wide berth.

    And are you really so naive as to believe that Islam is “only” a religion? It isn’t: Islam is best-described as a totalitarian form of government and highly-effective means of conquest disguised or “bearded” as a religion. Islam is totalitarian not only for what it means to the unbeliever and infidel, but to the believer himself- there is no part of a Muslim’s life his faith does not touch.

    Islam is also the only so-called “religion”on earth which mandates not only that its followers obey its laws (sharia is Islamic law), but non-Muslims also. Moreover, once one becomes a Muslim, one may not relinquish that status except under threat of death. Rejection of the faith is considered apostasy and under sharia law, the punishment for that crime is death. An imam can issue a “death fatwa” (order of death) and any Muslim who encounters you can then take your life without penalty under Muslim law.

    The choice for the non-Muslim is stark: If he finds himself or his home and family under Islamic control, he is offered the choice of conversion, subjugation, slavery or death. A mujahid – Islamic holy warrior – is granted permission under sharia to keep that which “his right hand takes” – which is a reference to whatever he captures or seizes in battle.

    The tradition handed down over the last 1,400 years from the example of the prophet himself has been that defeated enemy males of fighting age are put to the sword and killed. At the option of the mujahideen, they may be taken as hostages for ransom or kept to be sold/used as slaves. Women and children may also be put to death if the raiders wish it, but typically they are captured as war booty and ransomed off or sold into slavery. Women judged attractive-enough are set aside for the harems of the sheikhs and other affluent buyers at the slave markets, or are kept by the man who took them.

    One captured by Muslims must be sparred if he is willing to convert to the one true faith and say the shahada.

    Sometimes, an Islamic conqueror will permit a captured people to become dhimmis, supplicants to Muslims and Islam, i.e., serfs or second-class citizens who must pay the jizya tax and who enjoy few meaningful rights. Indeed, dhimmis may be slain for the smallest of transgressions against a Muslim, or for no reason at all.

    The only other choice open to non-Muslims who wish to avoid the gruesome fate listed above – is to resist the soldiers of Allah, by force if necessary.

    There are “peaceful” Muslims, usually ones who follow the earlier (Meccan) portion of the Koran, but even though they may not engage in “jihad of the sword,” they are still very dangerous to non-Muslims and the non-Muslim world. Why? Because they simply conquer using the “wombs of their women,” and their numerous progeny take over society in that way.

    Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, some 1,400 years ago, migrated across Arabia from Mecca to Medina (then termed Yathrib), with a small number of his followers. Once established there, he and his followers began acting and speaking more-aggressively and within a remarkably short span of years after Mohammed’s death in 632, the soldiers of Allah had conquered much of the known world in his name. Ever since that time, migration has been a potent weapon of war for the believers, one they use right down to the present day.

  6. In a single generation. Turkey Johnson snd nice Mark in London. UK de-balled and useless. EU mainland’s France showing signs of life.

  7. What is interesting is that only two people groups are singled out, the Jew and the Christian. The Jew because they are the “People of the Book”, while the Christians are the followers of the Book. Abram had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac. Islam state that the younger must serve the older, therefore, Isaac (read Jews) must serve Ishmael (read Islam).
    That is not how the Bible chronicles the events of Abram’s (Ab-Ra-Ham) life as Ishmael was born to the slave woman as the result of Sarah’s encouragement. Rather, Isaac (laughter, as what Sarai did when the Lord said she was pregnant) was to be the person who inherited the Lord’s promise to Abram, now Abraham.
    Rather, the Qur’an typifies the sons of Isaac as usurpers and those who are the sons of Ishmael as the true sons of Abram who are to inherit the promises that YAH made to Abram saying “if the sands of the sea can be numbered, so will your descendants be.” Thus, the descendants of Ishmael are of the flesh as they are the result of human intervention (Abram’s wife) while the descendants of Isaac are of the Spirit as they are the children of promise, as Sarai was past the age of child bearing when she ‘conceived’ Isaac.
    Not that the children of Israel (Jacob) have been exemplary, nor have the followers of Jesus Christ been much better at times, yet both have been set aside by YAH as recipients of His covenant mercies and grace, especially those whose relationship with Yah is by grace through faith.
    The two people groups shown above have been targeted by Islam as battlefield targets of Jihad. Sura 9:38 says to target them with every stratagem of war. In other words, hunt them down and kill them with malice aforethought. (1st degree murder anyone?)
    So… If Yah has ordained these two people groups by His name, one of the Law, and the other by redemptive Grace, then the targeting of these two people groups must be by an enemy who wishes to see YAH’s word and intentions set as naught (come to nothing). The only such enemy that we know of is Satan, who has usurped the rule of this world by what he did to Eve, and then Adam, so as to have become the ‘god of this world’ which is slated for eventual judgment and destruction.
    Therefore, by syllogistic reasoning, Satan must be Allah as only Satan wished for the destruction of the Jew and the Christian. Thus, all who are Muslim are of the church of Satan and will share his fate which is eternity in hell in its deepest parts where the flames are the hottest, forever.
    Knowing their fate, one can only pray for them as their fate is not one that anyone would wish upon another.
    As Porky Pig said, “That’s Allah Folks!”

  8. It always comes down to no more muslims = no more problems, it is a 1,400 year old proverb. If you want a temporary peace, eliminate all the muslims and there will be peace.

  9. @ acuara

    Re: “What is interesting is that only two people groups are singled out, the Jew and the Christian. The Jew because they are the “People of the Book”, while the Christians are the followers of the Book. ”

    As the long 1,400-year history of Islam makes clear, Jews and Christians are not the only non-Muslims to suffer at the hands of the soldiers of Allah. Buddhists, Hindus and others have also been persecuted a great deal. Indeed, the Hindus suffered the single greatest act of genocide in history during the 1500s when the Mughal empire slaughtered an estimated fifty million Hindus and other non-Muslims/infidels in what is now the Indian subcontinent.

    In today’s world, Islamic separatism and violence are ongoing and severe problems in nations such as Thailand and the Philippines, whose Jewish populations are small, even negligible. There are Christians in these places, but they are not a majority. Buddhism is the dominant faith in Thailand.

    Perhaps you recall that in 2001, prior to the arrival of U.S. & NATO forces in Afghanistan, the Taliban blew up the famous Bamyan Buddha statutes in the Bamyan Valley region of that nation. Islam regards such statutes as idols and thus haram – an Arabic word meaning “sinful” or “forbidden” under sharia law.

    No infidel – meaning no non-Muslim – is safe from the depredations of the believers, and nor are his works.

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