Europe Under Assault

Europe Under Assault — What people have been saying

Edited by Michael Copeland

Train after train full, bus after bus,
Laid on, provisioned, and paid for by us,
Bring enemy combatants, dealers in drugs,
Welfaring freeloaders, rapists, and thugs.

The Germany of Madam Merkel seems to be still floundering along wishfully believing that these disruptive activities are manageable annoyances and that life can continue along much as before.
— Matthieu Baudin, comment, Jihad Watch

Not only is the cost of employing so many extra security forces high, an additional cost of surveillance and security planning and equipping is running into millions. This is the burden placed on us by Islamic savagery and governments living in denial of the intent of Muslims they insist in allowing into our countries.
— Tommo, comment, Jihad Watch

Europeans had their weapons taken away from them years ago… Now they are like sheep and Merkel has opened the gates allowing the wolves in.
— Barry, comment, Jihad Watch

There are no longer any “legal” niceties about this situation any more than there would be in the face of an oncoming tsunami. The issue now is one of survival.
— revereridesagain, comment, Bare Naked Islam

The betrayal of the people, the citizens of these nations by their leaders is beyond criminal. And the assistance of the ‘religious’ leaders in this invasion, as well as the complicity, is abominable.
— grouchyfogie2, Bare Naked Islam

North African states refuse to take back Muslim ‘refugees’ Germany wants to deport
Bare Naked Islam

Consider that the prophet was himself a rapist, child molester, warlord, murderer, slaver and armed robber, and that the Qur’an sanctions all of these things and holds Muhammad up as the ideal human. What else can you expect?
— Shafiq Islam,former Muslim, 2016.01.18

A Canadian school district just cancelled ALL school trips to Europe because they cannot get insurance after the Paris attacks; and note this decision was made before the NYE rape jihad. On another forum an American said his daughter’s German class trip to Germany has been cancelled. On the weekend I spoke to a family member in France and she said the big high school in her city has cancelled all student travel. I’m sure there are many more. Who wants to go on vacation and be raped by a filthy Muslim?
— Tina 2016.01.18

irresponsible incompetent multicultural governments are paying tax money to import colonist welfare recipients to destroy them.
— Mahou Shoujo, comment, Pamela Geller

The blatant double standard in favoring non-white “war refugees” over whites definitively reveals that the real purpose of Merkel’s policy is not to “help asylum seekers,” but to replace Europeans as quickly as possible.
New Observer Online

More and more Belgian people will leave Brussels….
— van Rooy, CBN

What’s different is primarily what Islam adds: the doctrine that it must be forcibly imposed on the whole world, and that savagery and deceit in this cause are virtues, and that killing people outside the cult is the surest path to paradise.
— Radegunda, comment, Gates of Vienna

Muslim males… know that they have a right to RAPE AND ENJOY disbelieving women as a prize of jihad. They can make rape into an act of jihad… thereby making a sin and a crime into a VIRTUOUS and COMMENDABLE action! Sick religion.
— Mortimer, Jihad Watch

A developed nation with a proud history is prostrating itself before an alien third world heathen ideology which has given the World nothing, beyond perfecting the slave trade.
— Marty, Jihad Watch

New Year’s Eve 2015 was the Muslim equivalent of Krystallnacht. The Cologne and Munich attacks were an announcement to Germans that they will now be persecuted by Islam.
— mortimer, Jihad Watch

Migration is a method with which to dilute the current European countries, to create a sort of docile mass that will become the future new European… European cultural identity is jeopardised.
— Vaclac Klaus, former President of Czechia, Gates of Vienna

Islam was founded by a man who beheaded those who would not follow him and who took women and children as slaves. Military victory, Jihad and subjugation of the infidel are the MAIN teachings of Islam and there has never been a reformation or rejection of those commandments in the Islamic world. Hatred, killing and rape are considered virtues in the Islamic world — and pave the road to their “heaven.”
— OM TAT SAT, Pamela Geller

We feel very insecure now.
— Christian Syrian refugee, Germany, Bare Naked Islam

Its part of koranic strategy — Kill by thousand cuts. Its the same strategy used by muslims to infiltrate societies and use all means to destroy it from within till it becomes Islamic.
— Mark — Natural Diabetes Control, comment, Bare Naked Islam

The vetting of the so-called “Syrian refugees”: “It’s not even close to being under control.”
— FBI Assistant Director, M. Steinback, The Homeland Security Committee Report Feb 2015

In Holland middle aged men arrive with twelve year old pregnant wives, it is or was called paedophilia, but a blind eye is turned because it is a “cultural thing”. In the UK, where multiple marriage partners are illegal, the benefits system is about to be changed to pay MORE to second, third, and fourth Muslim wives! The politicos are determined to destroy Christian Europe at all costs… I could weep when I think what is to come for the next generation.
— G.J. Davies, comment, Gates of Vienna

Do our civilised, technologically and socially advanced societies gain anything at all from allowing semi-humans with foul cultural backgrounds and behaviours into our nations? Of course not. So why do it? Their overloaded presence is destroying us from within. Its part of our culture to help those in need. People from underdeveloped societies or those in severe distress from which they cannot help themselves should be given assistance in the form of a hand up — where they are. Not a hand out in the form of a parasitic existence of ease from which no one gains anything.
— NativeGladius, comment, Gates of Vienna

I once dreamed of vacationing in Europe. Now I might as well vacation in Afghanistan or Nigeria. No thanks.
— Stephen Powell, FrontPage

There is NO WAY we would travel to Europe now.
— Jane Kohut-Bartels, Pamela Geller

We need to ban islam from all western countries. It only brings rape, paedophilia, death, cultural subjugation, religious indoctrination and destruction.
— Dicehunter, Pamela Geller

Our borders have been opened to Islamic mass immigration. And the consequences are terrible. The costs are gigantic, the attacks horrible and the threat of terrorism has never been higher.
Geert Wilders in Milan

Mindless savagery is rampant now in Europe.
Pamela Geller

Migration and crime are very much linked.
— Elif Ozmenek Carmikli, Head of Turkey’s International Strategic Research Organisation, Gates of Vienna

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16 thoughts on “Europe Under Assault

  1. The elities may allow the barbarians to replace the Europeans, but the barbarians will replace the elites.

    • Surely they’ll all be safe from the proles within their gated communities with their armed guards?


      PS: They can throw cake over the wall to placate them if things get desperate.

    • Well said. The elites, the politicians and big wigs will be hanging from cranes within a few decades. Islam spares no-one. Prince Charles made attempts to suggest he would Defend ALL Faiths when he becomes King. The Muslims laughed in his face. Islam will be the only faith for King William as he emigrates to join his hopeless brother in America.

    • We will have war soon that will make the naxi’s look tame by comparison, for every 3rd worlder will be gone by any means necessary. As for the so called elites? They too will be purged.

  2. Time to send those trained women only regiments up front to confront those Muslim men. See how they do.

    • Yes, can’t wait. They think it’s like the Boy Scouts, camping and pitching tents lol. They were also promised “ work life balance” to make more of them join up while they excluded male candidates until their 50% female quota was filled. When the fighting starts 50% of the army will run home as it won’t be what they were promised.

      • I imagine those Muslims will appreciate yet more fair prey. Won’t be surprised when they get it two three four times over without a wake up call. No harm in hoping though.

  3. Lucifer in the Bible “weakens the nations”, and we are arguably ruled by the “Luciferians” who are “weakening the Nations”

    Do you know why Lucifer of the bible weakened the nations? Because he wanted to rise above the stars of God and sit in the throne of God and be like God.

    Well – the luciferians that rule the Western World have a clear agenda regarding their cattle, playing whole nations as if they own them, moving populations, replacing populations, restricting movements of populations – as they see fit. Mouths full of democracy, yet completely disregarding the will of 80% of western population when it comes to immigration, CO2 taxation, etc…

    Lucifer is said to had been the best and the brightest, who made this deadly mistake of taking upon himself the role of God, and his crash into the ground will be rather quick. But before he hits the ground, he may leave us with the Taliban (The Students). Not a nation in itself, but a united war band – that may actually take over the whole world one day.

    • Remember “Rules for Radicals”, by Saul Alinsky, you know, the book on which Hillary Clinton wrote her dissertation? Alinsky dedicated the book to Lucifer.

  4. There’s an old medieval proverb that says;
    “Put a Cat to protect the Sheep, and the Wolves eat well”

    The Cat is in this case the “Elites” and their political puppets, and the wolves …….. Islam and it’s followers.

    Let’s get rid of the Cat…..

  5. The perverse leftist, Marxisante view of reality has ironically imposed on us a reverse ‘lebensraum’ and colonisation by primitive states, where the old right-wing empires of some advanced European nations and of America, when it was great, moved in the opposite direction. This traditional international policy had the effect of controlling the anarchy of disease and disorder in such lands from spilling over and destabilising the world, insulating advanced countries from degenerate influence, and in addition raising somewhat the standards of these occupied lands.

    The leftist, seeing the identical problem the rightist sees, chooses the very course invariably destined to totally surrender the ‘bad and undeserving’ rich West (according to their ideology) to the ‘good and unjustly exploited’ poor benighted nowheres of the Earth with their nightmare dysfunctional societies that are run on criminal lines. In view of this threat, clearly the British and European Empires – even with all their faults upon them – were scuttled too soon. The North American Empire founded by Lincoln seems also now to have abandoned this essential mission.

    For sure, the Chinese and Russians will soon be – indeed in many ways already are – stepping into the power-vacuum the West has left. This entails that they will now become the chief influence over global policy and we in the West shall also have to dance to their tune alongside the powerless of the world. This presages no good for the people of the West, since it will mean the ruin of the privileged existence their forbears won for them. That is the price of losing Empire in this harsh world.

    That is the price the international Left is intent on making us of the West pay for our former success and greatness. The exaction in terms of our accumulated wealth and our future opportunities of prosperity will be the ruin of everything we hold dear. Can any sane person view this appalling prospect with equanimity?

    • Europe and North America will soon delve into a Balkans on steroids where the Chinese and Russians will have no influence. The 3rd worlders will quickly find out that western man is no pushover and to their collective horror they will find out we are in no mood for tolerance, understanding and diversity. The Russians have their own worries as the Chins look at all that vast land in Siberia to plunder.

      • Yes I think the one saving grace for us all at the moment is that while Russia and China take same side sometimes they are not allies and do not really like each other. They still see each other as competitors. Thank goodness or we would be finished.

  6. Plus ca change …….. The now so called west turning itself and its sacred places over so willingly to all and sundry surely can’t hope to not get severely savaged. England, the west end of Europe and the US are not too diversified up to fight? Stuff emulsification.

  7. It is pure insanity knowing what the absolute garbage in the so called Koran demands of the savage believer and the newly reversed brainwashed. These enemy trash are just barely holding back from raising their own bloody banner. Like Egypt EUSA will be used until no longer needed. The so called Koran’s reference to love or peace always qualified not to apply to the rest of the world. Does it have to take millions of lives? The old Spanish knew exactly what they were dealing with.

  8. The west is drunk off its backside and being taken advantage of accordingly. Giving it all away while impoverished families get more and more desperate. Part of the bonding plan.

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