Gavin Boby in Dresden: “We Have No Choice But to Stand Up To This”

Last night Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation spoke at the weekly rally of PEGIDA supporters in Dresden. Although he is English, Mr. Boby addressed his audience in German. Below is a subtitled video of his speech.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


17:50   We now continue, we have two speakers for you,
17:53   the first speaker is Gavin Boby from England, no worries he also speaks German
17:58   He and his colleagues are doing what we also will have to do in the future
18:03   On the base of a greater Islamic migration, soon the call for more mosques
18:07   will be heard loudly
18:11   and Gavin Boby stops in England, with his colleagues, the building of mosques
18:17   with legal matters and this is what he is going to tell us about
18:22   A warm welcome, Gavin Boby.
18:32   Good evening Dresden
18:38   Dear friends, my name is Gavin Boby, and my colleagues and I are stopping the building
18:46   of mosques in Great Britain.
18:54   We have so far fought the application of 40 mosques,
19:00   and we have stopped the building of 30 mosques entirely.
19:11   We slow down the flood.
19:14   Then we stop the flood.
19:17   And then we turn the tide.
19:25   But time is short.
19:30   The rapes and the assaults you saw in Cologne weren’t just about crime.
19:36   They are about Islamic doctrine.
19:40   from the Koran, the hadith and the sira.
19:44   They are the permanent word of Allah.
19:48   It is the source code of Islam.
19:51   Lets look at this in light of the UN Convention on Genocide
19:57   It is the starting point for all genocide laws.
20:01   Genocide means two things:
20:04   On one hand the motive to destroy a religious group,
20:09   and on the other hand, that there is at least one of five genocidal acts present.
20:16   The intent to destroy a group.
20:20   That group is the non-Muslims, the kuffar.
20:26   Verse after verse tells believers to destroy that group by replacing it with Islam.
20:36   Through war, terror, and murder.
20:41   For instance: Verse 8.39: “and fight with them until … religion should be only for Allah”.
20:51   Verse 2.193: “and fight with them until … religion should be only for Allah”.
21:02   That is the intent to destroy. 51% of Koran, Hadith and Sira is devoted to the kuffar.
21:14   Here are the five acts of genocide
21:17   First: Killing
21:21   Second: Serious physical or psychological harm
21:25   Third: Destructive living conditions
21:29   Fourth: Imposing measures to prevent births
21:34   Fifth: The transferring of children
21:37   Let’s look at those, to point one:
21:41   Killing. I quote just 1 Koran verse, 2.191:
21:50   ”Kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out”
22:04   Yes, what are they thinking, right.
22:07   This goes on and on. Four times the Koran tells Muslims to kill the kuffar
22:15   ”wherever you find them”.
22:19   24% of the Medina parts of the Koran are about Jihad.
22:23   That is genocide.
22:27   Point two, serious physical or psychological harm
22:31   Koran Verse 8:12:
22:35   ”I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.
22:40   Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”
22:48   What are you thinking, ladies and gentlemen
22:51   And then, Hadith Sahih Muslim 6985, for example:
22:55   ”The last hour will not come unless the Muslims … kill the Jews …
23:00   and a stone or a tree would say:
23:04   Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him”.
23:11   Nine…
23:15   Yes. Exactly. 9.3% of Koran, Hadith and Sira
23:21   is anti-Jewish. As opposed to Mein Kampf which was 7% anti-Jewish.
23:34   And they say that we are the fascists, yes.
23:39   Hatred of Jews is worse than other hatreds.
23:43   It harms an eternal victim. It is a group who brings benefit to humanity.
23:51   Hatred of Jews is the thumbprint of genocide.
23:57   And that is genocide.
24:00   Point three, Destructive living conditions
24:05   Koran Verse 9:29 “Fight those who do not believe in Allah,
24:15   until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority
24:20   and they are in a state of subjection.”
24:24   This is the condition of the Dhimmi. The non Muslim through history.
24:30   Everywhere, harshness, oppression, exploitation, punishments, and fear.
24:37   Until they convert.
24:41   That is genocide.
24:50   And then, point four, imposing measures to prevent births.
24:56   Just look at the Muslim rape gangs in England.
25:02   At least 1,400 child victims in just one small English town, in Rotherham.
25:14   Yes this is horrible
25:18   These rape gangs are not about sex,
25:22   but it is about sexual destruction.
25:26   No normal man gets pleasure from nailing a girl’s tongue to a table,
25:33   or raping her with a baseball bat.
25:42   Slavery is permitted 14 times in the Koran.
25:48   The words: “Those whom your right hands possess”.
25:54   By definition, this prevents births within the group.
25:59   Sex slavery inflicts fear and humiliation on families and communities.
26:06   It is a deliberate act of war against the kuffar.
26:10   It undermines the will to resist, and the will to resist conversion to Islam.
26:18   That is genocide.
26:22   Point five, the transferring of children.
26:26   Islam has always taken children from kuffar families.
26:32   Mohammed’s armies massacred a whole tribe of 800 Jewish families:
26:39   ”Then the apostle divided the property, wives, and children of Qurayza Jews among the Muslims”
26:51   And then for example you have the Janissaries, boys taken away as soldiers.
27:00   And today, it’s Yazidi and Christian children that are taken away in Iraq and Syria.
27:06   And in England, it is the gang rape victims
27:09   who are deliberately separated from their families.
27:13   That is genocide.
27:20   And that is, on every count, Islamic religious doctrine,
27:25   the source code of Islam.
27:28   Not Islamism, not radical Islam, not extremist Islam.
27:34   Islam is Islamist. It is radical. It is extreme.
27:40   Not because I say so. But because the law says so
27:49   The UN Genocide Convention.
27:56   We have no choice but to stand up to this.
28:06   Crowd chanting: “Resistance! Resistance! Resistance! Resistance!” (Widerstand!)
28:20   If not, England will see more rape gangs,
28:28   and Germany will see more of what happened in Cologne.
28:33   and much, much worse.
28:40   (According to Gavin: Spirited disabled man in wheelchair repeats ‘they kill’ or ‘even worse’)
28:43   Exactly. But there are good news as well.
28:49   The same UN Convention makes “complicity” in genocide a crime.
28:56   In that included are those people who excuse it or help it.
29:04   According to UN documents it is clear that there must be “population replacement”
29:11   in Europe and particularly Germany.
29:15   And this migration replacement is what your politicians are doing.
29:28   This in itself may not…
29:32   Clean Them Out! Clean Them Out! Clean Them Out! Clean Them Out! (Ausmisten!)
29:47   This in itself may not be genocide,
29:51   but it is strong evidence of “complicity” in genocide.
29:59   And it breaks the social contract that has served Germany so well since the War.
30:08   And that is why you are right to remind them and loudly say:
30:14   ”We are the people”.
30:17   We are the people! We are the people! We are the people! We are the people! (Wir sind das Volk!)
30:32   Right now, in this moment, you are the people.
30:37   Even as that is not what the UN wants.
30:40   And it is not what your government is doing.
30:46   Too few of us are standing up
30:49   and we pay a price.
30:52   But you, the peaceful people of Dresden,
30:57   you are standing up magnificently. Your bravery. Your decency. Your devotion,
31:05   you are an example to us all in Europe, and I thank you for that deeply.

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14 thoughts on “Gavin Boby in Dresden: “We Have No Choice But to Stand Up To This”

  1. what a beautiful thing ..lights of extraordinary brightness are
    blasting thru the dark ceiling ..

  2. Amazing speech. This guy is a genius.

    This is what must be done: criticism of Islam from an international legal perspective, not just a moral perspective.

    The defense that the Koran has nothing to do with Islam as it is actually practiced is becoming less believable by the day. Even “Muslim”, as much as he tried to claim this, still confirmed that no true Muslim would argue with the authority of the Koran. Therefore no Muslim can argue with its support for genocide against the non-Muslims and still remain Muslim according to mainstream Islamic doctrine.

    • The Koran is part of Islamic law. One who denies any verse is to be killed. Anyone may do the killing, penalty-free, “since it is killing someone who deserves to die” (Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller” o8.4: the Manual is available as a free download).
      Islamic law is not optional:
      “It is not for a believing man or a believing woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter, that they should [thereafter] have any choice about their affair” 33:36.

  3. His accent’s OK. But his pronunciation if German [falls far short of my standards]. Apart from that, great work.

    • Hmm. His pronunciation of German (to my B.A. German ear) was excellent. Fluent, direct, elevated-level vocabulary.

      I particularly enjoyed his addressing the assembly as “Ihr” vs. “Sie.” [level of formality/informality not readily available in English] He clearly allies himself, rhetorically and ideologically, with his audience.

      I *listened* to the entire tape. I can’t often do this, but I was more than fully repayed.

      “Deutschland hat keinen Wahl.” “Germany has no choice.”

      Echoes of history: Martin Luther, “Hier stehe ich. Ich kann kein anders. Gott hilf mir.” At the Diet/Council of Worms, on trial for heresy: “Here I stand. I can do nothing else. God help me.”

      I have GOT to watch for more of Gavin Boby, Esq.

  4. DAVOS is predicting a further one billion refugees displaced by the on-coming financial meltdown. I guess that means war. Worst case scenario – scarce resources – the Welfare programs will come to a grinding halt and the invaders will turn the West into a Mad Max landscape.

    It was only one hundred years ago that 17 million people were in the process of being slaughtered and another 20 million wounded. Seems like we’re gearing up for Round Three. Whether it begins with spontaneous retaliatory attacks on Muslims or with punishing our traitorous political elites is a moot point.

    In a democracy government can only survive on the people’s trust, and the political elites are now skating on thin ice. But perhaps the army of invaders will come to their aid against us. And we know that the DAVOS internationalists love it when there is blood in the streets – best time to pick up investments at bargain prices.

    What we are facing then, is the fight of our lives against becoming wage serfs, forced to
    kowtow to the Islamic invaders who may be recruited as our jailers

    • Mmmm… could it be that the “jailers” part is just a transition stage? I see war of all against all. The elites think they can weather it in their hideaways in the Pacific or South America. Many won’t, of course; they are dependent on their servitors who may turn against them. It sure seems like eugenics at work… the “fitter” will survive, the rest will perish.

  5. I said it before, i say it again!

    All love and great respects for gavin boby, and pegida, all of you patriots out there reading this great site GOV.

    But The game is over,

    and now [lengthy and detailed intemperate recommendations redacted].

    Merkel the people are going get you merkel, maybe you are reading this,
    You are on borrowed time merkel.

  6. Excellent. Thank you. Your speech touched me. Your sense of urgency spurs me on. Resistance! Always. We are the people. We say slavery, rape, violence and murder, the annihilation of cultures and people – genocide is wrong.

    Islam causes so much suffering by its practices, enshrined in sharia law. Its civilization, entombed like an insect in 1,400 year old amber, can’t go to a higher level of consciousness than Master/Slave, by assertion of its own doctrine. So sad. Islam seems lethal to the survival of the human species.

    Again, thank you Gavin Boby. You speak the truth and speak it out so clearly. You are a man of truth and courage. I salute you.

    • Civilisation?
      An ideology that authorizes daughter-killing, stoning, amputations, slavery, genital mutilation, forced child marriage at nine, bestiality, deception, and thuggery is not a civilisation.
      As Anjem Chodary says, it is “an ideological political movement”.

  7. Thank you, GOV, for posting this event. Of course none of this is shown in the US MSM. There is an absolute media blackout.

    The more I learn about Islam the more I realize it is a barbaric cult. I no longer consider Islam to be a religion. It has nothing to do with religion and has everything to do with brainwashing people.

    • I wouldn’t say it has “nothing to do with religion,” since it involves beliefs about a supreme being that demands reverence, and about the hereafter, and since it has tenets that are to be accepted on faith and that form the foundation of a worldview and a framework for behavior. I.e. it has basic elements found in other religions.

      It could be said that people are “brainwashed” into other religions to the extent they are taught the doctrines from the earliest age and told that nothing is more important than maintaining “faith” in them, and nothing more dangerous (and sinful) than doubt.

      What’s different is primarily what Islam adds: the doctrine that it must be forcibly imposed on the whole world, and that savagery and deceit in this cause are virtues, and that killing people outside the cult is the surest path to paradise.

      What Islam lacks is something recognizable as an ethical code. Instead, it has rituals and rigid ideas about ritual purity.

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