Václav Klaus: “It is War on Our Whole Continent”

[T]his time it is a war of the European political, intellectual, and the media elites, against the majority of the citizenry, and the future of Europe, and the preservation of European culture, of European civilization.

— Václav Klaus

This is the first in a series of posts that represent the first tiny wavelets of what may turn into a massive tsunami of change sweeping over Europe.

Over the past few months we’ve posted a number of excellent videos and articles showcasing statements made by current political leaders in the former East Bloc countries of Central Europe: Czech President Miloš Zeman, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico.

To that list must now be added Václav Klaus, the former President of the Czech Republic.

The former president’s words in the following video and article go farther than anything said by the other three — perhaps because Mr. Klaus is no longer a sitting head of state, and does not have to worry about having a military coup engineered against him in reaction to his statements.

These quotes, as far as I know, represent the first time that a serving or former head of state in a European country has told his audience that mass immigration into Europe is being arranged by the political elites to dilute and weaken the nation-states of Europe, and to make their populations more docile and manageable.

Mr. Klaus was speaking in German at this appearance. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from a report in the Prague Daily Monitor on similar sentiments voiced recently by Mr. Klaus:

Former President Václav Klaus Says Immigration Crisis is Calculated Means to United Europe

Prague, Jan 3 (CTK) — The pro-Brussels elites want to use the migrant crisis to unify Europe and to reduce the influence of EU members, which is the same evil as that wanted by dictators such as Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, former Czech president Václav Klaus told the commercial television station Prima yesterday.

Euro-sceptic Klaus is a fierce opponent of the growing powers of the EU to the detriment of individual countries.

“Migration is a method with which to dilute the current European countries, to create a sort of docile mass that will become the future new European,” Klaus said.

“These is what dictators in the past always wanted, the Hitlers and Stalins,” Klaus said.

“The collectivity of European elites is doing the same evil as that done by the individuals in the past,” he added.

The efforts to unify Europe even more is a “cold calculus” on the part of pro-Brussels politicians, Klaus said.

The real migrant wave only awaits Europe. It should be stopped at the European border, he added.


The influx of migrants into Europe is due to the European social system, paternalism and a “disastrous multicultural ideology,” Klaus said.

However, historical experience has proven that migrants from the countries outside Europe do not feel the need to adapt themselves and that European cultural identity is jeopardised, he added.

Video transcript:

0:25   The war, unfortunately, has returned.
0:29   One can see the number of police cars outside.
0:36   But this time — now it is war on our whole continent;
0:46   this time it is a war of the European political, intellectual,
0:53   and the media elites,
0:56   against the majority of the citizenry,
0:59   and the future of Europe,
1:02   and the preservation of European culture,
1:06   of European civilization.

38 thoughts on “Václav Klaus: “It is War on Our Whole Continent”

  1. Speaking truth to/about power. An excellent way to start! (or continue…)

    • I like “continue” – we need more good news. Except for the rabid incursions of so many hating, sneering hordes there is much good news to go around. But it gets buried by an insatiable MSM that appears to thrive on blood and gore and bad news.

  2. The influx of migrants into Europe is due to the European social system, paternalism and a “disastrous multicultural ideology,” Klaus said.

    That’s been my point for a long time: the European social system is the basis of the other two evils. Socialism makes people soft…turns them into shmoon (plural for shmoo).

    Al Capp had it right: a shmoo has no hands because he has no need to work for himself, but he’s incredibly useful for those around him. I would’ve said “his keepers” but shmoos are maintenance-free…


    A shmoo is shaped like a plump bowling pin with stubby legs. It has smooth skin, eyebrows and sparse whiskers—but no arms, nose or ears. Its feet are short and round but dextrous, as the shmoo’s comic book adventures make clear. It has a rich gamut of facial expressions and often expresses love by exuding hearts over its head.

    Cartoonist Al Capp ascribed to the shmoo the following curious characteristics. His satirical intent should be evident: [though notice the Wiki author has to point out the satire “just in case” – D]

    **They reproduce asexually and are incredibly prolific, multiplying exponentially faster than rabbits.
    **They require no sustenance other than air.
    **Shmoos are delicious to eat, and are eager to be eaten. If a human looks at one hungrily, it will happily immolate itself — either by jumping into a frying pan, after which they taste like chicken, or into a broiling pan, after which they taste like steak. When roasted they taste like pork, and when baked they taste like catfish. (Raw, they taste like oysters on the half-shell.)
    **They also produce eggs (neatly packaged), milk (bottled, grade-A), and butter—no churning required. Their pelts make perfect boot leather or house timber, depending on how thick you slice it.
    **They have no bones, so there’s absolutely no waste.
    **Their eyes make the best suspender buttons, and their whiskers make perfect toothpicks.

    In short, they are simply the perfect ideal of a subsistence agricultural herd animal.
    No doubt the government scientists are working even now to produce the EU shmoo.

    And Europeans are cooperating by refraining from reproduction.

    Soon the new immigrants will be free to excrete their wastes wherever, whenever, and it will be deemed hate speech should any remaining Euros complain. The latter are required to clean up after the New Ones, though.

    BTW, Capp appeared in the predecessor to Charlie Hebdo, here:

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Mensuel – and yes, C. Hebdo took its name from this one.

    (Mentioned in the Shmoo wiki’s links)

    • His highlighting of multiculturalism is correct but it’s not an ideology but a weapon use to further the other two, the European social system and paternalism.

      I don’t think “social system” is quite precise enough. Social insanity such as feminism and the attacks on the nuclear family and adulation of homosexuality are separate contributors that should be broken out of “social system.”

      Similarly, “paternalism” seems imprecise to me. Rather it is the ultra leftism of the elites that was deposited above the high-water mark of after the cesspool of communism receded. Paternalism implies a certain concern for the welfare of those subject to the control of the enlightened ones. With leftism, it’s a naked scramble for power. The schemers and manipulators invariably rise to the top and the idealism of socialists and would-be reformers and naifs is drowned. In a sea of blood allow me to point out and the historical record bears me out on that. Leftism is expressed in the unalloyed contempt of the elites for what might loosely be called their “own” people. The purposeful defilement of European nations by the bodily waste and pathetic intellectual eructations of Muslims and Africans is well known to these elites but the lift not one finger to alleviate the misery of Europeans.

      The “political system” of Europe is what is the cause of the rot. The entirely undemocratic, authoritarian, ____ you European Union has amplified the power of the leftist destroyers. European nations desperately need to destroy the E.U. and return to national control. Merkel’s still hard to get at politically, but at least she would not have E.U. money and power at her back though I have to say it looks like the E.U. is Germany now.

      Europeans have been sold a bill of goods. It was not “nationalism” or “extreme nationalism” that caused the slaughter and other pathologies of the 20th century but political power exercised by mentally diseased minorities pursuing mad political goals. It matters not if it is a classless society, redistribution of wealth, the abolition of private property, bureaucratic pricing of goods and services, diversity, multiculturalism, globalism, global warming, fairness, or a stress-free life on earth. If power is handed to moral cripples to pursue these or hitherto undreamed of stupidities, you will have the process now unfolding in Europe. It will unfold thus in all lands and for all time.

      Europeans need to cease their unbalanced focus on what took place in a mere 12-year period in the world’s history. That was a period of murderous leftism, of totalitarian excess, but it cannot be mined for political lessons if the 70-year record of Soviet totalitarianism is ignored. It is not National Socialism that was and is the author of the world’s ills but ultra-left totalitarianism in all its forms that caused disaster.

      Consequently, we all need to focus on the extent to which Western nations have become unrepresentative and subject to control by elites. The U.S. is deteriorating in this regard but I fear that Europe and Britain have degraded themselves even further. The existence of such an unrepresentative, coercive entity as the E.U. and the malicious criminalization of free speech in Europe and Britain are two discrete symptoms that ought to concern Europeans greatly.

      It is no accident that the gardens, the streams, the streets, and the public facilities of Europe are being defiled. Hitherto it was a moral, social, political and legal defilement. Now there is actual, deliberate defilement.

      It is emblematic of all that the brave patriots of Britain and Europe have been trying to tell their beloved countrymen.

      • “… mad political goals.”

        I’ve never understood why one person is allowed to lead the multitudes. Witness Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and so many other crazed egomaniacs; add to that Obama and Merkel. A maddened general caused 50,000 British casualties in one by battle by ordering an “Over the top!” charge into entrenched machine gun nests. So, too, has Merkel destroyed an entire nation, its culture, and turned a trusting populace into an angry mob.

        There are supposed to checks and balances in place but Obama, Merkel and others have circumvented that nicely, albeit with the help of gutless, elected cronies. Obama, with his bowing and scraping to Saudi kings does not represent the American people — he represents himself and his own warped ideology, as does Merkel and her spineless guilt of 70 years ago. The people must take control. There is no other option.

        • The U.S. Constitution was an excellent attempt to harness human ambition and cupidity by dividing up government power. In the end, the cupidity of the people led them to approve the income tax as a means of having the rich pay for benefits for them. The enormous revenues that flowed to the federal government after that forever tipped the balance in favor of the central government which could thereafter buy whatever concessions or judicial decisions it wanted.

          Different versions of the shift of the balance can be imagined but in the end it is probably simply that concentrated effort and narrow self interest can overcome diffuse interests for which majorities expend effort to defend. Narrow interest prevails over broad interest.

          All told, people could have better lives if they paid more attention to what their rules do, but they don’t.

          On a side note, one would think that the constitutional requirement of a congressional declaration of war would be a simple and effective protection against executive ambition and glory seeking. But it’s treated as an afterthought, an optional formality by modern presidents. Going to war must be like playing a video game.

      • There’s one mystery that remains in spite of your excellent exposition.

        It’s true that the dissolution of European nationhood and cultural identities enhances the power and control of the non-elected, megarulers of the EU. This is a plausible reason for their overt and conscious destruction of European civilization and peoples.

        However, anyone who has studied Islam in the least knows that Muslims are not going to accept a social order in which there is the least hint of any power base other than Islam. The present EU rulers will either have to personally accept Islam, their daughters wearing burkas, and their sons marrying first cousins, or they will be dead. They may look forward to having more money than the average European dhimmi, but the standards of life for themselves and their children will, under the very best circumstances imaginable, be vastly lower than the wealth, luxury, and power they now enjoy.

        So, the question again arises: what motivates these European leaders, who are destroying not only their constituents, but just as surely, themselves and their offspring?

        My own feeling, for what its worth, is that these leaders are inferior human beings. They have a political intelligence, and a certain verbal ability to allow them to function in campaigns and parliament. However, they absolutely are inferior in logic, intelligence, courage, truthfulness, or integrity.

        The more Muslims and other aliens, they bring in, the more difficult it becomes to stem, or reverse the tide. So, for leaders without moral strength or courage, it becomes a matter of taking the path of least resistance, which is to persecute their civilized constituents, rather than the feral Muslims and Africans, who back up their impulses with immediate and prolonged violence.

        • RonaldB, thank you.

          I simply do not know how to explain this ghastly devolution, this Great Unraveling. Someone observed that liberals never see the danger developing in their society; conservatives only see it when it is too late; and reactionaries know instantly when danger appears. In that latter category belongs the great Enoch Powell who knew before the first boatload of blacks from the Caribbean was unloaded what the eventual result would be. Despite his best efforts and a message only a fool could fail to understand, he failed utterly to rouse the British and was consigned to political oblivion.

          Gates of Vienna, Pam Geller, Religion of Peace, Mark Steyn, MEMRI, Vanishing American, Vdare, SBPDL, Daily Kenn, Gallia Watch, Jihad Watch, Andrew Bostom, Ann Corcoran, Jim Simpson, Bat Yeor, Geert Wilders, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Marine Le Pen, Fjordman, Kurt Westergaard and Oriana Fallaci, to name just a thimbleful of thinkers have all been exactly as prescient as Powell but even they and many, many more have been unable to move the needle toward “red alert” except by movement measured in angstroms numbered in the single digits.

          Complacency born of extraordinary affluence, hitherto unknown freedom from disease, living hours of each day in the media propaganda bubble of active misdirection and trivialization of life, and man’s innate fascination with the possibility of The One Big Idea That Explains Everything have combined to create a massive Western population of fatally insulated from the realities of life that their ancestors knew every minute of lives.

          Yet this has led to a great hunger for what is real in life and a descent into ever more stimulation to give the illusion of being fully alive. “Society” has come to be understood as the obstacle to this single-minded pursuit of hedonism. Tattoos, drugs, graffiti, sexual degeneracy, sexual indulgence, profane speech, and nihilism are indications of the hunger millions have for something more. Politics is not seen as a way of preserving the culture or the nation because they are not seen as worthy of preservation. They are irrelevant.

          And yet. Lately it occurred to me that the three wonderful “Godfather” movies appear again and again and again on TV because they depict a world of masculine vigor, men and women in no doubt as to their proper roles, stark justice, great intelligence and perception, clear understanding of family interests, and personal valor. Did someone just say “Donald Trump”?

          I think in their heart of hearts people see these movies as stories about how the world can work in stark contrast to the inanity of modern life, or TV screen filled with metro-sexual men who sport four-day growths of beards as they smilingly suffer the grossness and utter stupidity and malevolence of feminists and Black Lives Matter morons.

          I’m no different than anyone else on this score. I never get tired of watching those movies. I never get tired of watching “Groundhogs Day” either but I think it’s the allure of the idea of a rewarding life that awaits one if he wakes up and gives rather than takes. Fulfillment comes if one recognizes and slakes the spiritual thirst in others.

          There is a ton of economic reality heading down the track to all of our little sidings and stations. Oddly, that will probably be the reality that people find compelling though I’m hard pressed to understand why even one story of Muslim arrogance or disgusting behavior hasn’t had the same effect. But that’s just me.

          Perhaps my dismay is founded in a failure to understand that most people are not interested in politics and that sea changes in attitude — realizing that the world has turned orange and green like a Steven King landscape — do not occur in the short term, as it does for the reactionary, but only over a very long time.

          It may be that we are governed still by the post-WWII paradigm of deadly threats from enemies who command vast engines of destruction and that under the umbrella of American power life is extraordinarily good and hopeful because of the vigor of America’s free markets and the wonderfulness of Swedish-style socialism-on-the-half-shell. Needless to say, that vision has been betrayed and the ones who entertain it have been sold down the river in a big way.

          Now, however, that unconscious perception is crumbling before our eyes as we speak. It’s just taking 100 times longer than we think it should, even, to borrow from Marcus Aurelius, though we might burst.

  3. Czech-o-Slovakia has been blessed with smart statesmen since the days of Alexander Dubcek and the Prague Spring. I attended college just west of there 45 or so years ago. Luckily for me, I managed to go to the opposite side of the Iron Curtain not to long after the Soviet invasion. The buildings in downtown Prague were still pock marked with artillery blasts and rifle fire.

    Klaus is of the same cloth as Dubcek as are several Eastern European leaders past and present. They have clear memories of life under the Soviet grip. They may be Western Europe’s best hope for a reawakening and come to grips with the invasion going on and why. Europe has more than Islam as an enemy. Each country’s government, each country’s media and academic elite, ie opinion makers. Finally, that gilded den of fragrant fascists that is the EU central in Brussels. Their time is short.

    • Ahoj. Fico has joined the bandwagon since the Visegrad 4 are safe in numbers. He can stick his neck out on these issues since his neighbours are voiced the same concerns, especially Czech Rep. Otherwise he wouldn’t even try. I am assuming that they are also tried of being fleeced by Western Europe, as the useful cheap labour and low wages. Yet they are expected by Brussels & Berlin to pick up the same bill.

      Time to add another paragraph to the story: http://lepontduhadu.blogspot.fr/2015/11/the-eu-migrants-visegrad-4.html

      • Ahoj. “did not respect Europe’s common values”. These ‘values’ should arouse suspicion in the V4 and all of Europe it seems in the aftermath of the Cologne assaults against women. These ‘values’ are lost on Muslims. These values will also get innocent Europeans killed during the onslaught. Don’t let Brussels run your lives. The MEP all have security.

  4. Anyone here still think I was exaggerating when I wrote months ago that Germany would be responsible for starting yet another war?

    Seems like I’m in pretty good company now. 

    • Well, in spite of everything, Europe still is, in many ways, the ‘center of the world’ and Germany is pretty much the center of Europe, so……
      I’ve also said for many years that if there is another world war, it’s likely to start, yet again, in central or eastern Europe, just like the last two.
      Never thought it would be a civil war of Europeans against their own governments and invading hordes.

    • I am 72 yoa and my mother never missed a chance to tell all of us to watch Germany because they were not defeated by WW2. All of the old folks knew this and the smart ones warned their children about it. Mother was the daughter of German immigrants so we were sure she knew what she was talking about. When the “refugees” invaded no one in my family was surprised that indeed Germany was again going to thrust the world into another bloody terrible war.

  5. I think a statement like “A new Iron Curtain is descending over Europe” might be effective.

  6. one should be very careful when listening to this man.

    Russian KGB/mafia “president” is very interested in undermining EU and NATO.
    and Vaclav Klaus is known as his agent in Czechia.

    • Really? So you mean Tommy Robinsons, Trump, Wilders, and anyone similar in thinking are not worth listening to. They are our enemies. But those who invite invaders are our friends?

      “It is War on Our Whole Continent”

      Today if we hear something obvious from someone like Klaus, it gives us some relief. But soon ask ourselves: Only one or two reasonable persons in 800 million ?

      • Please don’t feed the troll like commenter. I totally agree with you. I am personally relieved at having these people for like minded company. NATO, the EU as well have been the mainstay for the political situation in Europe and now they can be seen for they are worth, little, very little. Where are the mighty resources of NATO to help out with this urgent issue of migrants? No where to be seen. They are weaving a tangled web of nastiness, Wilders, Robinson, Orban & Klaus to name but a few are frantically pointing at the web, the dangers there. So they labelled and given all kinds of names.

        “Hotel California” you can check in anytime but checking out is another matter.

    • I can’t believe it! This is the same old story over and over again. Any Czech politician that is not acting as a pro-EU and pro-USA puppet, is by the Czech MSM immediately labelled as a Russian agent and, unfortunately, lots of people in the country still accept this nonsense.

      • So what if he is ?
        A Europe under Russian control is still tons better than a Europe under Saudi/Turkish control.

        • You are right, of course. But it is not easy to explain people in former eastern block they should be under strong Russian influence again. After 40-years experience with USSR it is still not acceptable for many people. The problem is people are still thinking Russia = USSR, which is obviously not true.

          • Indeed, it is easy to hide behind the MSM cover and pretend to feel cosy & safe. I find the the EU is becoming & more EUSSR each day. This is also being noticed by some politicans in Eastern Europe.

            Russia is poles apart from the USSR, but they too notice the uncanny similarities between the Soviet Union & the EU.

        • I’m following events in Putin’s Russia very closely, I’m Russian-speaking myself.

          all 3 countries you name are clearly fascist, dictatorial regimes with imperial, supremacist ambitions, and BTW very unstable countries.

          what Putin did with Ukraine, just to clarify the issue – is roughly equivalent to the Anglophone Canadia going to war with Quebec and killing thousands, under pretext of fighting “French Fascists”.

          Putin is insane criminal tyrant, and Europe under his control will be slavery.

          • Oh, please, AY, do go away and peddle your [derogatory modifier] analysis of what is a very complex situation elsewhere.

    • Until the EU sent their “foreign minister” to endorse the pro-EU coup in Kiev, Svoboda was widely-denounced by the Left and the western media as “a Nazi Party”. As soon as the EU stamped their approval on the Svoboda coup, the media and the Left in Britain never again referred to Svoboda as “Nazis”.

      The EU’s “foreign minister” is the so-called “Baroness” Ashton, was neither a diplomat nor a politician, before she was “ennobled” and then promoted to be the EU’s “High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy”.

      This is how the political and media elite operate. NewSpeak was a product of English Socialism, Orwell told us at the end of 1984.

  7. Multi-culti is a transition state. The target is mono-cultural not multi. It’s obvious when you think about it. How do you get from predominantly white, Christian to exclusively dark, Islamic? It doesn’t happen overnight, there will be a period of mixed cultures as the new comes in and the old goes out. But you don’t want the outgoing people to panic so you comfort them with a story about multi-culti everyone is equal let’s be happy together claptrap.

    The more alien invaders you bring in the faster it goes. Stalin would approve.

    • “Multiculturalism” is obviously an attack on the existing culture, and a blurring of the differences between cultures.

      For Americans, a great charm of Europe — in addition to the visible signs of a deep history — has been the many different cultures one could encounter within relatively short distances. Sure there are regional differences here too, but it isn’t quite the same.

      The EU is clearly a project in erasing those differences, and now we can see too that EU leaders don’t even want “Europe” to have a culture that’s much different from, say, Turkey, or worse.

      It’s true that the building of today’s nation-states involved some flattening of local cultures. An interesting book called “The Discovery of France” describes how localized French culture was until after the Revolution. Unfortunately, the author ended by expressing dismay that many French people today are not sufficiently welcoming of other cultures in their midst. As I recall it, the implication was: “Look, a place understood as ‘France’ was built from a lot of people who viewed Parisians as aliens, and vice versa, so let’s not be so worried about foreigners!”

      • Slight correction: “The Discovery of Europe” shows the localism of France up to World War I, when schoolchildren all over France learned (e.g.) that Alsace-Lorraine was something they should care about.

  8. Finally. Someone has not only seen it, but said it aloud. I wonder what happens next?

    I know others have seen and said it, but this time the finger has been pointed at who is behind it and it doesn’t surprise me a bit.

  9. “May you live in interesting times.” That’s a curse, not a happy wish for you. Or for us.

    Unfortunately, the our times get ever more “interesting.”

  10. The very foundation of society in Europe is the family, the nation state and a judeo-Christian culture. The multicultural elites whose ideology is relativism underpinned by nihilism whose only goal is the totalitarian control of the population for its own ends.

  11. I have never seen such comments on so many sites using the word defilement, as I have since the defilement of the young women in Cologne and many European cities on new Years Eve 2016. Except for yesterday, when it was acknowledged that an lovely historic swimming pool and spa had been defiled by men masturbating in the pool, chasing young women into changing rooms despite pleas from the lifeguards. Worse, women who couldn’t swim,allowed their children in the quaint German vernacular, to empty their intestines into the children’s pool. The natives fled!!!!Wouldn’t you? These two disgusting incidents have opened the eyes of regular people and I believe will have great significance in the weeks and months to come. Who will be left to TELL US that these are not invaders, but rather doctors, lawyers and engineers who are needed to boost the German economy.

  12. I just hope he’s not saying that to later integrate Russia and become part of the Kremlin’s puppet show. One thing is certain: it is a great idiocy join the European Union, which has never been created in order to be a free trade zone, but a bureaucratic machine, and imposing absurd resolutions. What weakens more than the European Union, European countries and culture, is not exactly the European Union, but the Cultural Marxism embedded in the prevailing political systems. Join the European Union is the final nail in the coffin for those within that Marxist process. However, I think it’s very timely that rebellion and equalization of the organization to Stalinism, because I see all this furor with caution, not to fall in a well-orchestrated propaganda that end up making these same politicians validate the Kremlin.

    That is my fear.

  13. What can Americans do to help Europe? The government no longer represents the will of the people. This is tyranny. It is a shame that they do not have a 2nd amendment with which to protect themselves.

    • Well, one thing Americans can do is vote Trump.
      Thanks to a European wife, he has at least a little bit of a clue of what’s actually going on in Ye Olde Worlde, and I don’t mean at state dinners or embassy receptions, but in the lives of normal people.
      And he’s got the right idea about Muslims.
      If you have friends or family in Europe, you can let them know that the extremely twisted reporting they’re getting isn’t the gospel and that America is becoming aware of the situation and wishes them no harm – a myth that many Europeans have believed for decades.
      In a worst case scenario, you can sponsor a European immigrant.
      There haven’t been very many of those in about 100 years or so.

  14. The presidents of the European countries (Germany, France, Sweden, England, etc.) agree with the invasion. The population has no weapons and have no way to defend themselves.
    So the elite of Belgium has won. Google, facebook, twiter, stagram, Youtube is controlled by this elite. The people have to revolt en masse and destroy those political and needs to react fast ..

  15. Drifting, or …on a
    “Road to Nowhere”?

    And the European captains, known as political leaders, are not only overloading the gigantic ship by keep letting on more passengers and deteriorating the standard of the ship. Is there ever any lifeboat drill? Are there even, still lifeboats on board?

    “Well we know where we’re goin’
    But we don’t know where we’ve been
    And we know what we’re knowin’
    But we can’t say what we’ve seen”
    (David Byrne)

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