Austrian Officers: “We Want an Austria That is Sovereign”

The following video and article may be even more significant than the quotes from Václav Klaus featured in my previous post.

This time we move west, to Austria. Up until now Austrians have not exhibited the audacity and spunk evidenced by the leaders from the former East Bloc. But the ice floes seem to be shifting in Austria — the first Western European country to show the initial symptoms of coming to its senses.

What makes “Fortified Austria” different is that it represents a subset of the Austrian establishment. Previous manifestations of resistance in Western Europe — PEGIDA, the EDL, the Identitaire movements, street demos, etc. — have been grassroots phenomena, agitating from the bottom upwards. But the movement that has just formed in Austria includes at least two serving military officers in uniform, and I presume some of the older fellows in civvies are retired officers. They have gone on the record, with their faces fully exposed, willing to take whatever political risks their actions might incur.

It resembles a low-grade slow-motion military coup. In an American context, imagine a serving colonel and general joining some of their retired colleagues and going on record against the current administration’s reckless defense policies that endanger the security of the United States. That’s what this is analogous to.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an accompanying article from, also translated by Nash Montana:

Vienna: Officers are Offering Resistance

Bombshell in the debate over security! High ranking Officers are warning: “The security of our country and our citizenry is severely endangered”

Many people have not reckoned with it before, but now they are speaking up. The officers of the Austrian armed forces are no longer silent! With a newly established platform “Fortified Austria” (Wehrhaftes Österreich), they point to the threats and dangers of a completely misguided security policy. Bottom line: The security of Austria is “severely endangered”, the body politic is looking the other way, and the armed forces are being politically instrumentalized, damned to inactivity, and economized out of existence. In a commercial published on January 1, 2016 the officers are speaking plain text. Alongside Colonel Siegfried Abel and the chief of the Officer corps, Colonel Erich Cibulka, General Günther Greindl is speaking as well. The former was crucial in the development of the modern armed forces, he was a representative of the Austrian armed forces in international institutions, he is the founder and the president of the “Federation of Austrian Peacekeepers” and he holds the Order of Merit for services rendered to the Republic of Austria. The Ministry of Defense and the federal government will necessarily feel put under pressure through the activities of these officers.

In the video, the officers are establish in detail the reasons for their actions. “As soldiers of the Austrian armed forces we are serving our country. We have performed this service for decades, with pride and with conviction.” But the threats are increasing. The East-West conflict between Russia and the NATO, terrorism in Europe through the Islamic State, and an uncontrolled mass migration of millions of people into Europe characterize the situation. Large parts of the political establishment are not acknowledging these threats due to ignorance and insider politics. It’s not just the armed forces that are being destroyed, but the will of the people to defend the country is also being systematically ridiculed and destroyed. Therefore the soldiers have to speak up now and act. Due to a “degraded ability to defend”, the “security of our country and the citizenry is severely threatened.”

Besides a revaluation of the armed forces and the ability to defend the country, they also demand effective measures to enhance border security. The soldiers are quiet no longer. And they are united: “We want an Austria that is sovereign and that is capable of acting. We want a safe future for our children and for our grandchildren.”

Video transcript:

0:01   As soldiers of the Austrian Armed Forces we are serving our country.
0:05   We have performed this service for decades, with pride, and with conviction.
0:11   The foundation of our actions, of our services on the community,
0:15   is our Constitution.
0:18   We have to protect our country from danger;
0:21   that is our duty and it is our declared intention.
0:25   The developments in the world are pushing new dangers upon our homeland.
0:29   Armed conflicts at the borders of Europe,
0:33   tensions between the states,
0:36   a resurgence of the East/West conflict between Russia and the NATO,
0:41   terrorism in Europe through the Islamic State,
0:45   and an uncontrolled mass migration of millions of people into Europe.
0:52   The National Assembly of Austria has decided on a security strategy,
0:57   in which all these threats are being acknowledged.
1:00   And exactly that is why just a few weeks ago,
1:05   the National Assembly has unanimously prompted the defense minister
1:09   to rethink his broken economic policies.
1:13   But large parts of the political body are not acknowledging these threats.
1:18   They are not reacting to them, and they ignore them.
1:21   Because of ignorance and political insider thinking,
1:24   problems are being lied about.
1:27   Looking away will not help.
1:30   The political establishment is economizing our military financially,
1:33   materially and personnel-wise into oblivion,
1:36   after which they have to call us when the storm starts to gather again.
1:39   But it’s not just the military that is systematically being economized to death.
1:43   It is also the defensive will of the citizenry that should,
1:47   for the sake of our country’s defense, be strengthened.
1:50   It is being undermined, ridiculed, and ignorantly destroyed.
1:54   There is nothing here that should be debased, or enhanced to look better.
1:59   In the face of burgeoning threats,
2:02   when looking at the degraded state of Austria’s defensive abilities,
2:06   the safety of our country and our citizenry is severely threatened.
2:13   It is for this reason the platform ‘Fortified Austria’ has been established.
2:17   It feels called upon to speak now,
2:20   because now is the time to gain control of these problems.
2:23   The dismantling of the armed forces has to be stopped.
2:27   We demand a public acknowledgment of the military,
2:30   and a comprehensive national defense.
2:33   We demand an acknowledgment of our defensive abilities in general.
2:37   We demand the consequently necessary resources,
2:40   and especially timely, modern equipment,
2:44   a comprehensive training of all soldiers,
2:48   the preservation of all military capability,
2:51   and the conducting of sufficient troop drills.
2:57   We want to preserve the security of our citizenry now and in the future.
3:00   We demand the effective protection of our borders,
3:03   and the application of our existing law.
3:06   We want an Austria that is sovereign and that is capable of acting.
3:09   We want a safe future for our children, grandchildren,
3:13   and for all that come after us.
3:16   Therefore, stop the destruction of the armed forces
3:19   for the future of our homeland, for a safe Austria.

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  1. Well, Czech Republic is talking intelligently. But now finally Austria is going beyond talking to real action. They had better do so. Fast. If it chafes Brussels….good.

  2. I just came across some frightening data: the Czech Republic has an army that is about 3,000 officers, and some 900 privates. WTF?!

    • If they have an airforce of any size, that can inflate the number of ossifers significantly.
      Apparenty you can’t fly an aircraft properly unless you are an officers.

    • The total number of soldiers in the Czech Army is about 22.000 and this number includes about 2.000 high rank officers.

  3. This is good news indeed. If the Left wants to help raise up the Third World from deprivation, ignorance and exploitation (by their own Third World elites), the first task is to provide a good example by treating our own citizens with dignity, listening to our concerns and not inviting hordes of invaders with no place to put them other than letting them run wild to create havoc, or caging them like animals in camps, or doing nothing to educate them into Western culture but allowing them to live in fortified no-go hell-hole ghettos which destroy the harmony of our society!

    Secondly, the Western elites need to exert massive pressure on Third World leaders to stop stealing from their own people, to educate their citizens for the 21st century and institute a proper rule of law and human rights law – in other words, to Westernize.

    The schizophrenic position of the Western political elites who say they want to help the poor victims of colonialism, (which, by the way, ended several generations ago) and give them the benefits of our culture, whilst at the same time despising that very culture, is so ridiculous as to beggar the imagination! And yet they have brought down upon us their psychopathic Madness!

    It is heartening to see that people are not willing to co-operate with this delusion, or to roll over while their armies are gutted, but demand that those who defecate and masturbate in their swimming pools have zero place in their society and that those who wish to shore up their political power by growing the Welfare-Entitlement sector through immigration, will face the Justice of the People – perhaps at the end of a pitchfork!

  4. All it will take to tip the scales is another incident or two by migrants. Europeans are scared and waking up. Western Europe is being flooded with small arms from the East, and these are being bought on the black market at a record pace. Maybe creating a civil war is by design, that elitists want to foment various insurrections in their global power grab. Then so be it. In their haste, the progressives have unwittingly awakened a sleeping giant.

  5. Never in my life I have experienced senior(?) military staff appealing directly to the people in defiance of their own government like this. Couldn’t be a clever fake, could it?
    Translator, “problems are being lied about.” Auf Deutsch: Probleme werden geleugnet. Surely Problems are being denied, not lied about?

    • lügen = to lie, so I’d go for “being lied about” w/regard to “geleugnet” myself.

      What a man. Reminiscent of anti-Hitlerian Ernst Rommel. We can only hope that these officers come to a better end!

    • “Geleugnet” is past tense for having lied. Lügen = Lying

      “Verleugnet” is past tense for having denied. Verlügen = Denying.

      • Well, blow me down. For umpteen years in my fascinating double life of deceit and evasion I have been telling people “ich habe gelogen” for “I have been lying.” And it should have been “ich habe geleugnet”? You live and learn.

        • Indeed, one does…

          Your sarcasm is not lost on me., believe me.

          However, I’m glad to inform you that both are correct. Depending on the mood, and more importantly, on who is talking and what dialect or country.

          Geleugnet is more … Old. Gelogen is modern. Which, since we are talking about old-er, professional military men, it only proves my point.

          But all these semantics still don’t change the matter at hand:

          I was absolutely correct to use the word LIE in this translation, for he did not say ‘deny’, or ‘deflect’, or ‘hide’, or ‘omit’ or any other thing, as you claim.

          He said LIED.

          And he obviously meant it for his tone of voice is deliberate and military.

          I have served in the Swiss military, women’s division. Not only did we do joint training with Austrian armed forces over the years, but I do know one thing: they say what they mean, and they mean what they say.

          So whatever you decide to use in te future, Geleugnet, Gelogen, is really inconsequential.

          The main thing is that one does not lie.

          And I don’t.

    • It’s real and thank God for that. Austrians are afraid to talk about it but privately they are very worried. Those of my aquaintance who supported the Willkommenkultur are changing their minds now they see what is happening. The latest incident was a bunch of gropers in a swimming pool in Korneuberg just outside Vienna.

  6. I’m convinced that one of the reasons why so many politicians and other functionaries are so migrant-friendly is because they have been personally and directly threatened.
    These gentlemen better have outstanding security detail.

      • The only people carrying firearms in Austria are active duty police, military only on maneuvers.
        Anyone else has to jump through a billion hoops to get anywhere near one.
        Also, no gun protects you from being poisoned or from having an ‘accident’.

      • Threatened with violence against their person and their families by the giant mafia that is Islam.
        Any threats they might receive from fellow Austrians will be limited to incensed newspaper blog comments.

  7. This is PEGIDA with guns. After the flashpoint of the Silvester mass-groping in Cologne, I wondered how long before the armed services throughout Europe would stand up to their governments’ loopy invasion policies, disguised as assisting “helpless” refugees.

  8. I just hope that this unexpected engagement is not about to hold hands to the Kremlin, the anti-Islam fighter faker named Vladimir Putin. I am very sad to see that some so-called patriotic groups, particularly the British, became mere Kremlin propaganda channels. The Daily Express lives licking the boots of Russia almost 24 hours a day. Patriotic groups, official journals, and thinkers; all seem more patriotically defend Russia than his own. For me it is shameful! I hope these military, and some other political figures do not say those words, to fit with the Kremlin and its bogus fight against terror, while only acquire power and prestige to justify their crimes.

      • It is not up to much this nuisance by some Russian groups for this event! Die opponents of similar forms in Russian cities, dissident journalists kidnapped and killed, and no one has the same ardor for them. Peter, his claim is totally erroneous in assuming that I am supporter of Cameron and Obama. But the facts tell me that Putin is not the messiah you Europeans or Americans expect, but a criminal, and selfish as any other in the war in Syria. So to say that all journalists and activists killed were victims of fatalities? For a case a killer on the loose killed them why he wanted to, and was there though? I have more of a reason to believe in the evil nature of Vladimir Putin, and say that it is nothing of a criminal and a dictator.

        The groups of “patriotic defense” spend more time licking the Russian army boots, than their own armies, as if the burden of patriotic struggle fall on Vladimir Putin. This is not only ridiculous, but it shows the degree of alienation and lack of true patriotism on their part. Russia does not sponsor terrorism? Iran fighting beside him and bringing together the Hezbollah means what? Or will tell me that Hezbollah now is a humanitarian organization which takes care of the needy? Hezbollah is a criminal organization, which in addition to using terror as a method of persuasion, still works with the international drug trade – and this is testified by the police my continent. I got tired of seeing people rejoicing that Russia led to Syria the Iranian IRGC, and the Chinese Liberation Army, without first remembering that the quotas serve the dictatorial governments, which kill so brutal Christian and the Islamic state.

        Putin supports the Communist regimes in Venezuela and other non-democratic governments in Latin America. He never says anything in favor of the North Korean people, let alone the Cuban people. Now she decided to pretend to be a Christian. I do not remember him saying anything about Christianity before economic sanctions, and timely endeavor in Syria. It is being co-opted by the Kremlin propaganda, believing in nationalism taking the example of the folly of Putin. Wake up while there is time, before they made fools of.

    • So Ronie, you’re all for Cameron, Obama, et al?

      BTW, the Daily Express is the only Brit. newspaper which has never denied any of my comments.

      OK, communism came from Russia (and Germany) and so does Vladimir Putin, but count me in with those Brits who would prefer Putin over the rotten, traitorous Cameron and the traitorous, moslem hugging Obama.

      • Saying that communism came from Russia and Germany is technically correct, but leaves out some important facts.
        As for Mr. Putin, I don’t think he wants a re-run of the Soviet Union, but rather a revival of imperial Russia ca. 1900.

        • Wolfie, I agree that Putin probably has a different scenario in mind i.e. not the old USSR.

          Lots of European leaders getting the heeby-jeebies about what they consider to be Putin’s aims. Needlessly, in my opinion. We’ll see.

  9. This is very good news indeed. Between this and Vaclav Klaus, it’s nice to have some encouraging news for a change. Maybe it will encourage other militaries in other European countries to “mobilize”. It seems that all Western militaries are being weakened for reasons we can probably guess.

  10. This is not only interesting, it is intelligent — a rare combination in today’s world. My sincere thanks for making this available — the question then becomes: “If it is available, will many read it?” — which begets the next question: “If many read it, will they understand it?” — which then begets the next question: “If many read it and many understand it, will many take any positive action?” Only time will answer these questions and nature dictates I will never know the answers, for I will not be here long enough — but I still have hope.

  11. Where were these men when the socialists began indoctrinating their children decades ago? They weren’t able to predict what would come from all the socialist training then but now they’re shocked by what they’re seeing now? Even a broken clock is right 2x a day. The old dudes are trying to shake their guilt by making a video; sorry, but it’s too late.

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