Today the leadership of PEGIDA UK — Anne Marie Waters, Paul Weston, and Tommy Robinson — took part in a march in Copenhagen as guests of PEGIDA DK, and were featured speakers at the rally. Steen was on hand for the occasion to take photos and videos.

Tommy sat in the back seat of a taxi on the way to an interview with Kim Møller of Uriasposten. Here’s a brief clip with some of the conversation:

There’s more at Snaphanen. The text is in Danish, but the post is mostly photos — lots of good shots of the march, and of Tommy at the interview. Steen promises more video tomorrow.

Photos and video ©Snaphanen.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

2 thoughts on “PEGIDA UK Pays a Visit to PEGIDA DK

  1. Just great to hear how Tommy’s reception

    “the “young ones”. They are the next generation,

    “Even when I went to Oxford, When I first went to Oxford [Debate], they hated me, when I walked in, no one would talk to me, so no one would inter act with me or speak to me.

    Then at the end of my speech, they were all coming up wanting photos.

    The propaganda against us;- the image that is portrayed of us, is not reality,
    So afterwards, once they meet us, they are like;-
    “Well, I did’nt expect that”
    and all of them said like
    “I did not expect that”
    So expect what? the truth? fine

    For me it is great that the message of what is happening is getting out, even if it seems very late in Great Britain.
    Also a similarity of the Oxford debate in 1935 about whether a stand should be made prior to ww2.

    Nursing the “truth”, a glowing ember being gently fanned, that when gathered with information, becomes a knowledge to build resoluteness. This can build in one so that it can be spread effectively, like a contagion, to the awaiting fuel of frustrations in others, as the knowledge grows
    To know the truth, keep to the truth and in our actions to be true to ourselves, and the people around us.
    1 hour 9 minutes
    The main Oxford speech by Tommy Robinson,
    40 minutes
    Questions and Answers to Tommy Robinson just after the Oxford debate.

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