The Groping Jihad Comes to Arkansas

A reader sends this report about an incident that occurred at a convenience store in Arkansas. It’s a more isolated instance of the sort of thing that has been happening recently in Cologne and other Western European cities. However, as thousands of Obama’s (and Baby Doc’s) “Syrian” refugees pour into our continent, we can expect a lot more of this:

I want to tell you about an alarming incident that occurred in Russellville, Arkansas just last night. Russellville is home to Arkansas Tech University as well as Arkansas One Nuclear power plant. There are many poultry farms and processing facilities in the area constantly in need of cheap labor.

My daughter’s long-time friend and current college roommate was driving back to college in Northwest Arkansas from our hometown in Bryant, Arkansas. She stopped in Russellville, Arkansas for a quick break.

She took exit 81 and stopped at the Superstop Convenience store. Upon exiting the ladies’ room inside the store there were two young Middle-Eastern-looking men standing right in front of the door. She exited the store quickly and they followed her. She got inside her car and locked the doors. Before she could leave the two men got in their car and parked behind her. She said they had their windows rolled down and were shouting at her and motioning to her. She managed to drive up on the curb and walkway she was parked in front of to get out of there. My daughter said she was very upset, but she did call local police after she got back on the highway.

I knew this would start happening here but I am shocked that it is this soon and in the middle of rural Arkansas! I think sooner rather than later there will be just as many horror stories in regards to “Syrian refugees” in America as there are in Europe.

Are there any chicken processing plants in your area? Just wondering…

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  1. so where were their boyfriends? This is a result of American women shunning white American male escorts. Feminism is bringing this on. Take the white American boyfriend out of the picture, Muslim men see these women as easy prey.

    • “This is a result of American women shunning white American male escorts.”

      Eric, do you realize that by this statement of yours you are enforcing the Sharia?

      My brother lives in Arkansas with an 11 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. He’s a liberal as they come and has pronounced that Christian fundies, not Muslims are the real threat. I hope his children stay safe from the kind of predation we have come to expect from Muslims. Most libs won’t admit the threat until the knife is at their own throat. Well the knife is apparently getting close to home for my bro.

    • Well, they might, but why does an American woman even have to have a ‘boyfriend’ and why can’t she go out without one? It’s not ‘shunning escorts’, it’s simply going about one’s lawful business without having to rely on anyone else to be available. My Mum used to go shopping by herself while Dad went to work–she didn’t need feminism to do that.

      • Exactly. When adults in a family either have different schedules *or* decide to “divide and conquer” the family workload, why should EITHER of them require the presence of the other?

        Odd remarks about needing a ‘boyfriend’ to run one’s errands….

    • You’ll be happy in the knowledge that once Sharia has been imposed, American women will not venture out of doors without a male escort. But the escort won’t be white. All the white American boyfriends will be dead.

      • Miss Mouse: totally agree! We are headed the way of the EU now, into a zero future if Muslims keep coming in. I believe Canada will go down soon under shiria law. Neo-Marxist pro Muslim Trudeau is bringing them in the country at high speed. Politicians here are bought off to get them settled in their jurisdiction. The EU is close to it now, real soon I expect. Mass killing of infidel men and women taken as slaves or Muslim brides will be the norm, with destruction of churches and monuments and all western heritage sites, to include historical buildings, etc. European men will easily surrender.

        • My Canadian brother tells me they are only taking people from refugee camps, after screening, fingerprinting and iris scanning. Preference is given to those under threat, eg gays.

          • Yes, Mark H is correct. As much as I would prefer only Christians and Yazidis be given refugee protection, the metric he lists is being applied to prospective refugees.

    • Hey, Eric, the thing is not every woman has a boyfriend. This young lady is a student. This has nothing to do with feminism. But go ahead trying to tell that lie.

      • Perhaps she should have got a boyfriend while still at school and married instead of going to college. Sounds like Sharia again, doesn’t it?

    • Haven’t you been harping on this “all the fault of women’s lib” rant before?
      Are you expecting every woman and girl go out with a male escort? That’s what they have do do in Islamic countries. Freedom to go to a store without harassment is a right all should have in the West, whether they have a boyfriend, husband or not. Wise up mate.

    • Mr Dondero,
      [I call your mental acuity into question]; please think before you write:

      what happens if you haven’t got a boyfriend, if you’ve been dumped, if your boyfriend/husband is at work or away for extended period (on deployment, a long-distance truck-driver…)? What if you are widowed, divorced…
      Are you actually aware that Arab males from the Middle-East and Pakistan will also follow and attack very young girls as well as very old women and molest them and if there’s nobody around they will gang-rape them?
      Would you tell your aged grand-mother that she cannot go to the shops/or anywhere for that matter without a male escort????

  2. American men are not going to let this crap happen to American women like Europe has allowed to occur without some serious repurcussions being meeted out to the aggressors. The police here are not [lacking manly generative equipment].

    • Arnie: My hubby has same name as you! Since I am retired and have seen the downgrade of generation after generation men (and women) get lazier and more apathetic, decadent, self centered, I really could see American men and police retreat and do as in the EU. Hopefully not, but I have noticed (and so have my peers) the younger males today are not the type men I knew when I was in my 20’s and 30’s as I recall. The so called John Wayne and Clint Eastwood types are few today in younger adults. I see this country sliding down by 2025 so that times now will be a distant memory nine years form now, as the real men die off. Shiria law will be the order of the day, unless the dumbed down masses awaken which is unlikely.

  3. For heaven’s sake. She was returning to school, driving her own car and made a pit stop. That’s all it was.

    This unpleasant and scary incident has zero to do with feminism and everything to do with what Muslims hate: a girl or woman being free to drive from point A to point B without an escort. Can’t do that in Saudi Arabia.

    Based on zero information about her interests, her background, her intentions, you have made a huge, insulting leap here. For all you know, her boyfriend is a hulking testosterone-filled teenager who figured this young woman could make it back from home to school without help. How careless of him.

    Your reactive response is the other side of the coin those “Middle Eastern men” carry. That currency is every bit as antediluvian and debased in your hands as it is in theirs. Both of you see women as easy prey. The girl/woman no doubt sees herself as a human being with hopes and aspirations about education and making her way in the world. So she evaded and escaped an ugly situation. Good for her, and good for her that she reported it.

    In social/public terms, women have to learn to maneuver safely in public…notice she maintained situational awareness and quickly made herself safe. Then she countered their blocking of her escape with an evasion…

    This young woman did an excellent job throughout the whole event, including her follow-up call to the police. The incident may motivate her further to take self-defense classes, although two against one is always tough.

    For both the girl and her parents, I recommend Gavin de Beck’s book:

    The Gift of Fear

  4. It will happen here in the US, and it will be covered up by the media as usual. At least the first several times, but eventually the word will get out. But nothing will happen except possibly a statement from BHO, DOJ and CAIR threatening action on anyone who lays a hand on the “refugees”.

  5. D, you hit the nail on the head! Exactly. In the US women are free to travel as they choose. Since when was stopping at a gas station for a pit stop something to put you in fear of your life?

    I recommend a dash cam. Not just for women, but for everyone. Also follow up by making a police report. Did this woman call 911? Why not? Demand that the video footage be saved and added to the police report that was filed!

    • It said she called the police. She was too busy escaping to get 911 – which would have held her up, made her stand-off against the men that much longer and more harrowing if she’d had to stay around waiting for “help”. She reported it. No doubt a police officer will show up at her dorm to do a follow-up report. I hope the school newspaper carries the story so other women will be vigilant like she was.

      The idea of a dash cam is an excellent one in many cases. But if they’d gotten to her, the filming would have had to be *inside* and they could’ve disabled it.

      I’ll bet she gets some pepper spray. Her parents will no doubt be most insistent on preparation.

  6. Never mind the cops, I get the impression if this [odious stuff] gathers momentum in the US, there’ll start to be lots of suspicious mounds of freshly turned earth around the countryside.

    Now if there was ever a just cause for frontier justice to be meted out..

  7. Any female without an escort is haram. If a female chooses to go some place absent her escort, then she is simply uncovered meat for the cats that lurk around.

    Allah Ackbar! Infidels need to know how they should behave in Dar al-Harb.


    • “Dar al-Harb.” In English: House of War.

      It might be helpful to write stuff accurately, like this:

      Dar al-Harb (House of War).

      That way or vice versa: House of War (Dar al-Harb).

  8. Glad she got away. Hope she’ll make the connection between this and the anti-self-defense movement out there. Her life might just one day depend on what she advocates for or fails to advocate for.

    With rights come responsibilities.

    • without any training in self-defense, but with long-standing leg difficulties due to prior car accident and previous bicycle accident, I use a cane on public transit. (It’s too hard to maneuver otherwise.)

      Several years ago, it occurred to me that the cane can be used defensively or (ahem) even pre-emptively. This is NOT recommended for most people, but if you can manage it, the cane provides a good sense of self-protection. I’ve only used it once and was not identified as having done so on purpose:

      I was on an (as usual) over-crowded BART train and had managed to secure a seat next to the carriage door. A group of unruly men, maybe 18-22 years old, started arguing among themselves and then looking at the rest of us. Silly men: the train arrived at the next station just as the men were (by the looks of them) selecting their targets for (?) vituperation, physical attack, who knows what?

      It’s amazing, the chaos a well-placed obstacle can create among the feet of ne’er-do-wells. They couldn’t accuse each other fast enough of evil intentions and ended up leaving the train at that station. *whew* One other woman gave me an interrogative look, but I blandly looked back at her (a la public transit passenger) and never “admitted” a thing. No one else figured it out. 🙂

      BUT you’ve got to have the bloody-minded attitude to go with it, as well as a willingness to play “who, me?” convincingly should you be discovered.

      Once was enough. I’m never on BART or buses w/o the cane anymore.

  9. Do our civilised, technologically and socially advanced societies gain anything at all from allowing semi-humans with foul cultural backgrounds and behaviours into our nations? Of course not. So why do it? Their overloaded presence is destroying us from within.

    Its part of our culture to help those in need. People from underdeveloped societies or those in severe distress from which they cannot help themselves should be given assistance in the form of a hand up – where they are. Not a hand out in the form of a parasitic existence of ease from which no one gains anything.

    • This is another method of keeping wages down for Americans looking for work. If the…ah…foul (fowl?) conditions in these plants had to be dealt with by English-speaking, rights-aware Americans, our food stream might get cleaned up a great deal. *And* wages would rise.

      All of this low-wage immigrant labor supported by large corporations (Tyson in this case) has kept regular people from enjoying what’s regularly reported as “the economic recovery.”

    • I have often thought that the money spent on “refugees” in western nations could build the Ritz Carlton of refugee hostels in their neighboring nations and… help at least three fold of people.
      Maybe even more. But, if you want a swimming pool to poop in, we can build one right where you live! You don’t have to come to Europe to poop in a pool. We’ll build one for you in Jordan/Turkey/Lebanon. Hell, we’ll build ten of them for you!

  10. In Australia this month:

    A TEEN charged over “brazen and repeated” alleged sexual assaults on eight victims underwater at a Gold Coast beach yesterday claims he touched the women as a result of heavy surf conditions. …charged with two counts of attempted rape, seven counts of sexual assault and four counts of common assault.

    The Southport Magistrates Court heard the 18-year-old Pakistan national claimed heavy surf and wind caused him to collide with his alleged victims at a Gold Coast beach on Tuesday. …allegedly assaulted eight women, aged between 15 and 24. The court heard he allegedly touched two of the females through their bikini bottoms.

    An 18-year-old man from Geelong in Victoria has been charged with two counts of attempted rape, seven counts of sexual assault and four counts of common assault.

    • Mick: sounds like Australia is going down hill like Britain and the rest of the EU is. Too bad the gov allowed all those invaders in. Good luck.

  11. Muslim men who see American women as “prey” need to be deported immediately, or perhaps imprisoned (but our justice system is no long just and it is no longer speedy, so the taxpayers would be paying for this scum for years while he awaits trial).

    I think the real problem is that nowadays people who come here are not informed or do not understand that if you wish to live in America then you have to adopt American values: at the very least: equality before the law, freedom of speech, etc. and so on and so on. You all know what I mean. Muslims don’t believe in any of that, which is why I favor the idea of not admitting any more of them in, and deporting those who can’t accept these American values. Go back to the middle east, where most everyone agrees with you!

    By you, I mean the vermin who attacked a woman at a rest stop — not that he can read or anything. Sigh. Where is our world going? When are people (the PC ones) going to wake up and smell the coffee and see the truth? Nobody “accidentally” knifes a woman and where are these “refugees” getting their knives? Are they not searched and patted down before being accepted into the country?

    I’m telling you — this is not going to end well.

    • Maridee: I see this country taken over in nine years, Muslims move fast, and we like Europeans will sleep thru the whole game plan while things get worse (more lawlessness) then wonder how it happened when men are dragged out and killed and women are raped and forced into marriages with Muslims, and families separated and people pushed out of their houses, then it will be too late to fix anything. Politicians are in on this shiria plan by taking bribes to resettle them in their communities. They care nothing for their children and g’children or future of the country. It’s all about money.

    • Of course it isn’t going to end well.
      I said to my husband the other day that I had been reading GOV for over a decade and it seems like someone (Merkel) put the thing in overdrive.
      Now, instead of the Baron’s “Camp of the Saints” count, the numbers are so overwhelming as to not be counted on a daily basis.
      We have graduated to massive attacks on European people and still you have the hangers on shouting Fascist, Nazis! I wonder if you could get one of the most vociferous people aside and ask them where do they think their country will be in three years what they would say? Based on demographics, they do not have children to be concerned about but, being that they are quite young, what do they foresee for their lifetime?

      • I did the “Camp of the Saints” count back in 2011, when the Arab Spring began. The numbers were just for Italy, because the Italian government was warning that they might see 500,000 migrants that year from Libya and Tunisia. So I tracked the number for the rest of the year. The final tally came to just over 60,000, which was a record at that time:

        But that was dwarfed by the wave that came in 2015, obviously. I don’t know how many landed in Italy last year, but I think it was over 400,000. And for the whole of the EU, well over a million in Germany alone.

        The word that comes to mind when contemplating the change since 2011 is “apocalyptic”.

        • I would agree with that Baron.
          It is amazing how this has escalated over the last 24 months.
          And still we have people crying out fascist, Nazi! Where do they think their society will be in just 36 months? Will it offer them a better or less opportunity?
          I have started to wonder if those that cry out fascist/Nazi even care about their countries and culture? Can they really be this stupid?

  12. Where are the good ole redneck boys that will put these disrespectful invaders in their place? This is why I support open carry laws like Arizona. This will get worse as they bring in more and more so-called Muslim refugees. I wonder when the first self-defense shooting will take place against one of these perps? I am sure CAIR will portray the Muslim as a victim of Islamophobic gun violence.

  13. Regarding the woman at the rest stop. I regularly drive from Long Island to VA Bch to visit my son. I make several rest stops along the way. Okay, given I am an old not very attractive female but… I have every right to stop my car and use the facilities as I did 40 years ago when I was a full blown hottie!
    I wish I were armed but I don’t feel responsible enough to carry a gun.
    I did just the other day join the NRA. Hopefully, they will speak for me.

    • Culture-enrichers in Europe have demonstrated through their actions that they will rape women and girls of any appearance or age, from zero to 100. They also rape males, although they do prefer young boys, obviously. And they go for farm animals, too.

      • I wonder if anyone has done studies or extrapolations (in English) about the sexual obsessions of Islam. And the bodily function obsessions.

      • Forgot to say they also rape and sexual assault the mentally and physically-handicapped. There has been reports of that in the news in the past few months. Mind you, sometimes it’s “migrants from the dark heart of Africa” who prey on defenceless women.
        But back to muslims (arab, black and from the Indian continent): yes, they are cowards who will attack the defenceless. They are like packs of rabid hyenas or wild dogs. I’d honestly take my chances against a grizzly bear rather than face a gang of them.
        These creatures have no place in Western civilisation or any human civilisation for that matter.
        Can wait to see what the Chinese will do when face with world jihad?
        “Death by a thousand cut” to their ennemies to show them who’s the big daddy or more high-tech techniques? Or will the Chinese just close all borders and concentrate on looting Africa for rare metals and arable land? And say, we’ll take a peek in a couple of centuries, see if there’s anything left to salvage?

        • This way of going after the weak and defenseless is nothing but a totally primitive behaviour. This is the primitive ways of animals, and utmost evolutionary in the survival of the fittest.

          In some areas of the world, homo sapiens – are they even sapiens ? – obviously, has not reached the higher grades of civilization, yet, so, they stick to their levels of evolution, notably, attacking and raping weaker beings, also of their same species.

          On the other hand, those clans that should have gotten farther in evolution, farther out of Africa, so to speak, do they, simply, regress to lower stages of evolution after too much inbreeding? What does science tell us about this topic?

      • I’ve heard that they favor sheep, and that the lanolin makes their hands soooo soft. As for defending my wife, I took her to a handgun training course, and we both go out to a shooting range here in the Valley once or twice a year. I hope she’ll never have to use it, but at least I will have tried.

    • If you are responsible enough to drive a car you are responsible enough to carry a gun. Get some training, and rent a few different weapons at a shooting range to find one you are comfortable and accurate with.

      • Thank you. This is the best *practical* advice I’ve found yet, even here at GoV.

  14. Why does any woman need male escort? Is this Saudi Arabia?

    What this woman needs is a gun perhaps. And what the local police need is to find these arab men, and lock them up.

  15. I’d like to ask a question here, and I wonder if anybody else has anything to say on the matter:
    We all know that children are used, abused and molested in Islamic countries, and that far from eliciting outrage it is considered normal.(I remember reading André Gide as a teenager and becoming very aware of why he was going to the Maghreb on holiday, I mean it’s there for all to see in his books.)
    Since a good part of what we call the Left (marxist?) is all for sexual freedom at all ages (sexual taboos are “Such a bourgeois concept, don’t you know”…) and that we have a whole possey of left-wing sympathisers who say that it’s OK to have sex with children as long as you do not force them (!) (it’s all part of living out one’s impulses and being free to experience sexual fun and avoid sexual hang-ups as an adult), would it then be pushing too far to wonder if maybe the Marxist/Maoist/French Intellectual and the UK Labour Party are secretly welcoming what they see as a similar ideology that would allow them to accede to their secret desires? id est: children of all ages to be used for sex (after they’ve been groomed by the sickening sexual education in Western schools) and multiples wives/mistresses without the women being able to sue them for some financial reparation when they get dumped for a younger model (ah, to be able to divorce an older wive by just repeating a sentence 3 times…).
    Well, that’s on top of both ideologies being collectivist system which brook no dissent. In islam, if you disagree, you get your head chopped off, with the Left, they either send you to a psychiatric institution or as in France or in the USA, they unleash the Tax inspectors on you.

    • I’ve wondered the same thing myself, so I don’t think it’s pushing things too far to wonder such things.

      It is often said that there are paedophiles and etc in high places in the west, and Islam seems tailor made for those who have certain inclinations — paedophilia, sex slavery and etc.

      Only have to look at some of the film clips coming out of the the West Bank / Middle East etc to understand how easy it is to indoctrinate young minds. Young minds in the west are just as vulnerable.

      How many generations would it take before child marriage, sex slavery and various other sharia abominations are accepted as societal norms?

  16. I meant: ” Can’t wait to see what the Chinese will do when face with world jihad?”

    damn fingers that can’t type as fast as my mind goes!

    • The Chinese have their own Muslim population, but they aren’t true Han Chinese so they are expendable. You have only to look at China’s history with Fulan Gong or the record of Christian missionaries to figure that out. China is unapologetically authoritarian. If they use their own imprisoned citizens for organ donors, no doubt they will find a use for such jihadists as might appear in China. Though I’ve never seen a culture as Islam-proof as is China’s.

  17. Danish girl, 17, attacked on the street
    who defended herself with pepper spray
    may be charged with carrying a weapon illegally

    The dark skinned English speaking male tried to get into her pants by ripping them off, when the girl managed to get free by using her pepper spray.

    Carrying pepper spray is illegal in Denmark.

    • Some number of college campuses in the US have also banned pepper spray.

      You can count on most colleges to do their best to emulate Europe in every possible way.

      • Back in the 70’s in Baltimore I carried a black jack up my sleeve. My boyfriend carried a gun.
        I think it was probably the body language that deterred attackers.
        Now that I am an old woman I need the help of others. Where did that black jack go? I can’t remember but I certainly would like to carry one again. Give me a fighting chance at least.

    • ““Outrage in Denmark as 17yo girl faces fine for using pepper spray against sex attacker,” RT, January 27, 2016:

      A Danish teenager who said she was sexually assaulted now faces a fine for using pepper spray against her attacker. The man who pulled her to the ground and tried to undress her fled the scene without any charges”

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