History Quiz


by Michael Copeland

(Originally published at LibertyGB)

(Clue: one answer fits all.)

1.   What made it essential to fortify the Vatican?
2.   What triggered the founding of the defensive Knights Templar?
3.   What caused the beheading of the 800 men of Otranto, Italy?
4.   What led Columbus and his backers to explore westwards?
5.   What caused the Hindu Kush (Kush meaning ‘slaughter’)?
6.   What do the turbans of pantomime pirates denote?
7.   What made Istanbul’s Basilica of Holy Wisdom cease to be a church?
8.   What caused the kidnapping of the women and children of Baltimore, Ireland?
9.   What caused the USA to establish the Marine Corps?
10.   What caused the genocide of Armenians?
11.   What caused Salman Rushdie to need armed guards?
12.   What is “incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy”?

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15 thoughts on “History Quiz

  1. And here we go again with tiny Erdogan. The next rising against this little man will hopefully be more successful than the last. In the EU west there is a man power problem also. No doubt Erdogan has noticed his once in a lifetime moment.

  2. Hindu-Kush is not about killing Hindus. Better not to trust quora and reddit BS.

    1. If it was about killing Hindus it must have been Kosh not Kush.
    2. It also does not mean “opening” as some speculated.
    2. Kush is name of a tribe, a kingish tribe who ruled the area and give their name to the mountain. search Kushan Empire. Those people are still alive with their identity and family name Kushani or Kushabadi. The meaning of the word Kush is not known. Anything you may read about the meaning of the word is just speculation if not outright rubbish.

    I would like to ask Hindu brothers not to sell their guesswork for truth. It may end up in a serious blog like GoV and it’s not good. Certainly Islam has done many wrongs to Hindus, but that mountain is not part of the story.

    • Bro I m an Indian & i fully agree with what you said n agree that Islam has done many wrongs to Hindus, but that mountain is not part of the story.

      and it was all about past, so lets start fresh n live happy life of universal harmony

  3. I was in Otrando 15 years ago and I visited a church where in the wall behind the altar there were the sculls of all those umfortunate who were beheaded by the Turks. The barbarian was,Barbarossa who also landed on a very small island on the Ionian sea,which was inhabited only by orthodox monks and kill them all without any reason.

  4. As to whom is “incompatible with the fundamentals of democracy” we may add True Philosophy. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were all against democracy! Aristotle does make an exception to a pastoral class (farmers).

    True philosophy is based on the Natural Law and the Natural Law, Nature, does not teach democracy. Democracy does not exist in nature. Monarchy does.

    And in the “Our Father”, we say, “thy kingdom come”. God rules the cosmos as a Monarch. There is no democracy in heaven! Catholics who are true believers in The Faith have only one loyalty—to Christendom and no state in Christendom was democratic. Catholics either formed Monarchies or true classical republics.

    • Democracy in Athens lasted for a very short time.Pericles himself ruled Athens and as Thucidides wrote ,”in name it was democracy but actually it was one man’s rule” meaning Pericles.Democracy killed Socrates ,and send Plato in exile.Many philosophers were against democracy like Aristarchos and many more.Personally I prefer the Spartan way. Even today we insist that we are a democratic country.Nonsense !The Greek character has remain the same.Our PM talks about democracy but he rules like Pericles and unfortunately HE IS NOT Pericles. He is simply a Merkels tool.

    • SAD. They were also murderers of Christians who refused to kiss the poops ring and there is torture of innocent people during the Inquisition.

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