Here and Round Us

For a change of pace, Michael Copeland sends this Counterjihad poem.

Here and Round Us

by Michael Copeland

Invited in as a voter base by the Left,
Keeping their language, customs, and multiple wives,
Advised they could live off welfare, most of them do:
By postal voting fraud they elect their own.

Wilfully driving our teachers out of the schools,
They bully our children — some even ending their lives —
Ensnare our under-age girls as sexual slaves,
And attack our boys: Kriss Donald was tortured to death.

Inflicting on all of us meat that was cruelly slaughtered,
Expressing their strength in aggressive and menacing crowds,
They threaten and drive our people out of the towns,
And settle together to form their apartheid state.

They openly curse police and abuse the State,
Imposing by force their unconstitutional rules.
Misleadingly feeding the press with deliberate lies,
They blacken and smear any writers who tell the truth.

The texts they recite instruct them to ambush and kill us.
We are their enemy: this is their “Realm of War”.
Commanded to view us with hatred as lower than beasts,
They’re permitted to use deception, and lie to us all.

Disclaiming loyalty here to our state and laws,
Their men conspire to do killings at home and abroad:
They scheme and plan to murder with home-made bombs.
The intention is clear that we walk in fear of our lives.

They are here and round us.

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7 thoughts on “Here and Round Us

  1. Baron, it’s a sad indictment of the times in which we live that Michael Copeland, you, Vlad Tepes and many others have to keep reminding us of the enemy that lives amongst us.

    Baron, have you managed to find another way of accepting donations? As you know, I don’t donate much but I’m unhappy that I haven’t been able to do so for some time, now.

    • It’s still snail mail only for the time being. I hope to have other options soon, but I have to get my act together to set them up.

      Thank you for asking.

  2. I do like the liberalism go to hell sign though and no usury is actually a feature and not a bug.
    The no usury as part of religious belief will cause problems in the glorious unity utopia.
    Good, good.

  3. “French parliament APPROVES law to fight Islamist extremism by banning hate preachers and letting police close religious schools”. United we stand – diversified we fall,

    • Oh good! Because we are about to have our own merry little war amongst ourselves. So I do hope that you will contribute, for none of us are going to get away from it.

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