Tariq Ramadan Lies About Jihad

Tariq Ramadan Lies About Jihad
by Michael Copeland

Tariq Ramadan is at present “on leave” from the Qatari-funded Chair of Contemporary Islamic Studies set up for him at Oxford University. He is in detention in France facing charges of rape, brought by former admirers and students.

Ramadan has been a close influence on the UK government. He was a member of the taskforce set up by Tony Blair after 7/7. He was an adviser to David Cameron. He was a member of the Foreign Office’s Advisory Group on Freedom of Religion or Belief, chaired by Tory Baroness Warsi. He is grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder Hassan al-Banna, of which his father Said Ramadan was a leading light.

The idea of Jihad as Holy War, said Tariq Ramadan recently to a mainly Anglican audience, “is wrong”. He commended his listeners “to struggle for what is better”. “Struggle” (as in “Mein Kampf” — My Struggle) is often used to denote a Muslim’s duty of Jihad.

This old canard is more than an artful dissimulation: it is a lie. Holy War is part of Jihad.

Islamic authorities do not confirm Ramadan’s claim. The Manual of Islamic Law says:

Jihad means to war against non-Muslims …warfare to establish the religion.” (o9.0).

“Warfare to establish the religion” precisely fits the definition “Holy War”. The Koran, which forms part of Islamic law, states that the duty of war is ongoing, ending only when Islam alone prevails.

“Wage war on non-Muslims and kill them until they submit and Islam is the only governance”, Koran 8:39.

The kind of jihad struggle that Sheik Omar Bakri spoke of was a military one, involving weapons:

“There is a time when a military struggle has to take place in [Britain] — Jihad!
Where is your weapon? Where is your weapon?
Come to the Jihad!”

(Tony Blankley: The West’s Last Chance, p. 52, History Commons)

Nonie Darwish, a former Muslim who has studied and written on Sharia law, explains (www.JihadWatch.org 26 April 2012):

This is the definition of Jihad, ladies and gentlemen: it is not an inner struggle and it is not self-analysis as they claim it is. In the books of Sharia it is defined as

“warring with non-Muslims to establish the religion”,

and in Al Azhar University …in Cairo… it is taught as

“a permanent war institution against Jews, Christian and Pagan” [sic]”.

Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran leaves no room for doubt about “kafirs”, non-Muslims:

“Jihad stands for killing all kafirs around the world. Push your sword into their bodies, cut them into pieces. …Sword is the key to Allah’s paradise.” (www.islam-watch.org)

Islam teaches that the world is divided into two “abodes”. Muslim lands are Dar al-Islam — the abode of Islam: the other lands, those of the unbelievers, are Dar al-Harb — the abode of War (What The West Needs to Know). “Britain has always been Dar al-Harb”, Anjem Choudary explained to a scowling Stephen Sackur on BBC Newsnight.

This is the “permanent war institution” in which Muslims are obliged, through Jihad, to fight the infidel in order eventually, when strong enough, to make all the world Muslim. Jihad is not optional. Anwar Al-Awlaki, speaking of “our military creed”, made it clear:

“Jihad today is obligatory…” (Radical Islam on UK Campuses 2010 SocialCohesion.co.uk).

The Manual of Islamic Law explains Jihad as “a communal obligation” (o9.1).

Anjem Choudary speaks of Jihad in terms of violence and fighting:

“You can’t say that Islam is a religion of peace, because Islam does not mean peace. Islam means submission. … There is a place for violence in Islam. There is a place for jihad in Islam. …The Koran is full of, you know, jihad and jihad is the most talked about duty in the Koran… Nothing else is mentioned more than the topic of fighting in the Koran.” (islam-watch.org 2 Aug 2010)

Ayatollah Khomeini again:

“Those who know nothing about Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those people are witless. Islam says: ‘Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all!’ … Islam says: ‘Kill them, put them to the sword and scatter them.’” (www.loganswarning.com)

Non-Muslims who study the subject agree. Joseph Klein writes:

Moreover, when one examines the real meaning of jihad according to Muhammad from other primary sources such as Bukhari (Hadith, which are oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of Muhammad), the fact is that 97% of the jihad references are about war and 3% are about so-called inner struggle.”


Ramadan’s account of Jihad is at variance with the Islamic sources. It is deliberately misleading. However, delivering to non-Muslims, the “kuffar”, a misleading account of Islam is specifically authorised in Islam: the Manual of Islamic Law has a section headed “Permissible Lying” (r8.2). This is available in the “permanent war institution“ against the kuffar. Religiously sanctioned deception in the cause of Islam has a special name, taqiyya. No shame is attached to employing taqiyya: it is part of being an observant and diligent Muslim. “War is deceit”, said Mohammed, whose example provides the “beautiful pattern [of conduct] to follow” (Koran 33:21). Ramadan is using taqiyya, and being deceptive. Jihad is Holy War, after all. It is not “wrong” to say so.

This is the same Tariq Ramadan who said (to a Muslim audience):

“We are not here to adopt Western values, we are here to colonize the U.S. (and Canada) and spread Islamic sharia law.”

Ramadan, in a book that he co-authored [L’Islam en Questions]…. endorses… everything that Hassan al Banna stands for. Hassan al Banna …wrote a book on violent jihad. Hassan al Banna also justified the use of violence, and specifically used jihad in order to force Islam and to force Sharia principles on any other land… He basically says that once you implement Sharia law the first thing you do is … you replace the Constitution by Sharia. (ditto)

Ramadan’s record of serial lying will not stand him in good stead in his forthcoming trial.

The Manual of Islamic Law, Reliance of the Traveller, is available as a free download (to section V):


Sharia law is set out in the Risala, a free download from archive.org/details/TheRisala.

The Koran may be consulted online.

For other articles on Ramadan, see the Michael Copeland Archives.

14 thoughts on “Tariq Ramadan Lies About Jihad

  1. Muslims want to dominate even when they are no better. It is a fact that their Islamic culture is no better for anyone except for their own quarrelsome, megalomaniac Islamic communities who are in reality is trying to poison the world with more lies from their Islamic refugees/islamic migrants, Islamic scholars, Islamic wars, Islamic mosques, Islamic terrorism, Islamic hospitality, etc.

    If their Islam is so great, why are their Islamic communities so horrible to work with or to live with?

    • One possible answer is low IQ level. Please watch Dr. Peterson explanation:

      Average IQ in Islamic countries is at most the same 83, and I believe it’s an over-estimation. So around 70% of the population simply cannot read a manual and follow the instructions. I have felt what Dr. Peterson says tens of times during my career: Low IQ people touch gold and turn it into [ordure]. But one thing they can do for sure: gang up against normal human. The name of the gang is Islam. Enslave high IQ people to do the job for them. If you think about it, they have no other option: rely on their own abilities and live in the [offal] they are in forever, and watch others productivity and happiness, or to deceive others and jump over their shoulders for a free ride.

      Enjoy the doctors and engineers you have imported. I have suffered all my life living by their side. It’s suffering, suffering and endless suffering. Goats are professors in comparison with Muslims.

  2. The problem is so many ‘progressives’ are so desperate for their wishful-thinking to be fact, they will invest in any old Islamo-fascist who tells them what they want to hear.
    Meanwhile the Islamofascists of Saudi Arabia wish to make the term ‘Islamic fascism’ an ‘Islamophobic hate-crime’ and the cowardly ‘progressives’ and fake Conservatives appease or are utterly compromised by the pernicious petro-dollar, facilitate this de-facto Sharia blasphemy.

  3. Michael – Here are some points I think are worth making about the Reliance of the Traveller:

    1. I don’t understand why you call it “the manual of Islamic Law”. It is just one of many from the various schools. But it is the frankest and most detailed of the three that I know to have been translated into English, the others being the Maliki Risala which you give a link for and the Hanafi Hedaya:

    2. Confusingly Keller called his translation The Reliance of the Traveller the same as al-Misri’s mediaeval work which forms the core of Keller’s book. That comprises only sections E to O and even they have plenty of extraneous stuff in them.

    For instance the whole of section e9.0 on jihad comes from a 19th century commentary by Sheikh ‘Umar Barakat. Presumably Keller added it because al-Misri neglected to define jihad, I dare say because he thought it too obvious to waste words on. It will no doubt also account for the rather modern sounding reference to the “higher jihad”.

    Another definition of jihad can be found in the Risala (section 30.1):
    “It is a technical term for the Muslim fighting the unbelievers who have no treaty with the intention of elevating the word of Allah or presenting Islam.”

    But the most damning description comes from the Hedaya (p.154):
    “War must be carried on against the infidels, at all times, by some party of the Mussulmans. The sacred injunction concerning war is sufficiently observed when it is carried on by any one party or tribe of the Mussulmans; and it is then no longer of any force with respect to the rest. It is established as a divine ordinance, by the word of God, who has said, in the Koran ‘SLAY THE INFIDELS’; and also by a saying of the prophet, ‘war is permanently established until the day of judgment’.”

    Also the section on “Permissible Lying” (r8.2) is not from al-Misri’s original work but was added by Keller and consists of quotes from Bukhari, Muslim and al-Ghazali.

    3. Your link to the Reliance no longer works. I believe this applies to all the online versions taken straight from Keller’s book because he or his publishers have been closing them down one by one by threatening legal action. Presumably Keller realised that it was of more use to our side than his.

    The only remaining online versions I know of are transcriptions, one to PDF format:
    and one to Word format:

    • Thank you for your useful observations.

      1. & 2. I refer to “Reliance of the Traveller” as the Manual of Islamic Law because this is shorthand for what it subtitles itself: “A Classical Manual of Islamic Sacred Law”. As a means of referring to it, it is helpfully self-explanatory, whereas its title, “Reliance …etc.”, is opaque, and has to be explained.

      The work has the approval of Al Azhar. Quotations from it are therefore reliable, even though they may be the work of editors. The ordinary kaffir reader need not be concerned with the textual history.

      Your other quotations concerning jihad are very useful and appreciated.

      The more people become acquainted with Islam’s rules the better. The other manuals, if they are easily available, can help considerably.

      3. The link worked a few days ago. Obviously this is a swiftly changing scene. Thank you for the link you supply. Let us hope that it will remain available for a while. The book is rather expensive for most people. A download is much more attractive.

      Message to all readers:

      Download a copy now while it is available.
      Then you will be in a position to furnish it to others.

          • Thanks, ECAW. Even if I were the kind of guy to wear T-shirts (which I’m not; too “dressed-down”- maybe my inner conservative?!?), I’d set myself up for too many futile arguments.

            I moved to London in 1969, aged 21, and mostly enjoyed (and still enjoy) the multiplicity of cultures and ethnicities here (typical of a former seaport and colonial capital), and am happy that the kind of overt racism that used to be prevalent against black and brown people is much diminished. It’s just a shame that many people (not just SJWs) equate any criticism of Islam with racism.

      • “Download a copy now while it is available.
        Then you will be in a position to furnish it to others.”

        Michael – I don’t know about the PDF version but I know that part of the intention of the people who created the WordPress version was to make a lightweight presentation which could be recreated within an hour should WordPress take it down. And, yes, it is easier to copy Word text than from a PDF.

        BTW, Now that the Liberty GB site’s days are numbered have you thought of setting up a blog or similar as a repository for your articles? It would be a shame to see all the information you have collected and presented disappear from the internet.

        • Thank you for your suggestion. I acknowledge that I am the wrong generation for all these electronic matters. This is something on which I shall have to seek advice.

  4. A German word that was used improperly when the goofy idea that Aryan superiority ; demanded the enslavement and elimination of ” Non Aryans ” was ” Untermenchen “. The Muslim word used to describe the non muslim is ” Kaffir “. The clear and distinct instructions in the Koran { in many , many passages }is for muslims to murderKaffirs. The followers of Islam { in countries not noted for their benign social ambiance } really are the polar opposite of the people they want to ” kill or convert “. What has the educational system of the West done to our ability to think clearly ??.

  5. We’ve fought Islam hundreds of times. One thing we haven’t done is engage in endless discussions about the intent of this enemy….until now. Charles Martel wasn’t confused at Tours.

    The reason we are acting like idiots today is that we have, in fact, two enemies: one Islam and the other Progressivism, and the latter is using the former as a foil.

  6. This comment is from Europe ( South-West France )
    Thank you Michael Copeland for putting the spotlight on this lying and deceiving Tariq Ramadan. Of course Jihad means Holy War. Of course Islam is violent. Of course Islam is not a ” religion of peace ” but a malevolent sect bent on conquering the world, subjugate its populations and steal its riches.
    I have lived in Islamic countries for many years. When I first went there as a young man, I at first didn’t see the reality of Islam. I had been indoctrinated by a leftist pro-Marxsist educational system to believe Islam was a religion like all others, like, say, Buddhism, Judaism or Hinduism. It took me years to see the light. I read the Koran, in several official Muslim translations. I read books about the Hadiths, etc.
    I strongly believe today that Islam, powered by untold billions of petro-dollars, is a deadly menace for the Western World, just like Nazism and Communism were last century.
    This Tariq Ramadan is just a crafty propagandist for Islam using Takiya to deceive gullible Westerners. Hopefully, thanks to sites like Gates of Vienna and lucid and courageous people all over the world, Islam will be defeated.

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