Marine Le Pen: “I’ll Wear it on my Jacket as a Badge of Resistance Against ISIS”

As we reported last week, Marine Le Pen has been indicted for reposting images on Twitter of atrocities carried out by the Islamic State. In the clip below from French television, Ms. Le Pen responds vigorously to a leftist interviewer who tries (and fails) to maneuver her into acknowledging that what she did was wrong.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   This brings me to the tweets you posted
00:04   in order to denounce the atrocities committed by the Islamic State, and you have been
00:08   indicted for that. You criticized this decision, but deep inside, do you
00:12   regret this decision? Would you do it again? —We are walking upside down! Do you realize
00:16   that I am a deputy, the leader of a large French political party,
00:20   and I am being indicted for denouncing the atrocities of ISIS?
00:24   A picture, a picture, you know it’s always the documents… the case — in the very moment when the
00:28   ISIS landlord can get onto social media,
00:32   rejoicing over being acquitted. Aren’t we walking upside down at some point?
00:36   I can tell you that foreign countries which saw this indictment
00:40   are deeply shocked. —Who are you talking about, when you say “foreign countries”?
00:44   I’m talking about articles in foreign countries, either in the US
00:48   or Germany, where surprise is being expressed that a political leader can be indicted
00:53   for denouncing ISIS! —They are sensitive, however, those pictures, which could accidentally be seen
00:57   by anyone, even children. Do you… — And you, journalists, are telling me this? To me? You? You?
01:02   —But children could see it accidentally… — All while… but who published… —So you don’t regret it?
01:05   Who, I’m sorry, published the picture of that little dead boy
01:09   washed up on a beach?… And this couldn’t have been accidentally
01:13   seen by a child? — So you don’t regret it anyway? —Who is spreading
01:17   pictures of what is going on in Al Huda?
01:21   And when it bleeds, it leads, and the journalists are happy. —So you say that we shouldn’t spread
01:25   images from Syria? —So the pictures from Syria shouldn’t be broadcast? —No, that’s not what I’m
01:29   saying. I’m saying that denunciations of Islamist fundamentalists need to show what they are doing.
01:33   And we shouldn’t be afraid of showing what they are doing! — In one word?…
01:37   This is contributing to denouncing [them]. That I would… — So you don’t regret it? — That I would
01:41   be indicted for this, I think that all French people
01:45   consider this scandalous, and I’ll even tell you, I’ll go further:
01:49   It’s a real inversion of values. Well, this indictment, well,
01:53   I’ll wear it on my jacket as a badge of resistance against ISIS. —One thing only: you don’t regret
01:58   it and you would do it again if you could? —But it’s because it’s my job! It’s my political job…
02:02   You don’t regret it? You haven’t answered me… —No, of course, I don’t regret it, because it’s
02:06   my political job. Your journalistic job is to show
02:10   what is going on in the world, and my political job is to denounce
02:14   the acts of our enemy. —To each his job.

7 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen: “I’ll Wear it on my Jacket as a Badge of Resistance Against ISIS”

  1. This is just another example of the corruption of the press in western nations. In France, Germany, the UK, Canada and the United States, the press have become the apologists and protectors of the forces of globalism and tyranny that increasingly control the reins of power in what were once the free nations Europe and North America.

    Let’s hope that ordinary people see through their distortions and lies and, using what remains of the political freedom, throw them out before they gain total control.

    • What a courageous woman, what a left wing worm of an

      How can it be that France chose the man boy, geriatric obsessed
      Macron over this lady?

      They must be regretfully it now.

      • How come indeed! I find it hard to imagine the establishment not cheating in elections – they cheat in everything else don’t they? What’s that they say: The best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour…

  2. If ‘they’ lose control of the narrative, we have a chance, a fighting chance….

  3. Lovely how he quickly ends it when he finally realizes he won’t get her 😀

  4. Instead of a video clip, by the time I got to your blog, there was a black screen. Been censored?

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