Deception by Muslims: Learning Curve Needed

In his latest essay Michael Copeland discusses what has been pointed out here repeatedly in the past: Islamic scriptures and teaching require believers to engage in sacred lying whenever it serves the cause of Islam.

Deception by Muslims: Learning Curve Needed

by Michael Copeland

“Act like you are his friend. Then kill him.”

So urged Sheikh Mubarak Gilani to his Muslim listeners concerning non-Muslims, kafirs. He was advocating two of Islam’s teachings: deception of kafirs and killing of kafirs.

Islamic deception

Islamic deception has an Arabic name — taqiyya. It is a well-developed doctrine. In short it authorises Muslims to deceive the kafir in the cause of Islam. One of Islam’s most important theologians, Al Ghazali (1059-1111), set out the position a long time ago:

“Understand that lying is not wrong in itself. If a lie is the only way to achieve a good result [for Islam], it is permitted.”

“Permissible Lying” is how taqiyya is featured in the Manual of Islamic Law, Reliance of the Traveller (r4). In the Muslim Brotherhood’s secret “Strategic Plan”, the “Explanatory Memorandum”, it is included as “Using deception to mask intended goals”. It is part of their strategy for “destroying the Western civilisation from within”. This explosively important document was captured through alert police work.

An observant traffic officer in Maryland in 2004 saw a car being driven across the Chesapeake Bridge with a woman in a hijab taking a video of its structural members. He pulled it over. The driver was a Hamas activist. The driver and the passenger were arrested and their Virginia home searched. In a secret sub-basement was a stash of Arabic documents, including the Explanatory Memorandum. Subsequently this became critical evidence in the largest terrorist-funding case in American history, the Holy Land Foundation trial.

Islam’s doctrine of killing non-Muslims has been its blood-soaked track record for the last nearly 1,400 years. It cannot be missed. Islam’s history is one of repeated attack, killing, slave-taking, piracy, extortion, subjugation, humiliation and forced conversion of non-Muslim peoples, and the annihilation of their cultures. Churches, temples, and synagogues have been destroyed and triumphal mosques built in their stead. Great swathes of the Near East and North Africa that were previously Christian, even Spain and part of France, have been forced to be Islamic, with great cruelty and barbarism. Formerly Buddhist Afghanistan, Zoroastrian Persia, and Hindu India have all experienced the same. The process is in full swing in Nigeria, Myanmar, East Timor, the Philippines, Sudan, and elsewhere. The tainted BBC euphemise these conflicts as “separatist insurgencies”, but they are all instances of Islamic jihad.

Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones were deceived by Muslim jihadi Usman Khan. Khan had been imprisoned for planning terrorist mass murders. In prison he had claimed that that he wanted be rehabilitated. It was taqiyya. He joined a “Learning Together” programme in which the two were involved.

Killing kafirs

Unfortunately the “Learning Together” programme had not started on its own Learning Curve about Islam. The management had not informed either themselves or their personnel of basic Islamic doctrines. Had they done so, they would have been alerted not only to Islam’s Permissible Lying, but also, critically, to Islam’s standing instruction to kill kafirs.

“Muslims must kill kafirs wherever they are unless they convert,”

ruled Ali Gomaa, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, the highest authority in Sunni Islam. The same teaching is urged in Shia Islam:

“Islam says: kill all of the kafirs. Jihad stands for killing all kafirs,”

preached Ayatollah Khomeini.

Killing kafirs is not an aberration. It is basic Islam. Some 61% of the Koran concerns kafirs, and how they are unclean, and are to be hated and killed. The Koran, all of it, forms part of Islamic law.

Those who have looked into Islam’s teachings are well familiar with this unmistakeable element. Alas, and most reprehensibly, such people do not include past prime ministers, government spokesmen, politicians (except Lord Pearson and a very few others), judges, senior lawyers, and many others in authority. The London Bridge killings are pure Islam, like previous jihad attacks, from London 7/7 to the Manchester Concert in the UK, and from 9/11 to Pearl Harbor and Pensacola in the USA.

So many leaders need to start on their own Learning Curve.


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13 thoughts on “Deception by Muslims: Learning Curve Needed

  1. ==QUOTE==
    “Muslims must kill kafirs wherever they are unless they convert,”
    ruled Ali Gomaa, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, the highest authority in Sunni Islam.
    The same teaching is urged in Shia Islam:
    “Islam says: kill all of the kafirs. Jihad stands for killing all kafirs,”
    preached Ayatollah Khomeini.
    Is this correct Islamic doctrine?
    Don’t Jews and Christians have the option of living in dhimmitude?

    • That’s correct. Christians and Jews have the option of living in dhimmitude.

      That doesn’t remove the justification for putting Muslims to death for idolatry, blasphemy and sedition or killing them the way they did to Qassem Soleimani.

    • I believe they are only given that option as long as they’re useful in some way or if they happen to be conquered while someone mildly moral is in power and it just stays that way afterwards, untill someone really mad comes around (like what happened to the Yazidis in 2014). Or maybe it’s just some sick twist to keep fair people unmixed, so muslims can steal and rape their daughters every once in a while. Many of those groups have lighter hair and eyes, sometimes also skin, than your typical Arab or any other Middle Eastern majority population.
      Don’t forget even fairly westernized countries like Egypt have cases of forced convertion, where the only other option is death (like bus ambushes).
      The majority of people will convert to whatever is demanded in order to protect their life or to ensure better living conditions.

      • Yazidis do not qualify as “People of the Book”: the choice offered to them is only conversion or death.

    • Dying by the sword is ok, but dying by the nuke or the microbe is far more efficient.

  2. The doctrines of Taqiyya and the murder of Kafirs by Muslims have been well known for centuries yet politicians and the media are in denial about this and continue to be so. Why? It is my guess that they have been got at. They have either been bribed or threatened. Alternatively ,it is likely that islam is playing the long game, allowing the elites to retain their privilege, wealth and position until the islamic breeding programme has ensured a musim majority in the west. After that…God help us all.

    • The doctrines you write of are, as you write, well known. The same thing by elites was done in previous eras, as is done now. Sellout by traitors, collaborators, and sympathizers to insure their material well being. The only difference I can discern is, two things, the modern equipment used to spread the doctrines. Also, the rise of the anticulture in the West provided a fertile ground for these doctrines to take hold and be disseminated thoroughly through our culture. Bat ye’or mentions this activity in her book EURABIA.

  3. Re “East Timor”: As I understand the history, this (non-muslim majority), former Dutch colony voted to secede from (muslim-majority) Indonesia; the UN, in a rare display of common sense, agreed, and sent Australian troops to support its independence. Some Islamist leader objected (muslim territory should always remain so: see Spain, Israel etc), which is why the nightclub in Bali, frequented by young Australians, was attacked.

    West Timor is something else; probably the worst ongoing genocide on the planet (half a nillion plus?), as the Indonesian authorities eliminate (non-muslim) tribal people so that they can clear the land to grow profitable crops for export.

  4. “It is true that hardened islamist terrorists, such as the Al-Qaeda & ISIS supporter Usman Khan who murdered two people at Fishmongers’ Hall [after pretending to have been “rehabilitated”], do misuse the principle of taqiyyah in order to further their cause.”

    Usama Hasan, of Quilliam

    Hasan attempts to restrict this Islamic practice. His attempt does not work. The “principle of taqiyya” employed by this “hardened Islamist terrorist” is also available to all muslims, and in furthering the cause of Islam.

    Oh, and by the way, Khan was not “misusing” it. War is deceit.

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