Östermalm Goes Boom

There’s been yet another explosion in Sweden, and this one was massive. It took place in the wee hours of this morning in Östermalm, a district of Stockholm. I’m told that the neighborhood is not culturally enriched, and is quite affluent.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this terse report from the Stockholm police:

January 13, 2020

Detonation, Stockholm

Police receive calls on a loud detonation on Gyllenstiersgatan [Street] Östermalm [Stockholm]

A detonation has taken place in an apartment building. There is property damage as well as to vehicles near the property.

Police, fire and medical services are on site. The fencing school has been opened for evacuation of the residence as well as for people in need of crisis support.

Police technicians and the national bomb unit are en route to the scene. A preliminary investigation of a general harmful destruction has been initiated.

Police Stockholm
Posted 13 January 02:16

And this update from the translator:

It seems there were no serious injuries, but police say it is one of the biggest explosions they have experienced. They also say there is no known connection to another bombing outside an Uppsala nightclub that evening. (No injuries reported.)

14 thoughts on “Östermalm Goes Boom

  1. I am really busting a gut laughing here watching this insanity play out, for the police are either completely inept and helpless of derelict in their duty to allow this to go on and on and the politicians do their best to downplay and deny there is a problem. Grab your bourbon folks, it’s going to be a fun ride watching the bloody folly of this continuing. Let it rain!!

      • Yes it does, the difference is though, in America, we are armed to the teeth and when the fun and games begins, we will get our Crusades on with a very bloody vengeance . The Europeans, those who see it coming, are arming up for the coming conflict.

  2. I am curious regarding all these culturally enriched expressions of love using explosives. It seems that almost no one is ever injured, let alone killed by these bombings. Or if they are, the facts are being well hidden.

    Does this lack of casualties speak to a corresponding lack of competence on the part of the culture enrichers? Or is the motive behind the bombings more to do with intimidation rather than an intent to injure or kill? Followers of the religion of peace do not seem to have a problem causing large numbers of fatalities and injuries in bomb attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc.

    • »more to do with intimidation rather than an intent to injure or kill? «

      that’s it, so I think from my reading Swedish news sites. And in the first place this are gang wars. Religion of peace comes in only by keeping to their original culture — made possible by “stupid” Sweden that pays for them in this role — the youngsters have to be “creative” to find extra money, entertainment, prestige …

    • Addition to my former comment here; just came accross


      Want to add that both, Ljusnarsberg and Norberg are small towns in the Swedish “rust belt” where there were mines or blast furnances and now there is empty housing … Though up to now the foreign communities there seem to be too small to have heavily criminal gangs; these develop for now only in the bigger cities.

  3. https://www.friatider.se/polisen-bomben-i-stockholm-en-av-de-kraftigaste-vi-sett

    Police: The bomb in Stockholm
    “one of the most powerful we have seen”

    The bombing on Östermalm in Stockholm last night was one of the most powerful events ever in the region. This was explained by the police during a press conference today.

    On Monday, the Stockholm Police held a press conference on the occasion of the very powerful bombing that took place at Östermalm at 01 am tonight.
    According to the police, the explosion, which is classified as dangerous destruction, has now been classified as a special event.

    “This is a particularly serious event that requires us to use the entire region’s knowledge and resources and also do it quickly,” Erik Widstrand, director of the Stockholm city police area, told SVT after the press conference.
    Regarding the explosive power of the explosion, he said:

    – Myself, and what I heard in the morning, this is one of the strongest we have had in the region.
    At present, however, the police do not see any connection with the night’s other powerful bombing outside a nightclub in Uppsala.
    Erik Widstrand does not want to say whether the Stockholm Council was as powerful as the bomb in Linköping last summer, where hundreds of apartments were more or less damaged by a gigantic detonation.

    He also points out that it was “unlucky luck” that no man was injured. A family must have been protected from window shrapnel because they had their blinds down.

  4. “I’m told that the neighborhood is not culturally enriched, and is quite affluent.”

    I guess something will be done then.

  5. Like Moon above, I am a bit mystified by the point of all these bombings. If you know your kind will take over, why bother bombing? Just wait in relative quiet until you outnumber the inhabitants and then slay them.

    This bombing habit seems a bit like a cat playing with a mouse, except that it very possibly might upset the gravy train, right?

    I just don’t get the point of it.

    • Muslims always overplay their hand, thus we see them doing whatever they want and it will escalate because it is in their DNA to do so. They keep pushing because no one stands up and says enough is enough and gets Medieval on them. Thinking that you can deal with savages with civilized means is always a losing strategy. Always fight fire with napalm, because overkill is always under rated.

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