January 19 PEGIDA March Cancelled

Update from Carpe Diem:

PEGIDA has added some things to their statement on Facebook. They ask people not to call for spontaneous rallies themselves but to put candles or flags in the windows. This happened since I sent my translation to you; I had translated the announcement they published earlier tonight.

Article at Politically Incorrect

Sign texts from PEGIDA march in Dresden, January 12, as translated by Carpe Diem:

Top: a quote from the German author Erich Kaestner, who fled from the Nazis and remained in Germany during Nazi times, but whose books were burnt: All the mischief that happens is the fault not only of those who commit it, but also of those who do not prevent it.

Bottom: Peaceful and united against religious wars on German soil [the PEGIDA slogan]

Tomorrow night’s march by PEGIDA in Dresden has been cancelled. Below is the translation of the group’s Facebook post. Many thanks to Carpe Diem for the translation:


Dear friends,

Unfortunately we have to cancel our 13th meeting for security reasons. The “abstract threat”, according to police technical jargon, has changed into a concrete “death threat” against a member of our organization’s team. His execution has been ordered by IS terrorists. As “collateral damage” had to be expected in such an assault, and we regard it as our special responsibility to guarantee the safety of our protestors, in consultation with State Protection and State Police Headquarters, we are compelled to take this step. It is a serious setback for freedom of speech when it is possible for terrorist forces to erode our guaranteed confessional right, but your safety has priority. We will announce more background information in a press conference on Monday.

— Organization team

(Translator’s note: according to DPA, there have been death threats against PEGIDA founder Lutz Bachmann. They say that there have been warnings by foreign intelligence agencies. All demonstrations are prohibited for next Monday in Dresden by the police because of possible terrorist attacks.)

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

49 thoughts on “January 19 PEGIDA March Cancelled

  1. Erich Kästner’s books were burned all right but he never fled! He staid on to do what he could. Truly an example to us all.

  2. I wonder how one validates a threat such as this, that the right to peacefully march and demonstrate should be removed by the threat of terrorism is a hideous enditement of the government and an absolute justification of everything that PEGIDA is trying to say to said government.

    The horrible truth is that the terrorists are in control there…..

  3. The German authorities, who don’t like PEGIDA, are banning the marches to protect them?

    Jihadist threats are all the more reason for PEGIDA to continue marching. That is the whole point.

  4. This is a coup d’etat against the German State by IS. I have finalised my family’s flights from Europe. All assests liquidated, all items now in transit.

    Bye bye Europe.

    • And where is it that you will flee?
      The USA is flooded with Mexicans and hostile Negros who form mobs to attack their White enemy. People of European descent are openly and officially discriminated against by the government and authorities.
      All of Europe has turned itself into a ‘vibrant’ and ‘diverse’ mess.
      Australia and Canada aren’t much better.

      • Europe is the sharp end of the wedge. We get to watch from foreign shores as Europe becomes Bosnia. This will result in a HARD swing to the right in the lands you mention, and the retroactive application of common sense.

        And Israel does NOT treat us like 2nd class citizens….

  5. Those that have tried to stop Pegida now find themselves in league with terrorists. Good on them!

  6. Also, according to the Facebook page, they are asking for no-one to organise “spontaneous protests or anything similar”, instead for all supporters across Europe to fly their national flag at a window and light candles in the windows during the time the rally would have taken place, 18.30 Germany time.

    • Too little, too late. March on the dar-al-islam zones and [intemperate suggestions redacted]. If the “authorities” interfere, [redacted]. It’s [redacted], it’s that [intensifier] simple.

  7. Oh aye, “terrorist” attacks that were “discovered” by the authorities, just as support for PEGIDA is increasing eh … how convenient eh.

    Cui bono?

  8. Has the government shut down the subway or the airport when they hear of a possible terrorist threat at those locations?

  9. This is a shame, and an outrage. Merkel the Meek triumphs over freedom of speech. Is this or is it not complicity with ISIS and all Muslim terrorists? And how do we know that these threats are not a fabrication of the State Protection and State Police Headquarters to just save themselves the bother of safe-guarding members of PEGIDA? The security people should “show us the money.”

    • I know, either these threats are real in which case everything PEGIDA is saying is right, and the government needs to take PEGIDA seriously & start listening to them.

      Or they are made up, in which case the government is avoiding the truth by making imaginary islamic terrorist threats, thereby legitimising what PEGIDA is saying, and the whole of Germany needs to realise that.

  10. And if indeed it is the jihadis, whether IS or any other, now they know how to shut down free speech and public protest, why shouldn’t they replicate and scale up the model?

    Why didn’t German services immediately offer 24/7 police protection is another question that, along with, whose side are they on anyway, begs for response.

    Appeasement of Islamic jihad only invites more aggression, not reciprocal conciliation – it’s the way they operate!

    • Those in charge know full well that capitulation “only invites more aggression”. It makes one ask – again – ‘cui bono’?

    • If it was a legit threat and was against a specific person, police protection would have been offered. Since it wasn’t, chances are this was just Merkel blowing smoke to derail PEGIDA.

      Look, she’s terrified of losing her position. She is arguably the most powerful person in Europe ruling over more territory than Napoleon through the EU. And PEGIDA’s growing popularity is a threat to that position, it has to be dismantled and now.

      Still PEGIDA shouldn’t let threats derail them. Look Muslims are going to target infidels no matter what, they hate us, we’re sub-human to them in the best of times.

      And if they do strike some down, it will only prove that Islam is incompatible with the West and serve up a black mark on Merkel.

  11. Those whose freedoms are threatened should have police protection. If instead they are just told to stay home and put candles in their windows, how long before their houses are bombed? Knuckling-under to bullies just encourages them. The PEGIDA should continue demonstrating and demand heavy police protection now or their freedoms will disappear one by one.

  12. Knock this one over and others will rise, more knowledgeable, more evidence of atrocities.
    This feels like the start to me after years of frustration, going back to 1976 when I worked in Saudi.
    After nearly forty years, I welcome these major ripples. I hope it’s not too late. ….

    • Me too Bill, praying for a massive upheaval in all European countries. Anything less and we will lose. Demographics will mean the end of all we have known. Terrorism is just the vehicle used to scare us from protesting said demographic change.

      Wir sind das Volk!

  13. So the flame is waning? Wasn’t this eventuality planned for? Do the organizers of PEGIDA truly believe that standing silent in the streets waving German flags will cower those who are attempting to subjugate them. Are they that naïve to believe that Islam and its enablers within the West will turn around and go quietly into the night in the face of such demonstrations?

    This isn’t East and West Germany anymore, this is Germany full stop! And it is going to take more than silent demonstrations to expose what needs to be exposed about a country that now has more in common with the old Nazi Germany than they, the citizenry, fully realize.

  14. If PEGIDA cannot perform their weekly events outdoors, why should Muslims be permitted to do their own weekly events in the streets? There have been plenty of photos showing islamic groups engaged in their version of weekly outdoor demonstrations.

    • Yeah, do you think if the German authorities were aware of “threats” made against imams at specific mosques, they would respond by ordering those mosques shut down & forbidding mohammedans from congregating?

      They should INSIST that this protest goes ahead and immediately arrest any mohammedan who appears at it, and grill him or her and treat them as a suspected terrorist.

      Because according to what the authorities themselves are saying – they would be!

  15. Just watched a report about this cancellation on French-Canadian telly. The reporter was in Dresden where, as a Canadian foreigner, she felt “threatened” by PEGIDA members. Moreover, she implied that people are more intolerant in the former East Germany, since they are not used to see “foreigners” in their cities.

    From what she implied (media are very good at implying things without explicitly saying), you would believe that PEGIDA are Nazis who should be opposed at all costs.

    While they conveniently ignore the real killers, who are of course the Mooslems.

    The MSM carefully avoids the distinction between Mooslem foreigners and the other foreigners. I am sure that this Canadian woman was in fact not at all threatened by the PEGIDA protesters.

    • I would suggest that she felt psychologically threatened because her brainwashed mind could not cope with the plain speaking and common sense displayed by the PEGIDA protesters.

  16. Lutz Bachmann, founder of PEGIDA, has released a video statement in which he mentions being in talks with the police regarding security arrangements for the upcoming Mondays – ie. this is far from over. Details to be announced at tomorrow’s press conference as already reported.

  17. Why doesn’t the German government say since we believe in Free Speech and will fight terrorism in what ever form we find it, the Pegida march must go on. We will have 10,000 armed undercover police officers guarding the marchers. Let the chips fall where they will.

  18. The marches are also to protest such threats.

    Why stop marching when there are new threats?

    They should have arranged more marches in response.

    Foolish move.

    If they aren’t willing to put their life on the line (which I thought was the whole point), what’s the point?

  19. As I read it on the Sachsen polizei website the police have banned outside protests for 24 hours. And so what happens on Tuesday? Is the threat suddenly nullified? What happens the next time PEGIDA or any group protesting islam wants to hold a public demonstration. Will there be again threats by islamists leading to cancellations?
    I say they should demonstrate and show that they cannot and will not be intimidated.
    Otherwise ISIS or whomever has just been ceded power to determine who gets to hold public gatherings.

  20. The Elites of the West never seem to tire of giving concessions to the Mohammedans; yet when the native populations finally begin to rouse themselves to action: they come down on them like a ton of bricks, overtly and covertly (as per the EDL in Blighty). They win, I’m afraid…Again!

    • Imagine for a moment that Marine Le Pen wins the Presidency. She exits the EU and deports 1,000,000 Muslims. The US would promptly destroy Paris. I’m positive about the consequences

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  22. They should have marched anyway, the whole point about Pegida is to protest the islamification of Germany. Now they have capitulated to a threat from Islam.
    All they do anyway, is to go round saying that they are not racist and that most Muslims are nice. So why are they protesting at all? You cannot distinguish a moderate Muslim from an islamist, when Muslims of any sort become only 25% of the population of Germany the process of islamification will be irreversible and the moderate Muslims will capitulate to the islamists in the same way that the Germans already have done.

  23. Kathrin Oertel, spokeswoman for PEGIDA, appeared on a German TV talk-show Sunday evening, discussing the cancellation of tonight’s demo plus debating the aims and concerns of the movement. Seems she handled it very well.

    There appeared to be general agreement even among her opponents that terror threats should not be allowed to halt the demos, and that they have the perfect right to continue once appropriate security measures are in place. A LEGIDA demo, the equivalent anti-Islamisation group from Leipzig in Germany, is set to go ahead on Wednesday as planned.

  24. The Western political elite are scared to death of Islam – that’s obvious! Arm the citizens!!!

  25. PEGIDA organisers may decide not to make any public address. There is nothing to stop the citizens of Dresden from going on an “Evening Walk”, Abendspaziergang.

    • Dresden is relatively un-Turkified right?
      It’s interesting to see a provincial city thus far untouched by Islamic populations be the center of resistance.

      • Heard a woman (Pegida demonstrator) interviewed in Dresden by the BBC. She’d moved from a city in the west, where she’d felt like a stranger in her own country; also she had four blonde daughters, and had feared for their safety.

  26. In dealing with the attempted Muslim domination of Deutschland, I don’t believe that PEGIDA should ever back down or bow to Muslim threats, Certain precautions should definitely be taken, but to completely change your behavior based on this threat of violence Harms the mentality and spirituality of the demonstrators and could, if it is allowed make them timid in the face of opposition to them from these many sectors of there own population, in addition to the Muslim Desire to scare the demonstrators and elevate themselves over them. Which is the entire tactic of how and why they dress and behave in the way they do, they try to startle and surprise you and make a separation between you and your source of spiritual power and take it away from you. Don’t let them do it if anything find your historical and spiritual strength and dig in harder, Historical Christian Deutschland is far stronger than what they are trying to import subversively into your country.

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