Tatjana Festerling in Dresden: The Prague Declaration

Tonight’s walk and rally by PEGIDA in Dresden was a memorable occasion. Representatives from a group of ten European countries had met in advance and hammered out a manifesto called “The Prague Declaration”.

Tatjana Festerling, one of the German leaders of PEGIDA, was given the job of reading out the declaration as a part of her speech to the assembled crowd. Rembrandt Clancy has translated excerpts from what she said, and includes the entire Prague Declaration, along with explanatory material to provide context.

Ms. Festerling’s speech may be found in the video record of the rally.

Tatjana Festerling in Dresden: The Prague Declaration
by Rembrandt Clancy

At the PEGIDA demonstration in Dresden today, 25 January 2016, Tatjana Festerling reported that on Saturday she and Lutz Bachmann had participated in a large political conference in Roztoky, near Prague. They met with representatives of citizens’ movements and parties from various European countries. Besides Germany, representatives from the following countries were in participation or present by way of a link-up: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Holland, Finland, Iceland and Italy.

Frau Festerling announced, that independently of the EU and the usual elites, the

…networking of patriotic Europe is broadening into a Fortress Europe. Therefore the participants have named themselves accordingly, Festung Europa or Fortress Europe.

For only in solidarity, she continued, will it be possible to “preserve our Europe as we know her and love her”:

The climate of this conference was characterised by trust, mutual respect and by friendship . . . . [Chancellor Angela] Merkel and the Federal government are showing the world that their asylum policy is not working. They have isolated Germany inside Europe. As PEGIDA, we are bringing into clear expression that Frau Merkel does NOT represent the majority of Germans. Therefore the goal of the network is international understanding. For only by the profound solidarity among peoples will it be possible for us to cooperatively ward off the population replacement and the Islamisation of Europe that goes with it. Submission is out of the question.

Frau Festerling revealed, that after intensive discussion, the representatives at the Prague conference signed a position paper called the “Prague Declaration”. She then read it to the demonstrators:

The Prague Declaration

Conscious of the fact that the thousand-year history of Western Civilisation could soon come to an end through the Islamic conquest of Europe, and conscious of the fact that the political elites have betrayed us, we, the representatives of the various nations of Europe, declare as follows:

We shall not surrender Europe to our enemies. We are prepared to stand and oppose political Islam, extreme Islamic regimes and their European collaborators.

We are prepared to risk our freedom, our property, our occupations and careers and perhaps also our lives as generations have done before us. It is our obligation to future generations.

We refuse to submit to a European central government. The regulations of the global elites have brought us poverty, unemployment, corruption, chaos and moral collapse.

It is time this came to an end.

We respect the sovereignty of European nations and the rights of people in all European countries to govern their affaires as they see fit.

We hold it to be a sacred right of the citizens of all European countries to protect their borders and to decide which migrants they accept and which they do not accept into their countries.

We call attention to our common European roots, traditions and values, as well as to the historical alliances of our nations.

We are resolved to protect Europe, freedom of speech and all other civil liberties, as well as our common way of life together.

We shall manifest this resolve by our participation in a joint demonstration, which will take place on 6 February 2016 in many European countries.

Frau Festerling closed her speech by inviting all those present to participate on 6 February by joining the demonstration in Dresden, the capital of resistance.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

27 thoughts on “Tatjana Festerling in Dresden: The Prague Declaration

  1. Frau Festerling is both a patriot and a heroine.The contrast between the brilliant courageous Frau Festerling and the traitorous morally bankrupt Merkel could not be starker.
    In Australia we do not have Pegida . I hope some other anti-Islamic grassroots organizations such as United Patriots Front ,Reclaim Australia and Rise Up Australia
    march in support of Pegida on February 6th .

    • Stop the izlamisation of our nation via Pegida Australia Thousands of Italians are living in poverty, lucky to see one meal a day and the refugees are complaining about the three meals a day they are getting , demanding that they be feed food from their country, well here’s an idea, hop on the leaky dinghy that you floated in on and GO BACK HOME

  2. “The political elites have betrayed us”.
    That is one of the most important statements in the Declaration.

  3. Shades of Barth and the Barmen Declaration perhaps?

    Horrible thought: What if the big combined demonstration is targetted by the Muj? Will PEGIDA be accused of “poking Muslims in the eye”? Or will this nonsense stop? It’s too horrible to think about. Lord helps us.

  4. This “Prague Declaration” is an epic testimonial of civil bravery. Pegida is now unstoppable. Dresden will be the second “Heldenstadt” after the Leipzig of 1989. And … these brave East German Atheists will make sure that Europe and the “Abendland” will revive their identities. THIS will establish a European Union that deserves this name.

    • “THIS will establish a European Union that deserves this name.” What beautiful irony – maybe my son is right, as he says, “Irony is destiny in action.”

    • I think there are two of us “Robert” commenters here? I am new here as of a week ago. You are longer? If so I will change mine.

    • Quite frankly the civil unrest is already here.
      It´s just a bit too cold right now for everybody to get into a fighting mood.

      What the elites wanted is pretty moot too by now.
      They can try riding this tiger, but this time it will be a hell of a different ride than all the others before.

  5. They have my full support , 100%. The left wing traitors should be hung up , with piano wire , to dry.

  6. Caliph Angela Merkel has deliberate plans to islamise Germany and rest of Europe- that’s the reason why Holy Warrior Merkel is bringing muslim refugees in such huge numbers as she calculates if refugees are in small numbers German people may easily rout and drive them out- hence she wants them in large numbers so they can fight and stay put, and she wants forced refugee quotas on all European countries so islam can spread into all nooks and corners of Europe- that’s why Jihadist Merkel is scheming to make Turkey a member of EU so millions of Turks can swamp Europe and reestablish Ottoman empire- Erdogan is conspiring with Merkel to islamise Europe. Most muslim countries are helping refugees hijra into Europe with the help of accomplice Merkel. Holy warrior Merkel deserves great honour from muslims- [redacted]

  7. These are noble words indeed. However they do not address the fundamental problem of how on earth to integrate the Third World into the Western dominated international system, because THAT is the cause of the swamping of Europe- indicated by reference to the betrayal by the international elites!

    Naturally, the European people have to protect themselves first. It is also true that there are a minority of former migrants of non-Western origin residing in the Western nations, (not many in Eastern Europe though) who are devoted to the ideals of democracy.

    The worry is that in the increasing likelihood of civil violence, no one is going to bother asking a non-white European whether they are for or against Western values. In other words, the danger is that the justifiable war on Islam, will deteriorate into a general racial conflagration. As we know from the racist Obama – non-whites are always to be preferred, and that means Muslims!

    In the end, we have to remember that humanity as a whole needs to be honored. The problem is that only Western culture has a tradition of honoring human rights, so for as long as the Third World continues to be operate on an inferior understanding of what human nature is, and for as long as our own Left continues to give them a free pass in order to destroy the freedoms of the West, the conflict will continue to fester until WW3 is upon us.

    It is indeed URGENT for non-white leaders, like Dr Ben Carson, to stand up, as he has, and oppose Islamification, or the risk of racial war will be extreme. As yet I have not seen one non-white face in the Pegida crowd, and that is shameful on the part of the non-whites!

    • These humanist “multi-kulti” platitudes sound nice on paper but the reality looks decidedly different.

      Only a VERY small part of the “old-time” Muslim minority has truly integrated or is even remotely willing. They are supposedly in the minority but in-fact what happens is that they systematically converge into their own ghettos which then become actual Sharia Zones long since fled by the German population & authorities (except for useless Gutmensch social workers and dole checks).
      Which is why nobody really cared up to know, as the German bellies were still very well fed and the populations hardly commingled.

      Except when youths met in venues, where they´re routinely attacked by Muslim (&other migrants), which was also routinely white-washed by the authorities & media.
      Thus keeping up the false pretense of successful multiculturalism.

      • Only the non-Muslims non-white people can be trusted to fight for the West. Working and middle class blacks of Christian and Secular backgrounds, the Sikhs, some of the Hindus and if we are lucky the Chinese (who will need to be courted if the conflict gets wider).

        I have little hope even for Muslim reformers as they are either going to cave in, be killed by their own people or are fifth column just trying to protect their separate communities until they are large enough to be able take over.

        It is critical we do not simply make this a race issue – that would be a mistake. There are many treacherous white people who have enabled this and who will take up arms against us if it came to violence to defend Islam.

        For all the talk of globalisation and Unions we actually have an opportunity to unite every shade of humanity to defeat Islam – which could lead to better co-operation in the future as well.

  8. Being a German – Greek mix I side with the Germans who want to preserve their identity and culture. When an immigrant migrates to another culture they must assimilate. They can share aspects of their culture with the indigenous culture but not try and takeover. I cannot understand why the Leftist or godless Communist embrace hordes of Muslims migrating in with demands that are contrary to even Communist dogma. They don’t realize that under political Islam they get, unlike people of the book, only two options convert or die, since they are under the same classification as idol worshipper. That is what happens to Atheist under Islam, so are they so Delusional they can’t see this or refuse to. Of course to their twisted way of seeing the world I am a hateful racist and bigot. I am glad for the First Amendment that allows me to openly criticize unlike Europe. To barrow a phrase from Michael Savage we must protect our borders, language, and culture. I stand by my brothers in Germany to stop this incursion now or witness the fall of Christian Europe and the rise of Political Islam in Europe and yes N. America. Too many fellow Americans are ignorant or divided on the topic of Islam.

  9. Isn’t it odd that in 1683, they were stopped at the Gates of Vienna, with the help of Poland’s king? and today they just walk in and nobody knows how to stop them. Other than Viktor Orban and other Eastern European leaders.

    People today take freedom so much for granted, they have forgotten what it took to preserve it. God help us and I mean that in all sincerity and respect to God Almighty.

  10. America and Europe are imperiled like never before. In WWII none said we must accept Nazi “Values” A bloody battle was fought with the deaths of about 50,000,00.
    What would Winston Churchill say about giving up and rolling over to an inferior culture. People say all cultures are the same? Then why are not boats flooding Saudi Arabia and Africa?

    • People say all cultures are the same? Then why are not boats flooding Saudi Arabia and Africa?

      This is a rhetorical question, surely? Some equal culture are more equal than others.

    • This is different because this time the state is attacking its own population. It’s not so much a foreign invasion as an attempt to destabilize society to the point where totalitarianism will be forced as the only option to maintain order. Foreign invaders are being used to force their own chess move which is totalitarianism.

      My guess is that this is mostly being pushed by some super wealthy individuals who know that they will have more power and influence under totalitarian government than they would otherwise. Otherwise you wouldn’t see antifa and similar being outright paid to violently demonstrate.

      With so many unruly and violent “migrants” in Europe, there is no question that authoritarian measures will be needed. The only question is, will they only be directed at Islam and those who refuse to rise to basic western moral standards, or will they (more likely) be directed at those who want traditional western values to prevail? We already see the answer to that with PEGIDA being demonized while Islam is praised and savages are allowed to run wild to rape and pillage. The savages will eventually be brought under control but not until movements like PEGIDA are crushed.

  11. If we can slow this Muslim invasion of the west a bit, our leaders might have enough time to ascend the learning curve…such that we can force them back into MENA or at least stop the migration, and win. [God, this seems difficult.]

    But a rapid infiltration–as we have had this year–might be fatal for us. And sooner than we think. A very dangerous time. Once the migrants begin to get political power and the hate speech codes arrive, it will take a miracle for the West to survive.

  12. Barron & D .. thank you for these articles & writings. they are
    all so well done. supreme sacrifice. marvelous place .. this

  13. The date of the Pegida demonstration is given in the article as 25 Jan 2015. Is that right or was it 2016?

    Also, another commenter was asking about Pegida action in Australia- we are gathering in Canberra on the lawns on Parliament House on 6 February in solidarity with our European compatriots.

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