An Israeli Addresses PEGIDA

On Monday January 26 the first PEGIDA demonstration in Frankfurt Heidi Mund, “the brave German”, was one of the featured speakers.

Another speaker at the event was Dr. Rotem Avituv, a psychologist from Israel. The video below features his impassioned speech to the demonstrators (in English):

There’s an article about the event in Haaretz (in Hebrew), and more (in German) at Politically Incorrect, here and here.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

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  1. Isn’t there anything in English for those of us who don’t really speak German or Hebrew? I used to speak Hungarian but that is long gone, too. Please.

    • Mariadee- It’s frustrating trying to find “real” news.

      For example, in this post, we have the moving story of an Israeli doctor whose family lived in Germany for 700 years…mind-blowing, isn’t it?
      But problematically for those of us who want the story behind the news, the links aren’t in English. So we have the choice of machine-translating the links, or going without. Since the first link is to the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz’s account of this speech, no need to bother. You’ll get the Leftie-version of the story.

      Now if you looked at the wiki for Ha’aretz, it’s called a “Left-liberal” newspaper. Sure it is; and I’m the Queen of England. If you read further on you’ll see it’s bundled with the New York Times – since they’d share much of the same leftist-bubble think – i.e., a like-minded audience.

      And guess what, it’s no accident that you couldn’t read the English version of that story – Ha’aretz decided not to publish it in English, though it does many other stories in English. But they don’t let this truth spread too far.

      So if you want to find the real story, it requires turning to blogs and websites. In this case, a Jewish story, so I go to American Jewish blogs to get the real story behind the story.

      Here is Joshua Pundit, one of my favorites. And he spills the beans on Ha’artez:

      Ha’aretz is Israel’s very Left wing newspaper beloved of the main stream press here and in Europe because of its political stance, even though few Israelis bother reading it.The paper’s most popular edition is its English language one, although it also publishes in Hebrew. There was one article in the Hebrew edition that by an interesting coincidence, Ha’aretz decided not to translate and include in its English edition.

      Yeah, an “interesting coincidence”.

      Joshuapundit was talking about a different story, one in which Americans are waiting to see what Obama does about the fact that his arch enemy, Israel’s Netanyahu, has been invited to speak to Congress.

      “Obama, Netanyahu And Congress: The Real Inside Story Raises Further Questions”

      President Obama’s latest escapade involving Israel says a great deal about his deep animus towards Israel. And it raises an important question.

      Our story starts with Speaker of the House John Boehner inviting Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress on Iran and on Islamist terrorism in March.

      Boehner’s rationale for this was a widely popular bi-partisan bill up in congress calling for large scale sanctions on Iran if the Obama administration is unable to craft a deal limiting Iran’s nuclear weapons capacity. President Obama, who watered down the previous sanctions and unilaterally dispensed with them said bluntly that he’d veto any legislation regarding Iran, and made a special point of mentioning this in his State of the Union address.

      President Obama’s logic is that he and Secretary Kerry just need a little more time….in spite of three missed deadlines for a deal that have seen Iran’s nuclear stockpile actually grow.

      There’s really zero transparency about what’s actually going on. IAEA inspectors have not been allowed inside major Iranian bases like Fardo, and among many things, Secretary John Kerry was apparently ‘misinformed’ when he claimed over a year ago that he had an agreement with the Islamic Republic that to cease operations at their heavy water reactor at Arak, a facility with no peaceful applications designed to produce weapons-grade plutonium. The IAEA hasn’t been allowed to inspect Arak either. Nor has it been shut down, as Kerry originally told us. Meanwhile, the Iranian Majlis is on the verge of passing legislation mandating that Iran increase its nuclear enrichment.

      Small wonder Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), a co-sponsor of the senate version of the bill called what President Barack Hussein Obama had to say about Iran as ‘talking points straight from Tehran.’

      Even the Washington Post awarded the president “Three Pinocchios” out of a possible four for his dishonest and delusional remarks on Iran during his speech.

      [note: A ‘Pinocchio’ is a political lie. Obama gets a lot of them, even from his heretofore friendly press]

      You can read more of that informative post here:


      Another excellent source is “Carl in Jerusalem”. He’s an American attorney, living in Israel, and is an important source for us. The Baron reads his website, Israel Matzav, to keep up with what’s going on there:

      I get his daily newsfeed but sometimes don’t have the energy for it. The Baron does 😉

      There are others, but I’m blanking tired at the moment.

      I’ve been considering doing a post – several posts – that would follow up on our Fundraiser with links and explanations of where to go to find the stories behind news.

      One good way, at least in this country, is to ascertain where the person in the story is from and then to do an online search for his or her hometown online news.

      Here’s an old example from 2009 when a young Muslim girl in Ohio who’d converted to Christianity and subsequently ran away from her parents, ending up in Florida, I began following the news in her hometown AND in the place she’d run to. Plus, as it turned out, blogs from those areas (Ohio didn’t have much but Florida did). I was better able to piece together her ‘real’ story though we didn’t give it a lot of play because it appeared to be on its way to circus time. Not that I didn’t believe the young woman but I’d worked in my former life with runaway adolescents. That’s Drama all by its ownsome, but there were folks running her story who seemed to be making it even more dramatic than it already was – e.g., her parents and CAIR.

      I’ve often thought of that young woman and the efforts to get her safe, some of which I still can’t discuss publicly. But she went through hell, including a bout with cancer, before she gained her freedom. The story died down eventually after she acquired responsible lawyers who were bulldogs about protecting her privacy. Here’s an old post from our blogspot iteration:

      A wiki on her says:

      Today Rifqa is a college student living in an undisclosed location. Rifqa is majoring in biology and she’s still deeply religious. Rifqa is still cancer free and she’s an evangelist. Rifqa has become a writer and she was signed with WaterBrook Press. Her book “Hiding in the Light: Why I Risked Everything to Leave Islam and Follow Jesus” will be available on May 5, 2015. Rifqa’s ultimate goal is to become a physician. Don’t fall for American Muslim groups like CAIR who sat beside Rifqa’s parents as they were interviewed by the police and ISNA. There have been far too many honor killings in the world for people to dismiss apostates like Rifqa as paranoid or liars.

      Here’s her book, available for pre-order for this coming May:

      Nice to know she made it, hmmm? And perhaps you can see how difficult it can be to get at the reality behind the dramas?

      • Dymphna,

        Appropos the leftishness of Ha’Aretz, it is in fact to the left of the New York Times. In the pre-Internet era I subscribed to The Economist for over a decade. My public sector acquaintances regarded it as a “right wing rag” when they saw it in my house. It was the highest quality English language weekly print journalism available in the 1980’s. Its coverage of the Middle East, however, nauseated me with its blatant “Bad Israel” bias and feeble analysis. I eventually cancelled my subscription accompanied by a letter explaining why (and then again why I refused their free one year offer). The Economist has no “by-lines”, ie the writers are anonymous. Shortly afterwards I happened to meet an Israeli diplomat and raised it with him: he informed me that the Economist’s Middle East correspondent was a very prominent Ha’Aretz journalist who was considered leftist by Ha’Aretz standards. All became clear.

        It is heartening to see an Israeli addressing a PEGIDA rally in such terms and so passionately. I share Dr Avituv’s love of Germany, its rich culture and its huge historical contribution to humankind. The Nazi period was an aberration.

    • Here is the context to the video:

      The video shows a speech by Dr. Rotem Avituv a psychologist from Israel. In the video he is attempting to shout above the “left-fascist pack” according to the PI report. The occasion was the PEGIDA demonstration of Monday 26 January in Frankfurt at which only 60 to 100 PEGIDA supporters associated with Heidi Mund attended. They found themselves kettled by counter-demonstrators in front of the Katharinnenkirche (St. Catherine’s Church).

      The last link above is a PI report by an observer by the name of Mark Aber, who was outside of the penned-in demonstrators. He is simply giving his impression of the situation. He says the PEGIDA participants were in permanent danger of being hit by bottles and heavy firecrackers: “Had it not been for the police, and I am not exaggerating here, it would have come to fatalities among the PEGIDA participants. This hatred will in centuries to come go down in the history books for what it is: a mass psychosis of crazed people who have been poisoned by the media and by politicians wishing to remain in power; politicians who no longer wish to understand democracy, and at the same time, are no longer able to understand what democracy means.”

      One can get a sense of the atmosphere at the event by looking at the second video, a “news” report by Hr Online embedded with the same PI report.

      Hr put the number of counter demonstrators at 4,500. According to this news outlet, the PEGIDA mini-demonstration took place on the Hauptwache [a central point of Frankfurt, which is a plaza near St. Catherine’s Church]. The paper reports that eggs and bottles were thrown and heavy fire crackers exploded, although the report does not identify the perpetrators precisely. A large detachment of police attempted to protect the estimated 100 PEGIDA participants against vehement protests from leftist groups. Many of the counter-demonstrators were from the Antifa movement and they surrounded the PEGIDA demonstrators. The organisers around the “Christian fundamentalist” Heidi Mund cancelled a previously planned silent march. Their demonstration “foundered” in a “concert of whistling and calls of ‘Nazis raus’.

      The PEGIDA event took place against the background of a larger crowd estimated by police to number 12,000. They demonstrated at the same time on the Römerberg and the neighbouring Paulsplatz favour of “freedom, equality and brotherhood”, an indication of city open to the world and against xenophobia, according to Hr Online.

  2. Dr Avituv is as fiery a leader as I have seen. Hard as it was to follow, he seems to know the difference between Pegida and the antifas. I am very familiar with them since it was the antifas that led to the political persecution of Tommy Robinson and the EDL. For those who are not familiar with the antifas in the UK, they claim they are antifascist but their history of violence shows us and the world that the so called antifas are indeed the Real Fascists. Dr Avituv, an Israeli but a German with family ties for 700 years shows us he knows Exactly who the antifas are. True Fascists.

  3. I have not read the transcript, but how ironic that a Israeli is warning the German people regarding the threat to their culture posed by Islaminization. Bye the way, where are the pin stripped Nazi’s shouting him down Ms Merkel?

  4. I have heard that Mr. Obama will be transplanting 75,000 displaced Syrians to American soil, giving them refugee status. If only 1 percent of them turns radical, we will have 750 unreconciled terrorists in our midst. What is the screening process to maintain a pacific group of future citizens? Perhaps they should be supported outside our borders? Maybe Mr. Obama’s intentions are to invite enough Muslims to America to cow the Jews and their sympathizers!

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