Totalitarian Britain and Political Dissident Tommy Robinson

UPDATE from Dymphna. BE IT NOTED: Henceforth let no Briton come on Gates of Vienna to establish his/her “virtue” about the United Kingdom’s superior humanity in its “repeal” of the death sentence. From the Queen on down it is obvious you have hired assassins to perform the dirty work you won’t be seen doing. While you may not be armed, the assassins in your country have a surfeit of armaments.

The latest arrest of Tommy Robinson is a clear move by the British establishment to put him out of action during the PEGIDA walk in Birmingham on February 6. Our English correspondent Paul Weston, who is now one of the leaders of PEGIDA UK, has some choice words for British leaders and a message for the British people.

Totalitarian Britain and Political Dissident Tommy Robinson

by Paul Weston

The news that Tommy Robinson was arrested Wednesday should send tremors down the spines of every British citizen who believes in justice and democracy. Tommy is no longer just a vocal opponent of the British state who engages in democratic argument, he is now a political dissident who can be persecuted at apparent will by the long arm of the newly totalitarian British government.

Is this an exaggeration? Is it really possible that gentle England — home of Magna Carta, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, John Stuart Mill and Winston Churchill; Common Law, John Mortimer’s “Rumpole of the Bailey” who was a liberal barrister constantly invoking the Golden Thread or as it is better known, The Presumption of Innocence — has now morphed into a jack-booted socialist dictatorship where the British quasi-Stasi can throw political dissidents into a Gulag whilst the leftist media bat nary an eyelash?

Well, it would certainly seem that way. Consider the recent dictatorial outrages the British State has conducted against this incredibly brave, moral and decent young man. Tommy came to the fore as leader of the EDL, which he set up in response to government capitulation before Islamic supremacists, who went unpunished after shamefully abusing homecoming British soldiers for the “crime” of simply carrying out the edicts of the State.

Pilloried and hounded by the government, the media and the police, Tommy and his family were subjected to serious and credible death threats (the police refused to provide any protection whatsoever, even after Tommy’s young children were threatened with rape and beheading) along with physical abuse and a campaign of leftist terror, all of which might have forced a lesser man into submission. But Tommy remained resolute in the face of a quartet of evils: Violent and supremacist Islam, violent and treacherous left-wingers, a Quisling media and a government dedicated not to exposing Islamic outrages but instead to shutting down the man who exposed the Koranic ideology behind the hateful behaviour of some British Muslims.

Tommy was jailed last year for financial irregularities concerning a mortgage application. There are many amongst us (an awful lot of politicians included…) who have claimed to earn more than they really did in order to secure a mortgage, but very, very few of us found ourselves languishing behind bars for such a trivial offence. But after countless police raids on Tommy’s house, this was all they could they pin on him and dissident Tommy was duly banged up, thus removing an acute embarrassment to the government who were more than a little unhappy about their submission before Islam being made public.

And this is when a slight form of injustice suddenly transformed into what can only be realistically described as political repression previously unseen in England — and repression eerily reminiscent of genuine totalitarian dictatorships. Tommy was placed on a wing with many Muslim inmates and a contract was put out (and taken up by a Somali born murderer) to throw boiling water (laced with sugar to make it stick better) into his face.

Tommy asked the prison governor to move him to a safe part of the prison. The governor refused. A prison warder threw Tommy into a cell containing several Muslims and locked the door in order to ensure Tommy took a serious beating, which he duly did. A rather more humane warder warned Tommy about the “boiling water in the face contract” so when he found himself alone with four Muslims, one of whom was the aforementioned Somali murderer holding a jug of boiling water, Tommy defended himself before the water could be thrown.

The prison governor took no further action, but the Somali murderer contacted the police, who were keen to prosecute Tommy for racially aggravated assault… although the charge was subsequently dropped, presumably owing to the sheer embarrassment of initiating it in the first place.

Tommy was then released early, on the condition he declined from talking publicly about Human Rights Under Islam. The left-liberal media saw no apparent need to publicly puzzle over this extraordinarily curious state of affairs. A man imprisoned for mortgage irregularities is threatened with further jail time for talking about human rights!? In Britain! Surely this could not possibly be true. We are not after all East Germany circa the 1970s… or so we would like to believe despite the ever growing evidence to the contrary.

On Monday, the 4th of January 2016, shortly after the media, police and left-wing politicians failed to muzzle the story of Islamic sexual assaults carried out against girls all across Europe on new Year’s Eve, Tommy announced the formation of a Pegida UK movement with myself as leader, women’s rights activist Anne Marie Waters as deputy leader and Tommy as overall co-ordinator.

On Wednesday the 6th of January the British police issued a warrant for Tommy’s arrest with regard to the crime of “battery” — said battery being defending himself against Somali murderers who wished to disfigure him with boiling water laced with sugar, a convenient weapon when the usual Islamic route of acid in the face was limited by the distinct lack of acid available to Muslim inmates within Her Majesty’s Prisons.

Tommy will appear in court on February the 3rd, just three days before the planned Pegida vigil in Birmingham on February the 6th. How convenient for the British government is that? I would be surprised if Tommy is allowed to walk free from this grotesque pantomime masquerading as British justice. Just as the dissidents hauled before Peoples Courts in left-wing Communist countries were always guilty as charged, so I fear will be the case with our brave Tommy.

If Tommy were a brown Muslim he would have been ignored by the government and the police if he was calling for the overthrow of our secular liberal democracy, the subjugation of the Jews, women, homosexuals and non-Muslim infidels — or Untermenschen as the Nazis would term them — but Tommy has become a dissident in England because he is a native Brit standing up for traditional, moral, decent and gentle British values in the face of Islamic and left-wing hostility. How can any reasonable left-liberal fail to see this and fail to be shocked by it?

If there is one upside to this ongoing persecution, it is the exposure of the cowardly, hateful, obscene, left-liberal establishment personified by Cameron, the BBC, the British police, Justice Minister Michael Gove, Channel 4, Sky News, Hope not Hate, Unite Against Fascism etc, all of whom have been given a clear choice between good or evil, morality or immorality, bravery or cowardice, democracy or dictatorship and all of whom have taken the wrong side and now stand exposed and naked in all their loathsome, treacherous, totalitarian “glory.”

And where are the human rights activists in all of this? It is clear that a serious breach of justice is ongoing with regard to Tommy, but where is Michael Mansfield QC? Where is the fragrant Shami Chakrabarti of the somewhat inappropriately named human rights campaign group “Liberty“? Where are the eager-beaver human rights lawyers who devote so much time and energy to prosecuting innocent British soldiers whilst defending guilty British Muslims who holiday in Syria on false passports?

The short answer to that is: They are nowhere to be seen. These activists have been shown a truly shameful breach of human rights verging on the totalitarian, but they clearly don’t really believe in human rights at all which manifestly come second to left-wing identity politics and Islamic appeasement. Their shameful silence tells us all we need to know with regard to their true credentials, which essentially speaking is nothing short of whoring themselves out to Islam and to left-liberal political ideology. They are all truly disgusting and evil to the last man and “feminist” woman.

Tommy, in stark contrast, stands on the side of Good in this battle of good against evil. Some will continue to label him a racist (despite his many black and brown friends) and will continue to believe the propaganda churned out by our Quisling media. To such people I would pose a number of requests. First, they should read his book Enemy of the State which details his life and the State persecution he has suffered.

Next, they should watch the following video taken from Tommy’s address to the Oxford Union. It is rather long but it is also essential viewing if — unlike the Left — you really want to see what a decent and moral sort of a man he is, and also to recognise just what totalitarian depths the British State has sunk to in order to shut him down.

Another must-see (and shorter) video is Tommy on the aftermath of the Islamic sexual assaults across Europe on New Year’s Eve. I challenge any left-liberal with a heart, or any reasonable person able to see through state propaganda to watch this passionate declaration and fail to recognise honesty and decency when it’s placed directly before them.

If readers empathise with Tommy’s ideology, bravery and commitment then they should sign the following petition addressed to Prime Minister David Cameron which calls for an independent review into Tommy’s unjust persecution. In addition, please note the details for the brand new Pegida UK site and Pegida UK Facebook site. Joining, liking and donating would be very much appreciated, as would as many people as possible attending the Pegida UK vigil in Birmingham on February the 6th.

The government wants to stamp us out of existence even as they appease Islam. Please come to Birmingham. Bring your children and grandchildren. Bring your grandparents. If you are ex-armed forces, wear your berets, ties and medals. Make it impossible for the treacherous Left to take the moral high ground. Make it obvious to the BBC et al that we are reasonable people making a stand for truth, decency and morality. People like Tommy put their lives on the line in order to get the truth out. All he asks is that people support him, and there is no better way of showing your support than by turning up to Pegida events in your thousands.

This is more than just a battle of good against evil, it is a civilisational struggle which will one day, if left unstopped, engulf your children and grandchildren at a future point where they might not win. Our political and media elites are against you. Here is an outlet for your anger and concern.

Make your stand with Tommy, Anne Marie Waters, and myself on February 6th.

Show the political and media elites that WE are the truth and that WE are the future.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is now one of the leaders of PEGIDA UK, and is also the leader of Liberty GB. His website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

67 thoughts on “Totalitarian Britain and Political Dissident Tommy Robinson

  1. Signing that petition would be a mistake and a gift for our self interest, ruling elites.

      • Really? Ok?

        The British government – if you have been reading what has been happening to Tommy – has been acting like the worst totalitarian despotic regimes in how they have mistreated him.

        They could want for nothing more than a definitive list of those who are of the same political mentality.

        Our nation is clearly not run according to democratic mandate or rule of law. It is “managed” by a small elite group for their own personal benefit.

        The founding fathers of the USA were aware of this and wrote a constitution based upon their knowledge of it – the British establishment has not really changed since.

          • Do everything you can to get in shape. I’m almost 70 yrs. old & am keeping on keeping on. My knees
            got wonky a few years back where climbing stairs
            hurt. I started taking high quality salmon oil capsules & that did the trick. – We’re armed & they
            keep calling me up for jury duty; so far not on a
            murder trial. They will likely reject me; because I
            support the death penalty. – You might live a lot
            longer than you think; so you can’t give up!

    • You can’t be serious.

      You navigated to this site. You are on their list. If you think you can slink your way through the shadows to some sort of ultimate victory then you are a [discourteous name].

        • So we will let Tommy swing in the wind, because we’re afraid our names might be put down on their list? What is that, compared to what he has faced already, and is facing in the future? Strikes me as accepting dhimmi status before it is imposed on you.

          So what if they put my name on their damn list? I blotted my copybook a LONG time ago. Perhaps they should begin to be afraid that I’m putting THEIR names on MY list.

          We’re not all in the UK, you know. Though probably, even in our own countries, far more of us are on a ‘list’ somewhere, for something or other, than we realize. Are we to let fear of that paralyze us, and make us impose self-censorship?

          The government already knows ALL about me, even though I don’t know that I am on any particular ‘list.’ But the government has all my tax information, my health records, etc. etc. etc. What it doesn’t already know about me it can easily find out … if it wants to. There is NO such thing as privacy and confidentiality anymore – despite government assurances that it regards it as a sacred duty to safeguard our privacy. Who believes that?

          If 2,000 sign that petition their email addresses might be put on a watch-list.

          If 20,000 sign it, perhaps them, too.

          If 200,000 or 2,000,000 sign it … well, I’m counting on the rule of bureaucratic incompetence. They can’t get us all, at least not all at once.

          Currently (early a.m., Jan. 20) the petition at has a mere 5,077 signatures. I think that is pitiful, and a poor reflection on all of us who claim to regard Tommy as a hero deserving of our support.

          I’d be interested to hear the Baron and Dymphna’s opinion on whether we should sign, and encourage others to sign, that petition, or not.

          For myself, in addition to signing the petition, I will today be writing the U.K. ambassador to Canada, in Ottawa, to express my disgust at his government’s treatment of Mr. Robinson, and to let him know that, as much as I would like to visit England again (where I went to school in Lancashire 1966-71), I will not be bringing any tourist dollars into the economy until there is a judicial review of Mr. Robinson’s treatment, resulting in his complete exoneration.

  2. The UK is rotten from top to bottom. I include HM the Queen in that assessment. The usurpers who rule are the most despicable traitors ever to walk the good ground of England.

    I don’t understand how it came about, except that it was done gradually. They quietly surrounded the good people of England while we had their noses to the grindstone to earn a living. Then they turned the screws on us.

    Tommy is a brave man. Right-thinking English owe him a big debt. But England is far past the point where debate and democracy might prevail. Armed resistance is the only path left to take. It is a tragedy.

    • It appears Davey has gotten the taste for goat bum.. Perhaps the saud’s have come to bail out Englands/Germanys debts.. Doesn’t matter, but the ruling class don’t care for the bland whites anymore.. Only the szombies count now. British people used to defend themselves against invasion. I guess they all died in 1945.. B. Bye.

      • Didn’t Davy say it was the indigenous Brits who should be assimilating to Islamic values, not the other way round?

        How do people rise so high in life on the foundation of such gross stupidity and/or malice?

    • I would never advocate violence, just the consideration of logistics and military training for a worst case scenario.

  3. Well done Paul Weston
    We defy this Cult. It is not content to be a matter of private belief. It can’t stop inflicting itself on our public life. This is the truly offensive thing about it. It is pure aggression.
    First, Muslims are telling themselves that they do not want to be citizens, and not willing participants and contributors to a shared common life. Then they tell us that we should submit to them, and so throw away this most civil society, and say goodbye to the prosperity and global peace it brings. We should give up the peace and the security of our civil society and choose their perpetual conflict? But it only the technology and wealth generated by prosperous and liberal Western societies that has allowed these Muslim populations to grow – beyond sustainability.

    We British and Europeans are people forged by hope. We are the open, generous and tolerant. They are people forged by despair. We are the adaptable, optimistic, confident, outgoing. They are the socially maladjusted, the fearful and the brutal. They come out of the seventh century desert. They are the ghosts of medieval warlords. They boast about death and a death cult is what they offer.

    Why are there so many of them? Why did their populations explode? Their populations have exploded in the twentieth century because Western technology and infrastructure gave them clean water, because Western medicine controlled their diseases, and because year after year Western agriculture feeds them. They have no industry and no skills of their own. There is nothing productive that their young men can do. And populations boom when women have no rights over their own bodies, when rape culture is normal. That is why they are there so many of them. But without Western technology and agriculture these Muslim populations would crash out of sight. It is to our credit, not theirs, that these vast populations have been sustained, so far. But they have no hope of their own. But not even the United States can save Saudi Arabia from itself. That clock is ticking. These populations are the walking dead. They are shut out of the modern world and they know it. But no one has shut them out except they themselves. They want to spread their confusion and misery to us? The only emotion we can find for them is pity – and defiance.
    PEGIDA stands for the centre ground, for our values and for us. We will see these primitive savages off, and we will bring our own government shills and appeasers to heel too

  4. I’ve written to my MP, George Osborne to take an interest in Tommy Robinson’s case with a request that he sees it for what it is – persecution. Because we all know what happens when Christians are persecuted – more people come to Christ.

  5. Maybe he should ask for refugee status in Germany and see how that goes.

    Seriously he actually *is* persecuted, so it could make for an interesting showdown.

    The UK government will eventually arrange for him to be killed by an inmate in jail, is what I’m afraid of.

  6. “political repression previously unseen in England”

    During WW2 Oswald Mosley and his wife were interned without trial.
    In 1970 internment without trial was used in Northern Ireland.

    The path that LibLabCon set the UK on 50 years ago, is going to lead to the kind of situation where people are interned without trial. The persecution of Tommy Robinson presages this. It seems the British government, in line with the UN’s policies for the replacement of the population of Europe, have already sided with the replacement population.

    It seems clear the UK government is going for scenario 5) or 6) of the population replacement plan.

    If 5) then by 2050 25% of UK will be post-1995 immigrants/descendants.
    If 6) then by 2050 59% of UK will be post-1995 immigrants/descendants.

    You just have to look at what % of the current UK population are immigrants or their descendants, to see that this UN plan is underway.

    By 2015 about 10% of UK were post-1995 foreign-born/foreign citizens. Include their descendants, and it is more like 20%.

    It is clear the UK is well on the way to meeting the target for UN option 5). So it looks like 6) is the unspoken plan.

    If it’s scenario 6), then the plan is that by 2050 the UK population will be majority immigrant. Do you think this qualifies as genocide?

    To people who are planning the entire replacement of a population, Tommy Robinson is but an insect to be crushed and democracy and the rule of law are bedtime stories for the proles. People wonder why the floodgates of immigration were opened in 1997, and why despite all his claims to the contrary, David Cameron is importing even more people. The answer is staring us in the face.

    And if these immigrants can all be engineered to integrate, then why couldn’t the people of the UK have been engineered into having more children?

    • Question is, who will be Queen when they are led to the chopping block by a bunch of guys in head scarves and scimitars ?
      The only reasons I can think of why the intelligentsia and ruling ‘elites’ want to exterminate White people is that we’re too intelligent and independent.

      • The ruling elites, at least to their own minds will still be sat on their thrones – just with a bunch of followers who are more inclined to accept a monarchy and be more obedient.

        Except for the fact that wherever Islam goes it causes absolute chaos and strife – which is what “they” forget. King (of the dung hill?) Enjoy.

      • If one browses round that UN document, one will see that the plans are not just for the UK.

        Scenario 6 for Germany, has 80% of the German population being non-Germans by 2050.

        Now does it make sense why Merkel wanted 1 million Muslim immigrants in 2015 alone?

    • Mosley was a fascist when we were at war with such; hardly to be compared with Tommy Robinson.

      • Mosley was the darling of Labour, Liberals and Tories in the 1920s. They all wanted him to join their party. He was a relative of Churchill. If they can do that to him, then why would the elite give a damn about Tommy Robinson.

        But by all means miss the bigger picture: it is demonstrable that what is happening in the UK and Germany is going according to the openly-stated plans of the UN. There’s no point in the elites in Europe replacing the non-procreative white population with a non-procreative bunch of immigrants. For the socialised, welfare-state serfdom of Europe to continue, the population will be replaced by a group of people whose ideology will ensure they continue to breed at the levels required by the UN population replacement plan.

        Islam (and the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson) are just an incidental feature of this population replacement. The reason why muslims are above the secular laws of Europe, is because the elites have decided that muslims are the future.

        And here we come full circle. It was Mosley, the darling of LibLabCon in the 1920s, who after his internment came up with the idea of combining all the countries of Europe into a single nation. Just because Mosley is a bete-noir since the mid 1930s, does not mean that his ideas in 1925 or 1950 were not shared by LibLabCon.

    • You are going to have to fight with guns and bombs. You have been invaded and are in the process of being colonized. Consent of the governed aspect of your government system is no more. Peaceful protest is not going to have any meaningful effect. Take a page from the NRA: [intemperate imperative redacted] and bring the “phony war” aspects of this new world war into the sunlight.

  7. Thank you, Mr. Weston, for having the courage to speak out and to lead when others falter. Individuals and small groups are doing the same in countries everywhere. They refuse to kneel not only to their own totalitarian governments but to the Muslim horde that’s slowly achieving its global caliphate. What is happening is eerily reminiscent of the mid-1930s. You’re not alone, Mr. Weston. This is war.

  8. I got my Mum out of the UK five years ago, to join us in a far away land. Best thing I ever did. She initially found it hard, leaving job, friends, house…. She sure doesn’t regret it now though.

    • It took courage on her part, love on yours…my prayers go with your family. Living in exile is hard, even if it’s better to do so. One’s native land is bred in the bone.

  9. Our Constabulary and the Crown Prosecution Service are, at the senior levels, virtually all Common Purpose Graduates.

    The rank and file with their barely adequate wages, their mortgages, wives and children, with a normal life to get on with and, unknowingly, a no longer inevitable pensioned retirement to look forward to are blinded by the pressing demands of their time, place and immediate needs.

    Hence they have no incentive to find a cultural or moral backbone with which to defend and preserve those whom they have sworn to protect. They are indoctrinated as are all of their generation but, in the final analysis, they are little more than desperate children prejudiced by the demands of their professional environment and, defined by their moment, they find themselves, like most of us, adrift on the abrading winds of time that now blow across our milieu.

    But what of the self-serving, avaricious, morally vacuous scum who direct them to wage war on their own people and who constitute our European Governments? They whom, when put to the question, dissemble and then hide behind the privileged metropolitan parasites in so called ‘Public Service’ whom they encourage to suck deeply upon the taxpayer’s tit as a reward and as a later surety that they will be quietly ‘looked after’ as long as they to keep their mouths shut, obfuscate, deny, and dissemble and cheerfully take a bit of media/public flak in the face of the collective High Treason of their paymasters?

    And, yes, I suspect that they simply do not understand the magnitude of what they do nor the fate that awaits them. They are so consumed by their pursuit of their grandiose dreams of a New World Order, and the power and wealth they expect it will bestow upon them, that they, in all hubris, presume that their success is nigh.

    Well, simply put, it is not, and they would be well advised to appreciate that there is little mercy left in the hearts of a growing and daily more aware minority of those they seek to enslave, ethnically cleanse and dominate. Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and all of the rest of the privileged, posturing, cultural treason class should know that the wrath of the people is a terrible thing and corrections thus made are always painful.

    S III.

    • Well said. The Islamic horde is doing what it does. Our own have a choice. To choose so poorly will surely have consequences.

      We should all base our actions, as much as we can, on doing what is morally right. Those who do not, particularly to the scale of our ruling elites, should fear the day those millions they have been manipulating turn around and focus their attention upon them. As they will.

  10. “…Tommy will appear in court on February the 3rd, just three days before the planned Pegida vigil in Birmingham on February the 6th. How convenient for the British government is that? I would be surprised if Tommy is allowed to walk free from this grotesque pantomime masquerading as British justice….”

    Could someone pleae dumb this down for me, a complete luddite in legal matters:

    Does this mean:

    a) he will be “on bail” until the 3rd February? Or is he incarcerated already?
    b) could he possibly be going to prison right after his court appearance?

    Thanks, it’s my non-english speaking friends who want to know it too.

    Personally I cannot get over the acharnement of Camoron and his gang in their continued, blatantly naked attempts to have Tommy Robinson ASSASSINATED. This, in my not so humble opinion, has gone far past the murder of free speech.

    • As far as I know, he is still “out” but that could change. Yes, if he is found guilty of “battery” for defending himself (while in prison) against the attempt to have boiling sugar water poured on him…sugar because it makes the boiling water “stick” better. If I remember correctly this happened while he was in prison, perhaps the same prison where the warders locked him in a room with some Muslim(s) who knocked beat him and knocked his teeth out.

      Please, please, buy and read the book:

      Tommy Robinson Enemy of the State

      The fate of Tommy is meant to serve as un exemple pour les autres. I wish that at least some of the passages could be translated into other languages…volunteers??

      • I’ve spent my book allowance for the month, having visited an interesting but not-so-local bookshop the other week, and in fact I just got a package through from the <a href="Hay on Wye Booksellers on Wednesday, but this sort of thing is right up my street so I may add it to my list for next month.

        • If it weren’t so pricey to mail to UK, I’d loan you my copy and you could pass it around. Would have to put it in a plain brown wrapper, though. Or never read in public.

      • Thanks Dymphna. Yes I think the “timing” has all to with preventing him to participate on the 6th February.

        After your brilliant “critique” of his book (right after you got it) I have ordered it and look forward to getting it.

        For those a bit short on cash, I read somewhere that it is available as an e-book which is much cheaper. (I dont like reading on screen, nothing nicer than the touch of a book).

  11. Sounds like the policies impressed upon the colonists by King George. Whatever the government does to Tommy will not end the dissent. Paul and Tommy are smart fellows and have a rock solid following. Best of luck from California.

  12. Hi Dyphna, thank you very much for your suggestion. I’m happy to help translating chosen passages to PL, almost finished the book. Ideally would be to post it to someone, who can make good use of it. I can try eg. news website of Jan Wojcik, he’s been involved with ‘Europe of the Future’, with which my friends and I have done coordinated counterjihad placarding and protests in many cities across PL as early as just after 9/11.
    If you have page and paragraph examples in mind let me know so I can get to work. Cheers.

    • The MSM is a black hole. They never ever ever have anything to say about Tommy that is not pure insult. He’s a chav. Not worth their time.

  13. Does anyone know how kev carroll is doing btw? I’ve wondered a few times how he is getting on. Hope he’s okay.

  14. Finally found a reference to the arrest in an article by Douglas Murray in the Spectator about a week ago (9th January 2016).

    The article title is “Cologne exposes a crisis in our continent, yet parliament is debating Donald Trump”.

    Despite the title, a significant portion of the article is devoted to reviewing Tommy’s book.

    Murray then mentions the arrest, saying: “…it would appear that the British police and others are working very hard to ensure that Robinson is not allowed to express his views on Islam and immigration and that they have pulled out this historical case in order to stop him from doing so. I hope that other journalists who care about the rule of law and free expression also look at this case, because it is extremely worrying.”

    Article can be found at:

    Will be interesting to see if any other journalists take up Murray’s challenge.

  15. Naw, they put people in prison for no reason before, lots of times.
    Just not recently, you have to go back a couple, three hundred years or more.
    Doesn’t seem so much like the 1930’s more like 1770’s/80’s US and France, 1520-thereabouts Flanders, 1917 Russia, maybe…..

  16. When Orwell wrote 1984 I wonder if he was writing about England, it certainly seems that way. Ray Bradbury wrote about America in Fahrenheit 451. Take a look around and see how true that novel is today. I can only wonder whether we were being warned. If we were, we have certainly ignored the warnings.

  17. Rather than opening up USA borders to Islamics incapable of proving their identity or other work related experience it would be much easier to open USA borders to European people suffering persecution under this siege promoted by our global elite keepers.
    Give Europe to the animals and brain dirtied occult followers and see how long they live,’

    • True. Its easier for ethnic groups to enter some nations than for Europeans with a solid employment and educational history. But I really think what modern nations want is ever increasing populations – culturally regressive peoples are so much better at this.

    • Right now, such a suggestion would fall on deaf ears and quite possibly put you on a ‘watch list’ for ‘right-wing extremists’.
      As of January 2017, that might be different.

    • Very sadly I think that many countries of the Western World with their inter-global connections will not open their borders to such patriots as Tommy. So it is victory or death.

      You will find that many of the “do gooders” will be making claim that their country has turned bad and they need to escape from the “racist right wing”. Such people I would not want, as they will not have learnt and will continue in their social justice warrior mode.

      Would there be any ex jailers that could voluntary become a part of a prison guard roster, to act as security for Tommy?
      If things seem to go bad, I wonder how many can be arrested forthwith to make an effective contingent to join Tommy in the cells for that wing or block as another way of not only protest, but to add to security prisoner detail. A good solicitor/lawyer should be able to work out what crime to commit, just enough and not too much.

      From silly ideas, knowledge, skills is what is all about, and this pooling together through blogs etc. can perhaps develop further concepts that could become a winning strategy.

  18. Well, one thing we know about Tommy is that he’s absolutely resolute in his defence of the Jewish community, who are always the canaries in the coalmine when it comes to a totalitarian death-cult like Islam. So obviously, Tommy will now have the full support of the Board of Deputies, the Community Security Trust and Jewish journalists like David Aaronovitch and Jonathan Freedland as he struggles against the Goliath of the British state.

    But he’s always had that full support, hasn’t he? The Jewish community are very grateful for what he’s suffered on their behalf and for the way he’s managed to get some mention of their plight into the otherwise indifferent British media.

  19. In the same vein, whatever happened to Gandalf owner of the Up Pompeii blog. He mysteriously disappeared in the middle of the week after few years ago. A true Watchman chronicling the downfall of Britain.

  20. There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always—do not forget this, Winston—always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.

    — Part III, Chapter III, Nineteen Eighty-Four

  21. My experience of the UK is that it is still a class-ridden society and I bet what really irritates the quisling establishment (not much to show for hundreds of years of looking down their noses) is the fact that he, a working class lad, DARES to criticize his self-appointed superiors. If he were an aristocrat, they would treat him with respect. Another reason that rotten society needs to collapse – Politically Correct arrogant, snotty-nosed, sniffy elites need to be cut off at the knees and grovel about in the gutter for a few decades polishing patriots’ boots, to bring them to their senses! Or perhaps they can be deported along with their Muslims ferals.

  22. Your wording is all wrong in this article. You create confusion because you yourself are confused. I’m a British Oath Keeper. Service ID: 25148537. My equitable title is Hywel of the Buckler Family (South Wales) or Hywel ApBuckler if you include my native patronymic. My UK Legal title is Sion Buckler. The 1801 UK ‘Society’ is beyond a Regime. It now closer resembles an Evil, Tyrannical, Nationwide Cult. Which you won’t here other Police or Soldiers saying, because they’re no longer British Police and Soldier, they have instead being brainwashed and hijacked to serve as UK Regime Troops and Officers. Fortunately democracy is not about voting who runs the 1801 UK ‘Society’. THAT IS THE LIE! Democracy is IN FACT a FREE BRITISH SUBJECTS inherent and inalienable birth right to leave, join or form ANY SOCIETY WE CHOOSE! We just unite in strength and numbers, draft up a new Act of Union and invite our Commander-in-Chief to give it Her Royal Ascent. When we have an actual ALTERNATIVE BRITISH SOCIETY TO THE 1801 UK SOCIETY, we are able to leave the UK and join our new one. LEGALLY AND LAWFULLY. To leave the UK ‘Society’ and its 750 ‘statute’ rules (which only have the force and effect of law on its members e.g. those who consent to be governed by them) you simply ‘renounce citizenship’ which is a 223GBP process and from my research a single form. Then you resume FREE British Subject status (FREEMAN) and are bound by the laws of our land e.g. The British Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta Charter. This understanding explains why the 1801 UK Regime is so insistent on hiding our Bill of Rights and stripping our Magna Carta Charter down to an almost blank document. – AS A BRITISH OATH KEEPER I’ve had my child abducted, renamed, hidden, drugged (most likely into a state of Autism), exploited (used for ransom, corruption, rituals and extortion) and he’s been forced-fatherless for two years. Which is like any of the other 30,000 British Father’s sharing my feelings. Unlike the other fathers’ I’ve not yielded to my child’s abductors and captors ransoms and/or paid them the fees they’re demanding. This not only include his mothers side of the family (UK Teachers and Military) but Shaun Hulm of Ison Harrison Law Firm in Leeds, Judge McLeod of Leeds Magistrate Courts, Kat at MissingChildrenUK, NSPCC, PCSO Karina Ingham and Sgt Carol Simmons of West Yorkshire Police and others like ‘Seren’ in South Wales Police. Not only is this suspected pedophile ring intent on acquiring my boy whom they stole from my home, but they are determined to kidnap and silence me after failing to corrupt and threaten me WHILE THEY VIDEO THEMSELVES PERFORMING SADISTIC RITUALS ON MY ABDUCTED MISSING BOY. This has been left to go on for TWO SUCCESSIVE YEARS which is why I HAVE EVIDENCE that the 1801 UK ‘Society’ now closer resembles an EVIL, TYRANNICAL, NATIONWIDE, CULT! Agents of ‘the state’ are now Agentic like Nazi’s. Furthermore the law has become so confusing that it’s not actually being enforced, but instead we are seeing a sort of Cartel, Mafia, Regime style System of Governance. Not only have I escaped and evaded capture for over two years and continued to expose the pedophile ring who abducted my boy from my home AND ARE STILL VIOLATING HIS RIGHTS IN SECRET WHILE ATTEMPTING TO KIDNAP AND SILENCE ME, but I have also worked to make internet access a free and inherent right after my blogs exposing this state-sponsored pedophile ring were censored in an effort to cover up this child abduction, child abuse case. My company HLCA Media Ltd was recently awarded patents from Google for this free internet technology (from their lawyers Rothschild LLP) while plans for my new ‘Technocratic’ British Society (The United Technocracy) are now well underway with the development of the first UT Colony. My skype ID: hywel.buckler – This is not revolution, dissidence, my own cult or anything like that….it is simply legal and lawful exercise of DEMOCRACY. BY A BRITISH SUBJECT! IN OATH TO THE QUEEN TO SERVE AND DEFEND THE COUNTRY. Not the 1801 UK Regime which is now IN FACT, Britain’s No.1 Enemy. It doesn’t serve or defend our wealth because it’s 1.5Trillion in debt. It doesn’t serve or defend our property because only 33% of British Subject outright own any. It no longer serves and defends our land because only 0.3% outright own. It breaks up the family as a $7Billion racket-revenue stream using ‘family’ courts. The 1801 UK Regime is by every definition of the word Harvesting Britain and British Subjects OF EVERYTHING! When there’s no more land, property and wealth (which is pretty much the line we’re on today) it will come for liberty and life. Genocide has made mainstream media headlines after Cameron’s ‘War Council’ drone struck a British Subject, without legal OR LAWFUL trial, judgement, approval of Parliament….NOTHING! This was cold blooded genocide. Renounce citizenship from this Regime. Take back Control of your home, neighborhood, Town and City’s. ……………..Hywel ApBuckler: British Oath Keeper (British Army ‘Cyber Security/ Electronic Warfare’ Reservist)

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