Progressives Raise the Alarm About PEGIDA Flanders

We reported earlier today on the expansion of PEGIDA to new locations in Europe, including Flanders.

The following article from De Redactie takes a left-slanted look at PEGIDA Vlaanderen. H. Numan, who translated the piece for Gates of Vienna, includes this prefatory note:

This article is reporting on one hand and warning for Pegida with the other. It is not unbiased reporting, but the careful sending of a message. Pay particular attention to the Hitler photo.

You may be absolutely certain that the journalist who wrote this obnoxious stuff is very progressive.

The translated article:

Pegida demonstrates against Islam, Allah and Mohammed in Antwerp

In Antwerp 300 supporters from the anti-Islam movement Pegida demonstrated. The “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident” is originally a German protest movement, which, in their own words, act against Islam and against “the Islamization of Germany and Europe”. The demonstrators in Antwerp were addressed amongst others by parliamentarian Filip Dewinter of the extreme right-wing Vlaams Belang [Flemish Interest].

[banner in the first photo: “Violence-less (without violence) & united against religious and other wars on European ground]

The arrival of hundreds of thousands refugees in Europe seems to give Pegida new life. That hasn’t escaped the notice of Filip Dewinter, the leader of Vlaams Belang. “It’s the time for people not just to be sick of it, but also to go out and resist against the politically correct dictatorship that rams multiculturalism down their throats and compels them to live together with a religion — what did I just say? — an ideology, Islam,” he said to our journalist. According to him, Islam is only out to conquer Europe and will never respect us.

Amongst the demonstrators was Lutz Bachmann, the founder of Pegida in Germany. Bachmann made the news last year because of a photo in which he posed as the German dictator Adolf Hitler.

[Second photo, Adolf Hitler]

During the demonstration Flemish banners were carried, but also a controversial banner depicting the prophet Mohammed. They called Allah ‘a lie’. Islam was depicted as ‘a backward desert religion’.

[Third photo, Mohammed not welcome]

The demonstrators want Europe to close its borders for more refugees and referred to Cologne’s rape scandal.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

14 thoughts on “Progressives Raise the Alarm About PEGIDA Flanders

  1. “Mohammed not welcome” <– this is much better than "Muslims not welcome" and more likely to get support from people on the fringes. Many Muslims are just victims of Islam, and it's important to keep this debate on the level of ideology, not against some (albeit imaginary) 'ethnic group'.

  2. “According to him, Islam is only out to conquer Europe and will never respect us”, said the writer in “De Redaktie”. This is supposed to be a superior sneer, but all it succeeds in doing is expose the author’s inexcusable ignorance. No, dear, Islam itself has announced, time and time again, that it is out to conquer Europe. That is what all those placards “Islam Will Dominate” mean. The ignorant inobservant writer fails to remember what a spokesman for Sharia4Belgium said:

    “We Muslims have not even a gram of respect for you infidels.”

    It is extremely easy, with the internet, to find out what Islam teaches, and how the non-muslim, the kafir, is filthy, unclean, the enemy of Allah, to be treated with animosity and hatred forever – all from the Koran, part of Islamic law. There is no excuse for this ignorance, still less for smugness.

    • No need to research the Koran. The latest Britain First video shows their ‘Christian Patrol’ in an enriched area of Luton. Moslem bystanders shout ‘it’s our country now, not yours’.

      • It certainly does – “in your face”.
        Note the murderous intent in the face of one after Paul Golding has said that Mohammed was a false prophet.
        Conflict on the streets is not far away.

  3. “The following article from De Redactie takes a left-slanted look ”

    “Left slanted”? You must be joking. “De Redactie” is the news slot of (the Flemish half of) State Television. It is CHOKE-CHOKE-CHOKE-CHOKE full of ardent reds and greens. You have no idea. At the height of the Cold War there was a Director who had a huge commie print in his office. And this while, being state-funded, it has an obligation to report in a neutral, objective way.

    • So, in other words, they are the mainstream majority, have the moral high ground and are always right, amiright ?

  4. The Left can say what they like. The raping of women and the mayhem perpetrated by the Islamic invaders are dragging the Left’s flag of Social Justice through the mud. Bitter personal experience over-rules political correctness.

  5. Clearly a new application of the Big Lie: lie lie lie about your opponents (in this case, PEGIDA). Keep telling the same Big Lie. *Maybe* your listeners will believe the Big Lie.

    Or…maybe they won’t, remembering the Rape Kristallnacht of New Year’s Eve/Silvester 2015.

    • Cynthia, that appears to be the Big Unknown: will the Rape Kristallnacht…of 2015 be ‘remembered’ sufficiently to bring about a change in thinking?

      IIRC, you said the Charlie Hebdo massacre was a turning point for you? Others turned at 9/11. Still others at Benghazi. And in England specifically, perhaps some were turned by the 7/7 murders. But perhaps not. A year later I couldn’t find any mention of an anniversary remembrance of that horror; it was as though the British MSM had wiped the slate clean…again.

      The tipping point for each person seems to be different but when one turns it is despite the larger permitted point of view pushed so hard by the establishment. Each time some new horror unfolds, I can’t help but wonder who is caught up in a turmoil of personal change as the event forces them to re-evaluate what they’ve been taught.

      • What do you expect from a generation with a maximum attention span of 20 minutes – between commercials; or 140 characters of use-and-discard narcissist-flashthinking? The “everlasting” truth seems to be the last thing they read or heard. There is no enduring ethical foundation . . . only sappy sentimentality. The late Dr. Goebbels would be so envious of the powers of the modern communicators.

      • Good point you raise re. my “discovery” of the CJ.

        9/11/01 was when I fully realized the nihilism of Wahhabism: those 19 were all Saudi citizens. I had *just* taught a World History class the previous academic year, and one of my students had asked whatever happened to the “Moorish” fascination with science, astronomy, architecture, etc.? I told him I was “still trying to learn what had happened to Islamic intellectualism,” since it seemed to have disappeared right after the fall of Constantinople to the Turks. (The student nodded, “Oh, yeah.”)

        I had watched with uneasiness the flooding of France with “Algerian” refugees for years and the resolute non-integration of the “Algerians” into French society. Then came the “no religious symbols in public” legislation in France. That was unsettling, too.

        Of course, along the way were the Puerta Atoche (Spain), London, and Mumbai attacks. Al-qaeda. Taliban resurgens after their “defeat” in 1994. Bali. So many innocent dead…. I didn’t have my head in the sand, but couldn’t place these horrible events into an overall picture.

        But after Charlie Hebdo and the resultant information, I jumped with all four feet into the (at least rhetorical) fray. I am STILL happy to have found GoV as a result of y’all’s comments on the WashPo website that week.

        So it wasn’t a Pauline conversion, but more a capstone after 13+ years of reading, thinking, reading more, and trying to learn. The hijra men attacking European women on Rape Kristallnacht, plus the hordes of mostly single, fit men posing as “refugee families” last summer and fall may have overplayed things in Europe. I sincerely hope so.

  6. I really liked Mohammed not welcome. Islam is about one man—Mohammed. 1.6 Billion people today are his first victims since all rationality and humanism from them has been snuffed out from many of them.

    Also, it is important to burst this bubble of “not disrespecting Mohammed.” Disrespect and expose him openly, in large public rallies. He was an evil paedophile and rapist. Say so openly in large rallies, with large banners (showing him raping Safiya etc.). Maybe some muslims will also see that their prophet was evil.

    • “When we, the ex-Muslims, studied Koran, Ahadith and Sira together, with a logical and analytical mind, we found that Islam was not what we were taught in childhood: Islam is the best religion and Prophet Muhammad was the finest man in history. In fact, the exact opposite is the truth. And we became heart broken; we felt depressed; shame, shock, guilt, and frustration. But eventually, we came through that difficult stage, and got enlightened and freedom from the shackles of Islam. However painful was the process, we came out strong, confident and happy.”
      Roman (An Ex-Muslim)

  7. European women will have to cover up then? Nobody in England cares. I have tried to broach the events in Germany and the deaths in Sweden, I was told none of it was true and I must stop telling lies.

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