Merkel and Local Authorities Cut the Head off the Hydra

Based on the latest news reports from Germany, the prospects for PEGIDA do not look auspicious. During the past few days, five of the group’s top leaders followed Lutz Bachmann’s lead and resigned. Obviously PEGIDA’s leaders are just as afflicted with the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers as anyone else in Western Europe.

JLH has translated an article written by a resident of Würzburg who made the long trip to Dresden to see a PEGIDA rally where the group was first formed. This was before the group was decapitated, so he didn’t know that one of the speakers he listened to would be resigning a few days later.

The translator includes this note:

This article demonstrates the real danger of Dresden — it shows that huge numbers of peaceful citizens can have a real effect. Here, they were not outnumbered by the thugs of the Left. They smothered attacks just by their size.

Given time, this phenomenon could have spread, so it had to be finished off. That is why Bachmann was not just disgraced by the contributing media, but threatened with prosecution. Think EDL and its official harassment as well as its violent street opponents. Think the serial prosecutions of Geert Wilders, preceded by the brazen assassinations of Islam-critics — one of whose assassins is already out of jail before the body of his victim has had time to fully rejoin the earth.

The pincers of Leftist thugs and elitist establishment are hard to fight.

The translated article from Politically Incorrect:

Dresden: Island of Freedom

by Thorben
January 26, 2015

As a citizen of a small Franconian city, I have been acquainted with PEGIDA only through the Würzburg WÜGIDA. But to experience the original Dresden PEGIDA on a Sunday — yesterday — that was a once-in-a-lifetime chance. So, five hours by train through the snow-covered winter landscape to the faraway capital city of Saxony.

Würzburg was the first city to show solidarity with the Dresdeners — against violence by foreigners on German soil, against abuse of the right of asylum, against the injustice of the whole “colorful republic.” This evening in Würzburg is already the tenth demonstration. And like the previous nine times, this will mean being closed off behind a steel grille, protected by a hundred police officers in a side street of the inner city, hopefully unnoticed by anyone and not shouted down by ear-splitting screams — just to be allowed to speak your mind “publicly” for thirty minutes. On all sides, blue lights, police checkpoints, shouts of “Nazi pigs” from the masked louts of the militant Antifa — Merkel’s and Gauck’s “colorful” version of the SA [Hitler’s Sturmabteilung], our guides to the glorious diverse future. Anyone who runs this gauntlet needs courage and an iron will. Faced with this chaos, the average Würzburger runs. That is the whole point: scare off, diminish, destroy. And a little help from the militant Antifa to create the impression that criticism of asylum policy, criticism of policy on foreigners, criticism of the policy on the Islamization of Europe — that is all just the opinion of very few people.

I have vividly experienced this ghostly setting in Würzburg. Yesterday I did not want to pass up the chance to see the original in Dresden. On the way by 7:00 AM train to Fulda and then eastward. That still seems like a trip over an invisible border. At one time a border between freedom and tyranny. Today, it is still that, but strangely reversed. When the train finally reached Saxony, I caught myself taking a relieved breath. Saxony, Dresden. If anyone had told me — the convinced “Wessi” — twenty years ago that these names would one day signify “freedom” and “democracy” to me… I would not have believed it.

For me — the abused Würzburg “walker” — the miraculous difference began with the police vehicles closing off entry to the appointed square at the Dresden Semperoper. There were no metal grilles. You could just walk between the cars and onto the square. No need to squeeze though a barely-one-meter-wide space the police left between the grilles. Even more astonishing, it was even possible to leave the square to take a quick photo of the grassy banks along the Elbe and then return quickly. In Würzburg, the narrow passage between grilles was closed off after a while. No one in, no one out. And for good reason, as anyone knows who has been exposed outside of the grilles to the brawling, hate-filled mob of the “counter-protest.”

The square filled up — a sea of banners. National flags black-red-gold, state flags, strikingly many Stauffenberg banners [leading figure in the failed attempt to assassinate Hitler] in the tradition of the German resistance. People everywhere — unimaginable numbers of people. It was impossible to make out the stage, let alone the individual speakers. And then the first words: “Hello Dresden!” You just have to have to heard that once in your life. And the answer: the clapping, the cheering, the internal rhythm of 20,000 people. You have to have heard it yourself, how “We are the people!” began here and there and then spread out over the square like a great wave, coming closer and closer — five rows ahead, then two and you are suddenly seized by it and carried along. Little WÜGIDA aside, this is a whole other dimension, something completely different.

An astonishing thing right at the beginning: In her introductory remarks, Kathrin Oertel mentions “talks” and “dialogues” with Dresden politicians. Inconceivable in Würzburg, that any politician would dismount from his noble steed to have “talks” or even a “dialogue” with a Nazi swine like me who is advocating enforcement of existing law concerning asylum policy. In Dresden, apparently, people talk to one another, there is conversation between citizens. It’s like a dream! In Würzburg, the politicians know only hate, harassment and insult. Where we are, there is no conversation with citizens. The elites send in the Antifa cleaning crew and watch them sweep the problem back under the rug.

Even more surprising… In Dresden, you can actually understand the speeches. Sure, in the distance you can hear the whistling and shrieking of the counter-demo, but it is a background noise. On the square at the Semperoper, you can actually concentrate on the content of the speeches, and understand every word. In Würzburg, the speaking is a painful shouting into the deafening roar of the Antifa, blowing their whistles hardly 50 meters away. And there is always the fear that the wild mob will climb the metal fence and you will wake up in the hospital. Talking about the subjects, listening, thinking about what was said is not possible in Würzburg.

After the presentations end, there are conversations with Dresden citizens lasting an hour and a half in the cold. The mood is wonderful and people leave the square calmly. That is also inconceivable at home. Whoever leaves WÜGIDA is happy if the lefty-diverse SA is not lying in wait in the next side street. Last Monday too, after the demonstrations, demonstrators were beaten by the Antifa, grabbed by the scruff of the neck — nothing to be discussed by the local politicians, clergy and press.

Dresden shows how it is. And that goes for everything that happens in Dresden. That we have a right to express an opinion critical of the regime without being in fear for life and limb. That demonstrators and politicians in a democracy actually talk to one another. That people in a modern, civilized community listen to one another. Maybe many Dresdeners would not agree with me in this. Even in Dresden, they are far from genuine, honest discussions. But for an observer from faraway West Germany who has never known the true demonstration culture and a public, honest debate about the “diversity republic,” my visit to Dresden was like a visit to a miraculous, free world.

PEGIDA Dresden is unique. Dresden is the great exception. Compared with all other demonstrators in present-day Germany — from Leipzig to Munich, from Stralsund to Saarbrücken — against the government’s catastrophic foreigner and asylum policies, who are forced to fight in court for their freedom to congregate and to speak, who have to fight every Monday against an army of violent thugs, the square at the Semperoper yesterday seemed like a small oasis of peace, a small island of freedom in a sea of injustice and bondage.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

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  1. The world just needs to stop [redacted to ->] caring about being called Nazis. In fact, the world needs to stop [redacted to ->] caring about nazis in General.

    [Admin note: we agree with YOUR sentiment whole-heartedly. We wish you would abide by OUR desire to keep the comments civil.]

  2. “Given time, this phenomenon could have spread, so it had to be finished off. That is why Bachmann was not just disgraced by the contributing media, but threatened with prosecution.”

    Think of EDL, of Wilders, Elizabeth, Christian and Jews in the west, of Israel: the way it’s treated. All the same treatment: manufacture and magnify its faults (steps and measures to defend itself ) and minimize its enemy’s crimes.

    How come such cursed godless, unscrupulous people be elected as leaders.

  3. I say this with tongue only halfway-in-cheek: Europe would have been better off if Russia would have taken over all of Europe.

    • You probably think that while basing your thought on the current state of Russia that while being ‘free’ of soviet influence, is certainly not free of dictatorial designs. Communism would still be the rule in Europe, if Europe had been taken over – and I assume you mean immediately after the end of the war?

      A communist Europe may have even bankrupted the United States decades earlier to what is now currently occurring.

  4. This will actually take more guts than have been shown so far. The forbidden “hate speech” has to be shouted from the rooftops by MANY THOUSANDS of these protestors. One or a few leaders can be prosecuted–but howsabout ten or twenty THOUSAND?? Numbers mean something–IF USED.
    Wolf could NEVER have been tried in OoooosterREICH had thousands repeated her statement that mammmuud “had a thing” for little girls. Over, and OVER, and OVER AGAIN ’till the town was sick hearing it!! The movement had better get moving–or be killed like in tiny ‘Britain’.
    I’m sick of seeing leaders taken down so easily WITH NO SUPPORT FROM THE MASSES!

    • Intimidation by the powerful will only work effectively when it is backed up through lethal means of maintaining the intimidation. The powerful in Europe are not yet at that stage, but it will get there if not enough begin speaking out or protesting about it.

  5. I think it is because the world as we know it, gracious, law-abiding, and civilized is beginng to disappear. The Muslim horde will make sure of that. Look to your children and take them far away from the horde, if you can.

    I have a hard time seeing Britain go down like this. I have always admired the British, but no more, I am afraid. If they sit still for their children being raped by Moslems, they will sit still for anything. Very sad.

    • The British were amongst the first victims of this mass indoctrination/intimidation combination and are thus in a more advanced state of decay. The EDL was not supported because, very early on, it was painted with a ‘football hooligan’ image and was thus ‘unfashionable’.

      ‘I am (a ripe) charlie’ did much better because it was diverted into a ‘touchy feely’ ‘unity’ of nothingness….

      The BBC and other broadcasters transmit a fantasy land of gigantic proportions in which those who wish to live inside the bubble of its’niceness’ will defend the fantasy with untold visciousness. All the authorities have to do is to make sure that nobody with a pin gets near to the shell of the bubble. So we see the ‘no platform’ enforced, and any space given to dissenters is already poisoned. Soon after Tommy Robinson admistered an antodote to one of these poisoned sessions he was arrested and jailed on trumped up charges.

      But corrie (Coronation Street) continues no matter what, Ena and Albert are gone and soon the Rovers will be alcohol & pork free.

    • Yes he is a hero! What a sacrifice he is making to help the world understand. May God bless him and his work.

  6. How sickening it is in Europe, the USA, and Canada there is more to fear from ‘the enemy within’ than the horde of inbred mutants that the collective governments are ushering in at warp speed. IMHO this is a deliberate action to crush and impoverish the middle class who work and feed the economy, creating a wage slavery, paid in an ever worthless fiat currency. Nothing my friends happens by accident. Machiavelli could not have planned it better.

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