“This Is Our Country”

There has recently been a series of rallies against Islamization in various German cities, including Cologne and Dresden. The latest was in Hannover on November 15, and was organized by Hannover Hooligans Against Salafists (Hannover Hooligans gegen Salafisten, HoGeSa).

The video below shows a speech in Hannover by Heidi, who has become famous over the last year or so for standing bravely against Islam. Her most well-known action involved the interruption of a Muslim prayer service in a Lutheran church (after which she was thrown out of the building). She had made headlines earlier confronting a menacing group of Muslim men much bigger than herself on the street during a demonstration.

In this clip she gives the closing remarks at last Saturday’s rally in Hannover. Like the man who spoke in the previous video, she discusses the way the anti-Islamization protesters in the audience are being set up by police.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   I know the rally
00:04   is over, but I want to say a last word:
00:08   I am so proud of you. I am proud
00:12   of German men who at last have an a*** in their pants
00:16   and who want to preserve our country.
00:20   Really, you are super.
00:28   And listen, I think I have seen it
00:32   on the faces of these very normal police officers.
00:37   Let me tell you: they would prefer to be with us.
00:41   You can believe that.
00:45   The people out there have been totally fooled
00:49   by lies from these media who twisted everything
00:53   that happened in Cologne.
00:57   I mean, I can see in some of you
01:01   a certain “potential”.
01:05   You are strong, but you know I believe
01:09   the very best way to channel your strength is
01:14   for our country, for Germany.
01:18   This is our country, it is the country
01:22   of our children, of our grandchildren,
01:26   and of all our descendants. I repeat what
01:30   Michael (Stürzenberger) said just now:
01:34   You, the media who are still here, listen:
01:38   we are not against foreigners as such.
01:42   We are against those who wreck our country,
01:46   who want to destroy us.
01:50   That is what we stand up against.
01:55   We have nothing against Greeks, we have nothing against
01:59   Italians, we are not Nazis.
02:03   The Nazis are nearly all dead already
02:07   We are normal Germans.
02:11   And I want to encourage you
02:15   when you leave here.
02:19   You are far from stupid.
02:23   I assume you have brains.
02:27   I consider you intelligent.
02:31   You will prove today that you
02:35   are intelligent men and women of Germany.
02:39   You will not react to the provocations.
02:44   It is illegal for a counter-protest to come that close, which means
02:48   this one is planned; it has been planned!
02:52   And do you know why this is planned?
02:56   They want to stop us, they want
03:00   to ban our next rally. So it is very important
03:04   we all leave here and we are not getting pissed off,
03:08   at least not in Hannover.
03:12   Do it at home, please.
03:16   At home you can drink yourself
03:20   under the couch. Don’t do it here;
03:24   they are waiting for this. The left-drunk media
03:28   and the left-drunk politicians who all
03:32   stand together to destroy us,
03:36   they betray our country, they betray us.
03:40   They want to betray us and I believe
03:45   next time we will be at least twice as many.
03:49   So, boys, self-control! Your muscles:
03:53   unwrap them there where they belong, not for these imbeciles.
03:57   Don’t lower yourself to the level of the imbeciles.
04:01   You are worth more!
04:05   You are worth more!
04:13   We are the people
04:17   We are the people
04:21   WE are the people
04:25   So, I know that many of you
04:30   are not believers, but I wish you God’s blessing
04:34   with all my heart. We need His blessing to win
04:38   against those who stand opposed to us. You are super!
04:42   You are super!
04:46   Bye until the next time.

12 thoughts on ““This Is Our Country”

  1. Is it terrifying in itself that in the middle of a real shooting war with pressure building daily, that a diffused confused weakling organiser who conned his way into charge is threatening to loose a deluge of illegals and enemy combatants from the shadows and across the the borders. What next? Muslim Brotherhood propaganda films on life in the White House?

  2. Did you know that 1 = 1000 000
    Yes this brave, alert, wise, clever Frau is the noblest lady on earth. This one is humanist. You don’t have to turn your Malmo into Mogadishu to prove to the world that you are a humanist. You don’t take your son’s heart and place it in muhammad’s chest from Somalia to prove you have sublime feelings.

    • How could elected people be so low, so confused so dunce as to create fertile conditions for bloody wars in the midst of us by claiming sublime concepts like: Tolerance, show respect to “others”, forgiveness, multiculti.
      How can Europe, in the name of avoiding future wars, has created through their utter stupidity the most suitable ground for horrific wars.

      All for votes. All to destroy the “other right wing” party, to destroy the bigoted Christians.
      Just look at Jerusalem: worshipers are slaughtered in their own homes, backyards and synagogues.
      Western media keep silent that’s what democracies expect of you. You know how to act or what to say without instructions from the perfect democracies.
      Are democracies without conscience? Can democracies continue without morals? The only thing they know and do is licking muslim slippers.

      • When those who now stir from their slumber begin to become restless then the soft totalitarianism that is now the West will become harder in an effort to keep those becoming restless under control. In other words, the times will tend to become tougher for those who take up the fight against what is being imposed on them before the times become easier and saner.

      • Merci, Charles. I’ve tried Googling the full title and the acronym as you give them in English, and the French (“Resistance Libre Francaise…”) without success. Any more info please?

  3. I could not understand her but I cheered for Germany and agree stop Islamic immigration period into Europe and North America. They along with the globalist will not be happy till they dominate us. Being 1/4 I respect a German patiotifc movement

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