“It’s Their Call When They Kill People!”

The video below is a sequel to last night’s post about the young woman who spoke out courageously against an imam who was ululating the call to prayer in a German church. Following her outburst, she was escorted off the premises by police.

Since last night I’ve learned that this courageous young lady is Heidi, a video of whom was featured here a couple of years ago when she confronted Muslims and spoke out vigorously against Islam on the streets of Germany.

Many thanks to Carpe Diem for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   The blood of Jesus — you have betrayed him.
0:04   You have betrayed him.
0:08   You have betrayed God.
0:12   You have betrayed him. You have betrayed God.
0:16   You have betrayed him.
0:20   You don’t touch me. You don’t touch me.
0:24   Cameraman: Wrong. Mohammed is a murderer.
0:28   Policeman: I order you to leave this place. Please, go over to the silent vigil immediately.
0:32   Heidi: We shall see what awaits Germany.
0:36   Gee! And everyone else in there thinks these people are crazy.
0:40   They understood well what this is about.
0:44   Cameraman: What has Mohammed lost in this church?
0:48   Mohammed in this church?!
0:52   What has that in common with Jesus?
1:00   Heidi: So that’s what I paid €18 for?! I’m embarrassed.
1:04   This is the church of the faith,
1:08   the faith in Jesus Christ,
1:12   and we let someone call ‘Allahu akhbar’ in our church.
1:16   It’s their call when they kill people!
1:32   And it’s a shame,
1:40   a shame to force a silent vigil to keep that much distance.
1:44   That’s a shame, a shame for Germany.
1:48   (People talking in the background- nothing to be translated. Man says: Step off the road, Heidi says: I’ve read the program etc. Video speaks for itself until 2:07.)
2:07   Cameraman: Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you almighty Jesus.
2:11   There are happy people — Hallelujah.
2:15   Thank you, almighty one.

4 thoughts on ““It’s Their Call When They Kill People!”

  1. Heidi is my hero! 🙂

    This german woman has fire in her belly, and is one of the awoken, conscious people, who have woken up about this death cult called islam.

    Heidi looks nice looking woman also 🙂

    Germany is doomed! Unless a peoples resistance front forms asap, and starts [redacted] against the traitor german goverment personnel, and the left wing marxist goebels media, and journalistic people who are engineering the death of western culture and civilisation, and christianity.

    Only [redacted] can have any hope of changing the course that the traitors who have infiltrated our institutions and goverments have set us on at this stage.

    One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter!

    We must now fight for our freedom from all the corrupted, infiltrated by marxists, institutions that are lesding us into this quagmire, this nightmare, flooding our countries with millions and millions of muslims, and other 3rd world parasites, and passing laws that criminalise us if we dare to speak out!!!!!

    The game is over, we must bring down the eu! And those within it, those who are guilty in bringing this nightmare upon us, upon our children, we must single them out, find each and every left wing traitor, [redacted].

    There is no other way.

    [Redacted] before we even have slim chance of turning bak the damage thats already been done to us.

    Islam = nazis


  2. Will we all be courageous enough to be Heidi’s in our part of the world ? . I hear the emotion in her voice and understand . Heidi knows what is being done to those in Africa, the Levant and East Asia that resist Islam .[ Catch up on the three stages of jihad with David Wood] . We, in the West, face the same problem to differing degrees. Forget the bs talk of ‘moderates’ and ” reaching out”. As far as the infidel is concerned there is ‘no Islam but Islam ‘.

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