“I Stand for the Cause”

Over the last few weeks German cities have seen a series of rallies against the Islamization of Germany. The latest was in Hannover last Saturday, November 15, organized by Hannover Hooligans Against Salafists (Hannover Hooligans gegen Salafisten, HoGeSa).

The following video clip shows a brief speech given by a man at the Hannover rally. The general atmosphere is reminiscent a demo during the heyday of the EDL several years ago. You’ll hear the speaker discuss in a matter-of-fact way the infiltration of the crowd by agents of the state, and the deliberate provocations intended to ensure that violence occurs, and gets blamed on HoGeSa.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   I am proud to be allowed to speak here
00:04   despite my not being a ‘hooligan’.
00:08   I am proud to speak, because I am against Islam.
00:12   I am a family man, father of five children,
00:16   and it is my duty to build a
00:20   foundation for our children.
00:24   This week I had two visits:
00:28   one from the lovely State Security and
00:32   one from the Criminal Investigations Bureau.
00:36   I was friendly. I was asked if I was the leader of the
00:40   HoGeSa-East, well let’s let the cat out of the bag:
00:44   Yes, I am, so what ?
00:49   let’s at last stand by what we are doing.
00:53   I don’t have to be a hooligan.
00:57   I can stand for the cause, and I do,
01:01   because the future of my family and my children is at stake,
01:05   as is the future of your children.
01:13   I am proud to see so many people
01:17   from Dresden today. Many know our Monday rallies.
01:21   I call it provocation
01:26   that our rallies are being banned.
01:30   I also greet the PEGESE
01:34   people who are here today, who each Monday
01:38   organise the Monday rallies in Dresden.
01:42   They accuse us, saying
01:46   that the HoGeSa is radical
01:50   right-wing and seeks only violence.
01:54   I say: NO, we are not.
01:58   I am not right nor left, nor radical
02:02   not “hool”, but I stand for the cause.
02:06   Each Monday for the past four weeks we were on the streets.
02:10   We started with 400, last week we were
02:14   exactly 2500 people.
02:19   Among them approximately 800 people
02:23   from our group HoGeSa. There was no violence,
02:27   although I have to say
02:31   perhaps the State wants (violence). Counter-demonstrators are brought up
02:35   to just a few metres from us. Then they say
02:39   this is permitted under the ‘freedom of assembly’ laws,
02:43   up to eye contact. Eye contact for me is: I look at this sign over there.
02:47   They want to provoke us. Do not let them provoke you.
02:51   Let us set a peaceful sign today.
02:55   let us fight against Islam, all of us.
03:04   We are the people.
03:08   We are the people.
03:12   When one looks around,
03:16   there are not only ‘hooligans’ . There are women.
03:20   I have seen children, there are grandmas and granddads,
03:24   and I find it very sad, that after our Monday rallies
03:28   these grandparents have to collect discarded bottles
03:33   (to collect the money). I find this so sad
03:37   they have to collect bottles while around the other corner
03:41   they build homes for asylum seekers, Salafism is allowed to spread,
03:45   and what’s more:
03:49   Why do they freeze our HoGeSa accounts?
03:53   Why are we dependent on donations? Why?
03:57   Why do they try to ban our rallies?
04:01   Because we are the people !
04:14   In conclusion: be peaceful.
04:18   Don’t get provoked by those bacteria from the Left,
04:22   nor by the police. They will try
04:26   everything to destroy this here today.
04:30   They tried it in Cologne; the investigation
04:35   will conclusively prove that we did not start it.
04:39   I myself
04:43   was in Cologne, and again, I’m no hooligan.
04:47   I went to Cologne to stand up for the cause.
04:51   State security asked me what I wanted in Cologne.
04:55   Well, it’s a beautiful city. On the other hand,
04:59   we were clearly asked to leave the rally
05:03   as it was being terminated. I myself
05:07   went to the police, with witnesses, I wanted to leave.
05:11   I was told: YOU stay here!
05:15   They wanted to provoke us,
05:20   and the investigation will prove exactly that. No violence.
05:32   So, people, let’s lay the foundation stone today
05:36   without any violence. Should anything
05:40   happen, let’s sit down, let us set a sign:
05:44   No violence ! Resist any provocation
05:48   from the Left and from government bodies, who also today
05:52   stand among us in great numbers. Thank you.
05:56   We are the people!
06:00   We are the people!
06:09   We can see it: people are waking up, all over our republic…

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  1. Europe-wide the fightback is gathering pace… mighty oaks from little acorns grow. And isn’t it interesting that Europe-wide the establishment employes the same tactics to undermine true democratic expression. I’ve made this point before, but it seems to me that the epitaph of the EU will be that it united Europe against the EU. Now that’s a beautiful irony.

  2. Hello Gates of Vienna. so glad you are up. It is wonderful to see citizens stand against corrupt politicians. The faster they are pulled down the better.
    I am very proud of Garland, Texas. The “Draw Mohammed Day” event went quite well. A vigilant policeman kill two maniacs intending to mass murder patriots standing up for freedom of speech.

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