A Druid Land, A Druid Tune!

Ah, faeries, dancing under the moon,
A Druid land, a Druid tune!

— William Butler Yeats, from “To Ireland in the Coming Times”

On February 6, 2015, PEGIDA Ireland mustered in Dublin as part of the simultaneous Europe-wide demonstrations against the Islamization of Europe. The Irish contingent gathered under the leadership of Peter O’Loughlin of Identity Ireland, meeting stiff resistance from the local Irish “anti-fascists”, who were eager to welcome refugees and smash the heads of the PEGIDA “racists”.

The following video from Cathedral Street, Dublin is the only one I’ve seen of last Saturday’s events. In it you can’t even see the PEGIDA demonstrators — just the antifas and the Gardaí whaling away at someone:

However, thanks to PEGIDA supporters in the UK, we have an inside account by a PEGIDA Ireland member who goes by the nom de guerre Romeo Sentini.

PEGIDA in Dublin
by Romeo Sentini

We had many confused, scared people, as they were not professional troublemakers, but rather concerned citizens who wanted to hear Pegida’s analysis and Identity Ireland’s solutions, but as you know, we can’t talk about Islam.

Violent small flash-points erupted, mostly from left-wing militants. There was confusion and desperation to find an enemy. Some innocent Polish guys who actually caught a thief snatching a purse near the Revenue were surrounded by a mob of two hundred people, who chased them without a question being asked.

Some said they were hit by Garda, who mistook them for pursuing mobs who were hurling café furniture and smashing windows, terrifying women and children in their hunt for imaginary fascists. The Polish guys were mostly unhurt, and — considering the hate leveled at them and the sheer number of mindless thugs chasing them — they kept it very cool and stood up publicly where others lacked the courage to do so, although many reported being attacked on the way in from Tallaght and Crumlin and North Wall.

The Polish lads had seen a purse being snatched, caught the guy and returned the purse to the Chinese lady. The disgusting Left owe some good men an apology. They judge without merit and they scream and hit to keep us silent, muttering about our violence! The Polish crew are legends! Paint them as such — they ran a gauntlet for Ireland and no one sees it yet. One Polish lad was hurt by the Garda who confused him for a leftist troublemaker.

700 reds prejudged, assaulted, vandalized and intimidated normal people. If you look on RTE, You Tube or i-Player from Saturday, there was footage on RTE News. I must emphasise: the Polish lads are no Nazis. They know what Islam is, and are civil, decent fellows who have contacted their Embassy in regards to their rights being violated.

Many were there on the ground, but due to an attack on Peter O’Loughlin of Identity Ireland, there was no arrival and hoisting of a flag. On the Luas line coming in from Red Cow we had several spread out in coaches. Around 25 well-dressed gentlemen who would be referred to as “soccer casuals” came on. Witnesses reported a Welsh accent and many Scots. Dan O’L asked our camera crew to film the Casuals trying to cover up, as a bit of insurance. The unknown, (read: of no importance) guy then tried to head-butt Dan, but was made to miss. He then threw a feeble punch like a girl and had his hand caught, all the while Dan staying cool and saying, “You don’t have to do this.”

Then the real attack started. Dan had two fellows hitting him straight off, so I hit one or two to give him a chance, whilst I was then kicked from behind and to the side. I began to fight with a few old men and what seemed like a team of 20- to 30-year-olds. I kicked a few and just kept going, whilst Dan did the same. Unfortunately Peter O’Loughlin was hit, not sure how many times, and more seriously, it was believed to be an iron bar or bat of some sort. I kicked lumps out of these past-it old men from Glasgow after they hit with a mob as hard as they could, basically on two guys, and we were left pretty unmarked because we can hit back.

Peter needed eight stitches to a wide wound above his eye. The Garda were a bit overwhelmed, which caused confusion as our side were permitted no point to gather due to ongoing violent attacks.

The AFA lads on Luas attacking were sent in from Scotland. They have many convictions. To hit Peter was beyond even their stupid codes of ethics as football thugs, but not as AFA thugs visiting Ireland to silence a man who dared to even try to speak about Islam’s effect on his country and Europe (we are hitting the free speech angle). The public are onside in the media, but scared, so we will seek Garda assurances. But we ask the public to be brave, and not to be intimidated by thugs.

Next time we will park a bus, a focal point etc. as the Reds here just grab the ground and have spotters to hit people coming in. We will have a riot every week for a ,year if that’s what it takes to get our rights. 95% of recent callers into a radio show agreed with Peter, and yet he’s attacked by Celtic, CSC John O’Kane and Philip Brown. Look them up.

We battered them. They had the numbers to kill us. Epic fail! Pegida, via Dan will issue a statement on the lefty groups as anti-freedom of speech, violent but incapable loons, who will not dictate where freedom of speech ends for anyone.

We will be consulting Garda regarding maximum security for future dates. The left gave it their best, chased Polish shadows, got themselves attacked by Garda, hospitalized a politician and gave him publicity, and got shown as a left-wing football crew living on reputation. They should retire from it, having embarrassed themselves by scaring women and kids on a train.

They didn’t scare any men. The Irish public have sent in hundreds of messages of support. The intolerant left have lit a fire!

Relevant links:

Information about John O’Kane and Philip Brown, from an Anglo-Irish contact:

I believe this is the murky world of the Celtic-Rangers (Catholic-Protestant) rivalry of the two Glasgow football teams. Celtic are the Irish Nationalists/Commies (pro-Palestine and anti-English) and Rangers are the British Nationalist/Patriots (pro-Israel). They kick off regularly in Belfast, too. What a tangled web!

From Romeo Sentini:

Celtic CSC Antifa are led by O’Kane, a Glaswegian, and Brown out of Dublin. For twenty years they have led Celtic hooligans against others…Do a YouTube search on them; fifteen years of attacks, riots, etc. John O’Kane has more than convictions.

More on Scottish hooligans:

These lads would fight over a bag of chips. The football’s irrelevant to an extent; it’s about designer clothes, egos, and silly old men and young aspiring fools. It’s about fighting — look on YouTube — they have over a hundred films.

P.S. Rangers have a famous Muslim fan who sings songs about killing Catholics, etc. The Celtic lads haven’t tried to beat him.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

7 thoughts on “A Druid Land, A Druid Tune!

  1. Poles are generally a decent lot.

    They’ve saved Europe more than once.

    Polish immigrants are welcome to my country, as many as want to come. The worst thing they do is to make too many chocolate cakes.

    • so in this case we are not Poles apart. Otherwise, a sadly disgusting show of Ireland’s politically correct face. And you wonder why tourism is down. I would not feel safe anywhere in Europe. It’s bad enough here in California.

  2. An anti Islam protest is hijacked into being about protestants / catholics. This is about European freedom from an “outside” invasion – Islam, which will take over both whilst they are arguing about things that don’t matter. Get a grip.

  3. I never thought that Irish “nationalists” would have THIS level of sympathy for the Religion of Peace… did they really think that Pegida are “fascists” – or were they just up for a ruck?

    RE the Polish lads – thanks for the background. The Polish liberal media reported just one guy being “exposed” by an activist from a leftist Polish party in Ireland.
    Btw, now some Poles in Sweden are in a spot of bother with the police, for wanting to take their own back against some “refugees” who were molesting one of their sisters, but getting caught after the dimwits organised their attack on Facebook! BBC reports them as being “far-right activists”, although they apparently have no party affiliation. I hope we’re not about to become the enemy of Europe’s left!

  4. Most Irish people are too terrified of losing their jobs or worse – to voice their dread of these arrogant Muslims. Many are well aware that they are viewed by these lazy freeloaders as “exotic” natives pre conquest. Poles are reliable allies. I imagine.

  5. It’s a sad state of affairs when countrymen cannot even express themselves, soon the ‘honeymoon’ will be over and the liberal media and political class (i.e. the lackeys of the EU) will do their best to ‘explain away’ the sickening, disgusting, and criminal behavior of the ‘new arrivals’.

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