Tatjana Festerling on the Soros-Brokered Migration Deal Between Europe and Turkey

Tatjana Festerling gave this magnificent speech at the PEGIDA rally in Dresden last Monday, the night before the Brussels massacres. Her talk zeroes in on the NWO brokers — especially George Soros — who arranged the deal between Europe and Turkey on the migration crisis, a “solution” championed by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Rembrandt Clancy has translated and subtitled the speech, and includes an informative introduction as well as a transcript.

“How can it be that one man is training this Chancellor in a refugee course; that this average woman is making irreversible decisions on her own, which annihilate a people and a culture; and no parliament is consulted, no ballot and no discussion about it takes place?”

by Rembrandt Clancy

On Monday, the 21st of March 2016 Tatjana Festerling delivered a speech at the weekly demonstration in Dresden.

Her main theme was the extra-parliamentary influences on Chancellor Angela Merkel in the context of mass Islamic migration into Europe. In particular, Frau Festerling draws attention to George Soros’ Project Syndicate (26 September 2015), a six-point “comprehensive plan” or manifesto for managing an annual influx of “at least a million asylum-seekers” into Europe for the “foreseeable future”. The scheme calls for putting into place a highly centralised administration for the management of what amounts to the thinning out of the native European ethnic populations — if that is not putting it too mildly.

The connection between the “comprehensive plan” and its praxis, or between Soros and Angela Merkel, is a little known figure, Gerald Knaus, director of the European Stability Initiative (ESI), a Soros-funded think tank (cf. for example, Open Society under “Current supporters” on the ESI website). Frau Festerling quotes Knaus directly in an interview he gave to Die Welt on 16 March 2016, wherein the ESI director appears recklessly candid, and even boastful about his influence on the politicians. But the newspaper itself states directly that

Gerald Knaus of the think tank ESI worked out the blueprint for Merkel’s asylum policy: close co-operation with Turkey and refugee quotas.

The European Stability Initiative brought this “blueprint” to completion on 4 October 2015 in a draft proposal called The Merkel Plan: restoring control; retaining compassion. Its core points also serve as a background to Tatjana Festerling’s speech:

  • Over the next 12 months Germany officially offers asylum to 500,000 Syrian refugees who are registered in Turkish camps and will transport them to Germany.
  • In return, Turkey will accept or take back all refugees who reach Greece via the Aegean.
  • Germany will compensate the Turkish concession by financial assistance and political support in the attainment of EU visa exemption in 2016.

It is interesting to compare the above “Merkel plan” with the actual negotiated results, at least as they are presented to the public by the European politicians who negotiated it: EU-Turkey statement, 18 March 2016.

Frau Festerling draws attention to a “day of action” to take place in Germany on 4 April. This is the date when migrants who have crossed the Aegean to enter Greece illegally will be sent back to Turkey and likewise “the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Europe” will begin (Reuters).

Tatjana Festerling: PEGIDA speech, 21 March 2016

The original German video source is broken into two parts totalling nearly 24 minutes. They can be accessed with the following links:

PEGIDA Dresden 21.03.2016 Rede von Tatjana Festerling (1)
PEGIDA Dresden 21.03.2016 Rede von Tatjana Festerling (2)

Good evening Dresden!

The three state elections were nothing other than a referendum on Angela Merkel. And she has failed with a bang. Even in Baden-Württemberg, the ‘little land’ of the economic miracle, Merkel’s party has shrunk inside of four years from 39 to 27 percent. Yet this Federal Chancellor simply carries on. And people the world over wonder whether the Germans are still playing with a full deck. But no one, not one of the over 600 representatives in the Bundestag, none of the 16 Minister-Presidents, none of the members of the Federal Council; simply no one prevents this woman one week later from going through with HER deal with Turkey. With this deal Merkel has betrayed and sold us Germans to Islam. And does that not characterise the condition of our so-called Democracy? They make a great fanfare of refusing to even sit down together in the television studio with the AfD [Alternative für Deutschland]; yet not only do they sit AT a table with the dictator, [Tayyip] Erdogan, no, they allow him to haul them OVER the table [as over a barrel]! And that is precisely what is intended; about that there is no longer any doubt. As recently as the 26th of September the so-called star-investor, George Soros, on his website, spoke in a six-point plan under the name of “Project Syndicate” about the building of a European asylum system.

It was his answer to Viktor Orbán, who had previously attacked him sharply and had identified him as the principal mastermind behind the stream of refugees bound for Europe. The tenor of the Soros text reads: “Europe must”; “Europe has to do”; “Europe is obligated to pay” and “Europe has to absorb and integrate more than a million asylum-seekers and migrants annually”. Soros expressly complains that some EU member states egoistically represent their own national interests; he rails against the “patchwork of 28 separate asylum systems” and blatantly demands a European central government. I ask Mr. Soros: WHY? Why should Europe follow your personal ideas? IS THERE A SINGLE ARGUMENT WHICH IS NOT GROUNDED IN THE WILL TO ANNIHILATION, RECKLESS STRIVING FOR POSSESSIONS, RAGE OR UNBRIDLED CRAVING? Is there a single rational basis for allowing millions of Muslims to feed off of the European unbelievers whom they nevertheless despise so deeply? Is there one, just one single comprehensible reason why Europe’s nations and cultures should abolish themselves, should kill themselves? Hence why is this grandpa interested in our Europe?

There have always been loony sect leaders who have motivated their little sheep to mass suicide. It may be that we are dealing here with such a phenomenon. People, who are swimming in money and possesses everything money can buy in the world, may tend — shortly before death — toward this kind of megalomania: ‘If I must die, then you should kindly do the same’. Therefore, once more — WHY? WHY Europe? WHY Germany?

A marvellous scientist, Professor Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn, posed just months ago the warranted, logical and obvious question: why are the refugees not remaining in the Near East? Merkel and the EU have to enter into negotiations with the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The 57 Islamic states, which are organised into the OIC, comprise close to 26 million square kilometres of land, which is more than 75 times the surface area as Germany and 6.5 times that of the entire EU. 1.5 billion inhabitants live in the OIC states; that is, ten million refugees correspond there to only 0.6 percent of the total population. Even 100 million fleeing Muslims only amount to a migrant component of 6 percent inside the Islamic world. That is infinitesimally small compared with approximately 20 percent migrants in Germany.

And most importantly: there, in the Islamic societies, Muslims can be completely and homogeneously integrated — that would solve at one stroke all religious conflicts in Europe. Now then, why are such solution-driven suggestions not even remotely discussed in Germany and at the level of the EU? Why instead does the Merkel-Turkey deal adviser [Gerald] Knaus express himself in the Die Welt thus: “Germany does not lapse like other states into anti-Islam rhetoric”? This sentence must be allowed to sink in: he wants us to say that Germans have long since resigned themselves to Islamisation; that the ominous formulaic phrase of former President Wulff “Islam belongs to Germany” has long since been consummated. Germany is already Islamised! And this sentence shows that it is quite intentionally about the Islamisation of Europe; in turbo-speed, through stoking up the mass migration of Muslim men.

The refugee crisis is being used to introduce a European central government here on the quiet and under societal constraints which are artificially talked into reality. But I will tell you one thing: You will not accomplish it! YOU WILL NOT WIN!

Widerstand! Widerstand! Widerstand!

Soros finances a world-wide network of so-called human rights activists, NGOs (non-government organizations) and think tanks — that is, think-workshops. His instruments include such humanitarian and human rights activists as the left-Green murder-band of Idomeni [English]. Also under Soros influence is an unremarkable man who has been whispering to Merkel for months about how she is to act in the refugee crisis. His name: Knaus. Gerald Knaus. Knaus is the chairman of the think tank ESI, the European Stability Initiative, e.V. [registered association] — “stability”, sounds good, doesn’t it? The name is pure marketing, camouflage and lies — for naturally they are not going to call their business ‘European Destruction Command’ or ‘European Islamisation Network’. Knaus, among other things, was an Associate Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University; hence he is a human rights activist at the highest intellectual level. Is that not interesting? This human rights activist has now worked out the deal with Turkey and with Merkel’s help has sold us to Erdogan. This human rights activist has no problem with an Erdogan who slaughters the Kurds, who finances the terror by buying oil from the Islamic State, who threatens his constitutional court and who has refugees shot down at the border.

This human rights activist has Merkel show up to an Erdogan who makes no secret of his greater-Ottoman plans of conquest, an Erdogan who clearly says that there is no moderate Islam — there is only THE Islam. And for this human rights activist, Knaus, it appears to be beside the point if part of the 6 billion, therefore German taxpayers’ money, flows into the war chest of the IS? No, Knaus wants the Berlin-Ankara axis and even insists on visa exemption for Turkey. Clearly, Turkey, well let’s just say Islam in general, is absolutely a paragon of honour and respect for human rights and principles of equality. And this Gerald Knaus said something else in a quotation last week in Die Welt:

We have recommended to the politicians… in the past few months: do not release any overall figures for the quotas coming from Turkey! Speak rather of a daily quota of a few hundred persons. Our suggestion is really comparable to the Berlin Airlift: it is sensible. But there is no end in sight for the moment”.

Ah ha, he recommends rather quite openly to politicians, to engage in trickery, deception and camouflage. Our politicians are to quite intentionally take us for a ride. And there is no end in sight. Does that mean therefore, that the previously mentioned 500,000 replacement-refugees of the Turkey deal are only the first little drop of truth?

Is that because, after the visa exemption, a further hundred thousand Kurds will flee and presumably also various extended families from the goat villages of Anatolia, all of whom wish to arrange a pretty comfortable life in their twilight years at the expense of the German social system? How can it be that one man is training this Chancellor in a refugee course; that this average woman is making irreversible decisions on her own, which annihilate a people and a culture; and no parliament is consulted, no ballot and no discussion about it takes place? Our national parliaments are therefore already de facto abrogated. Then the over 600 rubber-stampers in the Bundestag can also be dismissed and sent home, right? And how can it be that this clever little fellow, this Merkel-whisperer Knaus, simply takes no account of the findings of another admitted German think tank? No, he even ignores them completely. The prestigious Freiburg-based think tank SAT comes expressly to the conclusion that the deal with Turkey will not stop the stream of refugees at all. The idea is frankly naïve. These researchers use computational models to construct realistic scenarios for the future. Prognoses like these have long been in use as a planning instrument in commerce. The politicians ignore these findings — WHY? These researchers have drawn up five scenarios as to how the number of refugees will unfold.

And according to the best case scenario, the number of refugees will be reduced by the end of the year to 1.8 million people; at worst, the number will climb to 6.4 million — in 2016 alone. The researchers say very plainly that our politicians do not understand the dynamics of the events. They concentrate only on closing one route through Turkey and block out other factors. Yes, precisely: Mutti Merkel is focussed wholly and entirely on her Syrians, her Knaus and on Turkey, such troublesome findings only serve to interfere with governing. There is no beating around the bush: OF COURSE new refugee routes will arise, because the conflicts in Africa are intensifying and people will stream in through other countries regardless. And even the head of Frontex, [Fabrice] Leggeri, admits that. He thinks the solution can only be a distribution of people in Europe and the protection of the Schengen area. In order to better control the rush on the external borders of the EU, he suggests a cute little unit of 1,500 border guards “who are always at operational readiness”. Is this suggestion of a highly responsible custodian of Europe’s security intended seriously? No, friends, millions of Africans are chomping at the bit — with 180 million Nigerians leading the way.

Just last week, hardly noticed again by the public, Muslim extremists slaughtered 500 Christian farmers, and Boko Haram killed 22 people through suicide attacks. And by our current standards, the Nigerians have a right to protection and asylum. Why does the Harvard human rights activist, Knaus, not have them on standby at all? Dear friends, this modern, global mass migration behaves similarly to water: It always seeks a new way when it comes up against an obstacle. It is then that one might build a stable, solid dam — a high-tech border fence for example. As I have already said last week: Saudi Arabia and also Romania are showing what can be done. The Saudis are protecting themselves against intruders with a 900 kilometre long border system with ultramodern electronics, planned and built by Airbus Defence & Space! And this obvious solution of the high tech border fence appears nowhere in the deliberations. Everyone is remaining conspicuously guarded; even Airbus is not promoting it — strange, isn’t it? Is it possible there are directives? Is it possible that this is yet another indication that the power brokers behind the scenes have no interest at all in Europe’s self-protection and self-defence? In any case German underlings must not entertain the idea of contradicting their Mutti.

She even maintained that “we cannot protect our 3,000 kilometre long border.” In Europe we are enclosed by an approximately 14,000 kilometre external border; 30 billion euros should suffice for the high tech protection of the EU land frontier. Sea borders can be secured after the Australian model. Therefore there are no excuses — the European borders are defendable — even with manageable costs and with European technology. It even creates jobs and safeguards Europe’s cultures, values and freedom. Therefore — damn it yet again! — build this fence around Europe!

Festung Europa! Macht die Grenze dicht!
Fortress Europe! Seal the border up!

This fence can also be the great European project for which everyone is yearning; a project for the collective defence of Europe, which strengthens European self-awareness and identity and binds together the European peoples. And woe, these bigoted, left-Green depraved characters now approach us again with their hollow catchword ‘empathy’! You left-Green terrorists, you refugee murderers, you have proved that for you it is never about human life, but only about the blackmail and coercion of the politicians. Were it about humanity, you would not have accepted in an ice-cold manner the death of your people in search of protection, but in Idomeni you would have led them a few metres further over the bridge.

You simple-minded, egoistic humanity-dimwits are no longer going to poison the climate of opinion here in Germany and you will in no way continue to intimidate us. You state and Soros fat-fattened moralising drones preach solidarity and empathy on the surface, while underneath you skim-off to your own advantage. You will NOT win!

And we Germans — we can bring this engine to a standstill. A single day of action: hundreds of thousands of Germans holding back, by remaining in bed for a single day. Call in sick! A single day which sends a signal to the world. A one-day standstill: on the 4th of April when the Turkey deal kicks off, that will be the measured reaction! And it is not enough to bellyache at the Stammtisch or on Facebook and to otherwise conscientiously sort waste. If we wish to preserve what is dear to us, we now have to become REBELS!

And Frau Merkel, to you I say this: one who allows government operations to be dictated by a financial mogul like Soros commits high treason against our country!

Volksverräter! Volksverräter! Volksverräter!
Traitor to the nation!

Many thanks to all of you for coming again and again to PEGIDA and showing the world that it is not only lunatics who live in the open-air loony bin of Germany.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

46 thoughts on “Tatjana Festerling on the Soros-Brokered Migration Deal Between Europe and Turkey

  1. Merkel isn’t listening to anyone with an opposing view. But at this point, does it even matter? The damage to Germany is irreversible and certainly will not be changed by words.

  2. Tatjana Festerling is my Joan of Arc.

    I am stunned at how little obligation A. Merkel feels she has has to answer Germans.

    I must guess that dfd’s comment, 25 mar 2016 12:21pm in post GERMAN MEDIA MANIPULATION may help explain it. Western democracies seem to have a lot of chief executives gone amok lately. I shouldn’t wonder if dfd indirectly explains the others as well?

    • Absolutely exactly right. DFD’s comments and information were earth-shaking. Here is a reference to it:

      What DFD showed is that Merkel is not average at all, but a power-mad sociopath who uses the secret files of her former employer, the East German secret police, the STASI, to smear and ruin not only her enemies, but her colleagues and friends.

      There is no chance at all that such a person as this would be persuaded by the facts concerning the well-being, or even survival, of the country she is supposed to lead. People like this have no ethics, no empathy, and no morals. There is literally no argument that can persuade them, other than force or the loss of power.

      Unfortunately, there seems to be a plethora of such leaders in the West: Obama, Cameron, Merkel, the leaders of France, Austria, Sweden and others: they act totally without regard to the benefit of their countrymen. It is not a matter of ignorance. It is a matter of sociopaths gaining the path to power and having the option of acting like emperors.

      In my opinion, part of the problem is that governments and countries have grown too large: the path to power is not so much through the popular interest, but through back-room deals and a grasp of bureaucratic in-fighting.

      Probably German’s fall can be dated from the re-unification between East and West Germany. The reunification gave the East German wolves and snakes the resources and legitimacy of the West German sheep.

      The Roman emperor Caligula said “I wish the Roman people had but one throat, so I could slit it.”

      This common complaint of power-hungry, sociopath leaders has been solved through the apparatus of the big country and big, all-powerful government. The EU is a naked attempt to consolidate all of Europe under one government and one ruler.

      Tatjana Festerling is truly one of the great people of Europe, but she calls for better concerted action by Europe as a whole. It should be obvious by now the solution is not to simply have “better” leaders and a “better” fence surrounding Europe. The solution is to split up the EU, abolish the European Court of Human Rights, and all other mega-national institutions.

      Each country should be responsible for its own borders, and should require visas and passports for inter-country travel within Europe. If Germany decides to fill itself up with refugees, it will be surrounded by high walls, mines and machine guns by its neighbors. I don’t mean that I wish Germany harm, or Tatjana Festerling harm, but if Germany insists on maintaining the system that gives Merkel and Soros such power, at least Germany will not sink the other countries.

      The technology of today makes it only a minor inconvenience to deal with separate currencies and the administration of passports and visas. The whole rationale of the EU is to standardize currency, trade, and travel: but these are simply stalking-horses for the real objective: the consolidation of power in all of Europe.

      A lot of the problem comes from people living beyond their means. The Greeks allowed the Germans to dictate their policies because Germany extended unjustified loans to allow the Greeks to spend more money than their economy justifies. And Greece will pay the piper, with the huge problem of Muslims coming through. Similarly, the US allows Saudi Arabia to spend billions of dollars on education, communications, and key businesses, because otherwise the US government may have to tighten its belt, and US citizens pay realistic prices for goods from other countries.

      I summarize my points. The problems with sociopath leaders is inherent in large countries and all-powerful governments. There is no way to readjust the bureaucracy, voting patterns, or constitution to remedy the problem.

      The solution is the fragmentation of countries into smaller units, internally homogeneous, where the governments are closer to, and more dependent, on the people.

      • RonaldB says: “…Probably German’s fall can…”

        Germany wont fall. For years the German army trains and spends on insurgency/counter insurgency warfare. To a relatively large extent they even neglect maintenance of heavy equipment. Spending on that type of warfare, training, including street fighting, is constantly increased. The press and some in government wondered why. See also: ‘Die Afghanistan Connection’. There was an interview, few years ago, I think on ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) which was quite funny. A youngish lefty, smart alec girl and a general; quoting from memory, she: “But it is always minorities who cause the trouble, the majority… bla bla…” Then she beamed into the camera as if: ‘Now I got him!’ The general: “I am pleased that you agree with me and our efforts. You are absolutely right, it is always a minority. Just look at Afghanistan. There the Taliban is only a small minority, amongst a very peaceful people.” Took her about 10 or 20 seconds, then she changed tack. It was beautiful, she was completely derailed.

        Germany is going to be the lynchpin. BTW, the Germans fought a lot more serious matters than this. A few hundred years ago they fought a civil war which makes WW2 look banal. After all, WW2 was only a short term affair with minor losses and minute damage to the country – Germany that is. If you want to know, I’ll let you, it will be an excerpt of what I am writing about.

        Incidentally, if you want to know more about the attacks on the west generally, how these were planned and the objectives, methods and time scales, go to http://tinyurl.com/nje5dqg it’s an interview from 2005, about a book from 2000, The Future of Terrorism: “What al-Qaida Really Wants – By Yassin Musharbash”. The interview puts it all as rather dubious (year = 2005), but everything he has predicted came true, and they are right on schedule, **Caliphate, everything, right on schedule.** All the dates and events he gave came true. Scary stuff…

        • Well, DFD. I do have a question for you.

          You yourself showed how sociopathic and unscrupulous Merkel is. If she remains the ruler of Germany, regardless of how good the army is, it will not be used on the side of the German nationals.

          What scenario do you see by which the German army will actually be used to defend Germany against the invaders?

          • RonaldB said: “…What scenario do you see by which the German army will actually be used to defend Germany against the invaders?”


            Let’s go back about 70-90 years. Weimar to be exact. Far left and far right, today call these AntiFa and modern conservatives (the CDU is more left than conservative, thanks to Merkel. Chunks of AfD members are X-CDU). So, no Nazis, no Commies, at least not in significant numbers. Still, AntiFa, though not a party, can well be described as far, very far left, even anarchistic. The very lack of a centralized structure points in that direction. AfD and PEGIDA? They are practically the last hope for the conservatives and the slightly right wing. That means they attract the right wing and of course, the far right wing, these at least for tacit support. For AntiFa the Muslims are the perfect footmen, even canon fodder if need be. Look at it from an anarchist’s point of view: Can you think of a better destabilizing and chaos generating movement, than Islam infiltrating a democratic society that wants to live in peace and enjoy the fruits of its labors? Can you? Think about it, even the Pathet Lao could get ‘corrupted’ in Germany. The Muslims are perfect, from an anarchists point of view. Believe me, the AntiFa guys know exactly what Islam is, they aren’t stupid. They know it better than the left winger and centrist parties.

            So, how did it go in Weimar with the left and the right? Simple, there was a warning shout: “Strasse frei, es wird geschossen!” English: “Clear the street, shooting!” If you were out shopping or just for a stroll, you dived for cover. And they went at it, sub-machine guns, rifles, pistols, hand granades, mollys, you name it – out of ammo? Bayonets, daggers, axes and clubs. But that can’t be done today. Indeed. But factor in the Muslims, then it can be done! It’s particularly easy if you can get a Chancellor who is, say, X-FDJ, X-SED and, perhaps, STASI connected. If such a Chancellor quietly hates the west… You’d have something like a Muslim or Muslim sympathetic president in the US, wouldn’t you? I could be wrong of course, but then the Chancellors CV, the Chancellors support and use of AntiFa against the AfD, against PEGIDA, and practically everybody else who is opposing her… You think I am wrong? Have a look at Angela Merkel’s *extreme distaste* for the German flag, only 9 seconds, but it’ll tell: https://youtu.be/_Rcc7xgD2dM Then watch Berlin, not Weimar Berlin, but Berlin 2015! Watch: https://youtu.be/hE0atYJi8uM Just watch the first 2 or 3 minutes… Weimar is nearly back.

            Now enter the German army, combat in Afghanistan, and KNOWING what Islam is and does. The generals come together… Of course, no talk about that in Germany, but being ready for a ‘new kind of war’ overseas. Not in Germany of course. And they practice for it. Do you think they love Merkel’s policies? Listen to them, unfortunately for the links below you have to understand German, and hear between the lines, and the concerns of the interviewers. So you may as well skip these. But still, flick through fast forward, it may help.

            “interculture 2”

            So here’s a surprise from me: Would you think I am nuts to wish for more Hijrians in Germany, for more atrocities? Wishing for that, of course not 🙂 After all, that would be wrong. For what could that lead to?

            Something Brussels and Berlin are scared of, as is the rest of Europe.

            Enter the 30 years war, it serves today as a good bogeyman. “Do you want a return to…horrors and nightmares?” There’s now more about the 30y war than ever. There’s still a lot in the history text books in schools, I made a few inquiries, wondering if it’s still ‘there’. Certainly is.

            Moreover, that war was as important for Germany as the Civil War was for the US. It practically formed or laid the foundation for modern Germany. The Germans generally believe it was about the reformation, Protestants v Catholics. Not wrong, but, it was as important or as secondary as the issue of slavery was for the US civil war. I’ll set the scene, and then you’ll know or have an idea why the German, as well as the EU, authorities are so anxious about. So anxious in fact, that the news are either suppressed, than manipulated or outright falsified. The parallels with today are eerie.

            Germany before the war. Everything looked rosy, nothing threatening in the north, the Vikings were fully assimilated, Friesland and Angles (Anglo-Saxon). Central Germany, Saxony etc., havens of stability and prosperity. To the south, no problem, there were mountains protecting Germany, and there was a close relationship with the “Eastern Realm” (that’s the actual meaning of Östereich/Austria). West and east, large rivers. So the German state-lets or principalities were OK, the towns and cities wielding ever more power, much to the dislike of the Princes, Earls and Barons. A Serf who managed to escape and live in a town or city for one year and one day, was a free man. No Prince would be so stupid to go against a City, since these were usually allied, and they had the money and the manpower. And neither the Burgers nor their elected Magistrates and Mayors would budge. Why, what for, for whom?

            Plenty of money from trade and crafts. Mink collars on the vests were common, the vests and breeches, velvet and velour, or even silk. Not the rich, the average. Taxi business (litter carrying) was booming, as were other activities, from Cathedral building, paintings/art work, gun making, food exporting, you name it. Germany set at the triple cross roads, Balkans, western and eastern Europe. The worlds first annual book fair in Frankfurt generated lots of business too, et cetera est. Trouble with Islam? That was in the Balkans, across the mountains. What did they fear? The same calamities as every body else, fire, black death and cholera. Apart from that, not a cloud on the horizon.

            Protestantism, reformation? Well, the pope held his frequent bonfires with heretics as special guests, ceasing their properties and raping their women – unless they recanted. Not exactly isolated incidents, but as long as you weren’t one ‘of them’… No problem.

            Just like today, isn’t it? Even more so than you think. The Germans didn’t like paying taxes to the Emperor, that is to say the EU (or in the American way: Paying taxes to the crown. Though there was no ‘Hamburg tea party 🙂 , not yet). That made the Emperor as anxious as today the EU. Problem was, how do you reign in on a people who are wealthy, influential and not in easy reach? Apart from being well armed, which they had to be, the Cities didn’t trust the Princes, they trusted in elections. The Princes didn’t trust the Cities, they trusted in being ordained by God, errhh, the Pope. The Emperor was of course allied with the Pope, whom the Germans didn’t like to be a receiver of their precious Gold-Marks either.

            The loony nailing his theses to a church door in Württemberg? Side issue, a quarrel in the church, Protestants, Catholics, not good for the cash. Besides, Luther didn’t want to reform Christianity anyway, he was cheesed off with Rome, the Vatican to be precise. He didn’t even challenge the Emperor, wisely so. Luther did not want to reform Christianity, and he didn’t. He wanted to reform the church, break Rome’s power, and he did; though, that aim came later.

            Can you hear the hissing of the fuse? Oh, the saying ‘Los von Rom’ (away from Rome) goes back to those days. Anybody believing that the Germans are stary-eyed about Brussels/EU; wakey, wakey… Most of them rather have their Deutsch Marks back. The Euro is ‘affectionately’ known as the ‘Teuro’ – ‘teuer’ meaning expensive.

            Solution for those people: lots of Mayors and Magisters have a get together, and recommend the acceptance of Lutherism. In English: No more cash to the Vatican; Emperor: Shove off, not a Pfennig from us. The Germans had their tea party – the Americans are copycats 🙂

            Result, an unhappy Emperor and an unhappy Pope. Easy, the Germans were a soft target, no wars for long time, practically decadent due to good living, a pushover. So, orders out to the loyal Catholics, Princes and clergy, rise against those payment withholding, whoops, heretical Protestants! Orders to the loyal Aristocracy and their underlings, rise against those seditious Germans! Against that, orders to the free Burgers: Defend yourselves – *and your cash* – against those bloody foreigners and their collaborators!

            Kaboom. That’s it in a tiny nutshell. When it was over, roughly half the German population dead by war, that is 6 million out of 12 million, plus about three million by famine and plague. From a total population of approx 14 to 15 million. 50% war dead, ww2 a mere 7.5%! The Emperor (EU) and the pope lost about half of Europe. The war wasn’t only fought in Germany. Europe wide it lasted for about 100 years, Germany 30 years, but constant, high intensity.

            That’s one of the reasons why the EU hits the panic buttons, and Merkel, to an extent. Never mind the bull by the European press about the Germans wanting to dominate, and all that cr_p. The Germans don’t want to pay. They were better of without Brussels. They still operate the worlds second or third largest export business, as they did prior to the EU/Euro. They are economically as dependent on Portugal, Spain etc., as a freight train on an ox cart. Their view? F.. Europe and the EU! A bottomless pit for our money.

            And now, on top of that, Germans are being burnt again at the stakes, sorry, raped by bloody third world scum. Not even by Germans of a different denomination – and again with the full support of Brussels (the Emperor), the Vatican (again) and the Emperors vassals – Merkel, SPD , Greens & Co. With Merkel being actually the de facto Empress. Names and fashion differ, but that’s about it. German point of view? They want our money – and now our women too! Makes them very unhappy.

            30y war, a nightmare, true. Women eating their children, graves dug up to eat the dead, snakes and rats were staple diets… etc. Yes, it’s scary, perfect bogeyman, but she/they also have to realize this: It says in the minds, or backs of the minds, of many Germans: “Hey! We recovered from that inferno, and now we are the most important nation in Europe!”

            What do you think, will the German generals let that happen again? Knowing Afghanistan and how Islam operates. Do you think the Germans will wait until there’s a ration of about 30/50 Protestant to Catholic, or rather, Christian to Muslim? Germany is the lynch pin, besides, there’s a lot more at stake in any case. It’ll be an interesting summer… Latest next year the big one.

          • Hi DFD,

            Thanks for your detailed, very interesting, clear, and fact-filled posting on the reasons you think the German army and Generals will not tolerate the ruin of Germany through the EU and the Muslim invasions.

            I do have a couple of questions.

            You say that Antifa thoroughly understands Islam and is using the Muslims as shock troops to dissolve the society and culture which Antifa, as anarchists, hate.

            My confusion is that if Antifa understands Muslims, then Antifa knows that Muslims will never accept a sharing of power. The victory by the Muslims will result in more, rather than less, control over the individual. The rigid constraints of sharia law should be repulsive to the anarchist who wishes to do away with controls.

            Antifa, by importing Muslims, will definitely do away with the German government, but it will be replaced not with anarchy, but by the more rigid sharia. Do the anarchists understand that, and if so, what benefit do they get from stuffing Germany with Muslims?

            Another question. You mentioned the horrors of the 30 years war. You stated that the German generals also share the history of the 30 years war, and that they will not allow the emperor (Merkel and the EU) to carry out their aggression against Germany.

            I have trouble with this logic. You state that once things get bad enough, the army will act. Is that not a thin reed to pin your hopes on?

            You noted that the cities had their own arms and militias. You have nothing like that concentration of armed power in today’s Germany. The people have been systematically disarmed. The army has a central chain of command, ending in Merkel herself. In the US, Obama has been systematically retiring the generals who have been too independent or too successful as military leaders. His objective is that the military will become nice pussycats whenever the President throws away the Constitution.

            Are you not assuming that a peaceful people, with a long history of following orders, and no independent military groups, experience, or weapons, will suddenly have enough at some point and turn into an effective fighting force?

            Again taking the information from your post, the army will not have the benefit they had during the 30 years war: independent and armed cities supporting their side. With the top-down command system of today’s military, it is entirely possible for sociopath dictators like Merkel to eliminate any possible rebels from the command.

          • High Ronald,

            Thank you for your reply. I don’t know if I will be able to answer that today, it may have to be tomorrow. Nevertheless, I take the opportunity to express my pleasure about this discussion, and the very good points you raised.

            I hope, and it seems, that you enjoy this discussion as much as I do.
            Till then, regards

          • Hi Ronald,

            Thank you for your questions, given the time of day I will answer as many of these as possible, for now.

            It appears I gave the impression that I expect the German generals to launch a coup de etat. No, very unlikely. The holy military paradigm of not to harm the chain of command is of course a given – except in outright civil war, then it’s a question of taking sides, and thus transferring the chain.

            What they have done however is to prepare the German army for civil war. They referred to it as training for insurgency and counter insurgency warfare. Not only training, but also changing a lot of equipment for that purpose. They never said ‘civil war in Germany’, always spoke of overseas deployment. Indirectly of an enemy which can simply be described as Muslims. The saw in Afghanistan what happens and how they fight, they also looked at other Muslim countries, their history and Islam’s ‘interactions’ with Europe. As is clear from the video links I gave, the left opposed this, but didn’t get through. The generals (Afghanistan Connection) maintained their course. Even if Merkel would mange to remove them, not possible, except for a few, but let’s assume she’d manage to remove all of them, the result of their work is still there. They even trained reservists, and retrained older reservists correspondingly.

            They even neglected parts of the German tank force (!!!) in favor of this. Instead, APC’s etc. — What do you think why?

            You are of course right, with the ‘Top-Down-Structure’, Obama etc. It’s not so easy for Merkel, or any other German chancellor. Historical reason, the Germans saw Stalin eliminating a lot of Russian generals. It costed the Russians dearly, I read (long time ago) that German military historians estimated that between a quarter and a third of Germany’s invasion of Russia, went so smoothly and quickly, because the Russians didn’t have a decent officer corps left, after Stalin’s purges.

            Referring to your comments about the 30y war, practically every German is aware of that one, not just the generals. You are right, there are no city states etc. That was not the point I was making, sorry about the misunderstanding. The point I was making is that the Germans then were very soft, they lived extremely well prior to the war. Despite the ‘Bürgerwehren’ and the armies of the aristocrats, there was very little actual combat experience. The status quo was: The aristos rule the land, the Bürgers rule the cities. Nobody wanted to upset the apple cart. Too expensive. And in all likelihood, no conclusive result.

            One of your concerns I share absolutely, without any reservation, the Bürgers then were armed.

            So, how would a civil war with the Muslims start, and how would it run? There are two entities concerned, the Germans and the Muslims.
            Let’s start with the Germans. They don’t like the Muslims, this became more and more pronounced over the last years, see 2006, Fjordman; http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.co.uk/2006/06/why-eu-needs-to-be-destroyed-and-soon.html

            The mood in the army, the police and the ‘para military police’ (Bereitschafts Polizei) is bad, or very bad. More and more policemen complain to the media even, on condition of anonymity. In the shooting and hunting clubs, open talk of when and how. With/between civilians, hunters and shooters, policemen, x- & serving, the same with soldiers, again, x- & serving. Add to that a large number of illegally held weapons, plus generous supplies from the German arsenals, via friendly servicemen, as well as from Hungary, Slovenia, etc.

            Add further a general anti-EU mood. Money. Let me put this way, yes, the Germans run the show. But of what use is an ’empire’ which sucks up money, instead of providing it? That’s a quick overview.

            The Muslims, they want power, but they can’t risk a war. There have been comparisons made with Vietnam, Tet offensive and that. Let me be charitable, Berlin isn’t Saigon and the Germans are not corrupt, I’m expressing that mildly… Without doubt, the Ms have weapon caches, probably within easy reach of the mosques, since there will be the secondary start signal. Problem is, they can’t win, impossible. They’d have the surprise and the initial shock moment, and then the show is practically over. Any ammo stores will quickly be depleted – followed by wholesale slaughter. When the Germans go wild, they go WILD. That’s why I referenced the 30y war. It was probably the most vicious war in Europe’s history.

            Fought by a people who were soft through good living, probably the highest living standard in Europe at the time; surpassed only by the Venetians and Austrians. Essentially docile as far as their elected Magistrates were concerned, or their God willed Princes. But in the battles of the 30y war, they fought massacres, large and small scale.

            You think the Germans have lost it? Watch and think again, a middle aged German lady lost her temper with a Muslim groper who harassed a German girl. Watch him groping the pavement, several times – then making his escape. Remember, not only are the Saxons, the Angles and Bavarians, Hessians etc. German tribes, so are the Vandals, the Wendens and the Goths. Have a look at her, https://youtu.be/3JBmIRqbf60 Another example, a slim, unimposing build guy by name of Ulrich Rudel, as a Hitler youth he had to learn to fly, with gliders. He was afraid of flying… Became a Stuka pilot and Germany’s highest decorated soldier. The Americans called him a one-man-air-force, 1,600+ enemy thingies destroyed. Tanks, bridges, ships, trucks, you name it, he demolished it. Landed a few times behind enemy lines to rescue downed comrades. For him exclusively the knights-cross (the iron cross worn around the neck) was upped by swords and diamonds – the Germans didn’t have a high enough medal for him. Just an average guy, slim build, ordinary school achiever… (No, I am not saying all Germans are like him, just pointing the potential)

            Back to the issue, it can start. The Muslims will have to get cocky and do something so big, that government and press can’t contain it. For instance, something chemical or a dirty bomb, that’ll do the trick. It’s possible that they will get carried away, the ISIS world view isn’t exactly rational. Given their tactics, two steps forward, one back – not too difficult to get carried away.

            Far more likely is a red-flag action. And ‘red’ being the operative word. Namely that the people behind AntiFa engineer something – then lay it on the Muslims. In Berlin in 2009 they tried, a gas attack upon German police, during a left wing / commie demo. 47 officers badly hurt, on the ground in pain, choking. They just managed to crawl to the safety of their comrades. Press kept it under lock, for a while, then played it down. Links:

            1) http://www.morgenpost.de/berlin/article104170807/Polizisten-erstmals-mit-Chemie-Bombe-attackiert.html 2) http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/justiz/mai-krawalle-randalierer-attackierten-polizisten-mit-gas-a-630153.html

            You’ll need google’s translator app. Behind it was the left, essentially what is now AntiFa, they were found. What happened then is still ‘a bit nebulous’. Personally, I don’t think the cops weren’t particularly fussy in getting and dealing with them. Be that as it may, they didn’t try again.

            If the Ms were to try that, on a larger scale, say 200-300 or more dead, plus many badly injured ones, blind, damaged internal organs, that would trigger ‘it’, or at least a few of these. I doubt they are that stupid, but AntiFa could trigger it – and lay false tracks to the Ms, or even blame PEGIDA. Though the latter is not believable, unless Merkel gets really, really desperate. Can’t see that. So, they’d could trigger it and plant it on the Ms.

            Right, or rather: Left, Antifa. Generally known as ‘Anti Fascists’, more precisely, anarchists, in Germany often referred to as ‘Chaoten’, based on their maxime: “From Chaos Arises Order”.

            So why aren’t they worried about a Muslim take over? Because they’d whack ’em with the utmost brutality, thoroughly. Remember, those guys are to the left of Stalin! They’d simply give a sh.t about any collateral damage, pardon my English.

            And they too know that the Ms can’t win. Why not? As I said above, out of ammo in no time. That’s where all that talk about Tet-offensive etc. falls flat. Zero supply routes, zero re-enforcements. As the saying goes, armchair generals discuss strategy and tactics, real generals discuss logistics. If the Ms don’t get carried away, they’ll continue with low level, day-to-day terror and hope that the politicians will give in, they may. But not the populace.

            Populace includes the nation’s executive, police and military. Consider, the bulk of these are ordinary people. Be one of them: Your boy is terrified to go to school, so is your daughter, your wife dares to go shopping only when you are around. Your pal’s daughter has been raped and beaten into a pulp. You see repeatedly your comrades going down, and receive orders not to talk about it. Those people are already cheesed off, the mood, as I said above, is very bad among them.

            Now civil war, your people, your culture (and race even) under attack, by *aliens*. What will you do? I’ll give you a hint: Robert E. Lee, rings a bell?

            Moreover, they too can form squadrons, no markings, balaclavas – and easy access to real weapons. “What? That was an inter Muslim thing.”

            So, these are some of the ‘interested parties’. There are others, industry and finance are disillusioned. No cheap labor, just unskilled and even analphabetic savages; useless for decades to come, if not permanently. No contribution to pensions or the coffers, instead a huge a drain upon the cash – and the Germans are still very sensitive about money. The Pope and the Emperor once found that out. And now more and more voices in industry, and high finance, become more and more critical, and vocal.

            Of course, there also some long term political issues, which the EU definitely wont like. Hint: Never let a good crisis go to waste. And like the Russians/Slavs, like the Scandinavians, the Germans are Alemans…

            About your response to the “money, money, money” post. Thanks for that, I’ll reply tomorrow. Too late in the eve.

          • DFD,

            I read your very interesting and informative post concerning my questions: why would the army join against the Muslims, why Antifa would import Muslims, etc.

            You said that the army cherishes the chain-of-command, yet would secretly supply weapons to Germans in time of crisis. Let’s hope so, but you seem to know what you’re talking about.

            The scenario you pose is Antifa creating a really disastrous crisis, and blaming it on the Muslims. The crisis will dissolve civilized society as we understand it, and will have the added benefit of militating the population and the leftists against the Muslims in a war the Muslims won’t be able to win.

            I guess my primary fear in that case is that outside forces, like the US in the guise of NATO, would be pulled in on the side of the government and the Muslims. It happened in Serbia in the 1990’s. The EU is on the side of Islamization, and the EU, plus Merkel, plus the French president appealing for help would provide wonderful cover for the Muslim-embracing US government.

            And yes, I’ve enjoyed our exchanges as well. It gives me a good basis to explore some more European history…for example, the 30 years war.

          • Hi Ronald,

            ‘Hope you’re sill there, not that I post into nothing.

            More informative than the 30y war will be Prof. Paul Kennedy’s “The Rise and Fall of Great Powers”. It’s by now mandatory for students of politics and, so I believe, also for students of history.

            Now more about the ‘left wing’ socialist and anarchist “scene”. First it’s (modern) origin, its aims and methods.

            Begin with reading about the “School of Frankfurt”: http://www.schillerinstitute.org/fid_91-96/921_frankfurt.html The Schiller Institute is a very prestigious establishment in Germany, The article is in ENGLISH. You’ll learn where ‘political correctness’ and all that comes from – ComIntern, the communist international, financed by Stalin & Co. The people who founded and established it, were all of high calibre, of high academic standing.

            It’s followers and heirs. The AntiFa type movements, including those on the US campuses, have the roots in the anti-Vietnam war demos. Particularly so in Europe, and primarily in Berlin/Paris. Very quickly an anarchistic hard core formed. One of its off-shoots was the Bader-Meinhof Bande (Gang), which called itself tellingly RAF, Rote Armee Faction, Red Army Faction; in case translation was needed. Note, they were heavily connected with the PLO and Lybia. Late 1960s to early 70’s onward…

            However, more important was, and is, the spiritual hardcore, all of them Maoists or Marxists at the very least. The didn’t get anywhere, though the RAF/BMB pulled off some spectacular kidnappings and murders. But the public uprising against ‘the establishment’ did not materialize, rather the opposite. Then, on one of their main figures, Rudi Dutschke, an assassination attempt was made in Berlin in 1968, but he survived till ’79, when he succumbed to related injuries. See: http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/the-attack-on-rudi-dutschke-a-revolutionary-who-shaped-a-generation-a-546913.html

            He was ‘out’ for a while and leadership fell to Daniel Cohn-Bendit, have your pick about him at https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Daniel+Cohn-Bendit&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=c7b-VvyIEYrfUdHEtrAG

            Note here, they were great admirers of Mao, his ‘long march through China’ and his little ‘red book’, the ‘cultural revolution’ and all that. Don’t ask how they wanted to implement that in Europe. They were dreamers, but isolated and frightened dreamers. But determined and resourceful, very resourceful.

            They realized they couldn’t win and the hoped for revolution was a no-no. They cooked up a plan, and announced it! They planed a ‘long march through the institutions’, to infiltrate and undermine everything and anything. Not with arms, hopeless, but with the utmost guile. The replaced Mao’s ‘little red book’ with – yes! The philosophies from the Frankfurt School. Note, I did not place philosophies within any marks, because a lot of them were actual philosophers.

            Take a good look at Daniel Cohn-Bendit, look at the others, do a bit of research. They went into the institutions, into the parties, etc. Draw tress of contacts they made, and you will understand how and when all that rubbish (political correctness is one of their ideas) came to pass; who introduced it, bit by bit or in chunks, at every opportunity. Relentlessly, always couched in soft and good sounding phrases, they understand psychology. Everything the Frankfurt School advocated for the weakening, undermining and eventual destruction of society. Demolishing the family, blurring sexes, speech control (!), etc. etc. Everything you find flabbergasting and revolting, destructive, you will in the textbook formed by: The Frankfurt School. Brother, they went into ‘the institutions’ with a verve! Of course, never losing touch with their commie friends, not even with the Cubans…

            So, how to get the revolution and the chaos, and then the next revolution and the New Order? Difficult if the public, by now softened up and stupefied, still doesn’t want it.

            Very simple, import the revolutionaries! Requirement: They have to hate the society, and the establishment that “you” want to overthrow. They have to hate the laws, customs and everything dear to your target society. The revolutionaries to be imported must have an aversion to assimilation, and their socio-economic standing must be near hopeless. For most of them, ideally a large number of illiterates, and ideally single; families not welcomed, they could put down roots. Who has such people, plus money to support/finance – and to keep them separate? Who? The Hamish, the Hindus, Jehovah’s witnesses, the Mormons, who? Of course you know who.

            Just make sure you have infiltrated the institutions, well, they and thwir followers, as well as new recruits/converts, had over 40 years for that. And their alien helpers, they too have infested the institutions. And with money, a lot of money.

            Now, all you have to do is to shut up, and wait. Speak out for your poor helpers, blow sugar into their butts. Encourage demand upon demand. And since you are inside the institutes, you help them getting what they demand. And shield them.

            Your helpers? Bunch of dumbos. They actually believe in an Islamic revolution, sharia, and that they can take over, having financial support, wielding the sword of debt.

            Bloody Morons! Once the helter-skelter is over, their holdings will be nationalized, those 3rd world peasants, your revolutionary guards that is, will be re-educated – or resettled in the Tundra, they’ll learn. Ask good teachers, like Mao and Stalin. Oil? Well, the revolutionaries just have to be humane, and liberate the oil, sorry, I meant of course the ‘oppressed masses’.

            Check all that, dots to connect? More like connecting searchlights. They have announced precisely what and how. Except that Muslims will be their footmen, in all likelihood these are an opportunity that arose. However, their connections with the Ms go back to the late 60’s and early 70’s. Right to Ghadaffi and Arafat, you really think they failed to extend and expand their connections? Take a good look at those people.

        • I just read the article “The Future of Terrorism.”

          What occurred to me is that the objectives of the timetable have been met or exceeded through the explicit actions of US Presidents Bush and Obama, and other major Western leaders.

          Bush indeed flew off the handle and attacked not only Afghanistan, which had in fact hosted al-qaeda, but invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam Hussein, who had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack.

          Obama headed US policy during the Arab Spring period, encouraging the replacement of allied regimes in favor of sharia-supporting supposed “democracies”. Obama (his government) also initiated the turmoil in Syria and directly participated in the deposition and murder of Muhamar Qadafi, the Libyan strongman who was by that time completely compliant with US interests.

          The selling out of the West is so explicit and so pervasive that it leaves one wondering whether there is something inherently self-destructive in sophisticated representative forms of government, or if there is a huge, successful effort on the part of people with billions or hundreds of billions of dollars to systematically encourage the success of sociopath leaders, who then are susceptible to bribery.

          • RonaldB siad; “…..The selling out of the West is so explicit and so pervasive …… who then are susceptible to bribery.”

            You are so right. It’s worse than you think. I’ll post tomorrow, hopefully, about this. I told that to ‘Alec MacColl. Still…’s reply further down, under or on this thread. It’s a lot and it’s getting late.


          • To RonaldB:

            I posted the bit about the money, OPEC/gulf money. Take a tranquilizer before reading. It’s posted as reply to ‘Alec MacColl. Still…’ since he wanted to know more about the money. Though I gather you’re interested in this as well.

            I had to break into 4 parts, their firewall would not accept such a long piece.


  3. A sensational article, Baron. I’m so glad you got this translated. Festerling is worth her weight in gold.

    As for Soros, he insists that Merkel takes in a million Muslims p.a., which is the last nail in the coffin of Germany, and Europe. I can’t help myself but Merkel must be owing a lot to Soros, her career from Stasi operative to German chancellor is not accidental. I do see similarities to Obama’s illustrious career.

  4. There has to be a mass attempt to stop merkel, and the traitor accompolises, who are now clearly leading europeans to there annilation, rape, enslavement,
    Like in romania, in 1989, the people have to act NOW!!!

    Time has run out, its long past time to round up and reign in merkel, and soros the grandpa cult krank racist loony!

    Gerald knaus? We need to find him asap as well, i bet all of them have armed guards, sleep in fortified surroundings, helicopters at the ready to fly them to safety if it kicks off, yes, they know the danger they are in.

    We need heroes now, brave selfless heroes to strike, to strike at our tormenters, these evil traitors who have planned this genocide against our lovely europe and our beautiful european peoples and culture.

    I advise everybody to get armed, and to get involved, by going out on the streets and supporting all anti eu, anti islam, anti soros anti merkel protests.

    Start to shun, and shout down left wing people, liberals, and socialist types, start to shout them out in public.

    This war now.

    The prince

    • we must be careful to not call for blood, but in fairness, i have to say that the leftist fools have brought this on themselves, and the blood that will be shed is on *their* hands.

      with luck, the assistance of God, and the brave leadership of people like viktor orban and tatjana festerling, europe may yet survive.

      • b.a. freeman said: “…Europe may yet survive.”

        Political expression/axiom.wisdom: ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’

  5. Open border, mass immigration into Europe is not the answer to overpopulation and failed states in the Islamic and developing world. It simply recreates the problem in a new location. Where will the Europeans migrate to when their world collapses in a few decades? Someone needs to be planning for that inevitable eventuality.

  6. “You simple-minded, egoistic humanity-dimwits…”

    Problem is, they are none of that (except for egoistic).

    This is a plan, Cloward-Pivin style to erase Western civilization, using Islam as the cannon fodder, mine-clearing troops to do so.

    After that, to use the U.N. (under SecGen Obama, of course) to push hard for the NWO via Agenda 21.

    That’s the end game.

    Europe is toast, emasculated, NATO useless. Briton’s island status has been rendered irrelevant by decades of treason by politicians importing savages.

    America stands alone in the world.

    Trump gets this, and he alone is willing to do what is nesessary to keep this madness from our shores.

    • Trump “gets” nothing; he’s an opportunistic fraud, riding an implicit White Nationalist wave. And, absent a flat-out Race War, ‘Murka will be White-minority by the late 2020’s

  7. Hi Chaps,

    There’s a lot more than you or Ms./Mrs. Festerling think. Actually where the real money is concerned, Soros is just minor player, I know that’s hard to believe. So are the ‘Bilderbergs’, simply because they don’t have the money – no, I haven’t worn out my sanity chip! Trust me, they are paupers.

    I am currently writing on a number of matters relating to Islam and its assault on the West. Some of you seem to be impressed with my expose on Merkel, that too is minor matter…

    If you are interested, I’ll post this, it’s titled: “money, money, money”. ‘Deals with gulf money/Petro dollars. How does $6,000.00 PER SECOND strike you? Oh, that’s just a left over available for jihad-export. If that makes you swallow, never mind, you ain’t seen nothing yet. BTW: There are 3,600 seconds in an hour… Too complicated? That’s a bit more than half of *one thousand million dollars per day*, left over money for jihad – you have no idea of what we are up against.

    If you are interested, I’ll post, It’s an excerpt of what I am writing, runs to about 6-7 pages A4. Still needs proof reading. Formatting details will be lost, but I think you’re intelligent enough to get by without. If it’s too long for a single post, I’ll split it into numbered parts within this thread. Let me know if you are interested. If so, you will get an inkling of what is really going on, or rather: HOW & WHY.

    Kind regards and happy Easter

    PS: Alec MacColl said: “…Western democracies seem to have a lot of chief executives gone amok lately.”

    Isn’t just lately, believe me, the money plays for a lot longer than ‘lately’.

    • I have no doubt it is worse than I think. I do strive to be mild, as an improvement upon no action at all.

      When researching news I sometimes think I know how an archeologist might feel if he had found and had to examine a large and too well preserved community latrine.

      I do look forward to more of your posts.

  8. To DVD, that reference to the unhappy archeologist is in no way intended to be insulting. It is awkward. But when I do dig into why things happen, unwanted things do turn up. Oh well.

    • Sorry, I wont be able to post today, will do tomorrow, hopefully. I replied in reference to the German army and civil war to RonalB, a bit further up. Which took some time.

      I’ll post about the money on this thread tomorrow. It is rather lengthy.


    • To: Alec MacColl. Still… & RonaldB:

      Here it is, sorry for formatting loss. Foreword and structure omitted———too long, thus part 1———-

      Follow the money – or the oil, if you think there’s a difference. Since the oil embargo in the mid seventies until 2010, the OPEC countries received between 25 and 30 trillion dollars, in cash. Most of it went into the Arabian peninsula. If you don’t comprehend that number, a trillion has twelve zeros. It looks like this: 25-30,000,000,000,000.00 in other words, those countries have received since the mid seventies on average a daily amount of 2.1 billion dollars. To translate that, $2,100,000,000.per day on average, or about $24,305.00 per second, quite a bit, is it not?…. Right! You did it, 30 trillion trails a total of 13 zeros, before the decimal point of course, well done.

      That ought to set the scene, and further, at around 2008 and 2009 most of the Western countries were either bankrupt or close to it. Britain’s foreign debt was such that it was reported (I believe by the BBC in ‘Panorama’) that if one were to use freshly printed bundles of £20.00 notes, than the resultant column would reach from London to Mars. Or was that £50.00 notes? Who cares? The then Prime Minister went to Saudi Arabia, landed the largest arms deal in British history, plus other deals and ‘arrangements’. Result, “our” banks were afloat again, and business continued. The public was told that the banks, and other businesses, were rescued with public money. Hopefully the resultant question is not naïve; How did the taxpayers save those banks, and other companies, whilst the coffers were practically empty? By way of miracle? Other leaders pulled the same stunt, not just in Saudi, but other Gulf states. Note here: ‘Coffers’ refers to the treasuries and thus Inland Revenue services – that’s right, the taxpayers bank account! So again, how did ‘we’ save those banks, investment funds and companies, when the contents of our coffers had been recklessly squandered?

      In between, or later, have a look at his: http://www.nationaldebtclocks.org/

      Does anyone seriously believe that came without conditions? May be Peter Pan does. The public however is constantly assured that there’s nothing to worry about, the Muslims have no interest in Europe, they only seek a better life (who doesn’t?), and are sad that we fail to integrate them. As told by the Grimm brothers. Well, had to be the Grimm’s. Consider this logical: If ours is a multi-culti society, than we cannot and will not integrate or assimilate anyone or anybody. It is an ill-logical contradiction to be multi-cultural and simultaneously wanting to assimilate members of another culture. Utterly impossible. We are either multicultural, than we cannot and will not assimilate others – instead we will live at best separately, but on the same land? Or at worst we will have to live in permanent warfare with each other.

      Back to the money.

      Money, money, money.

      More than $100 billion has been spent by Saudi Arabia alone on exporting Sunni Islam, over the past three decades. Though, it might well be more. Consider that $100 billion reads as: $100,000,000,000.00; count the zeros. Yes, one hundred thousand million dollars. To compare, the Soviets spent about $7 billion on spreading communism, from 1921 to 1991, that is $3.15 per second. Conversely, one hundred billion in thirty years equals $106.00 per second, there are 3,600 seconds in an hour – lean back and think. Don’t doubt their determination. In September 2015, Saudi Arabia vowed to build another 200 mosques in Germany alone (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 08 Sept. 2015), and more in other European nations. Plus maintenance and staff. But In truth, that’s nothing, not even the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Incidentally, the Quran states clearly that one of the forms of Jihad (warfare upon non-Muslims) is with one’s goods, one’s wealth.

      What has been said above is actually peanuts. Let us assume that the Arabian peninsular countries got ‘only’ 75% or three quarters of the OPEC money, although they are the biggest producers. Assume further that they spend 1/3 on the well being of their very small populations, the usual budget outlay, military, police, madrassas, a free burqa for Ms. Islam, and most importantly: Investments. They ‘support’ the west by buying vast amounts of government bonds, for which they receive interest from the western nations, taxpayer that is. Neat, no? They get the money to buy whatever, plus western debts and the westerners pay also the interest for the debt thus carried. And then, all the west has to do is to buy back those bonds, upon maturity, after about 20-30 years or so. Which the west can easily do with all the money it has… given to them? Must be profits, western nations are productive, thus profits. But how do you make a net profit when, apart from all other outgoings, you have to spend a chunk of your money on importing oil/gas, and servicing an ever increasing debt, hmh? And if it’s profits, then why has the living standard for most people in the west been falling, falling, falling? In real terms. Whilst theirs is rising, rising, rising. Oh dear, that’s so complicated. But it’s not all bad news, they also invested in western industries, far and wide, they are so good to us. Like many others, they have those entities called ‘sovereign national wealth funds’, or similar names. Well, they have to put all that cash somewhere, apart from hidden accounts and hidden investments. Such as banks and other financial companies owned by frontmen in various countries, Switzerland, Luxembourg, etc. And how do you get at these? Let us have a look at these funds, and bear in mind these show only the visible figures, the tip of the iceberg. You can do that yourself, google-up! Qatari, Oman etc. wealth funds, they all have similar names. Ignore the investments, just look at the cash. Yes indeed, you are so right. They could easily raise the living standards of a nation like Bulgaria, for instance, to that of, say, the Austrians. Petty cash, nothing serious. Well that covers a third. But, those hard working kings and princes need to live somewhere, they also need yachts, aeroplanes, plenty of gold inside, hotels and estates abroad, bit of money in the piggy, sorry, camel bank. Did we miss something? Yes, palaces. Lots of these, very modern with all those things one needs, and lots of gold inside – they love gold. And they have to represent, err… No, not ostentatious living, but, err… The glory of Allah! Yeah, that’s it, the glory of Allah, and Muslim achievements; yes, that they have to show off. Right, let’s set another third aside for ostentatious activity. Thus two thirds are accounted for. Helping the poor Muslim countries? Give ’em a few pennies and then – Allah will provide. Besides, whilst all of them are impoverished tyrannies, they are nevertheless beautiful, progressive Islamic Nations, you know. Well, they have to be, otherwise the Muslims felt offended, as always when you tell them the truth.

      Intermittent view: What have we got so far? From 1975 to 2010 they have received more cash for oil and gas than the entire foreign debt of the US and the EU combined, as per 2015: Several times over. Combined, their gold reserves are thought by some analysts to be higher than those of the US and Germany combined. However, verified actual or real numbers are not available, for the gulf states. Read that again. In addition they have received interest upon vast fortunes of western government bonds (remember, that interest on these is paid by the western taxpayer, that’s you. Just in case you get confused), plus dividends from their investments. Stop shaking, you are spelling the Whiskey, Schnaps, Brandy or whatever it is you need to calm down. Just relax, it’ll get a lot more worse when we assess the current situation. What does this enable them to do, in early 2016? Simple, they overproduce, drive the oil price down and thus teach Putin a lesson, poor Putin, he needs an oil price of about $100.00bbl to pursue his dreams. The US, shale oil? Not at those prices Kids. Pack in – or face chapter 11! Understood?

      ————- part 2 below ———–

    • part 2 ——too long, part 3 follows ——–

      Let me put it this way, in early 2016 there was jubilant talk about Saudi Arabia going bankrupt because of a fall in oil prices. The source apparently failed to notice that the oil price went down because the Saudis were over producing. Lets go back to the 80’s: The estimates for SA’s reserves were between 150 and 250 years. SA stated that they want to sell their oil in the distant future too, hence the prices must be kept low in order to prevent alternative energy or uses. In the meantime the spot price for Brent, a north sea marker crude, went from about $30bbl to about $60bbl. SA’s reaction: They opened the tab. What happened then? Soon land storage was full up, so, tankers were used as floating storage. These were VLCC and ULCC; meaning: Very Large Crude Carrier, ~1 -1.5 million tonne; Ultra Large Crude Carrier, ~1.5-2 million tonne… There was no storage space left on land, storing crude was dearer than transporting it! So much for the idea of SA going bankrupt. When they want the prices down to a level suitable for them, they bring them DOWN! SA and similar are profitable at $12.00bbl! The source for the rumor of SA going bankrupt? The IMF, I do not know what went on in Christine Lagarde’s head, perhaps she was cheesed off that the SA supported the Chinese inspired Asian Bank. Whatever it was, the notion of SA going bankrupt is somewhere between a wild fantasy and an outright idiocy.

      Now, back to the real money, and we have covered so far two thirds of the OPEC gulf countries, yes, those Islam promoters.

      That leaves the final third for Islam itself, a fighting fund if you so wish. To be used among the infidels, establish cultural groups, centres, multiculti communal things/entities, and all that. Whoops, nearly forgot, how about donations and scholar ships? Very useful, particularly when you threaten to cut these; believe it or not, this influences scholars. Buying shares in Newspapers, for instance, is also very useful, among other investments. And let us not forget to take out subscriptions in newspapers, say somewhere between 100,000 and 300,000 subscriptions, or more. Not that they read all these or use them as loo paper, it’s just in case one has to advice the publisher that, in sha Allah, those subscriptions may have to be cancelled – unless some undue criticism ends. And is replaced instead with….. What do you think? Yes, that helps to promote a friendly press, thus friendly politicians, thus to promote Islam; and to clobber those Nazis, Islamophobes, Haters, Bigots, Fascists – come on, fill in the blanks.

      Right, so where does that leave us, would that remaining, the final one third, would that be depleted after ‘all’ those outlays of the two thirds in the paragraphs above? Think, and internet readers, don’t quote the Quran nor examples of how evil Mohammed was, and don’t splatter useless phrases like ‘Islamofacism’ about. Think about the remaining third that’s left, if that would cover the expenditure above. And remember, we are talking about the period from 1975 to 2010. Well, time is up, I hope your calculators didn’t melt.

      The expenditure above would barely register. To help you, a recap, $25-30 trillion, average $27.5 trillion, that comes to $2.1 billion per day, times 75%, and one third of that equals, yep, $6,076.00 – per second. Please remember, 3,600 seconds per hour, 24 hours per day, et cetera est. Fun isn’t it? What difficulties in visualization and relating do you have? OK, I’ll help. Let’s assume you earn a modest $/€100,000 per year, not exactly modest, but… Now divide your annual income of $100,000 by $6,076, and yes! It’ll take the gulf states a whopping 16.5 seconds to earn as much as you do in a year, assumed you earn $100,000 per year. Oh, and just to remind you: That was for the remaining jihadi third! They receive three times as much, don’t forget the other two thirds. Indeed, to get $100,000 out of the full three thirds requires them to wait for a whopping 5.5 seconds, then they have ‘earned’, that is paid by us, $100,000.00, equal to what you earn in a year – in 5.5 seconds! I hope you begin to comprehend; now put your Quran and those Hadiths away. And remember, that was oil income only, not interest on government bonds nor dividends from shares. Nor from the “sovereign wealth funds”; No, it refers to net oil income. Incidentally, the incomes from ‘sovereign wealth funds’ now match a hefty percentages of the oil income.

      Question, what does jihading cost? Who pays for the boats, dingies, and buses? Smart phones and prepaid debit cards, magically topped up for the first few months after their arrival. Let’s see, three million refugees in 2½ years, at about $/€ 4,000 per person, that’s 12,000 million Euros or Dollars; that’s correct, 12 thousand million. Strange, only a few hours by bus to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc. And these refugees pay, or somebody else does, about €/$ 4,000 on average to cross the Mediterranean. Where many drown. Well, mostly Christian do the drowning, being thrown overboard by the Muslim “refugees”. So, what do you think about $12,000,000,000.00? Look at the number and try to comprehend it. OK, let’s see again, we keep on staying with the remaining third: ($12Giga / $6,076per sec) equals 33 minutes. So that’s how long the gulf states have to wait to be able to pay for the “refugee transfer” of three million Muhajiroun into Europe, 33 minutes; in terms of 1975-2010 money, 33 minutes and its paid for. What do you think how that compares with the Wehrmacht’s invasion cost for Russia, Operation Barbarossa? Or with the Allied D-Day landings, Operation Overlord. Don’t bother, I don’t know the numbers and I can’t be bothered. But be sure, in today’s money, it was a lot more than 12 billion dollars, for either one. And it took the Germans and the Allies a lot more than 33 minutes waiting to get the cash to cover their respective invasion costs. Remember, we are talking only about oil money, Petrodollars, not return on investments, open or hidden ones.

      How would that look like from Eisenhower’s point of view? Three million invading troops, between 3,000 thousand and 5,000 drowned. To keep things easy we will ignore that many of those were murdered Christians, thus they will be counted as invading Muhajiroun, that is to say under cover Mujahdeen, also known as “refugees”. Say 5,000 drowned, so 5k/3Mega = 0.167% – what a loss for an invading army. Again, 0.167%, could somebody comfort Eisenhower’s spirit please? That uncontrolled sobbing from his grave…

      Is it considerable, conceivable? Think about it, as an example: Imagine somebody would have put to Eisenhower the following invasion proposal, “We send a few women and babies along, the troops will be unarmed, easy travel. Total losses will be <0.2%, and not by enemy fire, but by drowning. The axis powers will welcome them, house and feed them, whilst our troops will make demands. Their culture must be respected, and our laws must be installed. The axis powers, and even the French, Spaniards and Scandinavians will concede to all our demands. Not only that, all those powers will actually pay us $23,306.00 per second on average, and that includes our fellow Americans and the Canadians. After all, they are very stupid. Sir, what do you think of this plan?”

      Eisenhower smiles friendly and replies: “That is a wonderful idea! Now you just wait, I have some guys coming who'll bring a nice white jacket for you, with very long sleeves. And they will look after you.”

    • part 3——too long, there will be a part 4———

      Talk about generals, Prof. Paul Kennedy quoted in his book ‘The rise and fall of the great powers’ a Venetian general who was asked what it takes to win. The general’s answer was: “First of all you need money, then more money, then a lot more money. Then victory is nearly assured.” Let us muse about the following hypothetical question put to this general: “What would be the situation if the enemy were to give you all that money you need in advance, plus extra money for you and your officers, to live in the utmost luxury?” A wild guess about his reply: “Sir, if you are an imbecile I pardon you. If not, tomorrow at sunrise, bring your secondant, and I hope you are good at 20 paces – or with a rapier!”

      Well, back to the money, and returning with a question: What do our politicians think? Again and again people ask that question. Or better still, should our politicians not be made aware of that? This one is actually priceless, it really shows how naïve our people have become.

      Do you really believe ‘they’ don’t know? ‘They’ are trying to keep a lid on it, why do you think you are being force fed with in formation that is (often) blatantly false. Or simply, no information at all. Why? The mass sexual assaults all over Europe, and especially in Cologne, on News Years Eve 2015/16 were for several days not even reported – until it could be no longer suppressed. And that the Cathedral itself was under constant rocket attack was barely mentioned. After all, a Cathedral is offensive to Muslims, fortunately not to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Atheists, and others. However, the police dealt severely and sternly with the demonstrators, who protested afterwards against those attacks, molestations and rapes. These protestors were identified and derided as ‘Racists, Nazis, right-wingers, bigots, ultra right, Islamophobes, haters, et cetera est!’ The police was out in force to ‘protect’ the public from those German protestors. Oddly enough, the police did not protect the protestors nor the public from “counter demonstrators”; Of course not. These were ‘AntiFa’, meaning Anti Fascist. Translate: socialists and anarchists; and strangely enough, they always act in support of – guess who: Angela Merkel. In the aftermath of the Cologne assaults upon the public and the Dome, over 500 women launched complaints, ranging from theft and assault, to sexual assault and rape. The mayor of cologne essentially blamed the women, and advised them to keep the Arabs, the actual perpetrators, at arms length. She failed to explain how a woman should keep 10 or 20 Arabs at arms length. With as many Arabs again separating them from their men, and assaulting them. The ‘free’ press? Proclaimed that the attackers, thieves and rapists, were not Arabs, nor Muslims, not even “refugees”, except a few of them. Then later still, it’s men in general who were to blame. So, it was the locals who did it… But what was approved of by the ‘authorities’ and reported by the press most cheer- and joyfully, was a demonstration by “men in mini-skirts” in the Netherlands, how good humured, keeping ‘our’ perspective and our values. And a naked feminist with a sign post reading that women should not be raped, etc. etc., yes it’s hard to believe. That kind of demonstration is what “our” politicians approve of, and “our” free press as well. I have to admit, neither is my perspective nor my value. But then I am politically incorrect, that is I am neither left nor extremely left.

      However, stern measures were taken, that is to say leaflets were printed, telling Muslims not to rape women, not to urinate in the streets or drop their feces wherever they go. Wont they be ashamed? They’ll probably need counseling after such an affront. Whilst their Mullahs proclaimed raping, assaulting and enslaving Christian women is Islamic. Their proclamation is of course congruent with the Quran, which instructs Muslims to strike terror into disbelievers, as Mohammed said: “I have been made victorious through terror!” What a prophet. So, there is nothing to worry about. As ‘our’ politicians and ‘our’ media, who are experts on Islam, like the Poop in the Vatican, are constantly assuring us: Neither Mohammed, the Mullahs and Imams, nor the Quran, have anything to do with Islam. They only hijack a beautiful, peaceful, religion – “The Allah-u-Akbar and the kaboom? Oh, that was just a suicide bomber, ignore him.”

      Back to “our” free press. Don’t you just love it when “newspapers” constantly condemn politicians who want to serve the public, by doing what the public, their voters, want? What do the newspapers call such politicians? Populist, in a derisive manner. So now you know, when a politician wants to act according to the demands of the electors who voted for him or her, he or she is called a populist. Derisively, contemptuously.

      Conversely, have you noticed what a politician is called by the ‘free press’ when the politician simply gives a damn about the public’s, the voters, wishes? When the politician doesn’t care about democracy, about the people who voted him or her into office, with trust; have you noticed? You still don’t know? Read a newspaper, they are called strong leaders, admired for having the guts to make ‘unpopular’ decisions – meaning to betray the trust of the electors. That’s a strong leader. Isn’t that wonderful? The Western World has nothing but strong leaders. And everybody who disagrees or opposes them is a Nazi, Communist, Racist, Xenophobe, Bigot, Islamophobe, Hater, blabber, blabber, and more blabber. Oh yes, of course, all who think differently are politically incorrect. The Nazis and the Bolshevists would have admired that one.

      Politicians: Ranging from the Good, to the Bad and the Ugly.

      The Ugly, but, they can be your politicians too. Lets see what it takes, the monies as above, particularly when politicians squander public wealth, spending money as if it runs out of fashion. Incidentally, for money to be out of fashion is desirable, and frequently promoted by the ‘free press’. Think about it, without being able to resort to cash, instead with everything under electronic control, you will have as much freedom as a medieval Serf. It will give “our” politicians complete control over our financial processes, except those of the banks and major corporations – thus, better government. Government? By and for whom? Just trust your politicians, they know what “we” want, and what “we” really need. Mother knows best. Who said Mutti Merkel? Seriously, these are people with the necessary experience in governing, as the ‘free press’ keeps on assuring you. Well, in most cases. If we ought to vote only for those with ‘experience’, why bother voting? Just tick the box stating who’s longest in power and re-elect.

      ——– part 4 below ———–

    • Final part – at last ————–

      That gets us back to the money, and by now, do you begin to understand ‘our’ politicians? They have so many problems, and then being pestered by such events as those above, and bombings, and shootings, all those unpleasant, unprofessional distractions – which have nothing to do with Islam. They are professionals, they really have no time for such matters, how can they as professionals do their job, when distracted with such petty annoyances? If something goes wrong, they will definitely appoint a highly paid committee, and some tough questions will be asked. We will also be assured that now we are at war with – somebody; and then hold candles and hug each other in solidarity. What more could we ask for? Remember, these are ‘our’ politicians, from Washington to Berlin to Moscow. They belong to you… If you can provide grants, direct and indirect donations, ‘advisory’ and other jobs; bargain basement houses, that means homes for the very well heeled, way below market prices of course. Heavily discounted second hand luxury cars, only very, very few miles on the clock. Jobs as board members and advisers, only a couple of hours per year. And last but not least, fact finding and promotional missions, with the corresponding accommodation of course. Family members included, naturally. In short, a life style way above their incomes and already stately allowances. Plus an extremely cushy number upon retirement, company cars; pension plans, and after dinner speeches, where they pass on their wisdom. If you can provide any that, they’ll be your politicians too. Mustn’t complain, mustn’t we? Living on a few hundred thousand per year, plus perks – very hard. Poor voters, if they only had lobbyists… Then the politicians would serve them too. May be.

      Hopefully you were able to connect some dots, there are a lot more… Be that as it may, think about all that money above, and you will understand why we must be culturally enriched with diversity. Diversity, as you know from the speeches and ‘our’ free press, diversity is a good thing. Because diversity means division, and a house divided – oh dear. Oh dear.

      How did ‘our’ politicians, now referring to the Good, fell for that, apart from debt relieve for reckless spending? They fell for a good sales spiel, this particular one is also called ‘Taqyia’, we’ll learn later more about that, but for now, here’s the spiel: “Dear good politician, welcome in our palace, to our country. We are aware that you have many problems, and so do we. We are not so far apart culturally. {Insert nice quotes from the Quran – abrogated ones of course, though they don’t know that; you’ll learn about these too}. So, here’s the idea: we send people to you as a cheap labor force and students, they learn democracy, and they will then help to introduce democracy into our countries. Slowly of course, we can’t rush that as you are surely aware; after all, I am a king. And we look after those workers and students, and ‘some refugees’ should that be necessary, we build the mosques and all that, no outlay for you. We will also finance the required institutions and organizations to help the resultant multicultural development; from which we will mutually benefit. And additionally we will help you financially, that goes without saying. We only ask that you stop that ‘one sided’ support for Israel – plus a few other things. We talk about these later.”

      See our Good politician drool, drool, drool?

      Of course, he needs that to be verified, honest as he is; he wants to be sure. So, his advisers draw up the required info sheets, with the assistance of their advisers, and the result is – that we are up to our nostrils in the brown stuff! The info sheets, can’t be too long, they are for professionals, they don’t have much time, if any. So, very, very brief in the most polite, civil servant language. Problem is, none of these guys producing the info sheets and briefings, and they have to be really brief, none of them has read the Quran. And definitely not in chronological order, besides, it’s just another religion. And we are dealing with men of the world, Kings, Emirs and Princes, many of whom studied in Oxford and Harvard. They are as enlightened as we are. Hadith? Is that like CussCuss? History of Mohammed, of Islam. “Please, it’s roughly the same as that ‘Bible stuff’. Ah, OK then.”

      And thus we are torpedoed, Shanghaied and hooked. Because deals were made, agreements signed, letters of intent exchanged. Who said ‘Jihad’? “Is that another meal with rice, can’t they serve us something with potatoes instead? By the way, that new American singer, Super-XYZ, rather good, isn’t he? Now back to Europe and the US, we have tunnels to open, announcements to make, working lunches to attend, and all that.” So they boarded their planes. Actually our planes, but never mind.

      These were ‘our’ Good politicians, the Bad are in between. The golden mean so to speak – good God. Gold has been mentioned, now how to calm them down? Difficult.

      So, is that it in a nutshell? Unfortunately, no, there’s more. Yes, that means worse is to come.


      Continue with: Trigger moments and start points for upcoming brushfire wars, escalation into civil wars. Change of EU – or collapse of EU and its replacement. US wars and issues therein. The future political structures. Gov’s attempting to keep control, and losing it.

      Lead in with:

      Marcus Tullius Cicero, to the Senate of Rome:

      “There exists a law, not written down anywhere, but inborn in our hearts; a law which comes to us not by training or custom, nor by reading but by derivation, by absorption and adoption from nature itself; a law which has come to us not from theory but from practice, not by institution but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays it down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.”

      What Cicero told the Senate so eloquently and politely was this: If you fail to defend the people, the people will have to defend themselves, by whatever means.

      • Hello, DFD.

        You have a very interesting series of posts, giving an explanation for the very strange, but very persistent blindness of our leading citizens and politicians to the dangers of Islam and immigration/migration.

        You mention the power of money and the oceans of money available to the Saudi princes and other oil-wealthy Muslims. As long as they’re Muslim, they have to use their wealth, power, and skills to advance Islam, even if they themselves enjoy sex-holidays in England.

        Let me mention one danger you kind of passed over. The Saudis hold trillions of dollars in US Treasuries. The money can and will be used for direct bribes. But, there is another danger. US treasuries are the basis for massive investment, including retirement plans, in the US. Treasuries are used to finance the massive deficit spending of the US, including social security, medicare, medicaid, and all the assorted hand-outs it would take too long to mention.

        If the Saudis simply put a few trillion dollars in US treasuries on the market, it would have massive dislocations. It would bring the price of US treasuries down. This would affect almost all retired people, who tend to put their savings in “safe” US treasuries. It would also either bankrupt the US government, or send us into hyperinflation. The US would no longer be able to finance its deficits through selling bonds, and would have to print money outright.

        The resulting belt-tightening would almost certainly cause rioting in the streets, as minorities who feel “entitled” to government support will express their anger at having their welfare cut.

        This is a potent threat to hang over any politician’s head, and makes the alternative of simply taking bribes and going with the program a lot more attractive. For sure, almost all politicians holding office when the treasuries drop in value will be voted out.

        The paradox is,we are no longer dependent on Saudi oil. Offshore drilling is very expensive, but fracking is not Fracking has vastly increased the amount of oil produced on the American continent, and we could very well do without Saudi Arabia, at the cost of higher oil and gas prices. Again, this would cause anger and possibly rioting by the “entitled” people. I remind you the Obama administration has vetoed the keystone pipeline, designed for easy and cheap transportation of oil produced in North American.

        Let me say that I feel confident that a competent government could get us out of the mess. It would be with some pain. You always have to pay the piper, and the massive deficits will for sure affect our living standard. But, if a government pursues rational policies,which should be an entire thread in itself, it can save the future.

  9. Anyone with more than one brain cell (which I guess excludes Mutti Merkel and her acolytes, chiefly being Hollande, Tusk, Juncker, Cameron and Sutherland) should have worked out than any so called early “visa” deal with Turkey will result in life being made even more uncomfortable for Turkish Kurds, driving them to exodus to the EU too. This madness is compounded by the fact that the EU will be funding the Turkish Islamist Government to the tune of BILLIONS of Euros to enable them to do so!

  10. Honestly I am amazed that Merkel is not only still the Chancellor, but even still alive.

  11. And hello DFD;

    I have taken notes. Thank you. You well and emphatically outline the money.

    Let me recommend a book you may or may not have already read. It is EURABIA: THE EURO ARAB AXIS. Bat Ye’or. Not current but very current. Names,dates and places of deals made. The details are often tedius. Power brokers may sometimes hide their dirty deals in plain sight by the means of tedium.

    As RonaldB says, most of the rational means to counteract this will disturb a lot of comfort levels.

    Our real enemy is our devotion to our comfort levels.

    • Hello Alec,

      If you found that interesting, you may want to read, scrolling further up, about the upcoming civil war(s) in Germany, and of course other places. Or go to/simply click: https://gatesofvienna.net/2016/03/tatjana-festerling-on-the-soros-brokered-migration-deal-between-europe-and-turkey/#comment-443461 gets you the same.

      It’s a conversation with Ronald, again lengthy over several posts, i.e., questions and replies. But I think you’ll enjoy it. It will ultimately form part of my writing.

      There is a very interesting link in there about: ‘The Future of Terrorism: “What al-Qaida Really Wants – By Yassin Musharbash’, stunning stuff.

      Further, words fail me to comment upon your statement: “Our real enemy is our devotion to our comfort levels” My, God, it is devastatingly true. I found that again and again. The Baron could actually write a whole article on that. I may incorporate, and expand, on that in my writing.

      • I have been away from this thread a few days. And I have been considering essays of my own to write. Sadly, the more history I recall, the more impossible it seems to me to be to tell anyone of it.

        So as ever I strive for mild and brief, and have the ambition to make mild and brief very like a hammer.

        Comfort and interest group politics might be a compound interest problem of a sort. Please feel free to use the hammer of logic.

        Where outside the Gates of Vienna might one effectively apply such hammers?

        We will find places.

        No shortage of questions here.

        • This thread has run from 26 Mar to 2 Apr so far. Where else in the public sphere does a train of thought extend beyond five minutes?

          I would like to figure out how to access the less than five minute spaces where most westerners seem to be accessible, because most westerners are the probable victims of our modern culture and most people are our best means to fix it.

          Meantime, our SMARTER people are too distracted by their ideologies to have any minutes available.

          Incorporate or expand on anything that you like.

        • Hello Alec,

          Thank you for your reply. Indeed, shortness, briefness is extremely useful. But how can you reduce complex issues into 5 minutes or less? What I wrote on the upcoming civil war(s) was actually short. I know, I know….

          Consider, the Nazi propaganda guys were very good at reducing things to phrases, one liners and posters. Problem with this approach was and is, that it reduces the issue to disinformation.

          I’d like to ask though, what essay are planing on? Any sneak preview? I am always willing to learn.

        • Alec MacColl, Still said: “…So as ever I strive for mild and brief, and have the ambition to make mild and brief very like a hammer…”

          A: Mild & Brief = mostly emotions, see links….

          “…Where outside the Gates of Vienna might one effectively apply such hammers? … We will find places.”

          A: Everywhere, Copy the videos, put on disks. Or copy the links, Whichever, then distribute. Of course, think about whom. Letter drops are good, get 50 envelops put disks in there, drop into letter boxes. Get 500 envelops, links into there, distribute into letterboxes. Though, that’s 2-3 hours per week, but it IS ACTIVE COUNTER-JIHAD!

          Links: These videos are short, 2.5 to 3 minutes. They are to grab, juxtapose, and to provide some info….

          Title: EUROPE vs ISLAM Decide NOW before it is too late! ( 2:30 )

          Title: Europe United Against Islam. ( 3;30 )

          ( SOUND AFTER ~ 1:30 )

          Title: F…k Muhammad and Islam ( 3;12 )

  12. This is a historical speech. THANK YOU for posting it. Shared. I will devote my life to Jesus Christ, and will stop at nothing to defend the West.

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