The Forbidden Video

In my previous post, I reported on an unsuccessful attempt by a purported legal firm to get me to take down this post from 2015. It had to do with an Israeli psychologist who spoke at a PEGIDA rally in Germany. The post mostly just consisted of an embedded video, which has since disappeared. Vlad’s YouTube channels have all been deleted, one by one; that’s why the video is gone.

Fortunately, Vlad still had the video file, and has now restored it on Rumble. It features Heidi Mund and Dr. Rotem Avituv. Many thanks to RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

Dr. Avituv spoke in English, with interspersed translations into German, so I don’t have any transcript for the video.

My guess is that he has since encountered professional difficulties due to his association with German “neo-Nazis”, and I can sympathize with that. If he had come to me himself and explained his problem, I might well have quietly removed the post. I’ve done it two or three times in the past for people who were on our side, but were facing difficulties trying to get or keep a job, or who wanted to get into a doctoral program or something similar. As cancel culture has become more pervasive, people have belatedly discovered the totalitarian reach of political correctness, which can now easily ruin their lives if they depart from the Narrative.

As I said, I can sympathize with someone who suffers from that sort of suppression, and would have seriously considered helping him out if he had brought his problem to me.

However, when someone throws lawyers at me from the get-go, they foreclose all chance of getting an empathic response. That sort of heavy-handed coercive behavior awakens the Scot in me, and prompts me to absolute DEFIANCE.

The [epithets] should have left well enough alone.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

8 thoughts on “The Forbidden Video

  1. OK. I watched the video. The guy doesn’t look honest, he’s clearly acting. His behavior isn’t congruent. Notice those half smiles while the interpretation is going on, and the hitlerishly exaggerated tone and gestures. Quite the odd one out in PEGIDA…

    Also the content of his speech is pretty much that of a controlled opposition: it would be a strategical mistake to position a grassroots movement like PEGIDA was, as the kinetic opposition of Antifa thugs (he says in the video: “Antifa, we’re stronger”). Thereby making PEGIDA look like street fighters against Antifa that is the army of the globalists. Extremely stupid, if genuine…

    While everybody that knew PEGIDA at the time knew that they were decent middle-class folks. If I got to speak at an event like that I would never have positioned them as the opposition to Antifa, the commie thugs. This guy doesn’t seem to be a (complete) moron. So I think that there is a pretty good chance he was doing it deliberately. He wanted decent people look like Nazi Brown-shirts (against Antifa).

    Also, to position a movement by using the denial of the enemy narrative thrown at them (“we’re not Islamophobes”) would be a strategical mistake… if it was real. But it’s most probably not real and genuine. Because as a conscious speaker you don’t do TWO of such mistakes in one speech. And it’s a known controlled opp tactics to position the enemy as the negation of the names thrown at them that they get branded with. That’s information warfare tactics as well as psychological warfare tactics:

    1. Info warfare part:

    The speaker is passing the ball to the MS media that can report: “one of their speakers, Mr. Avituv from Israel DENIED that the group was Islamophobic and said that they are stronger than Antifa. While it’s not clear what he meant by “stronger”, Antifa is known to be a group of street fighters who says the stand up for social justice, inclusivity and equality of humans — against Nazis.”, the enemy media coverage would go…

    2. Psy warfare part:

    The subliminal mind cannot tell apart something from its opposite. The known “experiment” to demonstrate this: try not to think of a red elephant talking to the PEGIDA crowd, for ten seconds.

    So when the info went out to the majority German through the mass media, they would have the impression planted into their subconscious minds that: (1) PEGIDA members might have been “haters” of innocent Muslims (2) PEGIDA might be insane street fighters (3) PEGIDA might be Nazis.

    …That would be a German Normie Repellent substance…

    In summary: the effect of the speech is that the outsider majority folks get to think that PEGIDA is (was) not something to touch for a normie.

    The goal of such an operation would be: to detach PEGIDA from any possible mass social support.

    And we now know that it has been successful.

    All these together draw a pattern: that of an agent that has infiltrated PEGIDA to help take it down.

    And this method of intimidation attempt against GoV by using a fake org of “lawyers” is so three-letters… I would call it a “shadow-attack”: because in case the Baron decided to contact those lawyers the scam would have been exposed (the guys thought). SO the Baron had to jum on a shadow (of a non-existent group of lawyers). The scam would also have been exposed (the guys may have thought) if the Israeli speaker wrote an email directly to the Baron. Because it might not have been the Israeli himself who wrote that email, but other agents — who would not have been able to maintain the (fake) looks if the Baron started a discussion. So any further discussion was prevented.

    Talks like and agent, walks like an agent.

    Let’s suppose the above chain of logic is right.

    What’s happening then?

    It’s difficult to know but I have guesses: for example the guy may now be acting in another covert role that should be disguised, so that the new role does not get in conflict with the old one. So the Agency is cleaning up now for him, for some reason.

    Or it can be a method for testing the Baron’s integrity and willingness to submit to orders to take things down. Other players come to my mind who wanted him to take posts down in the past. So the email can be a psy warfare against GoV.

    Who is Mr. Avituv? He claims to be “a senior lecturer for cognitive-behavioral counseling”. That would nicely serve as a cover, and would explain his psychological warfare methods at the PEDIGA protest, explained above. If he’s real (and not an agent), he is clearly a global citizen: accepted in professional circles in Israel, Austria, Germany, Hungary. But hey, he does not speak German (at least he didn’t at the time of the PEGIDA rally.) That would severely narrow down his client base…

    But the PEGIDA demo in question was apaprently long time ago: so since then he has learned German this well: “[Avitov] Accepts in person and online from all over the world. Meetings in German, English and Hebrew.”:

    The embedded marketing video on his professional site features a deer in the headlights. Pretty much corresponding to his profile treating anxiety — so that the anxious clients recognize themselves… And it’s also the way he must feel now if this analysis is right.

    Of course I can be wrong.

    But in case he himself wrote the email that tried to intimidate the Baron, and he’s indeed the person he claims to be … well then a psychologist used his knowledge to try and intimidate someone who is allegedly on his side. That would be a very abusive tactic. Sounds terrible for his clients. And it does not add up either, because the email claims that he wants the deletion of the old post on GoV for external reasons /motive (that he is being kinda persecuted):

    “This situation prevents him from having a normal use of the Internet, because his name is exposed and associated with these events, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it becomes a painful and complicated reality for him and his family.”

    This would suggest that he didn’t change his mind about PEGIDA (internal motive) but it has just become an inconvenience for him now. In that case the fact that he is sending “lawyers” against someome (GoV) who is on his side is strange.

    The other possiibility that he has completely changed his mind about what he advocated at the PEGIDA protest on video, would signal someone who is a FRAUD. Because the main topic in question was freedom — something you cannot just change your mind about. That would make him a total fraud — exactly what he looks like in the video.

    Again, the story doesn’t add up either way.

    So he’s a fraud, for sure.

    The only question is whether this is deliberate or not. Is he someone who has no principles but acted on the part of PEGIDA as someone who had. Or he’s an agent. I would bet on the latter because of the consistency of tactics used by him at the protest, that I analyzed above. That simply cannot be a series of “mistakes” or the result of poor character.

    Or is it just a VERY confused person?

    So, what are we dealing with here?…

  2. Here you go: he’s indeed controlled opp in the video, because his speech attracted this kind of media responses:

    While it’s certain that PEGIDA would have been branded as “Nazi” anyway, speeches like this played into the hand of the enemy.

    • This mean hi is a Zionist..not fare away from German Fascist or Red Berlin Khazar International Communist from rosa luxemburg and karl liebknecht brand..

      • Zionist are not fascists or communist you liar. Zionism is the believe that the Hebrew have the right to live in THEIR land that God deeded to them in perpetuity.

        [ad hominem redacted]

          • Max, I’m afraid Theresa is right on this one. Zionist believe God gave Israel to the Jews, the communist who happen to be Jews are anything but jewish, and they are the bloody worst.

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