“The Ignorance and Mendacity of Our Politicians”

In last night’s roundup of PEGIDA news, we included a summary of a TV news story about the evening’s demonstration in Dresden. The ARD report was heavy-handed in its bias against PEGIDA, referring to the “alleged” Islamization of Europe.

Rembrandt Clancy has kindly translated and subtitled the same video:

Transcript of ARD’s Tagesschau on “Pegida” Protests and Counter-Demonstrations

22 December 2014

ARD Anchor: In Dresden thousands of PEGIDA supporters have assembled, again in the evening, to demonstrate against the alleged Islamisation of the West.

In parallel, thousands of PEGIDA opponents in several cities are demonstrating against racism and exclusion. The Chairman of the Evangelical Church of Germany, Bedford-Strohm, warned against demonising PEGIDA, …and called for an engagement on the basis of substantive content.

Demonstrators Singing Christmas Carols: “Alle Jahre wieder” [“Every year Again”]

[das Christuskind] Steht auch mir zur Seite / still und unerkannt,

[the Christ Child] Stands also at my side / Quietly and unrecognized

Reporter in Dresden: Traditional Christmas carols in a completely different context, sung by PEGIDA supporters in front of the Semperoper opera house in Dresden.

For them it is not about pre-Christmas joy, they are demonstrating for a decentralised housing of asylum seekers, and for zero tolerance for immigrants with criminal records.

For the tenth time in a series, there are again thousands.

PEGIDA Demonstrator 1: I am here today only because of ignorance of our politicians, the ignorance and mendacity of our politicians.

PEGIDA Demonstrator 2: I am standing here simply as a German who wants to live in his homeland and not feel like a stranger in it.

Reporter in Dresden: Also they are there again, thousands of counter-demonstrators, who have aligned themselves with the alliance Dresden-Nazifrei [“Dresden Nazi-Free”]

Only a police barrier separates them from the PEGIDA supporters, against whom they are raising their voice.

Counter-Demonstrator 1: It is inhuman and I think it is under the mantle of the Nazis.

Counter-Demonstrator 2: There is another Dresden, and that consists not only of PEGIDA, but of the majority of the population in Dresden; it is about open minded tolerance, and we welcome refugees.

Reporter in Dresden: There is a calmer tone in the evening in the Dresden Kreuzkirche [Lutheran] during the prayer for peace. Even that is a protest against the PEGIDA supporters and their Christmas singing.

State Bishop, Jochen Bohl: Evangelical-Lutheran Church, State Church of Saxony:

I find it really unaesthetic, when Christmas carols are used to put across a political message. That is not the meaning of Christmas; also it is not the meaning of carols.

And in that respect I take a very critical stance against it.

Reporter in Dresden: PEGIDA polarises, also on this Monday again, when Dresden is very much remote from the peace of Christmas.

15 thoughts on ““The Ignorance and Mendacity of Our Politicians”

    • A good point, Jewel. I’m a sceptic about all religions, but love visiting their buildings. The French, officially secular, support the maintenance of buildings of historic or architectural importance (though a couple of churches I’ve seen in Brittany seemed to need more help); I’m not aware of their giving financial help for new establishments, unlike some European nations.

      • Churches in France lack financial help from the “secular” government. It is fashionable to neglect churches and spend all the money on mosques. There is no separation between mosque and state all over Europe and Australia, and the Americas.
        I am sceptic about every philosophy or ideology handled by man or woman. They corrupt it.
        Just look around and see our ” democracies”!
        – Does democracy mean you open your borders to jihadis and deny when they oppress you?

        -Does it mean to promote Muslim Brothers here and overseas?

        -Does it mean to establish muslim states in Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, and other places?

        -Does it mean to ignore what Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other muslim countries are doing to their Christan and other minorities?

        – Does it mean to throw Israel under the bus?
        – Does it mean to ignore what Hamas is doing to Israel?

        – Does it mean to treat Israel harshly?
        – Does it mean to co-opt eastern European countries into EU and squeeze and choke Russia with a rope and expect them not to kick back?

        – Does it mean to tread on Christianity and Judaism and promote islam and put muslims in sensitive positions?

        – Does it mean to create EU and make the muslims their invisible real rulers?

        – Does it mean to have muslim and islam welfare in mind no matter who is elected in “democracies” and what party?

        – Does it mean to create a Ministry of Truth and fabricate truth.?
        Democracy as an idea is/ was/ had been a noble one per se if if if and only if it were applied by conscientious, noble, honorable, devoted, truthful, politicians. . .
        NOT BY a Traitor Class. ugh
        “democracies” today pave the way for the jihadis to invade.
        Sometimes we doubt if we are ruled by creatures with human sentiments.

  1. They and AfD seem to be receiving the same treatment the Sweden Democrats get. Establishment politicians, media, entertainers, opinion-makers, church, etc all going after them. Even this “antifa” groups.

  2. If this movement doesn’t peter out we could be seeing some big things come out of it.

    On another subject; It is Christmas Eve here and 7:41 am. I will be cooking all day and spending Christmas day with my family and will not visit this site for probably 48 hours, so at this time I would like to thank the Baron and Dymphna for keeping us all informed over the past year and to wish them and all their readers a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

    Merry Christmas everybody.

  3. It figures it would take long for the leftists media reptiles to call these folk NAZIS just typical of these lowlife worms

  4. Having been part of the former East Germany is this significant in that the people of Dresden maybe less conditioned to enrichment.

      • The consuming totalitarianism of suicidal optimism.

        Would be good to be in Dresden for Christmas.

      • Heck, the West Germans should know it just as well. The whole world should be hyper sensitive to any manifestation of authoritarianism, let alone totalitarianism.

        P.J. O’Rourke famously said, “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.” It’s a timeless truth but millions choose to ignore it. 100,000,000+ deaths from communism and the danger of uncontrolled government power is still dismissed.

  5. Yes, it is sane to be concerned about the islamization of Europe. In my opinion, the fact that so many people have left Christianity behind (too behind the times, perhaps?) that they do not realize their own danger.

    It is odd that “The Gates of Vienna” in a different era were defended by the Poles coming to aid of the Viennese in those days — but just bring a yawn today. People evidently do not know much about the Muslim religion and so-called philosophy. If they did know, they would be resisting more strongly.

    Do you really want to live a life wherein you are beheaded for any little thing at all?

    Wake up, westerners!

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