Record Attendance at PEGIDA

Estimates for the number of demonstrators who turned out for PEGIDA in Dresden this week vary from 15,000 (the lefties) to 40,000 (the organizers). However, all sources agree that it was a record crowd. The counter-demonstrators were substantially fewer in number.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this brief account from Junge Freiheit:

Drum-Roll in Dresden: Record Attendance at PEGIDA

DRESDEN: By our calculations, there were probably 30,000 or so people in Dresden on Monday. That is the highest number for the year. The organizers mentioned up to 40,000 people; the leftist student group Durchgezählt (“Tallied-Up”) claims about 15,000. For months now, the police have not given an estimate.

During the demonstration, there were numerous attacks on both police and demonstrators by left-wing groups. At least one PEGIDA follower was badly injured. The leftists tried time and again to break through the police lines. According to the news agency dpa there were altogether approximately 11,000 counter-demonstrators, who had been called up by, among others, the Linke (Left) party and the Greens.

PEGIDA co-founder Lutz Bachmann opened the proceedings with the words: “We have come to stay. And we are staying to win.” He announced the intention of making a criminal complaint against Federal Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU), who had called the PEGIDA founders “hard right extremists” and warned against participating in the demonstrations.

The map below the jump shows how PEGIDA was attacked from all sides in a very calculated manner on Monday night. As Nash Montana (who sent the map) says: “Caesar would be proud.”

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9 thoughts on “Record Attendance at PEGIDA

  1. Today Brunhilde Achtung! Merkel said that the invasion was just fallout from the global financial empire and Europeans would have to accept it. Really? Accept what the likes of Soros have rained down on Europe so that they can make a few more billion dollars or euros through a strengthened EU Central Bank- which is what this crisis is all about?

    I hope that the people of Europe tell the global financial empire where they can put their greed – or face the consequences! Putin may have a few leftover Trotsky pickaxes he can loan for the occasion.

  2. What there William Anchors like Soros fail to grasp is that if Europe and the global economy collapse so does their source of wealth. The Left never learn.

    The “Left” by the way are planning a series of mass “Happenings”across Europe in every capital. This is from one of my sources.

    Quote they are planning mass chaos in league with Islamists to “facilitate” end of borders and bring on the “Revolution”….

    And they mean it…

    • Surely that would facilitate a rise in the far right and patriotic sentiment, as it would be clear the EU is at fault and reinstitution of national borders becomes the evident way to prevent any more flow of undesireables.

      • Kettle, the only ‘thing’ that is ‘far right’ on the political spectrum is anarchy.

        It will be the conservative side of the many who will rise up to protect themselves, their loved ones and their country.

        The lying media have conspired to place Hitler and the Nazis into the right side of politics when in fact National Socialism is firmly planted in the far left side of politics, and in true collective fashion, the conservative side of politics has been propagated by the same lying media into a position of violence – re; the ‘far right’ = Nazi tag. It is the Left that readily employs violence against those who are their natural political enemies – Conservatives and/or those who allow their conservative/patriotic side to emerge, not true Conservatives.

  3. Though from European roots, I never lived in the continent, my ancesters left more that 100 years ago and not from the most prosperous parts(east and south).
    I was expose to this decadence situation a few years ago, regarding the low child bith the ethnics european populations has. I’m following this blog, and of caurse understand the focus on one of the problems, the immigration one(as one of the arms of the ill religion of Cultural Marxism). Since I’m not familiar with the european idiosyncrasy, or better say, the different european idiosyncrasies, I still could not understand, what are you suggesting to do?
    Will you stand up and fight for you country?
    Will you go back to the religious and traditional beliefs and norms?
    Are you going to eradicate feminism, homosexuality as a normative and eccepted behaviour, nihilisim, hedonism and the welfare state, which anesthetize the whole of the society?

    • eltordo1977, those things you mention have been forced upon us by those who do not believe in God, accept the evolution of Man as fact rather than theory, and work towards their ideal of what Man’s future should be.

      When God is abandoned by those who believe they know what is best for themselves and the rest of us, then foolishness replaces common sense and good intentions become bad actions.

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