“We Know Where You Live”

Message on Tania Groth’s door: ‘We know where you live’

This is standard operating procedure for the Multiculti Left, whether in Denmark or anywhere else. As Vlad Tepes reported this morning:

“WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE” Threat painted on door of Tania Groth, leader of PEGIDA Denmark

Once again, what is likely the far left, exposes not just sympathy for terrorists and terrorist ideology, but actually deploys it.

I hope the police take this as seriously as when a regular law abiding Dane says something true but uncomplimentary about Islam.

PEGIDA Denmark, also known as For Freedom, is having a demo against sharia and the islamization of Denmark and for freedom of speech on Saturday, Nov. 5 (this coming Saturday).

I hope all of you who read this and can join will do so for the causes listed, and support Tania who is being threatened and intimidated for supporting classically liberal values and real individual women’s rights.

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

18 thoughts on ““We Know Where You Live”

  1. Multi-culti fools should be careful; this tactic works both ways…

    Years ago, I had the misfortune to spend a year in Afghanistan. The Taliban used the practice of night-letters very effectively to counter efforts by the coalition forces to drag them out of the 8th century. We would build a girls school at great expense, and a few letters delivered under the door in the dead of night resulted in no one willing to teach there. Those who disobeyed usually wound up dead if they were lucky, or their families along with them if they were not so lucky.

    I am surprised this tactic (minus the killing) has not yet been used in the occupied countries of Europestan. I suspect it is just a matter of time though, before such becomes commonplace.

    • And we also have the firearms and the knowledge to use them…

      To paraphrase Claire Wolfe, “We are at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the [multiple illegitimate progeny]”.

      • Yes, we’re not at the shooting stage yet, or anywhere near it, although it has to come, as when the moslem overlords attempt to take over and forbid drinking, sport spectaculars, musical events, raves and everything else their illiterate, paedophile prophet didn’t approve of; then and only then, will the brown effluent hit the fan.

        Then will the gutless western peasants scream “Enough!!”

  2. The left will always boast about what intelligence information they have, but don’t be surprised at the amount of state collusion with these groups.

    The satanic occupation governments (SOG) need these clandestine groups to terrorise us and easy to deny involvement with.

    I think it is time to take matters into our own hands as the authorities have (deliberately) failed.

    If one of these people dares going for me I will not hesitate to retaliate. We are at war.

  3. This saves the government the expense and bother of prosecuting this inconvenient person for hate speech or violating “European values.”

  4. Passive resistence. Plant a pork chop at the halal section. Print a page from a “book”, wrap pork in it, leave it where moslems gather. Put up posters with cartoons, ads for goat walkers etc. Drive by certain places at certain times with opportunely chosen songs blasting out of open windows. Take care nobody sees you. Push come to shove, remember the three S-es. We are already loosing by only talking.

    • Muslims are the wrong target. It’s the Antifa Traitors and their bosses that have it coming.

      • They are, too. But you cannot touch them without direct violence because we still try to be civilized.
        But as long as our politicians cater to the moslems, give them free everything and bring them in by the millions, they will out number the native population in a short time and thats when our real problems will start. So just to sit back and wait till “they have it coming” is not a viable solution.

  5. Years ago someone pointed out a piece in some online lfty site that referred to both myself and my Normandy veteran father as fascists. I did a bit of digging. Found the likely culprit and arrived on his doorstep early one morning. The antifa hardman didn’t seem so hard to me. He said he knew where i lived, I invited him round. Anytime. I told him I’d be back if there were any further examples. A few days later the police knocked on my door – theyd received a complaint from the antifa hardman. I explained the situation. The police did nothing and the hardman directed his attention elsewhere.

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