Sir Robert Peel be Damned!

Our English correspondent Seneca III was at last Saturday’s PEGIDA UK demo in Birmingham. Below are his observations about the state of policing in Modern Multicultural England as exemplified by the behavior of Britain’s Finest at the demo.

Sir Robert Peel be Damned!
by Seneca III

Commenting the other day on Vlad Tepes concerning the arrest of General Piquemal in Calais, in part I said that most of the European Police Forces have been suborned in a similar fashion. This was no off-the-cuff comment, for I have just witnessed the outright demonstration of quasi-military force the West Midlands Police mustered without any abiding need in order to repress a quiet, sober, law abiding, peaceful protest in Birmingham on Saturday. Just three hundred or so of us in all, many middle aged and middle class, a significant proportion of whom needed walking sticks or the help of younger kin in order to make it through the afternoon and the appalling weather.

First, upon exiting the platform onto the main concourse of Birmingham International Station, I found myself facing a line of Police Officers in standard uniform and wearing their normal helmets, not the medieval variety either worn or carried by their fellow officers beyond. I was politely stopped and asked “Where are you going?” This I might add despite the fact that I am obviously quite elderly and was neatly if casually dressed and not carrying anything other than my obviously necessary walking stick. I replied politely and quietly “Do I have to answer that question?” and the Constable replied “No.” I in turn politely replied “Thank you. Then I shall continue on my way.” And did so, unmolested but appalled that such a demand could be inflicted on me without reason or justification.

Outside, the Constabulary were there in huge numbers — but there they were in body armour and helmets, clubs in belts, war dogs trained to savagely bark and bark almost to the point where these poor creatures were straining their vocal chords. Threat and intimidation by sound and then vision was the first order of their day.

Birmingham, Feb 6 2016 still from video #1 — police dog

There also were police cars and vans in uncountable numbers, a helicopter on permanent hover, loudhailers telling us as to what we should do or not do, where we must go as free men and women in our own land, shuffled off to a distant, deserted Industrial Estate along a route lined with these instruments of the New World Order whilst the ANTIFA were permitted to foam at the mouth in the full light of day in the centre of what was once the great second city of this land but is now little more than a slummy Islamabad West.

Seneca III, Birmingham, Feb 6 2016 video #2 — the constabulary

And thus I came that day to wonder “Do these uniformed, hyperventilated, self-serving State drones actually think that come the day they are going to survive the wrath of the native common man?”

Well, I know not, but perhaps they do think they will; these days they are not recruited or promoted according to their ability to rationalise and analyse and nor for their intellect or cultural patriotism, only according to their indoctrinated willingness to subordinate their thinking processes to the cause of our ethnic cleansing and their moral compasses to the needs of their daily sustenance, future pensions and the common purpose of their obsequious senior officers as they in turn do to the venal, treacherous political scum that pollute our establishment at all levels of governance.

Well, that is the way it is, but I continue to suspect that come the day there will be little mercy for such as these, and no doubt this will come as something of a surprise to all of them. If so, so be it.

— Seneca III, in a dismal Middle England on this 7th day of February in the year of our Lord 2016.

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17 thoughts on “Sir Robert Peel be Damned!

  1. When one is immersed, it is difficult to detect slow changes in society, and in this case, particularly the change in role of the police from guardians of the ‘law’ to enforcers of political religion.

    We are no longer allowed to be non-conformist, those radicals of the seventies have now become mainstream.

    We must accept and conform to their new politico-religious society or be criminalized.

    To be politically right of centre or to still believe in a Creator is to be non-conformist, therefore one should expect to be treated as a crim. And there is no longer any recourse, human rights are now conditional upon compliance with humanist norms and objectives.

    Nicholas Parsons was indeed the neo-opiate of the people. And still we sleep.

  2. And coming soon to a neighbourhood near you, here in Ontario, Canada. This is far from over. Great article!

  3. I was there too. The police presence was mainly for the left fascists, not Pegida. As it happened, the left fascists couldn’t muster the numbers or face the weather, and they went home after gathering at another section of the station. But police had been expecting hordes of them, a fact which was evident from the imbalance in deployment. The left fascists had dozens of police assigned to them at the station, Pegida about a dozen. The police were quite friendly, and I think formed a fairly positive impression of us. They know who the enemy of public order is.

    • Well, you were there, while I was/am thousands of miles away, but your statement: “They know who the enemy of public order is” leaves me wondering if the police really do know?

      All over the western world, from Birmingham to Auckland, from Dearborn to Stockholm to Vancouver, one sees police bashing and arresting the indigenous, while if the invading rabble are arrested, they are invariably set free a short time later.

      In fact, this unfortunate, treacherous habit of Brit. police caused me to cancel my trip to England last year–it is just too dangerous to contemplate a trip to a country filling up with moslems, when one cannot be sure of the reaction of police in the event one ‘offends’ the invading rabble.

      • I Dare to say that the Policemen as Individuals, at least a good proportion of them do know… BUT The ones on top, the High-Ranking Police Officers are brainwashed members of the Inner Party by now, and the only way an individual policeman can advance his career, is by becoming an Inner Party Thug…

    • I feel sorry for the Police who are acting on instruction from the inadequates at the top. For example, there have always been “loonies” on public transport, however should it be deemed a racist or islamaphobic incident, it is national news and all resources are deployed to catch the culprit. Meanwhile old ladies are mugged, houses are burgled, small businesses ransacked and most incidents are unresolved. There seems to be no proportionality exercised anymore and the ordinary “Joe” in the street consequently feels short changed.

  4. “Do these uniformed, hyperventilated, self-serving State drones actually think that come the day they a . . ”

    Police in the West are robots: worse than police in a dictatorship. In a dictatorship police force is used to maintain the ruling party, whose members are native. In western paper false totalitarian dictator “democracies” the sole purpose of the ruling party, any party, is to hasten the procedures of surrendering the western countries to muslims, as soon as possible before the awakening and rise of the native people/ sheeple.

    Police are under orders: They must obey the Traitors or will be fired and let his family starve. They have no choice but to obey the party in power and to promote islam in every way the ruling Traitors plan.

    What’s strange here is that the so-called democracies oppose diametrically the interests of their own native people, while advancing those of islam. And stranger voters still go and vote, and as a result the winning party takes it as a mandate to their own policies of promoting islam.

    During and after WW2 an impression was created to convey that Fascism, Nazism, represented the evil in this world, while other Western “democracies” represented everything that was good under the sun.

    But look today: Italy, Germany, USA, France, Britain and every EU country, (except Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland, ) behave the same way and are equally fond of and subservient to islam to the bone.

    The whole Slave Continent is under the magic spell of islam: God is out allah and the Pirate are in: those are the New gods of the godless Cowardly, Traitorous, Turkey worshipper, Continent.

  5. What the elitists are forgetting, is that these “uniformed … State drones” are our neighbors and sometimes personal friends. We invite them into our homes for conversation and tea. They do have a moral compass and they are not without feeling for what is happening. This will backfire on the elitists, who expect these civil servants to blindly follow orders and become brown-shirted thugs.

    There are rumblings in law enforcement about what is happening. And some have said they will quit their jobs rather than club elderly men and women — their friends and neighbors — into submission. England submits to no one.

    • Well, Plod does have quite a track record for recreational clubbing – and these weren’t even ‘Far Right’ or ‘Fascist’ labelled, simply working country people trying to preserve their traditional way of life.

      And this particular video shows their sheer enthusiasm for the task – note a standard patrol officer virtually climbing over the heads of his Riot Police brethren in order to beat a woman already being restrained by one of them.

      All this was over ten years ago, virtually pre-Wacist!!! in fact.

      S III

      • This is not a forum for ongoing debate, Seneca III. So, briefly, I’ll only say that 75 years ago England faced tyranny and it was defeated. Perhaps you remember Murrow’s “This … is London.” Or Churchill’s steady, unwavering gaze; his eyes showing no fear only unconquered resolve. This is tyranny of another kind. This … is England.

        • I believe this absolutely IS a forum for ongoing debate.

          Your reaction reminds of something I once read describing a liberal reaction: “Shut up, they explained”.

    • Ingrid: And when will this happen (the so called backfire)? If it ever does as slow as people are waking up all over Europe now, Shiria law will have slipped in controlled by tyrants, the people will wake up one morning to see countries turned into a hellish nightmare, killing and total mayhem. Few will react against the system since apathy and ignorance reigns supreme. Most will convert or be killed with little resistance. The leaders will or already have converted or will hop a jet out of the country with a big pay off for handing their countries over to the globalists puppets. Peter35: I would encourage anyone not to travel to Europe because of the risks and lawlessness.

  6. love reading S III things.

    what a dreary day it was for the 1st PEGIDA rally in England.
    it still evoked quite a lot of power. for the people that attended, the
    speeches in the icy rain, still rang out through the gray, freezing,
    oppressive skies . these people are hard core, the finest & bravest
    people in the land.

  7. The Governments of Western Europe have invested so much in their multicultural vision that they cannot allow it to fail. When the native population begin to question the vision and speak out against it, the Police as agents of State control become the meat in the sandwich. They must enforce the laws that are designed to crush naysaying. And so people like Paul Weston get arrested for reading from a book by Churchill on the street.

    That doesn’t mean individual officers don’t have sympathy with the people.They often do. The East German guards refused to shoot people as the Wall fell. In Romania the Police and Army stood down and allowed the people to protest. With any popular revolution there is is point when the State’s enforcers will abandon their political masters and stand with the people.

    • Baucent :

      You are right. Good ideas: Practical and based on human nature and experience. We need to know about human nature to understand the trend of things. I hope the prediction will come true.

    • Well it seems the Brit. police do not as yet have enough sympathy for their own people, and dear old England is not as advanced as Ceausescu’s Romania, where people knew who the enemy was.

      The police are the government’s enforcers, and any rebellion must come from them–I don’t see any sign of it happening, and if a police rebellion doesn’t happen, then I don’t see anything stopping an Islamic England.

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