“How Much Cruelty and Horror is Necessary Before You Take Action?”

Last weekend the Swedish branch of PEGIDA staged a rally in Malmö, which has a higher proportion of Muslim immigrants than any other city in Sweden. In addition to Dan Park, a Danish anti-sharia activist named Tanya was one of the featured speakers.

Many thanks to Liberty DK for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling (audio only; video was not available):


00:00   Hi, Sweden.
00:04   Incredible that I am standing here and need protection by the police.
00:09   But that is apparently where we are now in this politically correct world,
00:14   where we have been silenced because of the fear of offending a religious minority.
00:19   First of all, I would like to say to your government and other Islam-happy elements:
00:26   You have let your people down, but most of all,
00:33   especially your women. You have not done your job.
00:39   Your job has been to protect your citizens, and in that you have failed to a grotesque degree.
00:46   How humanistic is to ignore and fail the very people you have been entrusted to protect?
00:54   Those who have trusted you to ensure that they could live a good and decent life.
01:01   I also want to say something, especially to the women:
01:05   You are failing your sisters, both the Swedish and the non-native women.
01:11   Your sisters, because by not recognizing that Islam is an extremely misogynistic ideology,
01:19   you permit it to grow and to spread its hate.
01:24   You are directly contributing to why non-native women
01:30   can’t come out from under its yoke to live a life of freedom.
01:35   You close your eyes to the cruelty
01:40   and have the audacity to call yourself humanists. You are hypocrites!
01:45   You are, all of you standing here shouting, all contributing to the subjugation of women.
01:52   And women don’t stand up for their own rights anymore.
01:59   It is not just your bodies that are being raped, it is all of your rights.
02:05   Where are your voices?
02:09   Are you really OK with the fact that some non-native women who live in our society
02:15   are treated as slaves, and don’t have the same rights as ethnic Scandinavian women?
02:21   No, it is NOT OK!
02:23   And where you, in misunderstood consideration to the repression of Islam
02:29   let them down. I don’t understand why women aren’t shouting in anger
02:35   about what is happening around you. You are being repressed and lose rights daily,
02:43   and you turn a blind eye.
02:47   I was once witness to an Islamic man beating his wife.
02:53   And I shouted at him, shouted at him to make him stop.
02:58   He yelled back: F*** you, you Danish whore, I’ll get you.
03:04   That was what he shouted. Is that civilized? No!
03:10   And you “decent” people have the audacity to tell us that we have to respect Islam.
03:15   Like hell we do!
03:18   We don’t have to respect a religion that approves of women being beaten, humiliated
03:24   and belittled. A culture where it is legitimate to do violence against other people
03:30   does NOT deserve respect. And yet that is exactly what is expected that we do,
03:36   in our politically correct multi-ethnic society.
03:42   I am standing here because strong Danish women have fought for equality
03:48   in a fight that has been going on for almost 150 years at every level of the Danish society.
03:54   Here I can also freely stand in our neighboring country and voice my opinion,
04:01   even though there are many who would silence me.
04:04   I will not be silenced.
04:07   Religious Muslims, the lefties and the media want us to believe that violence and suppression
04:13   is not a part of Islam and that it is a religion of peace.
04:18   It is a mystery to me that anybody still believes that.
04:23   Islam is a religion of violence and repression. When are you going to get it?
04:28   We now see the results of this viewpoint, and you will see it more and more.
04:33   The results of your government’s insane immigration policies.
04:36   Are you proud of the Sweden you have created?
04:39   You are complicit to the fact that women everywhere are treated not much differently
04:44   than the black slaves were in the early 1900s, inasmuch as they are at risk for or in imminent danger of
04:53   being purchased, sold, physically beaten, raped, honour-killed, subjected to genital mutilation,
05:02   stoned, hanged, decapitated, humiliated, used as sex slaves.
05:11   It is truly at long list of horrors done in the name of Islam.
05:18   Your misunderstood humanism, wretched political correctness and cultural fawning
05:25   is also a part of maintaining that tsunami of violence and rape the women in your country are subject to.
05:32   Did you know that if a women is raped her testimony under sharia law is only legitimate
05:39   if she can show four male witnesses. Seriously!
05:44   Did you know that the rape of a non-Muslim woman is not against Islamic law?
05:49   That perhaps explains especially the epidemic of rapes done here in Sweden.
05:56   You are at the top of a long and dubious list when it comes to rape.
06:03   A mufti said that a women who doesn’t cover herself is asking to be raped.
06:10   The Muslim covering, hijab or niqab is NOT just a piece of cloth.
06:16   It serves as a visible sign that differentiates between proper submissive Muslim women and what they call whores.
06:23   That is, non-Islamic women who do not deserve respect, and whom it is permitted to rape.
06:37   The head covering can therefore be seen as a sort of border between those women who deserve a modicum
06:47   of respect, but that is a visible sign of those women who do not.
06:54   In Sura 33:59 it is written:
06:58   Tell your wives and your daughters, the women of the believers to cover themselves so that they may be recognized as honourable, pure and not be molested.
07:04   The honourable and pure must be able to be recognized so that they don’t get molested, unlike the unclean.
07:12   We Western women are the unclean in Islam. Is it any wonder that rape happens, given this Islamic point of view?
07:20   Where women are merely breeding animals for the use of men at their whim,
07:26   but worthless in every other way.
07:32   What kind of society are we permitting to be created?
07:36   I encourage all women, Muslim and non-Muslim, to read the Koran, hadith and all Islamic texts
07:45   Read and see the truth about Islam with your own eyes.
07:51   And that it is NOT a religion of peace, which your government would have you believe.
07:57   Open your eyes.
08:00   If we don’t fight for our rights it would not only mean that we would be giving up on ourselves and our heritage,
08:09   but it would also mean that we are willing to submit ourselves to a barbarian totalitarian way of life
08:16   and condemn our children and grandchildren to a terrible fate.
08:22   I am going to be a grandmother this year. It is a girl. Therefore I have even more reason to stand here.
08:30   She should not have to cover herself. She should not be covered in black cloth from head to toe in either hijab, niqab or anything of that kind.
08:42   Her rights must not be diminished.
08:46   She should have the freedom and possibility for a life of equality.
08:50   This should not be stolen from her by some twisted religious ideology.
08:56   She has the right to have exactly the same that I, and all of you out there have.
09:01   She must have freedom of choice.
09:06   The freedom to get an education.
09:09   The freedom to choose her path in life and her beliefs.
09:13   Freedom over her own body and sexuality.
09:18   The freedom to live a life without violence.
09:23   The freedom to get married, or not get married,
09:28   and the choice to choose the one she would like to marry.
09:33   The freedom to dress however she likes without somebody telling her that she is a whore who deserves to be raped.
09:40   The freedom to create a bright future without anybody telling her what she is and is not allowed to do.
09:51   It is time to rebel. Rebel against the politically correct elite and to re-conquer your lovely country, Sweden.
10:02   How much cruelty and horror is necessary before you take action?
10:09   It is time to wake up Sweden. The time for action is now.
10:12   The time for action is NOW.
10:17   Thank you.

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11 thoughts on ““How Much Cruelty and Horror is Necessary Before You Take Action?”

  1. Progressives are all about horror and cruelty. Look at their track record over the last 100 years.

    These people have no feelings towards others, just a desire for power and punishing others. The so-called suffering of others are just stage props to them that they can crush the opposition with.

    People would be better off if they viewed progressives/Leftists as self-serving sociopaths. At least then they wouldn’t under estimate them.

  2. I am in awe of the bravery of these people. If I had a fraction of their bravery I would consider myself blessed. May God protect them against the evils of this world

    • I agree; spot on, John. I wonder if it is possible for Sweden to save itself? I hope these brave people can stay safe.

  3. the breath of mohammed flows from the bellows of the underworld, his mouth give speech to the lord of the darkness.

  4. Hip Hip, you said 2 months of reading articles in 10 minutes and got to the heart of it because womens equality is finally good in the western world and the islam threat, to that should be a huge issue in the media. Most people still believe that islum is a religion to respect. That is like saying the “national socialists” of hitler were a religion and mein kamp is a holy book. people would say you are crazy. the double standards and hypocracies going on today has to change. the pc stuff has gone as far as it can which means the pendulum will start to swing the other way. hope soon. people will talk and debate and anylize. a wave will start that cant stop because the devout followers are bringing it down on themselves. first there are some words that have to wear themselves out and loose their meaning. its ridiculous to see devout muslums think they can win a debate by abusing those words over and over and over, its wearing very thin. people cant be that stupid. watching pamela geller is priceless. i pray for her safety. also they cant debate cause they will never answer the question and the things they say in public and mosques are totally traitorous to their host country and people that gave their families a better chance at life and this is the payback we get? time to get real and go out back and do some weeding. want sharia, go back, dont want sharia you can stay. that would be a good start, then a worldwide interfaith study of the koran on trial to ban or reform. 2 choices. thanks, jc

  5. Tanya is nailing it and, if they actually listened the antifa twerps would have to reflect on the contradictions in their ‘progressive’ society. However, the mindless wall of noise probably rules that out, it is the shrill, hysterical bleat of a culture dying.

  6. I have been asking people for a while now: what will it take to make people understand that Islam is not a religion and that the followers are not our friends at all?

    What does it take for the west to wake up to see that their much-valued ethos of tolerance is being used against us? What does it take for people to see all Muslims as potential terrorists in the making?

    A dozen more 9/11s? A thousand more attacks on magazines or newspapers which dare to expose Islam as the Arab supremacist ideology that it is? Ten thousand more dead in the west by Muslim hands?

    We are at war with an ideology, more so than when the Cold War was on. This time, however, it is another chapter in a long war Islam declared on all non-believers since day one of it’s existence.

    And this war is anything but cold.

  7. Thank you Tanya! As a feminist, I too aim to work towards freedom from sharia law for all humankind. I call on all free thinkers to unite against the PC, regressive, liberal left to challenge and destroy this archaic and brutal ideology. It’s not okay for women all over the world to live under an ideology that allows them to be beaten and raped by their husbands, for girls to be given in
    marriage for paedophiles to abuse, nor for ‘uncovered’ women to be seen as whores and raped in their own countries by immigrant men and their descendents.

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