Sharia Police in The Hague

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this follow-up report on the ongoing culturally enriched riots in Schilderswijk.

Sharia Police in The Hague
by H. Numan

Yesterday I wrote that little article about the riots in The Hague. My assessment of the situation was proven by GeenStijl, twice no less. First of all, AFA was there to create trouble.

Second, “the inhabitants are furious about the riots and doing something” was exactly what I expected: sharia police vigilante squads operate with official police and government approval. (Omroep West and Geenstijl)

In France we see banlieues where the authorities de facto have given up their authority. Same for England, in many cities they have sharia zones, where no one is welcome, apart from Muslims. We will very soon see this in Holland, with The Hague being the first city with a Muslim enclave in it.

Nice to be right, though I’d rather be wrong.

Something else that bothers me:

Did you know that The Netherlands could have financed a permanent base on the moon or a return trip to Mars with the money spend on useless wasted projects in the past twenty years?

I noticed it this morning, reading the news about Greece. We are expected (and prepared!!) to cough up even more money to be dumped into that black pit.

I’m doing this from memory, so the actual figures may vary a lot:

  • HSL — High Speed Train from Amsterdam to Paris: at least 10 billion
  • Betuwelijn — Freight train from Rotterdam to the Ruhr, but in actuality
  • to nowhere (train simply runs to the border, Germany didn’t want it) at least 15 billion
  • C2000 communication system for the police — at least 5 billion

Military blunders:

  • JSF — at least 50 billion
  • Kunduz, Afghanistan: at least 2 billion
  • Refugees: at least 2 to 5 billion
  • Other asylum seekers: at least 2 to 5 billion
  • Greece: at least 30 billion

Total: 122 billion wasted in the last twenty years. More than enough to set up a permanent base on the Moon or buy a round trip to Mars.

3 thoughts on “Sharia Police in The Hague

  1. I spoke to a civil servant pal of mine last week. His words chilled me through…

    ” Welfare for migrants has bankrupted us(GB). I am not even talking about Europeans, most of whom work and pay tax nor coloured Britons been here for years but arrivals in the last 15 years. Most of these have no skills we can use and the figures are three times as high as admitted! Welfare meant for Britons has gone to pay for people who area direct burden on the state. We can no longer pay for disabled or even pensions because there’s nothing left-And I mean nowt! You won’t find a Moslem name among the victims of Maximus though. The last comment intrigues me. Maximus is the replacement for ATOS on IDS (Ian Duncan) clampdown on welfare. 1500 deaths have taken place as welfare is withdrawn fro some of the most vulnerable in UK.”

  2. Go to Mars? The Dutch government seems to have been on anther planet for decades.

  3. And who could forget the mindboggling tweets from christian democrat politician Wim van de Camp ? This man’s tweets give a pretty good insight in the minds of europhile politicians who consider EU citizens merely as cashcows who should pay up and shut up.

    “502 million bloated well-fed Europeans can easily spare 11 billion Euros for the Ukraine. Else Putin will pay”. – march 5th, 2014

    “Apparently, more outrage in the Netherlands about a 11 billion (loan?) for the Ukraine. Haven’t you people heard of a thing called solidarity, dammit ?” – march 5tgh, 2014

    (yes, he actually tweeted the word ‘dammit’)

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