An Interview With Dan Park

Last week we reported about the Swedish artist Dan Park, who has been arrested and jailed for hets mot folkgrupp (incitement against an ethnic group) in the past, and may well be facing another ordeal at the hands of the Swedish Stasi. His offense? Holding up a banner that read “Islam = Fascism”.

We non-Scandinavians are so used to thinking of Sweden as an enlightened, tolerant, easygoing, free-swinging Nordic paradise, that it is hard to get our minds around the fact that it is a soft totalitarian state — and one that is growing harder all the time.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for recording, titling, and uploading this video. The audio in this clip is less than perfect, and Mr. Park intersperses his English responses with Swedish words and phrases. Vlad has subtitled his answers, and a text of his responses is at the bottom of this post.

Transcript of Dan Park’s replies:

0:00   Yes. (persecution of a minority) they call it.
0:04   Hate speech.
0:08   Yeah. Well some.
0:12   Yeah, well some artwork in a gallery. I used the ‘N word’
0:16   neagger in Swedish, nigger
0:20   basically that took it all
0:28   Not directly, they
0:32   (came over) afterward when we were finished
0:36   They have
0:40   (?) was hate speech they said
0:44   that stuff and I wonder yeah, what’s Islam is not
0:49   Islam is not a (folkgrupp) minority/ethnic group as we say in, Islam is the ideology
0:53   I’d say.
1:01   No, not down at the
1:05   I was in interrogation today about it
1:17   They asked me …
1:21   … if I had done the banner and why
1:26   I said I have done the banner and so yes.
1:30   PEGIDA we are against
1:34   Islamization and totalitarian ideologies
1:38   so I think it was
1:42   I mean…fascism, something like that
1:50   She don’t say so much
1:54   so much to say but its … more interesting
1:58   if they return, the prosecutor
2:02   if he take it up or not.
2:06   Yeah but I think so.
2:15   Yeah I mean they press charges for everything nowadays so
2:19   why not. But I think it is gonna be
2:23   hard for them this time, Islam is, I mean Its not slamming Muslims
2:27   people so much as Islam
2:31   I will ask them (?) if I have
2:35   If I (had written) Christianity = Fascism
2:39   fascists, if that was OK? She didn’t answer
2:43   that one.
2:47   Just Islam.
2:51   And I say but what, do you know.
2:55   I mean, for some people fascism is good
2:59   Maybe its the fascists who get
3:04   angry saying “We are not Islam we are fascists”
3:08   Fascists as a folk group (minority/specific ethnic group)
3:16   For interrogation or jail or what?
3:20   I don’t think so now it is up to…
3:24   judge if its going to
3:28   trial or not.
3:36   Exactly.
3:53   I think its very funny I mean Muslim is not a race even in Sweden
4:01   Hets against a folk group (persecution of an ethnic minority)
4:05   wrong. Yeah.
4:22   Exactly. So…
4:26   I hope this goes to court I mean, Islam…
4:30   = fascism then the people and the media write about it
4:34   then the people can see how insane it is to…
4:38   what’s the next step I mean…
4:50   In Sweden
4:59   you can read about it I mean I think its
5:03   insane what is going on, harder and harder
5:07   its not the same as in the 80s and 90s its
5:11   It’s just now in the 2000s
5:15   It’s gone mad, I mean going to jail for art, and that stuff
5:19   Its not Korea but its
5:23   Some groups to
5:27   we are forbidden to say anything about. Anything critical
5:31   I mean Muslims, blacks,
5:36   totally forbidden. They can hate us that’s not problem
5:48   It was…
5:52   6 different pictures
5:56   of a man. One was with Adolf Hitler
6:00   and says, he is standing there
6:04   and says “Not only niggers have dreams”
6:09   You know, Martin Luther King’s quote
6:13   they were cross with that
6:17   Yeah I mean Martin Luther he was anti
6:21   semite and had dreams and Hitler was anti semite
6:25   and he had dreams too
6:37   Yeah
6:41   and burn it I think.
6:45   Yeah
6:49   You could say that
7:02   yeah
7:06   I mean its a part of the crime
7:10   they say I mean, if you say you have a jacket
7:14   with a Swastika patch on it
7:18   they don’t just take the badge, they take the whole jacket
7:22   because its a part of the crime.
7:34   Then they take the whole store.
7:39   they burn
7:43   they burn the whole s*** down
7:47   exactly.

3 thoughts on “An Interview With Dan Park

  1. “Fascists as a folk group”

    That’s exactly what the real goal is, except that they’d like to transfer this concept onto any ideology that they come up with. It will be “racist” to criticize any ideology that has great political utility to the government, not just Islam.

    In fact, this is already the case. Any criticism of neo-Marxism is “racist”. Want to cut or reform welfare? That’s racist. Are you against race-based special privileges? That’s called racist too. If you’re against gun prohibition then you’re racist. I can’t think of any leftist policy at the moment that could be opposed without accusations of racism.

  2. Take a look at photos of citizens from Sweden, and see how many you can identify as your idea of a Scandinavian, while keeping in mind that blond girls and women are darkening their hair to blend in and avoid being identified and targeted as Swedish…

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