Race Riots in Schilderswijk: The Netherlands’ First No-Go Zone?

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan, who lives in Bangkok, has been watching the “long hot summer” in Netherlands from afar. He sends this report summarizing the ongoing riots in The Hague.

Race Riots in Schilderswijk
by H. Numan

Maybe you heard about it: at this moment the weather is exceptionally hot in The Hague. Temperature-wise it’s about 37 degrees (that’s close to 100 F). Politically it’s even hotter. There are race riots going on in the Schilderswijk, a very poor area. Also known as the shariah triangle — I don’t have to explain why.

The reason is that the police tried to arrest an Antilles man who died in the attempt. He was taken in a neck hold, but choked to death. AFA (“anti-fascist”) socialists use every opportunity to create riots, and they teamed up with radical Mohammedans living in the area. For several nights the riot police have had great difficulty maintaining a semblance of law and order. There is widespread (or so I hear) looting and arson.

Up-to-date news is scarce for me. All I hear is after the events have taken place. The media are not quite open about this — I think — real problem.

About the Antillean man: His name is Mitch Henriquez. He weights over 100 kg (220 lbs). He shouted to the police he was armed. He then resisted arrest, so that five policemen were necessary to subdue him. This took place at a festival in het Zuiderpark (a large popular park). This is what I picked up from the media and Facebook.

The Antilles are part of The Netherlands (we tried to force them to be independent, but they massively resist any attempt to do that), and the religion is predominantly Roman Catholic (72%).

Ask yourself: why would Muslims run amok on behalf of an infidel?

That’s why I feel that this riot is instigated and orchestrated. By extreme left wing activists, AFA. And of course by jihadists who use any opportunity.

AFA wants to divert attention from Scheveningen, in which one of their squatted buildings will be cleared by the police in a couple of days. If there is enough manpower available — and currently there isn’t. That’s not really a coincidence.

I think you are familiar enough with AFA, I see them as extremely dangerous. They rarely act alone, they normally work through others. Like now.

Of course this hasn’t anything to do with Mohammedanism at all, and everything with showing how strong they actually are and testing the waters. The mayor of The Hague, Jozias van Aartsen, is not a strong personality. He does what he can to play everything down, and forgive and forget. He was described as performing as a perfect wet towel on TV.

I myself am from The Hague, born and bred there. I know the area of the Schilderswijk very well. Twenty years in the past, that is. Things will likely be somewhat different now.

I expect this will be the first official no-go area in a couple of weeks. The area has the highest number of Muslims and is sort of shaped like a triangle. Hence the name shariah triangle. The Al Soeni mosque is there.

The authorities never had much authority there. I expect them to let go of it completely (like in France) in a couple of weeks when the riots have calmed down a bit.

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  1. All of these rioters, Muslims and antifa, should be relocated to Xinjang where they know how to deal with people like this.

  2. It’s hot, it’s summer, It’s Ramadan. [Desert autochthons] will run riot.

  3. I don’t understand why the citizens are such politically correct cowards and suckups. Our countries are being invaded by these peasant Muslim/African immigrants and all
    we can do is complain until one day we will have no more countries left and we will bow to the East. The neo-lib/con idiots in our governments do with us what they want. I think it’s time to change tactics and DO, instead of just complaining.

  4. I do. I’ll write a more detailed article about it later. In short: that’s what politicians created. Politicians ALWAYS go for short-term solutions or short-term gains. NEVER for long range planning or benefits – despite all their fancy words.

    Why don’t people do something? They can’t. That would be vigilante action, authorities would massively crack down on that. If you for example were to club an armed burglar in your own house, you would be arrested and kept in arrest for at least the maximum time allowed by law. Not the armed burglar, who will in all likelihood be out on the street in a couple of hours.

    You would be held responsible for damages to that burglar. Gregorius Nekschot (himself a perfect example of censorship!) made a cartoon about it: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-kC9m8lZXrI0/Uiznd01KMBI/AAAAAAAAAzU/9ucZnfbHb-k/s1600/criminaliteit.gif

    Translation: This gentlemen burglarized your house yesterday. He left his lighter. He wants it back.

    Mind you, the “Castle Law” (in which you can even shoot a trespasser on your property) does NOT exist in Europe.

    Given the above, it’s not strange that people don’t do much to resist.

  5. From what I heard, the Aruban (not Antillean/Curacaoen) guy was completely drunk, and approached an Aruban cop in uniform stating laughingly – in Papiamento language – that he had a gun. As he did so, he grabbed his [male organs], and laughed again. The Aruban police officer found him bothersome, but harmless, and pushed him away. The guy walks on, finding himself very funny, and once more shouts (in Papiamento language) that he has a gun, grabbing his [male organs] once more. At that point, 5 Dutch police men who were hanging against a gate, bored, asked their Aruban colleqgue what the guy was saying, to which the Aruban cop replied: ‘he says that he has a gun’. (This has been the statement of both the Aruban cop as well as a Dutch white eye-witness). At that point, the 5 Dutch police men broke away from the gate, ran after the Henriquez, and jumped him from behind. As they are pounding on him, and holding him in a choke, one of the cops says (and this is recorded on film): ‘do not make jokes about fire weapons’. A few seconds later, the guy is dead, the cops have no idea what to do with him and end of throwing him in the police vehicle. (all this is captured on film). The police force then issues an official statement, saying that the guy had shouted that he had a gun, that no gun was found on him, that he resisted arrest, that he became ‘unwell’ in the police car , that the police tried to reanimate him, and that he died in hospital. A few hours later, the videos of the incident surface, and the authorities quickly withdraw their earlier statement.
    That is the story of the dead guy in police custody. Just wanted to clear that up, seeing how you all seem to overlook these facts in favor of your own agenda.

  6. When I sat they the cops were ‘hanging’ against the gate, I of course meant ‘leaning against. Apologies for the error

  7. @Dixi :
    I am not sure you are fully aware of, or whether you fully grasp the absurd levels of political correctness prevalent in this country. Indeed, this is something I have a hard time with, trying to explain to family and friends in the US. They often simply don’t believe me.

    Now, as H. Numan pointed out, there is nothing people CAN do.
    Elaborating on H. Numans example :

    If you should you find an intruder inside your home, you may NOT defend yourself, family or property. Firearms ? Forget it. No chance. Highly illegal. Even BB guns, replicas, realistic toy guns are illegal here. You’re supposed to call the police. (Yeah, that’ll so work ! The intruders are just going to calmly wait until the cops arrive, right ?)
    Clobber an intruder over the head with a bat, and you will go to jail. If your dog should attack said burglar, or in case the burglar slips and falls from the roof , breaking his legs, chances are you are going to have to pay THEM compensation.
    A storeowner, whose business is burglarized, may NOT put surveillance video footage online as this is a “violation of the suspects privacy”. It is illegal because it is believed to “lead to torch and pitchfork mob justice”. Newspapers aren’t even allowed to publish a suspects full name or picture, and may only mention initials and a “black bar over the eyes” portrait.

    The ‘geenstijl.nl’ website does publish surveillance footage anyways as a matter of principle. This frequently results in them getting letters from the suspects attourneys threatening with legal action.

    I remember one case (random street violence, where 5 ‘youths’ beat a random victim within an inch of his life) causing widespread outrage after Geenstijl went public with the video footage. And rightly so, after all this was a serious, extremely violent crime, and the perpertrators need to be caught.

    After some boohoo cry me a river story from the attourneys (“how is my client EVER going to find a job and have a career with a rap sheet ?”) The judge decided the perps “had been punished enough by all the media attention”.

    Let that sink in for a minute : The judge ruled that the perpetrators of a violent crime had beeen PUNISHED ENOUGH ALREADY by having thatcrime exposed to the public.

    Similarly a hit-and-run incident leading to the death of a young woman was pretty much dismissed because the driver, who was of Moroccan descent “comes from a culture of shame” and “had been punished enough” by having to live in shame.

    Yeah, I’m sure he’s been losing a lost of sleep over what he’s done.

    So this is exemplary of the mindset of many judges in this country.
    I might add, that Dutch judges are not elected, like in the US, but appointed for life.
    You can’t vote them out. And most of them lean towards the left of the political spectrum.

    Now, the percentage of burglary, etc cases being solved is in the single digits. And only a FRACTION of the solved cases leads to convictions.
    I probably don’t need to explain to you, that the sentences that ARE being handed out, are absolutely laughlable in comparison to US sentences.

    In this country a drunk driver (high on cocaine, not showing a sign of remorse in court) may expect to be sentenced to fifteen DAYS in jail after a hit and run, killing two,

    You read that right, not years not months, but fifteen DAYS.

    THAT’s how crazy it is here.

  8. PS –

    I might add that no matter how bizarre and unbelievable the above examples may sound to anyone from the US, to a vast majority of the Dutch this kind of stuff is not only NORMAL, they are profoundlyy convinced that things ought be the same elsewhere !

    If not, you are a “stupid people” (“dom volk”) or “retarded country” (“achterlijk land”), terms of endearment the Dutch typically reserve for the U.S. in political discussions on internet forums.

    The Dutch WANT to have judges that are appointed for life, because “we should leave jurisdiction to professionals”.
    The mere mention of a jury system is invariably met with indignation and outraged cries of “America is CRAZY ! You can’t let people who don’t know law decide on prison sentences ! Nobody gets a fair trial like that !”

    And to most Dutch, there is only ONE explanation for the ethnic makeup of US prison populations in which African-Americans are disproportionally overrepresented :


    Besides, it is “understandable” that African-Americans criminals were “forced to commit crimes” because of “poverty, and being systematically discriminated against”.

    In other words, the Dutch find it difficult to grasp the idea that people are responsible for their own actions.

    Good luck trying to explain that many convicts in the US are incarcerated because of gang activity.

    The Dutch idea of a “gang” is a bunch of (inevitably “underprivileged”) youths hanging around on the streets, being bored, riding their scooters, making a little noise late at night which may become a little nuisance, maybe causing a little trouble, breaking windows, maybe a fight here and there, selling a little dope, maybe breaking into someone’s home once in a while. But that’s about it.

    Reality will catch with up with them fast. The new generation “Dutch” (as in Moroccan) “gangsters” is learning quickly, as they emulate the “thug life” way of fast living, big money and lifestyles associated with, and glorified by their “gansta rap” hip hop idols. The media talks about “the Mocro Mafia” as a wave of execution style liquidations shocked Amsterdam.

    And at this point the police sometimes actually find themselves being outgunned by criminals, who, after robbing a high profile target, will not hesitate to fire at cops in pursuit with assault rifles.

    In a response that can only be described as Dutch, the police then give up, because it’s “too dangerous.”


    Don’t even get me talking about gun ownership.

    The Dutch WANT to be disarmed, and simply can NOT understand a concept like the Second Amendment.

    Speaking of which : Happy Fourth everybody !

  9. P.P.S.

    – Getting back to Dixi’s initial point (“why doesn’t anyone DO anything’ ?)

    Simple : There are “limits to free speech” in the Netherlands.

    Racism and discrimination ‘based on gender, race, religion or sexual orientation’ is prohibited and punishable under Dutch law.

    ‘inciting hatred’ / hatespeech is also a crime, even though this would seem a pretty nebulous area and difficult to prove in court. (Unless you were dumb enough to call for violence).

    That, however, doesn’t mean they won’t try. (Hence the Wilders court cases.)

    Furthermore, in Dutch law there is a concept known as “groepsbelediging” (which translates as “group offending”) stipulating that “offending” a GROUP of people based on their race, religion, sexual orientation, mental or physical handicap” etc. is also punishable by law.

    Then there are government-subsidized watchdog organisations like MDI (“Registration Point for Discrimination on the Internet”) who scrutinize the web, looking for offending expressions made by individuals on forums, and so on.

    Dutch internet users are actively encouraged to report offenses with these organisations, who will then take it upon themselves to file official complaints on behalf of the “offended” groups, possibly leading to legal prosecution.

    The owners of websites and blogs are also required by law to provide the police with user information such as IP adresses.

    In this kind of environment trying to marshall up substantial numbers of likeminded individuals to “do something” is going to be extremely difficult indeed.

    For example : rallying against religion X could be interpreted as being offensive to people who follow religion X.

    You can probably guess which group has a propensity of being “offended” very easily.

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